(1867-02-21) Merely Thoughts
Merely Thoughts
Summary: Raelyn takes a moment to talk with Emilia, a few questions are batted about and discussion concerning the news the Prophet brought lead to a bit of a disagreement between the sisters before a change in topic is had.
Date: 1867-02-21
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Emilia's Chambers - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
The first of the rooms given over to the youngest Cassomir sibling serves as a sitting room. A plush couch and a pair of comfortable chairs are arranged before the fireplace along with a rug. There is a small table suitable for a simple breakfast or afternoon tea off to one side. The main area near the windows has been set up to for the purposes of painting. Two different easels have been arranged with canvases upon them. One of which always seems to have a drape covering the work in progress. A small cabinet is near in which a large variety of paints and rolls of parchment can be found. Though it these details are likely noticed secondary, as upon walking into the room the most prominent thing within the room is the large mural that completely covers the back wall. It is extensive and highly detailed, and for those few that may have reason to visit often will know that it is an ever changing picture. Sometimes the changes are minor, sometimes the entire piece becomes transformed to something entirely different than what it was before.

Roseguard was a tad quieter now that many had returned on towards Sunsreach, though the Alhazred yet remained, so there was still some hosting and 'business' a foot. Emilia had healed up well enough, though there was the reconditioning of the injured muscles. But she had been getting back to her own duties as Mistress of the Hunt. Which did have it's own level of paperwork to go with it, even if far from the level of being Viscountess. Least the paperwork aspect, Emilia was prepared for. And at the moment was seeing to the various reports that would be due to said Viscountess, as well as schedules and other such fun endevours.

"Emilia," calls Raelyn, after knocking once on the door. "Do you have a moment?" She stands outside the door, sans Stephen who is likely attending to some of the more banal work of the County. That was a marriage benefit Raelyn could live with.

"Of aye," comes the answer, the door opening a few beats after,"I am of having of a moment." Emilia of course appearing with the opening of the door. A small fluttery motion of her hand offering invitation for Raelyn to enter,"Be of coming in. Is it of a moment that will be of requiring of wine or tea?" Perhaps trying to judge the topic by the answer, as well as the look that might be on her sister's face. As if tasking Stephen to banal work was the only marriage benefit Raelyn could live with!

"Not by nature, no," Raelyn answers, as she smiles warmly to her sister. "I just thought we ought to talk a little. Though if you'd like, certainly, we can call for tea. Or wine." Raelyn seems more curious, thoughtful by her countenance than anything else. No stress, or worry on her features, yet.

"Perhaps of in a bit," comments Emilia to the matter of wine or tea. Drifting to settle into one side of the couch after seeing the door closed. "Oh? Something of being upon your mind? You have of that look..like you have been pondering something of over. Or like of Naois when he is investigating some place of new." There is a warmth to the room from the fire in the near hearth.

"And how is the little devil? Has he learned to sit in his chair yet?" That little chair did always amuse Raelyn. She moves into the room, then, finding a seat. "It's been a little while since you took me with you upon your visit." She doesn't need to specify where, of course. "I know it's not your first. And it won't be your last. But it was a significant one. Of that I'm sure. How did you perceive it, with your greater experience than my own, in that - particular light?"

"Of aye, he has of learned. Even if he does not of sit in it for of long…least when there is of food about." There is a small twitch of Emilia's lips at that. It was hard to keep the little rascal contained when there was food in question…or shinies. "Of aye, it has been of awhile." There is simply a nod to acknowledge the matter of it not being her first or her last, Emilia had never been exactly…open…about just how much she did visit. In truth, there had perhaps been more frequent viits then her siblings would care to be aware of. Canting her head a little at the particular question,"I think it was unnerving for of Her in ways, to have had Jaren's of promise before he of left, and then for you to come soon of after with such of news. It is not of like She gets of many visitors."

"I would imagine not," conceeds Raelyn. She frowns, speculatively, and confides to her sister, "It is not of like that you speak - as you used to, before this all happened, either." There is no question that comes, and it's not accusatory in the least. Curious. Perhaps slightly concerned. It's clear by her expression Raelyn may have guesses as to the amount of willpower it takes to contain the thing inside her, even better, now.

There is a faint incline of her head,"Of me, and I know Jaren was of going at times to check upon of the wards. And of now, I of suspect that Lon has long of paid of visits." Though just how frequently the last, well time is a realative thing. Emilia studies her sister a little bit after the comment is made. "It is of true…I am of different when of there. Things are being of….easier, in of ways, when I am there. They are more…contented, and do not require as much of mine-attention." It was a thing that Jaren and Raelyn, Sirrah…had come to realize when the truth had finally come out, that something had been left inside her…the strength and willpower that Emilia had to have to 'combat' that which was within her.

"Should you need the company to go again, you've but to ask." She frowns, thoughtfully, wanting to say something more. But, she lets it pass instead, and moves on. Instead, she chooses, "Do not feel the need to - sneak off, and not burden us. Yes?" A tentative smile.

A faint nod comes,"I of know but…" Emilia draws a small breath as she tries to find the right way to explain. "I am not so much of needing of company when I go of there. It is a place not just where They are more contened…But I am of as well. I find of quiet, of peace when I go. It is being of an escape in of a way, like of when you go out with of Zeus." Even if in an entirely different sort of escape. "It is of true, I try to not of burden, but of more, I try not to cause of worry for things that cannot be of helped."

"No, you were never a burden. That was our little brother. Always following me around." Of course, she's teasing. She smiles, then, nods. "I get that. I still go on rides, myself. Or hunting with Zeus. Stephen is getting the hang of it, slowly, but certainly." Raelyn seems pleased at this development, well enough.

There is a faint tug at the corners of Emilia's lips, after all..the brother was still a big brother to Emilia! "I am glad to hear he is of getting the hang of things, and that you are yet of finding time to go of riding." Some relief had that her sister gets it, even if Emilia's escape is to go spend time with an overly angery monster. "Things are of going of well with of him then? You are still of liking of him? And all of smitten?"

"And of smitten," agrees Raelyn without pause or hesitation. "I really am quite very lucky. He's a good man. Attractive. And, proficient. Some are less so fortunate. Title does not always bring with it - intellect, or skill. Stephen's skills and mine compliment each other quite nicely, shoring up weaknesses and lack of training in one or another area." This seems to please her, greatly. "The One certainly has had a hand in this."

Emilia nods,"It is of true, not all are of lucky to of have of someone that they are of finding such within, intellect and of complimenting skills. Or of simply finding someone they can be of enjoying time that is spent of with. You of both have seemed to be working of well together." But the One knew public fronts could be made too! "Perhaps it has been by of the hand of the One." That seems to cause Emilia to fall into a bit of thought, a faint frown a for a moment before she shakes her head. Though it does seem to bring her back to the topic of moments prior,"Raelyn….what of hope does the news the Prophet of brought bring you? What do you think would of happen by killing of Her?"

Raelyn's expression flattens, to some. "I think that you, first, would be free. To some extent. It would be easier to purge what is left of her from you, no doubt. Others - who were not as strong as you, who have fallen, would be drawn out. Eliminated from threatning others. And her reign of terror would be over. And, our family would be at peace. As would our people. There would still be the stories of the Widow. But that is all they would be."

There is a slight hesitation,"It is not just that I am of strong….Jaren interuppted Her from of finishing with me." Finishing of what exactly, Emilia does not elaborate. A small nod does come though, it was true, there would be peace for their family, their people with the Widow past. "That is what they are of now for of most…stories." Mildly pointing that out, after all…a rare few did know the truth. And the stories were far from the truth. "Of perhaps it would of perhaps offer of some of freedom. I would not have to worry about being of away to of long any of more."

"The question is - at what cost. And how. Do not think I have not thought long about it. The measure of using the criminal element we put in prison as fodder and fuel for her destruction." Raelyn's brows knit, her jaw tightening, mouth drawing to a thin line. "It could be done." And, perhaps Raelyn doesn't necessarily see a problem with that. "But. No doubt there would be questions."

"The cost is of to much." Emilia replies with ease. There is a frown that comes at the talk that follows though. "No." It is said rather firmly and without so much a hesitation. "I am not caring what of crimes that were of commited. Those who would be of commiting crimes of worthy enough for such a death would be of a rare of few. And even of then…Just of no. None deserve to go through of /that/ death." Her expression having gone ever more stoic, if that were possible, for she was really the only one of the family who had witnessed 'death by banshee'.

Emilia's rather emphatic insistance has Raelyn's lips pursing, frowning, before she nods once. It's clear she doesn't quite agree with her sister, but she'll not argue the point either. At least, not at the moment. "We'll table the discussion for now," she says, quietly, "In that regard. Merely thoughts. But if there is a way to remove her hold on us. Remover her from creating," Raelyn gestures broadly, "Creatures such as the Prophet described, then, we need at least be prudent to consider all options." She shrugs, then, exhales. "There is hope. An answer. Though it is one that will likely plague us for resolution for awhile, yet."

It doesn't surprise Emilia that her sister doesn't agree with her…but her sister didn't actually have to watch people die at the Widow's hand…up close and personal like when it came to a few family members. Amongst a few other factors. A small nod regarding the tabling of the discussion. There is a faint hesitation before Emilia says softly,"She cannot make of them…not without of being of fed as of well." A beat before she adds. "Jaren has fought of such things….It was why Sirrah found the names for of them. " There is a lsight of nod,"Options must of be of considered, but Her end be because it is of the path found. The cost must be of weighed for any of option of found. If the cost is of worse then the end….the whole of picture must not be of lost."

There is a curt nod from Raelyn, "It must not," she agrees. There is just a disagreement as to how to go about that, and what the picture ought to be. She places one hand to her temple, then asks, as if seeking change of subject so as to not cause further strife, "So where is Naois anyways?" She tries a smile, then. "I hope not rummaging through Stephen's things." She looks amused.

Emilia gives a small nod, knowing well enough that her and her sisters thoughts on this matter are not in step. Though it is at least purely just that, thoughts, with no true solution found. After all, how many centuries has it taken for a way to kill a banshee even crop up? "He is romping about of my room," a hand motioning to her sleeping chambers with a fluttery turn, taking up the queue easily enough. "I think Stephen's of things are generally of safe, he does not seem to be of one to kepe many of shiney of bits of about." There is a cant to her head with a mild hint of consideration,"Of really, he has been keeping mostly to mine-rooms since 'Lonar' was of coming to stay of on." Something about an apex predator being around.

"Maybe I shall bring him some of the leftovers the next time we have fish." Raelyn smiles at that, then shifts a little in chair. "How is everything else going? Is there anything you need to talk with me about?"

"He would of like that, I have no of doubt. He does of venture about of yet, sometimes." Just you know…not when Lonar has been about recently. Emilia considers a little,"Things are of alright, I of guess. Some of the Huntress still are not to of settled about the changes." Not that it was new to Raelyn that some didn't agree with her choice, that had been clear enough when she'd made the announcement. "I have been writing up of a plan to see about getting Huntress of Lodges built upon the new of lands, so you should be of seeing that of soon amongst all of your paper of work." Not that the Huntresses used the lodges much themselves. "With the contigent of staying on here, will we be sending of any on to the up of coming Tournament in Venderos?"

"I believe our brother will be going." The one who isn't King, that is. "I shall need to be staying here, and keep our guests company." Raelyn smiles, some. "I find them fairly interesting. And I would not mind visiting their homeland, in turn. Should events ever lead to the opportunity." She considers, "You should take some of the Huntresses with you who find your new position - questionable. And some who support. Give them time to acclimate to you. Get to know you."

Tournaments were rather behind the Kingly brother, likely not a thing he much missed at this point. Least the competing within part. "Of aye, I was of figuring that you and of Stephen would need to be of staying with them being yet of here. And I of agree, it could be of interesting to visit of their homeland, if the chance ever came of up. " Emilia hesitates before nodding,"Of aye, I can take such of a group of with. I am of sure there are those who would like of a chance to compete of there. The prize for of archery will be quite of nice." Especially for a commoner to chance at winning it. "If Devlin is of going, I assume he shall be tasked with any of meetings you wish to see had there?" Tournaments were after all not devoid of politics yet. "Or is there of anything you would of wish me to see to….besides of taking of notes who is taking to much of interest in of our brother?" A slight tease there.

"Don't go out of your way, there are no - specific intents or items of interest, noting on my agenda to see done there," Raelyn suggests. "But do keep your eyes open for items of interest. You are good at observing." Raelyn seems to either have always known this, or been made more aware of this recently. "And likely enough, there will be some games, or some shadowy, politicing going on."

"Oh, then you do have of an agenda," perhaps some mild teasing on Emilia's part concerning her big sister's new station in life. But there is a nod,"I will keep of my eyes of open, cause it is of true, there are always things of a foot. And I imagine with the of location, there will be of more politicing attempts, especially with the treaty being of worked upon."

"Not a specific agenda. I'm not used to this - game," Raelyn gestures, frowning some. "Stephen's more apt at it than I. But, we are fairly safe from any true ill effects. Still. I want to know what's going on, the best I can. And you have good eyes on you, Emilia." Raelyn smiles. "And, I trust you as much as I trust myself."

Emilia nods a little,"It is not of the easiest of…games. There is more that needs to be of watched, more of pieces to be of placed and of turned about in of it. And I am of imagining Stephen has had more of practice and time of dealing with of it." Son of a Duchess, and that Duchess in particular. And being a Warden. "I will of keep an eye of out, and of ears as of well." There is just a flicker of a smile that comes,"And of course I have good of eyes on of me, I am being a Huntress after of all." One did have to wonder how many actually thought Emilia was actually getting tracking lessons…. "It does mean of much to know you do trust of me, Raelyn."

"Well. I shall leave you to your work, then. I can't leave Stephen to do all the books. As much as I'd like to. And, there are other duties I need to see to, before I can rest." She stands up, and moves to kiss Emilia's cheek. "Be well, Emilia. I shall see you for at least one meal, tomorrow, I'm sure."

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