(1867-02-10) Anything interesting?
Anything interesting?
Summary: Emilia and Malcolm share a few words.
Date: 1867-02-10
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Living Quarters - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Up the stairs from the Great Hall lies a large sitting area laden with comfortable furniture, a large fireplace, and usually plenty of refreshments on-hand. Judging from the game boards, playing cards, and other such items of leisure that are arranged on shelves to the sides of the room, this appears to be a common area for the family to relax within, or to entertain small parties of guests in a more intimate environment than the Great Hall. Alhazredian rugs decorate the floor, with paintings hanging on the walls celebrating acts of great valor and glory (many of which involved members of the Cassomir family). A large sidebar often holds various fruits and finger-foods, as well as decanters of wine, or fruit juice. Tea is also available, and for less "refined" palates a keg of ale is usually available as well.
This room can however, serve another purpose. With the work of but a few minutes and a team of servants well-trained in the task, the room can be converted into a more formal "council chamber" for the head of the family and their trusted friends and advisors to confer on matters of warfare and state. Most of the time, though, it remains in its' far less formal configuration. Usually at least 2-4 Iron Guard members are on duty here, guarding the hallway that leads to the Cassomir family's living quarters, whereas another hallway leads to guest rooms.

The guests that remainded in Roseguard after the hunt were well looked after, the castle had room a plenty. And rightly was a bit empty with only the few mainline Cassomirs that existed to make it their new home. The youngest of those had been seen a few times since the hunt and the injuries taken. Though there had been time spent tucked away to rest and recover. But it seemed she was again outside of her rooms and Emilia's complection was not quite so pale as it was those first fiew days after the hunt. It seems taking it a little easy was still on the docket as she was again settled to one of the chairs in the sitting room. A small book settle to her lap, her feet given that foot rest to keep her leg a bit elevated.

Not in any real hurry to get back to the court, since he's still trying to get used to it, Malcolm has spent a little time trying to get more familiar with the area. Having been out for a walk, he now returns, heading towards the room he's staying in. He stops at the entrance of the sitting room, stepping inside a bit slowly. Pausing as he spots Emilia, he offers her a quiet smile. "Lady Emilia. I hope you are well today."

That was certainly a sentiment that Emilia could agree upon, she was never in a hurry to go to Court. Even if it seemed to be a thing required of her more these days. The voice has Emilia's head turning, a faint tugging coming to the corners of her lips as she spots Malcolm,"Good of day, Lord of Malcolm. Of aye, I am of well. Things are healing of nicely, so the healer of tells me." Taking in his attire it would seem for the questions that comes,"Hopefully you are of well also? Have you been of enjoying of Iron March or have you gone for a walk further of a field?"

Malcolm smiles, nodding a little as he hears that. "I am glad to hear you are well, my lady." Another nod as he adds, "And I am quite well. Today I walked a little outside the town. It's quite beautiful in the countryside."

"That is of good to hear," she comments regarding his answer on his well being. There is another small tug at the corners of her mouth as he speaks of the countryside. A small nod of Emilia's head given,"I would go agree, it is much of beautiful, though I know I am of biased in that, since it is of my home. I would of offer to give you a proper of tour, but I fear that I am not likely to be in of the best position to do that to of soon." There is a small flutter of her hand,"You are welcome to of sit with of me, if you would of wish."

"I will have to make time for that tour at some other point, when you are all healed up again," Malcolm replies as he moves over to seat himself. That done, he nods to the book. "Anything interesting?" he asks, after a brief moment of pause.

"Of certainly, Lord of Malcolm." Roseguard not being to horridly far from Sunsreach did make it a fine place to escape to. Even if not as close as the more popular Azure Lake. Emilia glances down at the book with the question posed,"Nothing to of grand really, something the Master Steward wished of me to go of through. Is a treaty on crop of management. So I am supposing, interesting to of some, but not to of most."

Malcolm smiles as he hears the subject of the book. "There are always things we need to learn. Various forms of management and similar things. I know how those books can be both interesting and boring at the same time."

Emilia nods,"This is of true. Though I am not of sure it is of a thing I will need to be of worrying about of any more." Though the One knows the unexpected could happen. "It does have of interesting of elements to of it. You have studied of similiar of then?"

"More management and stewardship of coin than that of crops," Malcolm replies, before he adds, "After all, unless my grandfather, the Baron, decides to live forever, which it so far looks like he may have planned on, I will one day be the heir to the barony. And since our fortunes are built on our salt mines, I needed to learn what I could both about the mining, and the stewardship." There's a quiet smile, before he adds, "And who knows, my lady. One day, you might have need of the knowledge from that book."

Emilia cants her head slightly,"It is of a part of stewardship, having of an understanding of the crops of possible of the land. Or of not, so to understand of some what one's farmers is of speaking of about." Even if most of that talk occurs at lower levels. "Ah, it could be the One is deciding of that of him." There is a small nod,"Of true, you mut be learning of the working of the mines and of their stewardship." She glances down towards the book again. "Of true, it is of possible one of day i might have of need for it. But I would of hope to the One, that day does not of come."

"The One will have to decide, yes." Malcolm considers this for a few moments longer, before he smiles, "Inheriting your siblings' positions are not the only way one might have need for knowledge, Lady Emilia. There might be a time when you can help people thanks to the knowledge you have learned."

Emilia's dark gaze lifts up from the book to Malcolm,"That is of true, Lord of Malcolm. It is not of the only of way. But it is not likely that many would give much of attention to me and anything I might of say. But it is kind of you to say." The 'touched' Cassomir was aware of how most of the Court viewed her…and it would seem a fair number of Huntresses as well.

Malcolm nods as he hears that. "I only speak the truth, my lady," he replies, before he adds, "Sometimes, people judge your actions more than anything else."

"Of thanking," Emilia says softly as she dips her head in accepting the compliment paid. Another comment about to come when one of the servants approaches. "It is time, m'lady." A thing that causes a slight sight from Emilia,"If you will be excusing of me, Lord of Malcolm, I must be of going and having my bandages of checked. I hope to be seeing of you later. Do of enjoy the rest of your day." Giving a little dip of her head, before that servant moves to help her up.

"And you as well, my lady," Malcolm replies, offering another smile, leaning back in his seat a bit.

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