(1867-02-06) Wine and Ferrets
Wine and Ferrets
Summary: The day after the hunt in Ironhold, a few nobles gather to enjoy a bit of refreshment.
Date: 1867-02-06
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Living Quarters - Roseguard Castle - Ironhold - Rivana
Up the stairs from the Great Hall lies a large sitting area laden with comfortable furniture, a large fireplace, and usually plenty of refreshments on-hand. Judging from the game boards, playing cards, and other such items of leisure that are arranged on shelves to the sides of the room, this appears to be a common area for the family to relax within, or to entertain small parties of guests in a more intimate environment than the Great Hall. Alhazredian rugs decorate the floor, with paintings hanging on the walls celebrating acts of great valor and glory (many of which involved members of the Cassomir family). A large sidebar often holds various fruits and finger-foods, as well as decanters of wine, or fruit juice. Tea is also available, and for less "refined" palates a keg of ale is usually available as well.
This room can however, serve another purpose. With the work of but a few minutes and a team of servants well-trained in the task, the room can be converted into a more formal "council chamber" for the head of the family and their trusted friends and advisors to confer on matters of warfare and state. Most of the time, though, it remains in its' far less formal configuration. Usually at least 2-4 Iron Guard members are on duty here, guarding the hallway that leads to the Cassomir family's living quarters, whereas another hallway leads to guest rooms.

The hunt the day before had been a splendid success, three boars had been gotten to provide for a good feast and more importantly, no one had died, until the last hunt. This was not to say there weren't a few injuries of a serious nature, but nothing life threatening. Having been patched up properly upon returning to Roseguard castle, Emilia had been ensured a nights rest, and likely forgiven from not having been down for the morning meal. Though for the afternoon, it seemed she had at least made it out from her rooms, even if there may have been some protest from the healers on that accord. Currently, the youngest Cassomir was settled to one of the chairs situated near the fireplace with her legs propped upon a footrest. The other chairs and couch were yet empty, and a near tabel had a small select of snacks and drinks available.

A servant was not fair away, a concession to be be allowed out, she got someone to run and tell if she dared move! A book was idlely resting in her lap as Emilia's attention was upon the ferret animal that was perched upon the arm to the chair. "You are of behaving yourself, I am hoping. Haven't been of stealing any of the guests of earrings this of time, of aye?" It earns her a simple noise twitch form the little beastie. Those marginally familiar with the Cassomirs would know the beastie as Emilia's pet ferret, Naois. The young woman does look yet a touch pale, and is dressing in a loose tunic and trousers, that do well to hide the bandages about her chest and leg. Very Huntressy.

Thad is among the guests staying at the castle. He has been doing all right since arriving and enjoying the leisure after the hunt. The Greycen has made his way to the sitting room, hoping to find some people to talk to and nods to Emilia on his arrival. "Lady Emilia, I am glad to see you out and about, are you feeling any better?"

Also a guest at the castle, Malcolm is making his way along as well, coming to a stop when he have reached the sitting room. "My lady. I hope your recovery from the hunt is going well?" he offers to Emilia, before he offers a nod to Thaddeus as well. "My lord."

With the many empty rooms that the Castle had, those who had come for the hunt and likely been offered quarters there. They had a lot of rooms. Emilia glances over to hear footsteps, or perhaps because Naois turned to sniff at the air. A bow of her head is soon coming for the Ducal Heir,"Sir of Thaddeus, please be of forgiving that I do not rise to greet you." Protocol mostly, as the man was a good friend to her brother. A small turn of her hand towards the servant,"They will of tell of me if I think to move. But of aye, I am feeling of better. It of a bit of sore yet," which may be an understatement. Especially with Emilia's avoidance of any serious pain killers. Or more…anything that might dull her senses. "How are you of enjoying of Roseguard upon of this of visit? Ir must seem of odd for you with Jaren of not about." Dipping her head as well to Malcolm,"Lord of Malcolm, of aye, it is. Of thanking for asking. I hope you are of finding of your stay at of Roseguard pleasant and were of enjoying the hunt?"

Thad nods to Emilia, and takes a seat himself, "No need to rise. I am glad you are feeling well, though." The Greycen relaxes in the seat, "Good to see you as well, Lord Malcolm." Returning his attention to Emilia, he continues, "It is the first time for me visiting without your brother present, but it is still a welcoming place, I've found."

Malcolm smiles as he hears Emilia's words, nodding a bit more. "It is quite a pleasant stay, and the hunt was quite interesting, although I spent some of it worrying about falling out of the saddle," he replies. "It is quite a lovely castle you have here, my lady." There's another nod and a brief smile offered to the Greycen.

"Would either of you care for some of refreshments," a mild turn of her hand towards the near table. Though it is certainly the servant who is quick to serve either should they desire something. There is that gentle tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips, a thing Thad would know well counts for a smile out of her,"You are always of welcome at of Roseguard. I of suspect that we will of yet see you from time to time, with of your of brother now of living of here." Her dark eyes drift towards Malcolm and her hand does that fluttery turn thing in the air towards one of the chair as in way of invitation for him to sit, should he wish it. A brow rises just a little on that stoic mien,"I am of glad you found it of interesting, though I am of sorry to hear about the worry of had. Was it a mount not of accustomed to hunting?" Bowing her head gently to accept the compliment,"Of thanking, they did of a splendid of job in getting it completed so of quickly."

Thad nods, "Wine would be welcomed," He gives a smile of his own, "Indeed. Two siblings already away from home, though then again I spend more time in Sunsreach than in Seaguard." He shrugs and looks to Malcolm., "I am glad you kept your seat, it would have been embarrassing to fall out."

"Ah, it happens to be more of an issue with me than the horse, I fear," Malcolm replies, before he offers a brief smile. "Never been too comfortable on horseback." Not saying anything about the reason, he offers them both a smile now.

When Thad gives a positive on wishing refreshments, the servant does move smoothly to see him served with a goblet of wine. Emilia inclines her head slightly,"I am of thinking between of the wedding," the royal one of course," and the arch-ducal of elections, there are of many spending more of time about Sunsreach of late. Plus to have of the contingent from of Alhazred of about, many are of curious. How is Lady of Ariane? Hopefully she is of finding Sunsreach and its of offering to of her liking." Knowing the that former Princess likely had a lot more to adjust to than most. There is a small cant of her head at the talk of embarrassment. Though when Malcom explains there is a mild nod of understanding,"Some never are of quite of comfortable of atop a horse. Perhaps of next time, you might of consider joining those who do of join upon of foot, if it might make you more of comfortable and give you chance to better of enjoy the hunt of itself. Of aye?"

"You are correct, the return of court has certainly made the capital busier." Thad nods, not giving away much on the elections, "My wife is well. It was best for her to stay home, as she only has a few more months until our child is born. She seems to have taken to Rivana well enough. Fortunately, some elements of court life translate well between our two realms." Malcom gets a nod, "I can understand that. I am comfortable on a horse, but I know plenty who prefer solid ground under their feet, or the deck of a ship."

Nodding a bit as he hears Emilia's words, Malcolm offers her another smile. "I will keep that in mind for the next time," he smiles as he hears that suggestion, before he looks over to Thaddeus. "Child on the way, my lord? Congratulations." Looking around again, before he offers a smile to the servant with the refreshments. "Something to drink, please," he offers.

With the recent Cassomir-Greycen marriage…it really was no secret to whom the Cassomirs were 'siding' with in the elections. And given Emilia's general lack of position at Court, Emilia doesn't much seek to further that particular topic beyond that simple mention of it. "Of aye, I would of imagine staying of home would be of best for of her. More of comfortable as of well. I am of glad to of hear that she is of adjusting well to Rivana. And can of see how there would be of elements that are of similar, even if the players are being of different."

Emilia nods her head in agreement to Thad's comments about the preferences some have for solid ground or even the deck of a ship. "It is of a fine of option, especially if you might of enjoy yourself of better." There were even those who simply went for the social side and preferred to simply watch rather than directly partake of the hunt. As Malcolm requests something to drink, the servant does step to it. Offering the Lord a goblet of wine in good time. And eventually bringing Emilia a cup of what appears to be tea. Which has her looking at them a touch more stoically before she accepts it. Stupid healers and their orders. Though there were a few slices of cheese on the side of the plate the tea was served with….which have that ferret sniffing after them. Emilia muttering to the thing,"Of greedy."

The common sitting room is currently occupied by Emilia who is settled to a chair with feet set up on a foot stool, near the fire. With Thaddeus in another chair near, and Malcolm also having joined them for a chat.

"Indeed, I enjoy the travelling that I have had to do, just not most of the circumstances. Though this trip's reason is most welcomed. We will certainly need to host you and your family at some point," he nods to both of the nobles present. The ferret gets a raised brow, "You have never told me of how you got such a creature, my lady. I am sure it must have an interesting story?"

Taking a sip from the wine as it is offered to him, Malcolm smiles at the servant, before he looks back to the other two nobles, and the ferret. "Interesting choice of a pet, Lady Emilia," he offers, with a quiet smile. Nodding at Thad's words about the story.

Stepping into view from way of the Great Hall, the cloaked form of the Princess Clara Tracano makes an appearance. From the way she was clad, it looks like she was out riding. And…judging by the look her Lancer charge gave Clara just before Clara walked in…Clara had a particularly fun run. The hood of the cloak slides off as Clara walks through, appearing for all the world like she is heading to a room reserved for her….which, of course, there is.

"Of hopefully the reasons to be of travelling shall be more of pleasant for of some time." There was that push for peace after all. The corner's of Emilia's lips give a small tug upwards,"That would be of enjoyable, and I am sure Count of Stephen would be of pleased by that of well." Though he might not like hearing Emilia use that title still. Canting her head slightly,"It is not all to of interesting of a story. Though of perhaps not of the typical of way one comes to have of a pet." Sliding one of those pieces of cheese to Naois as she speaks. paws quickly snatching the bit away as he takes to gnawing at it. "One of the Huntresses had of found him injured within of the forest when he was of just a baby. As Jaren had been of giving me permission at of the time to take up a pet, I took to caring for him and seeing him of recovered. We have gotten of along well of since. Though I think Raelyn of wishes he'd have made me get of a dog or a bird." Something more….normal.

The movement of that cloaked form does draw the Cassomir's gaze. Emilia having broken free of her rooms for the time, even if yet a little pale. "Good of day, Princess of Clara. I of hope your ride was of a pleasant one. The forests were of behaving of themselves today."

Thaddeus nods to Emilia as the story is told. "He seems to be rather happy, and is probably less messy than a bird or dog, I presume!" Thad takes a drink as he notices Clara's arrival due to Emilia's comment. "Your highness," he says with a nod, "it is good to see you again."

Malcolm nods as he hears Emilia's story. "Some of the best stories are those. I think when you saw him recovered, that might have strengthened the bond between the two of you," he offers. Taking another sip from his wine, he turns when he hears Emilia greet Clara, offering her a quiet smile and a polite nod. "Your Highness," he greets her.

There is a laugh that escapes from the Tracano in the room. "Well, the forest was behaved. Good thing, too, for according to my detail, I was not." There is a wink to Emilia as Clara makes no effort to hide the smirk that floats to her lips…a sly little thing that dissipates the moment the dreaded words are heard. Those of 'your highness'. Then…it is all polite smiles and proper appearances as Clara offers greetings to both Thaddeus and Malcolm. "Greetings to both of you, my Lords." Finally, Clara crosses over and, showing her familiarity with all things Emilia, approaches Naois, offering him a gentle stroke with a fingertip upon his head. "And hello to you, sweet Naois."

After all greetings have been given, Clara looks over to the small gathering. "I trust I haven't interrupted anything, have I? It was so rude of me to just come walking in without checking, first."

"He is certainly less of messy then of a bird or dog. Though far more of mischievous," and if perhaps proving her point, Naois is busy sneaking another piece of cheese from her plate at the moment. Emilia inclines her head towards Malcolm,"I do of think that helped. Plus I was of understanding what he was of going through, in of my own way. I think that of helped me in seeing of after him."

Yes…yes…The injured Emilia has escaped her rooms and is being social, rather then simply use the excuse to hide away as most might expect of her. With so many guests in the Castle, it does seem an effort is being made. Though there might have been some threats by the healers about not moving from that chair. Brows rise just a little at Clara's response,"Surely of not." Some sign of disbelief that Clara could ever be misbehaved. Knowing fully well just how much trouble Clara can give her guards at times. Naois giving a happy little chirr to Clara, though he is soon gnawing away at the bit of cheese again…and just might have tucked in in closer when Clara approached. Greedy thing! Emilia shakes her head,"Now, you were not of interrupting at of all. We were just of talking. There are some of refreshments if you would like of something after your of ride?" A small fluttery motion of her had towards a near table, and the servant on hand to handle the serving…Or tattling to the healers if Emilia doesn't behave.

"You're our guest, Clara," Raelyn offers, 'interrupting' in her own fashion as she enters the living quarters. It is her castle, therefore 'impossible' for her to truly interrupt in most instances. "Greetings to you all. I trust you find the hospitality here approving? I would have joined sooner, but I was seeing to our other guests." By which she likely means the Alhazredi contingent. Raelyn gravitates over towards Clara, and Emilia giving both a friendly greeting and she settles into a chair after securing herself a goblet of wine.

"It is no interruption at all," Malcolm assures Clara, offering her a smile now. Taking another sip from his wine as he nods at Emilia's words, "That would have helped as well, I believe." Turning to offer Raelyn a polite nod and a smile as well. "Viscountess," he greets her, politely.

Dark eyes do flicker up as her sister appears to join the small gathering, Emilia offering her one of those familiar corner tugging smiles. See! Being social…and sort of resting. Thankfully the loose tunic and trousers easily cover the bandages. Though the appearance of her sister does give Emilia a little more of an opening to take a few sips of her tea.

Thaddeus nods at the story, "Interesting. As I expected." He smiles and takes another sip and turns to Clara, "It seems you at least had fun, then. What good are guards if you can't challenge them from time to time." His new sister-in-law gets a nod of greeting as she joins them.

"Guest or no, it is still polite to ask before walking in." A smile is flashed to Raelyn as Clara herself looks for a chair of her own, the cloak being removed and handed to an awaiting servant without a word. "And see…that is exactly what I tell Sir Alaina, Thaddeus. She doesn't quite share the same viewpoint…though she didn't seem terribly upset I gave her charges a workout." Clara then takes her seat…almost flopping into the chair unceremoniously…before remembering that yes, she still needs to set an example. Needless to say, the flop probably would have been more graceful.

Tiadora's announced for the sake of propriety by the servants, as they are still a bit wary of a Gerrell in the palace. "My goodness, um. Hello?" She clearly wasn't expecting so many people. "I heard they let Emilia out of bed," she says with a little laugh. There's a bouquet of dark red roses in her arms. "I got you flowers," she says shyly when she finally does spot Emi.

Emilia does give Thad one of her patented smiles with a nod at his comment to her story on Naois. The little beastie sniffing some at the newly arrived before hopping down into Emilia's lap to continue with his cheese partaking. It was safer there. Just a flicker of amusement touches Emilia's eyes to see Clara being so at home with that bit of flopping. Making a slight aside to her sister,"I am of thinking the Princess is of enjoying making life of difficult for our of cousin at of times.

The arrival of Tiadora does have Emilia looking up, or perhaps more curious at the announcement to the area. Though there is likely not the same level of wariness here in Roseguard as in Sunsreach of the Gerrell, even if yet some exists. Emilia does give a little flutter of her hand towards Tiadora,"Of aye, I was of allowed out…even if not allowed to move of much." Something about possibly opening wounds again. Her eyes do open a little widen in a hint to surprise to see the flowers. "They most of lovely, of thanking, Lady of Tiadora. Truly of beautiful."

Raelyn gives a smile to Clara, "Of course," she concurs. "You'll all be happy to know that the feast shall be a grand one. The chefs are pleased with the boars and promise a fine, succulent feast." She glances briefly to Emilia, then looks to everyone, smiling some. She then looks to Tiadora, "Welcome," she offers warmly. "We apparently have all gathered for wine and company." She smiles at Tiadora's gift to Emilia, then she calls for a servant to have someone bring in a tray of snacks such as meats, cheeses, fruits since there are many gathered.

Malcolm smiles as he listens to the others, offering a polite nod and a smile to Tiadora as well. Taking a sip from his wine, he looks between the others, listening carefully to what's being said for now.

Tiadora curtsies in general greeting to the room, bobbing up and down. The roses are handed over to a servant to place in a vase for Emilia. "I was waking in my garden and there were some early blooms that smelled so lovely. And, um… Since you can't go out, I uh figured I'd bring them in." She can't resist the notion of a good snack tray and joins the others.

A nod is given to Raelyn,"That is of good to hear." Emilia will at least get to feast upon the beast that she 'danced' with. Wine and tea! And ferrets! Well ferret. As Naois having polished off the cheese is now busy curling up in Emilia's lap with a bit of a little chirring sound. The servant does take up the roses when Tiadora hands them off, a proper vase and placement in the Cassomir's room certain to follow. "Of aye, it will be of a little bit before the healers of consent to be of going of out." Least until the leg wound is not at risk of reopening.

A light giggle is given at Emilia's commentary, followed by a mock petulant tone. "I told you before Alaina had it coming, Emilia. She had me wear the most awful maile armor when blade training. Hideous thing. Loud and heavy. She called my longbow a glorified walking stick. I warned her I would make things difficult!" The giggle gives way to a full laugh…which converts into a vibrant greeting upon the entrance of Tiadora. "Tia! Please! Come sit by me and Emilia. Now that Emilia cannot run off, we must talk dresses and watch her squirm. It's so cute!"

Thad nods in greeting to Tiadora and takes another drink. Clara gets a laugh at her comments on Alaina's tutelage, "Maile does leave much to be desired for mobility. Could be worse though, and I am sure you will improve greatly with time."

Tiadora does not flounce anywhere near as well as Clara but she happily obliges and settles down. "Oh how cute," she says of Naois. "So wriggly!" She grins at the other teens and says, "We have the Vendros games to think of, and finally meeting my brother's intended."

Malcolm chuckles, unable to hold back a brief grin as he listens to the ladies, before he nods at Thad's words to Clara. "Any kind of armor becomes easier once you've gotten used to it," he offers to her.

"Of well, the the armor was for of protecting. Though she should know of better then to call a bow such a thing." Emilia shakes her head, a Cassomir should know better! Looking to Raelyn,"You may need to have a talk with cousin Alaina about the importance of our glorified of walking sticks." Ever so dead pan. Serious? Maybe, maybe not. Though Emilia's gaze is soon focused fully upon Clara, her eyes widening just a hint at this talk…of dresses. Surely Clara wouldn't do that to her. Right? Right?!?!?! "The healer does of say I should get of some of rest." Rest. Yup.

Raelyn gives a slow nod to Emilia, "I believe I shall. Perhaps I shall make her stand 'neath the apple tree and place a fruit on her head and ask her if she knows the difference between a walking stick, and a bow, as it pertains to shooting the well-placed fruit," Raelyn says, in stoic mannerism back to her sister. She looks over towards Clara, "There shall be time enough to discomfort my sister once she's about. There is no challenge if she is thus trapped, Clara." She wrinkles her nose at Thaddeus, commenting, "I've worn maile on a few occasions. Burdensome. And bulky. I'll take my leathers any day of the week. Far easier to run. And to climb trees, and buildings, for vantage points."

It may not be apparent to most people….but to those that know Emilia, which of course is both Raelyn and Clara, the widening of the eyes is proof enough of the alarm Emilia has for the dress talk. It certainly causes Clara to laugh, responding to Raelyn's chiding. "Of course there is no challenge to it. I wasn't actually going to do that. It would be more fun for a fashion harrowing once Emilia could actually hide…though then I will never find her." Oh…so Clara was just teasing. At least, for now.

Tiadora looks a touch disappointed they aren't talking dresses but grins all the same. "So next time, I will actually try shooting at the boars. Mother never let me go hunting so it was all new. Maybe you can help me with my shooting," she asks Emilia. A comfortable topic, see?

Thad nods to Raelyn, "I prefer plate. It is fitted and I find it to be surprisingly maneuverable. Though I do prefer leathers on the ship, as I would prefer to be able to swim if I absolutely had to."

Stephen Cassomir was delayed a bit longer than his wife where the Alhazredi were concerned, though as is often his way, he enters quietly, simply giving a nod and a polite smile to those present before moving to Raelyn's side, "The Mirza Demir didn't quite seem to want to end our conversation too quickly." He murmurs quietly to Raelyn, "Sorry I'm late." He looks over the others assembled, smiling a bit more warmly at seeing Emilia here, though he doesn't draw attention to her recovery for the time being. "What've I missed?"

"Of aye," says Emilia with a little nod of agreement to Raelyn. Though Clara is getting a fair bit of Emilia's attention. Perhaps just a flicker of relief when Raelyn comes to her aid…though it is soon forestalled with Clara's mention of a Fashion Harrowing. She wouldn't dare…would she? Clara is given a rather long stoic look over that cup of tea. Or just a look..since Emilia is near always stoic. And there is Tiadora ot save the day! "Of aye, I would be of happy to help you with of your shooting. Clara and I of practice of a times as of well, if you would wish to join us…" a glance towards her leg,"though it may be of a bit before I am quite practicing again. Though also, for the next of hunt, you may of also be more of comfortable with those on foot, rather then of on horseback. It was of a thing Lord of Malcolm and I were of discussing of earlier." There is a little nod towards Stephen when he appears. A servant seeing to what he may wish to drink with the assorted snacks that are on hand.

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