(1867-02-05) An Ironhold Hunt
An Ironhold Hunt
Summary: The Cassomir Sisters Host a hunt in Ironhold and thankfully it isn't quite as bloody as the last one.
Date: 1867-02-05
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Ironhold Forest - Ironhold - Sunsreach - Rivana

"Stay on the roads in Ironhold!" is a common refrain amongst Rivanans. It's not that the County is particularly dangerous, though. Oh, certainly, there are a few dark legends about the shadowy, thickly forested hills that dominate the province, and every so often a group of bandits tries to take root within, though they are usually chased off or cut down in short order by the fighting men and women the County commands. There are also a good number of natural predators to be found…primarily bears, with wildcats less common but far from unheard of. No, the warning is simply because the forests are so. damned. thick. It would be very easy to get lost within them if you did not have a commanding grasp of the landscape, or at least very good navigation skills.

Fortunately, the roads that criss-cross the County are well-maintained, and the people of the villages that lie along them tend to be polite and pleasant to travelers, so long as said travelers return the courtesy (and if you fought for the Thorn in the Succession War, it's probably best to keep it to yourself). Occasionally patrols of the Iron Guard pass along the main thoroughfares (and even some of the side roads) or small groups of Ironhold's famed Huntresses might be met along the way, as well, but while the northwestern portion of the County does rise into the steep hills (mountains, really) that mark the iron mines from which the province derives its' name (as well as the mining outpost of Metalmire), and the newly granted western portion of the County boasts the bustling trading post of Rivergate, all roads really do seem to point to Iron March, the seat of the Cassomir family.


The One had blessed the hunt with a beautiful winter's day in Ironhold. Sun light glistens off of the snow that blanketed trees and ground alike, though the chill upon the air was kept at bay by the various fires that had been constructed for those who had turned out for the hunt. Tended to by various woodsmen as servants passed out mulled wine and cider to those who wished it while they waited at the small camp that served as base for the social aspect of the hunt, and from where those simply along to watch might do exactly that when the time came. With the risk that came inherent to the hunt, there were healers amongst the support staff for the Cassomir hosted hunt.

Speaking of the hosts, both Raelyn and Emilia had been seen moving amongst their guests as everyone awaited for call signalling the approach of the woodsman and Huntresses who had gone into the forest to flush out and herd game to the awaiting group. Raelyn rather the more outgoing of the Cassomir sisters, but it did seem that Emilia was managing to play that proper role of a hostess with small inquires and the mild small talk expected. Even if she perhaps paused to speak with Princess Clara several times already and her expression was as stoic as ever with that occasional tugging to the corners of her lips in way of a smile. As expected the younger Cassomir sister was wearing the leathers of a Huntress with a slightly thicker turn to the material of her tunic and leggings that was worn beneath. And there was a fur lined leather cloak settled upon her shoulders with the hood drawn back. Coming up along side of her cousin as she notes,"I am thinking it won't be much of longer before we are hearing the horn."

Many would have assumed Adrienne to be with those other Huntresses like on the previous hunt, when she had assisted in driving the boars towards the hunters. But this time around, she had chosen to help with the social aspect, staying in the camp with the others who had come to hunt, following in Raelyn's and Emilia's wake, but sometimes straying off the path to address some individuals, whilst keeping an attentive eye and ear to the sound of the horn or the sign of the prospective prey approaching! The freckled Cassomir wears riding leathers beneath a dark green cloak, green eyes glinting as they shift to Raelyn, and then to Emilia. "Aye," she offers, just passing the two as she moves to check on her horse. "I believe they shall be soon upon us." Whatever challenges this hunt would bring.

Raelyn, while co-host, had left much of the overseeing, and the talk up to Emilia. A transitioning period, choosing to let her sister have as much, if not more attention than she herself was providing. Within the last few years, changes were amongst the theme within Ironhold. Big changes. Not the least of which is Raelyn's first hunt in Ironhold as Viscountess. She'd spent some time with a few of the guests, including the guests, giving tips in bows as she can, conversing with Clara also, and others while often in Stephen's company. And while in a fairly good mood, there is something more solemn in her expression. She does not want this hunting expedition to go like the one in Sunsreach as Emilia's first that she is heading. It's far too important.

Stephen Cassomir has been out and about as well, and despite being still fairly new to his role, and not always being the most social of fellows, he too has been making the rounds among the guests, making sure their needs are tended to and offering what conversation he can. He's spent a fair bit of time among the Alhazred contingent that has now recovered from their Gatesickness, but they have all decided to remain in the camp for the hunt, perhaps not so keen on removing themselves too far from the bonfire that burns there. The heavier clothing they've been provided with is a help, but they are still very much not accustomed to these climes. The Mirza Ghazi Demir did almost choose to go despite that, but ultimately seemed to be swayed by the fact that Ania Khare was remaining behind, as well.

With the hunt about to get underway, Stephen takes up a longbow and moves to join the rest of the party, apparently intended to stay on foot, and near his wife, whom he gives a brief but warm smile to, "Seems a good day for a winter hunt." He glances towards where his brother waits, grinning sidelong, "Just be mindful of Thad. He can get awfully enthusiastic about these things."

Young Squire Liam Haldis had been giddy to be given leave by the King to come to the Cassomir seat, where Liam had spent much of his last several years, and go on one of the hunts. He was dressed warmly with maile armor over it… perhaps not the quietest but not odd for him. Perhaps one day he'd get hunting leathers of his own. Perhaps.

Like as not he'd grow out of them ere too long, though. He sits astride Charger, his warhorse, carrying a spear in a manner that indicates familiarity with the weapon. King Jaren did not neglect any aspect of his squire's training, after all.

Decidedly less comfortable on horseback than on the ground, Malcolm Howlett is still on horseback now. Wearing a leather jerkin, and keeping his warhammer nearby, he looks to the others a bit carefully.

Riding with a few of the nobles is Thaddeus Greycen. He is rather relaxed and comfortable astride his horse. Absent a spear, he casually waits with a sword in hand, he too likes to live dangerously, though not too much, as he wears some mail to protect himself.

Thus far, Emilia did seem to be taking the new position…and the attention that came with it, or that her sister was allowing to come here, all in stride. Though the One only knows what is going on in the head of hers. "Of aye, they got of a fine of start this morning. And I am knowing they had good trails to set of upon." The snow did help in that end with the tracking. Her own shortbow in hand with Onyie ready not far away, it would seem she plans to take up with those riding, while her sister and new brother-in-law keep with those who prefer to remain on foot. There is one of those faint corner tugging smiles given to Liam.

Liam shoots a ready, easy grin over at Emilia and Clara with her, then goes back to giving his attention to his horse before the hunt begins.

Tiadora is her usual socially withdrawn self, riding in her black leather doublet piped in red. She carries a longbow that looks like it was just restrung but the quiver looks barely worn. She seems a bit apprehensive as they ride.

"We shall certainly give your brother a wide berth," conceeds Raelyn to Stephen, with some measure of humor after making certain that their more special guests had all their needs attended to. While Emilia might be more 'in charge' here, Raelyn and Stephen do have the task of seeing to the Alhazredi contingent. And, with them content to remain warm and near the fire, Raelyn readies her own bow, and seems prepared to move on foot as well. No mount for her, today. She touches Stephen's arm, "Just remember. Like we practiced," she says, quietly enough to not be too overheard. Slight worry, there, for her husband.

It is not much longer that the sound of the horn is heard in the distance signallying that the party that had set out that morning is appraoching, or more importantly that the boars they had gone out to flush out were on their way. The sound had those who would ride moving for their horses, if they weren't already astride them.

Emilia was monst those yet mounting up at that sound. A corner tugging smile offered towards Tiadora, a bit of encouragement in the stoic look given. There is a nod to Clara as well, Emilia knews it wasn't the first hunt for the later. But the younger Cassomir sister did move to help 'lead' those on horseback to meet the on coming boars with a nod to her cousin. Her shortbow at the ready. It was likely a bit of a change for many to actually see Emilia stepping up, and not just vanishing off into the shadows.

The Alahazredi contingent were people Adrienne only had met in passing so far. And today she would be required as a Huntress more than a delightful retainer, something she was not, actually. But with those exchanges between Raelyn and Stephen, the impending hunt becomes more and more of a reality that will be upon them, soon. The freckled Huntress grabs Checkmate by the reins and swings herself up into the saddle, shortbow slung over her shoulder, and the quiver conveniently fastened at the saddle. Feeling the slight unrest of the steed, Adrienne cannot help but smile. "Soon, Checkmate, soon!", she murmurs towards the ears just in the moment when the horn is sounded, and Adrienne straightens in the saddle, her head turning towards the direction from which the sound came. She grabs her shortbow, and after a glance towards Emilia, follows along on her steed, soon catching up with the new Mistress of the Hunt, her senses alert, and her heart singing with glee.

Liam nudges his horse forward, coming up behind and to the side of Emilia. "Boars or bears?" he good naturedly asks Emilia with a grin. "I'm not ready for bears, I'll have you know."

Tiadora chews her lip when the horn calls. Stay with the foreigners or ride with her familiar friends. An easy decision. She at least can ride well enough to close a distance but the Gerrell maiden stays far behind for safety. She looks to be white-knuckled as she grips her reigns.

Malcolm pauses as he hears the sound of the horn, and as people starts preparing to move, he lets out a bit of a breath. "Easy, Windy…" he offers to the horse, while looking to the others now, keeping the hammer ready. There's a brief smile to the others present, too.

"I have been on hunts before." Stephen notes to Raelyn with a touch of amusement, though he grows more serious, more focused as the horn sounds, and moves in tandem with his wife as the hunt begins in earnest. He spares a glance towards Thaddeus and the others participating, and pulls an arrow, nocking but not pulling as they begin to move into the woods.

There is that patented corner tugging smile sent Liam's way by Emilia,"Of boars, but when you are being of ready for bears, let me of know and we'll take you of upon such a hunt." Boars were risky enough, no need to try and get people dead with bears! With that stoic mien, well it is hard to tell if Emilia is more stoic or not, but her hands do pull up her bow as the sound of the horn grows louder with the two groups converging upon one another.

The sounds of hounds are heard before a pair of boars come charging out of the tree line. Those upon horseback working to rein in their mounts as they pick their targets. The boars simply continuing to charge foreward yet with the hounds yet on their heels.

Liam brings his spear up and holds the haft where he can stab downward with power, intending to ride by the first boar and drive the spear in. If it sticks, he'll leave it in the animal and dismount, drawing his sword.

Raelyn moves into line near Emilia, giving a grin to her cousin, communicating her pleasure that Adrienne was able to come. "Not on an Ironhold hunt," Raelyn points out, as if they were different. Then again, the Huntresses had, on prior occassion, gotten more boars then they could handle in their roundup. And if it happened once? …

… "I'm pleased you could join us," Raelyn affirms to Tiadora. "Try to stay on your horse, less risk to you. Keep your eyes open."

Her own arrow drawn, she moves to a watchful, guarded position and ready. As the boars come forward, Raelyn steadies her bow. Waits for the shot.

Tiadora just mm-hms to Raelyn. She's not going for her bow because both hands are needed to keep her horse from panicking. The creature is not used to this kind of environment anymore than the teenage girl is. She keeps it calm by sheer force of will and careful application of knees.

Thaddeus draws his sword and joins the others as he rides up to join teh frayand once teh boars show themselves. Upon the occasion, he charges forward and swings his sword down on one of the beats, trying not to get himself or his horse gored.

As the boars break from the woodline, Stephen brings his bow up and pulls, training his shot towards the same vicinity as Raelyn's own. No more time for banter…just the hunt.

Adrienne holds her bow firmly in her hand, and when she hears the barking of the hounds she draws already the first arrow from the quiver, putting it against the string as she waits for the boars to show, taking aim carefully when she hears more than one breaking through the undergrowth. Once a boar is in view, she will let the arrow fly, aimed to hit the beast right between the eyes, but such is difficult with a moving target.

Aidric is no shot with a bow. So, like Thaddeus he draws his blade. "If I die," he says to the knight. "Count on me haunting you, Thad," he says as he gets a firm grip on the blade.

"Okay…" Malcolm mutters to himself as he leads his horse forward towards one of the boars, the warhammer ready to strike.

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Malcolm attacks Boar1 with Warhammer - Light wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Emilia passes.
<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Emilia with Tear - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Boar2 with Longsword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Liam attacks Boar1 with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Adrienne with Tear - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Boar2 with Longsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Boar3 passes.
<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar1 with Shortbow but MISSES!

The first attempt missed, but Liam wheels his mount around and quickly comes back for a second pass. If naught else, trying to keep the boar distracted from the archers.

With the boars charigng outof the forest, it is those on horseback that are given first shot at the beasts, but in turn so do they also the first targets of the snorting tusked beasts! With the first knocking Emilia around, and the second going for her cousin. Though the later is soon turning on the one who set steel into it's chest! Letting out quite the squeal with all the arrows that have worked to turn it into a pin cushion.

Tiadora turns her horse and breaks away, putting distance between herself and the boars- for safety.

Even with bow in hand, when that first boar comes at her, Emilia does not get off the arrow meant for it, instead having to use her bow to try and fend the beast off. Scuffing her armor a bit but causing no real damage. Setting her bow as she turns Onyie as she works to get an arrow into the boar.

Stephen's first arrow strikes home, and he quickly pulls and nocks another, keeping trained on the same target. He sidesteps a bit to allow himself a more clear shot, and then lets fly once more. Once the arrow is gone, he takes a moment to quickly survey the other hunters, just to make sure.everyone is still intact. Some scratches so far…but nothing too serious. yet.

What a critter of a boar! Not the one Adrienne aimed at - and missed! - but the other of the deadly pair, a huge beast that seems to have singled out the freckled Huntress, as a tasty repast! The beast rams Checkmate, and Adrienne is almost thrown out of the saddle, when the boar manages somehow to ram its tusks into her neck. A rather unfortunate and painful turn, but Adrienne soon regains control, and Checkmate is pushing away from the beast, only to be wheeled about when the Huntress, by no means discouraged, reaches for the next arrow and lets it fly, this time aimed to kill the boar that caused that bleeding wound at her neck.

Only managing to hit the boar rather lightly, Malcolm is silently thankful he managed to stay in the saddle. Turning once more in an attempt to swing the weapon at that animal again, he grimaces a bit. "You're an ugly one…" he mutters.

The boars come, and the boars are not happy. They never are. Raelyn steadies her bow, releasing the first shot which lodges easily into the boars hide. But it doesn't stop the creature from barreling into her cousin. Raelyn frowns and her eyes harden. Another arrow is notched. Released, with the intent to bring the boar down.

As the boar charges, Aidric steps aside and stabs his sword down with both hands, driving the blade deep into its hide. "Ha!" he shouts, but his triumph is short lived as the beast thunders past him and unhorses Adrienne goring her with its tusks. He rushes at the beast sword raised, "Die!" he shouts as he swings his sword down to cleave the beast's skull.

Tiadora screams a little in alarm.

Close to Raelyn, Clara herself readies an arrow. But…rather than let it fly, she seems to be taking her time, centering her shot before releasing it. It seems odd, to not just shoot right away, but it does show patience on the young princess' part. Who would have thought that?

Thad's blade finds some success in striking the boar as he rides by it. Wheeling around, the Greycen tries again to charge the beast.

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Emilia with Tear - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar1 with Shortbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Aidric with Tear - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar2 with Shortbow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Boar2 with Longsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Malcolm attacks Boar1 with Warhammer but Boar1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar2 with Longbow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Liam attacks Boar1 with Spear - Moderate wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Boar3 passes.
<COMBAT> Aidric attacks Boar2 with Longsword - Critical wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Emilia has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Boar2 has been KO'd!

Ha ha! A sucessful strike as Liam drives the spear into the foreleg of the beast. Rather than fight with it, as soon as there's tension on the spear, he leaves go, letting the spear stay inside the boar for a few moments before the beast shakes it loose.

Liam wheels and withdraws from the immediate combat area to dismount Charger, hitting his flank lightly to send him back to where the observers wait. Then he draws his sword, advancing back towards the beast.

That first beast whirls around on Emilia and her horse, a charge sending Emilia from the saddle as well as sending her arrow wide in the process. A faint squeak coming from the Cassomir as she lands, though a sound that is lost with the loud squeal of the boars. Red coloring the snow as both animals rack up the hits.

But as the focus remains upon the two boars that appeared from the tree line, there is another sounding of the horn that gives warning monets before a third comes barreling out from the trees towards the hunting party.

Aidric drives his blade deep into the boar's skull, too deep it turned out. Even with both hands on the blade he can't withdraw it fast enough and as the boar thrashes in its death throws Aidric is pulled from the saddle and lands hard on the boar. There is a shout of pain as one of the tusks rends his chest, then he rolls away, from the dying beast, fumbling for his dagger with fingers that feel like wood.

Liam's spear is soon joined with a quivering arrow shaft. The black and green fletching, trembling upon the end of the arrow, betrays the fact that it was the Princess that struck close. Her face remains expressionless, for now…for yes, she hit. And no…it did not drop. Another arrow is retrieved from the quiver….fitted to the string of the rosewood longbow. Clara pulls back, using her training to place her next shot.

Tiadora lets out another cry of panic as she sees Adiric pierced by the tusks. "One protect him!"

Even a Cassomir cannot stay completely stoic during a hunt. Well, perhaps Emilia can. But Adrienne's green eyes widen ever so slightly when she sees Aidric attacking the beast with… a sword? Which is not the right weapon to keep such a deadly threat at bay. Her own arrow hits this time, but does not manage to penetrate the thick hide of the beast. "I'll be damned…", this the grumbled comment of a displeased Huntress who already has the next arrow in hand, fingers tightening about it when she sees the beast gore a certain Carling, before he finishes it off. "No…" But there is no time to contemplate the severely wounded when the other threat is still about, and a third joins in. And this one will become Adrienne Cassomir's next target.

Thaddeus frowns as his blade serves little use. He turns to the new boar and charges it, "Damn beasts, die, die, dieeee!"

Stephen's arrow scratches the hide of the beast, but it's all right, as the combined weight of the other attacks do indeed bring the beast down. He nocks a third arrow, training on the nearest of the remaining boars, and steadying his breath before letting fly again. He does wince a bit, as he recognizes out of the corner of his eye that Aidric's taken a hard strike.

With the appearance of the third boar, Liam changes directions but keeps his momentum, moving quickly to intercept it before it can get near Princess Clara (or Lady Tiadora behind them).

Missing completely this time, Malcolm lets out a bit of a frustrated growl. "You ugly…" he begins, before he looks over as he hears Aidric's shout. "Cousin!" But he can't keep his attention on Aidric for long, as he moves for that boar he's been trying to attack again now.

Those healers that were included in the party do begin to ready as they see people being knocked from their horses, and particularly take notice of Aidric tangling up with the boar. As soon as there is an opening, or well once there is not a boar likely to gore them, they will be in to aid the ex-Thorn.

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Emilia with Tear - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar3 with Longbow - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Malcolm attacks Boar1 with Warhammer and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Liam passes.
<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Boar3 with Longsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Aidric passes.
<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar3 with Shortbow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Boar3 attacks Thaddeus with Tear but Thaddeus DODGES!

Aidric is bleeding from his chest wound and so getting to his feet staggers back towards the archers, dagger held between himself and the boars still standing.

Moving lithely in his chain, Liam is quickly to the new threat, and slices at the boar with his sword. Regardless of whether he manages any damage, he dances past the new threat and starts moving speedily toward the old. Footwork. Keep moving. Never mire yourself down by staying still. Battle is a dance. He had been trained by not only the great Jaren Cassomir, but at times by his younger brother Devlin. He would not give less than his best, especially since there are those with injuries.

Tiadora's horse is truly not conditioned for this kind of chaos. She keeps it dancing quickly to try to keep the steed from bolting in terror. She seems relieved to see Aidric at least on his feet but gasps at the sight of blood. "Don't die, don't die," she chants.

And yes, even with being injured, it seems Emilia somehow manages to still look stoic. Though perhaps a little pale after her blood is soon hitting the snow along with the boar's after the tear appears in her armor over her chest. Though as she is hit, she manages to get an arrow into the boar. It would be a sorry thing if she'd missed…again with how close it is! But even as the beast has three more arrows sunk into it, the beast still stands! Looking like a right pincushion with the arrows sticking out of it and that spear sticking out of it's leg as it continues to advance upon Emilia now that is is well grounded and injured. The beast squealing and grunting in pain and anger!

With Aidric staggering back towards the archers, there is a healer soon upon him to help get him back to safety and see to staunching the bleeding of that chest wound.

A third boar? The appearance of it forces Clara to change position…rotating enough to keep the new threat in view. As she does so, she spies an opening on her original target. As she sidesteps, showing all the grace and poise of a seasoned archer, she lets the arrow fly. It streaks towards the first boar, the arrowhead plunging into the abdomen…one of the three more arrows that found purchase within the tough hide.

Adrienne's arrow hits the new boar, but again, it does not breach the thick hide of the beast. A low displeased grumble and a slight glare at the beast will help the Huntress regain her focus. Not looking towards the Thorn staggering there at the corners of her line of vision. "Will you die, you ugly thing, you!", she mutters, Checkmate nudged onwards encouragingly, as she takes aim, pulling the string a little bit further as to give the arrow more momentum. Waiting until she can see whether it has hit or missed, before she turns her head swiftly to glance towards where Aidric Carling staggers away, to where the healers await him.

Nock, fire, nock, fire….The firing isn't so difficult. He does hiss when he sees Emilia get struck by one of the boars, and takes a half-moment to better level his shot before firing at that boar yet again, blue eyes narrowing as he lets fly once more.

A loud squeal sounds from the boar that joined the party late when Thaddeus's sword sinks into him causing more red to spill across the snow. But rather than whirl back on the Greycen, the beast continues charging past him towards Liam.

There are no easy 'kill shots' this time around. Maybe it's the cold. Maybe Ironhold boars have thicker hides. Disgruntled at herself, and the wounds the hunting party is suffering, Raelyn gives a quick glance to those around her, assessing the damage. The remains of the boars brought out into the open, focuses on the strongest, where she thinks her arrows will be most needed. "Take them down quickly," she calls to the group. Her features turn grim, and she steadies her bow again. Aims. And lets loose the arrow.

"See, if I was down on the ground, you'd be in real trouble…" Malcolm mutters, as he once more misses the beast. "Easy, Windy. We will get it…" he mutters to his horse.

<COMBAT> Thaddeus attacks Boar3 with Longsword - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Malcolm attacks Boar1 with Warhammer but Boar1 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar3 with Shortbow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar1 with Longbow - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Serious wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Aidric passes.
<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar3 with Longbow - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Liam attacks Boar3 with Longsword - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Boar3 attacks Liam with Tear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Emilia with Tear - Serious wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Emilia has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Boar1 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Boar3 has been KO'd!

Pin cushion boar squeals in pain as more arrows sink into it's hide! It lunges at Emilia after she gets another arrow into it's chest, the light might be faiding from it's eyes but the momentium carries the beast into the lithe huntress. Knocking her backwords as a tusk goes tearing into her right leg. Between that and the wound to her chest, the Cassomir does look a little unstoic as she use her short bow to help steady herself on her feet. The Cassomir perhaps proving just how much iron she has in her by staying on her feet. Though dark eyes are quickly evaluating the bloodied field, and perhaps a little relieved to see that all boars are down.

Liam manages a brief hit on the boar, his momentum already carrying him towards Emilia. She may be standing but she's obviously wounded. "Do you need me to carry you to the healers?" he asks seriously.

Aidric allows himself to be guided by healer. Then, when the boars are down and he is slumped against a tree, leathers opened, wound being tended too, he remarks to the healer. "Someone get me my sword from that boar's head," he mutters before he is offered something for the pain, he has yet to truly begin to feel.

The boars are all down. And Raelyn first signals the healers to come in and begin attending to the wounded; namely Aidric and Emilia first, as they took the most grevious of wounds in the fight. Subconsciously, Raelyn's own hand moves to her leg as she comes to a stop near Emilia and the rest of the hunting party as others move to secure the boars. Oh, there will be plenty of feast, soon enough with three huge boars felled. She touches her sister's arm briefly, nodding once, and remarking, "You did well. Time to rest, and let the healer's do their work." And if it's one thing Raelyn has faith in, it's her sister's tenacity. And the skill of the healer's in the Cassomirs employ as well.

An arrow to the chest from Emilia and another arrow to the leg foreleg, nestled in close to the other arrow there. The arrow helps to slow the boar down..but not enough as it plows into Emilia. A look of startled alarm crosses over Clara's face immediately as she leaps into action…the longbow slung over her shoulder in one fluid motion as she makes it to Emi the same time that Liam asks his question….and Raelyn offers comfort. Clara remains wordless, for now.

And this time, Malcolm misses again, but as the boars go down, he lets out a breath. Hearing Aidric's words, he starts dismounting, a little shakily, as he makes his way over to retrieve his cousin's weapon.

Time for Adrienne Cassomir to regain her Cassomir stoicness. Her third arrow managed to get somewhat stuck in the boar's hide, but even so, it is brought down, in a joint effort of Thaddeus, Liam, Raelyn and herself. Her gaze shifts to Emilia, green eyes widening when she beholds the wounds taken, and moves to assist if needed. "Are you alright?", the freckled Cassomir asks her cousin, concern evident in her tone. But as Liam and Raelyn are already there, her gaze is bound to wander and catches the light reflected by Aidric's blade that is burried in a boar's head, shortly before Malcolm moves to claim it.

Tiadora quickly dismounts once the boars are dead and danger has passed. She rushes to see if Adric is well because he's family, but she does cast very worried looks at Emilia.

It is likely because she knows Liam is quite serious about his offer that Emilia blinks. The Cassomir is pale from the blood lose. A tenative step is taken with aide of that short bow. "Perhaps of some aid could be of used…I am ont of sure about being of carried of though." Stubborn Cassomir! Dark eyes do turn towards her sister and the healers that are quick to the task. A small incline of her head goes towards Raelyn,"I will of rest, I of promise." Oh no, she is not going to risk being drugged up by the healers if she doesn't! A faint corner tugging smile is offered towards Clara,"Is only a couple of scratches, nothing to fret of about." Yup, just scratches. There might be some leaning on Liam at this point.

The King's squire lifts a brow at Emilia and scoops her up anyway. "You don't need to put weight on that leg until its bandaged properly. Your brother would have my hide if I did not assist." And he carefully begins stepping towards the healers. There is nothing purient or even remotely flirtatious about it: which Emilia would well know. Liam simply doesn't think in those fashions.

Thaddeus grins as he rides back to be near the fallen boar. He dismounts and takes a good look at it, "A real set of beasts, I do hope that Aidric is all right." The Greycen frowns and gets to work with a knife to ensure the boar bleeds out properly.

"Symon will kill you if you die," the worried Tia tells Aidric.

Stephen wordlessly directs a few of the healers and their assistants towards Emilia and Aidric, all while in the process of unstringing his bow. Boar hunts are always potentially dangerous, and this proved no different…though from some of the tales he's heard far from the worst, and three big boars to boot…there'll be quite a feast after this. In point of fact, once he's done pointing those healer's in the right direction, he's on to doing the same for the servants that will carry off the beasts for cleaning and preparing them.

Aidric curses both healer and boar as his wound is tended to. "Don't worry," he says to Tia. "This one," he slaps the healer on the shoulder. "Would be looking more grim if I was about to die," a pause and he cocks his head. "Or not, he is a Cassomir healer," a faint grimace there, that would be a smile if he'd not just had a tusk through the chest. When Malcolm arrives with his blade, he nods thanks to the man. "How is everyone else?" from his seated position, he can make out a lot of legs but little detail save the three dead boars.

There is a flicker of her eyes towards Adrienne as Emilia includes her cousin in the 'just a couple of scratches' comment to Clara. But there is a bit of a squeak as it seems leaning on Liam has her getting scooped right up! Likely an easy thing for the squire, Emilia was more willowy then anything. There is a brief tightening at the corners of her eyes, surely in a weee bit of pain between the injury to her leg and her chest. Just going with it after a moment, though she might mutter to Liam,"If mine-brother of asks….just of scratches." There will be feasts for certain with the boars taken in the hunt. And while there are serious injuries, none seem fatal.

The Cassomir healer actually grins to Aidric at the wise crack!

Clara is worried for Emilia, of that much is certain. However, despite this worry, a slight smile manages to break through the concerned expression. It might be because Emilia was refusing to be carried by a certain squire or, more likely, it is because that same squire refused to listen and picked up Emilia anyways. Clara follows after Liam, speaking lightly to Emilia as she is carted off. "He does that. He threatened to carry me off during the Battle of Sunsreach. Not that I would let him…."

"He's not the only one," Malcolm offers to Tia after he has handed the blade over to Aidric. Studying the man for a few moments, he grins, "You know I'm not much of a horseman, but I seem to remember how they told me it was safer to stay in the saddle…" Spoken a bit lightly.

Tiadora's also now looking over Emilia's way because Tia dislikes blood so very much and worries like no one else. She looks back over to Malcolm as Liam scoops Emi up and nods weakly. "I… Could have at least rode away if they charged me. I was afraid I would fall off my horse." Back to Emi-worry. And then Aidric worry again.

"Hey now," Liam protests as he makes his way through the woods back to where the bulk of the healers had gathered… a pair of them moving up to flank him and Emilia, both glancing over the young Cassomir and mentally cataloguing her injuries. "And since then, I'll have you know, His Majesty has been training me on the finer portions of how to be a better bodyguard." He grins at Emilia. "And I can't lie to His Majesty, Lady Emilia. But I might agree just not to mention it."

A faint smile appears on Adrienne's freckled features when she hears Emilia's assuring comment of scratches. "We both know it is a little more than that," she intones towards the cousin, then steps aside to give the squire room to assist. Her gaze flitting to Clara then and watching her follow in Emilia's and Liam's wake. Her own injury forgotten for now, a bit of blood trickling down from her neck, staining her riding leathers. "She will be fine," Adrienne offers to Raelyn as she watches the Mistress of the Hunt being carried off by the eager squire. "She's made of harder stuff than others." A faint smirk curving her lips, as Adrienne's eyes meet Raelyn's gaze in an ominous look. "Cassomir iron, you know."

"Do take care of her," Raelyn tells her healers. And less Emilia get overcrowded, Raelyn backes off a bit. She'll visit her sister once things calm down, and after she's been tended to. She asides to Clara, "Because he knows what he says about my brother is true, Clara. He's quite protective. Come to the castle later, Clara. We'll have a lovely visit." She smiles meaningfully. Then she glances around, to move over to Aidric. She says smoothly to him, "Our Cassomir healers are instructed to give you only Carling quality healing." Dry humor, back at the man. But, that's likely because she saw the same signs that Aidric did. He's going to pull through.

There is a bit of a look to Adrienne,"Of aye…I know…I know…Is more than of a scratch, a bit of a cut." Trying to down play the injuries yet even as she gets carted along. "There were not of boars at of the Battle of Sunsreach," Emilia points out to Clara. Emilia really wasn't in shape to protest being carted around and frankly, Liam could over power her easily enough. Especially with the injuries, so she just…bleeds on him. Even if there had been something flirty about his efforts, the young Cassomir was in no shape to take notice of them. She does nod to Liam,"I am of knowing you cannot be of lying to him." It was rather a trait they both shared in that. "But of aye, avoiding mentioning would be of good." Faintly eyeing the healers that do step to tend to her once she gets turned over to them. Though Emilia does stoically deal with the tending. Ok…so there is wincing. It hurts!

Aidric gives the healer and Raelyn a tight, wry smile. "Wasn't so much the quality I meant as the motivation to see me live," he says, his words beginning to slur a little now that whatever he drank down has begun to take hold. "Anyhow, it looks like it was a more successful hunt than last time. Only a few wounds and three boars to show for it."

There is a soft giggle from the Tracano, as she relaxes…seeing that Emilia is well. At least…well enough to joke about things. Liam's protest elicits a wry little grin. "Well…I am just speaking truthfully." Raelyn, however, gets Clara's full attention when she speaks to Clara, with the request to visit Roseguard duly noted and graciously accepted. "Well, dear Raelyn, with Emilia injured, I had every intention of going to the castle. However, I do think it will be a grand time. And…I won't tell Jaren if you won't." A wink is given…then Clara steps back, away from the cloister of healers, offering Adrienne a bright smile upon spying her.

A pair of green eyes looks down on Aidric from over Raelyn's shoulder. "You were quite successful as well, and took down the boar that gave you these wounds. Well done." The tone kept calm and polite, even so, there is a faint glare in her eyes, then her lips curve just so and Adrienne steps away from them. The smile becoming more pronounced, when she sees Clara's bright smile.

"We did manage to avoid falling off, my lady," Malcolm offers to Tiadora, along with a smile. "And those wounded looks to be in good hands. Besides, Aidric here is too stubborn to die, right?" A brief pause, before he adds, "So all in all, it seems to have been a successful hunt. Let's hope the boars taste as well as they fought."

Stephen moves over beside Raelyn, a hand resting at the small of her back as he speaks quietly, "The litter-bearers for the quarry and the wounded are nearly ready. I'll go make certain everything's in order at the camp." He glances over to Thaddeus and grins, "Looks like you'll eat well tonight, brother. Not too bad for an afternoon's diversion."

"I'm certain they will taste better," Raelyn quips to Malcolm. She nods to Tiadora, then. "I'm glad you were kept safe. These hunting expeditions are challenging. And enable you to learn much about yourself. I hope you did." She smiles, warmly to Tiadora, before patting Stephen on the arm. "Thank you. I'll see to our guests, in the meantime. And answer their questions, should they have them." She looks askance to Liam, "You'll have more to fear from me than my brother if she's injured further," she says, half-teasing the young man. Then she's moving over to the Alhazredi contingent for the moment.

Thad finishes bleeding the boar and looks to his brother, "Indeed. How fare Aidric and Emilia? I pray the healers are ensuring that they are well?" Some concern is evident in his voice.

Aidric looks up at those green eyes and smirks in return. "What can I say? I am a natural huntsman," he boasts teasingly as he once again leans back against the tree. "Anyhow," he mutters "I think I will take a nap. Someone wake me for the feast," he murmurs.

Eyes close and Emilia's jaw clenches a bit as the healers to set to working on those wounds. The blood flow staunched and basic bandaging complete before she gets settled into a litter for the return trip. Her horse having been caught up by one of the huntsman to be taken back to the stables.

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