(1867-02-22) Favor Secrets Unveiled
Favor Secrets Unveiled
Summary: Originally the conversation of Emilia and Adrienne centers about who of the Huntresses will be going to attend the tournament at Venderos, and Adrienne's very recent visit to Sunsreach. The matter of favors is only brought up by chance.
Date: 22-25/02/2016 (Date of RP)
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Emilia's office - Castle Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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Fevrier 22nd, 1867

Things around Roseguard had grown a little quieter with many of the Rivanian nobility who had come for the Hunt and feast having returned to Sunsreach, though a few remained as did the Alhazred contingent. The later perhaps spending time mostly indoors with the snow and cold of Ironhold, and certainly a focus for Raelyn and Stephen as they continued to host the foreign delegation. It had required some level of presentation yet by the other Cassomirs as well as staff. But other duties needed to be seen too, Ironhold and their people were not things that could simply be put on hold.

To that end, even while her injuries had been healing, Emilia had still seen to many of her duties. While going in patrols and partaking of training had been off the list, she had still seen to schedules and more of the mundane paperwork taskings, and perhaps practiced just a little bit of delegation when it came to training. Though in truth, many of the more senior Huntresses already looked over those tasks with how oft even Raelyn had needed to travel to events and Courtly matters. A thing that Emilia was now having to deal with as well faced with being Mistress of the Hunt and greater demand for making appearances at Court and elsewhere.

Today though, Emilia had been out for a bit of light training herself, a need to recondition injured muscles. It had made for an early start, and a message had been left for her cousin to meet her once Adrienne had broken her fast. Emilia had completed that morning round of practice, taking things a little easy yet, even if not quite as easy as the healer might have wished. But…Cassomir…duty…stubborn. And she was currently seated in the small office that was part of the main meeting and gathering spot for the Huntresses, a few papers were being looked over. One of which is being handed off to Syrn,”See that those of upon the list are of prepared to be of departing in of two days.”

Adrienne Cassomir had been actually gone for a few days, as an errand had taken her to Sunsreach, a chance she had used to visit the Cassomir branch there, as well as make the required (if slightly dreaded) showing at court – perhaps not so much required through her office, but through her blood relation to the King. As soon as she has received Emilia’s message, the freckled Cassomir does not tarry overly long, having already broken her fast early in the day. And so she arrives in the office that is provided to the Mistress of the Hunt, attired in tunic and leggings as usual, with her dark brown hair done in a long braid.

“Emilia,” she intones after entering through the door, a faint smile adorning her freckled face as Adrienne inclines her head in a nod of greeting, that same smile offered to Syrn as well. “Tedious paper work…” Adrienne continues then with a sigh, as she inspects the pieces of parchment her cousin has to deal with at the moment. Green eyes lift to study the Mistress of the Hunt. “You look much better.”, an observation added in a friendly tone. “You wished to see me?”

After Syrn looks over the list, she gives a look to Emilia,”Pella is not going to be pleased, you know that.”.

Emilia nods,”I am of knowing, but I of doubt she is the only of one who will be displeased about of who is upon of that list.”

What else Syrn might have offered up is forestalled with Adrienne’s arrival. The dark haired Huntress offering Adrienne a warm smile and bow of her head, before a nod to Emilia,”I will let them know.” Another small head bow offered to both of the Cassomirs before the woman takes her leave.

A patented Emilia like smile is given to Adrienne as well as a nod, “Adrienne, it is good to see of see you, I trust Sunsreach was not to of aderious of a visit?” The One knew they both ‘adored’ Court oh so much. a faint glance towards the papers,”It is the hidden work many are not of realizing comes with a position, but I do not of mind it in of truth. It is being of easier than many of the things Jaren once had me seeing of after.” There is a small shrug with the words. No doubt there are many who were unaware of just what and how much Emilia had aided their former Viscount.

“Of thanking, I have been of healing well. Though as you of know it does take of a bit of time to get fully of restored after the flesh is of healed.” Giving a small nod of her head,”Of aye, I was. Raelyn is of having me go with Devlin to the of Tournament. “ Emilia gives a faint smile at that, one that is more like a real smile, but clearly forced. “I am assuming you have no of desire to be of going of yourself, of aye?” She knew well enough her cousin's feelings on partaking in tournament and this one did require travel out of the Kingdom.

The exchange between Emilia and Syrn catches Adrienne's attention, if only briefly. "Am I as well on that list?", she inquires in Emilia's direction when Syrn has left, her brows furrowing ever so slightly, her lips quirking into a smile when she is asked about her visit to the Capital. "It was… quite interesting," is her rather vague comment, offered with an amused glint in her eyes. Biting her lip then as if to hold back an addition of sorts, before she gives her touched cousin a slightly sympathetic look.

"I don't envy you at all, in that regard.", Adrienne says with a smile, shifting a little in her stance. "And I am glad you are better." As for the news about leaving for the tournament in Venderos, the freckled Cassomir listens and then considers. "I would prefer to stay behind, yes," she admits then, relief flickering in her green gaze as they meet Emilia's dark eyes again. "I could… take care of things here, together with the other Huntresses that will stay behind. Syrn will not go, I suppose? Who are you taking along?"

“I am of glad it was..being of interesting,” a brief study giving of Adrienne before Emilia adds,”And it would seem you have enjoyed of the interesting.” The question has Emilia shaking her head,”No, you are not of upon the list.”

“I do not of mind it, but don’t be of telling Raelyn of that,” even if Raelyn likely was already aware,” as she might be of giving me some of hers,” a faint glimmer of humor actually had on the matter. There is just a small tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”I was figuring such would be of your answer, and that is why you are not being upon of the list.”. The reason behind the list becoming clearer perhaps. A copy is offered over to Adrienne with a mild motion that also gives invitation to sit, if she wishes. “These are those who will be of joining me, some had already been expressing an of interest given the prize to be handed,” which was certainly decent, particularly for a commoner.

A flicker of amusement touches those dark eyes,”That was exactly of my thought, since I assumed you would not wish to be of going, and it would be of best to have a Cassomir of yet to provide of guide and escort to any of the Alhazred should they actually be of wishing to brave of the snow. To ensure no where was of gone that should not be of gone. I am sure most would be of fine, but…” a small shrug is given, some could be goaded into it..a matter of showing off. And really it would be best for a Cassomir (and a noble) to be on point to see to such dignified guests if required. Even if said guests were the reason the Huntresses were first formed. “Though of no, it is Syrn who is of going, Pella will be of staying of behind,” it was rare that both did not accompany Emilia. Even in becoming Mistress of the Hunt, they had continued to look after Emilia, just as Raelyn had those who had taken to protecting her (and still did in her new position). Upon looking over the list offered, Adrienne might come to see that there was a fair split on the group; half chosen from those who supported Emilia and the other half from those who were not entirely supportive. Though the most vocal against the new Mistress of the Hunt had not quite made the list, an international incident was not a thing to risk!

“I have of sorted the schedule for of the time and for some of weeks of beyond, and much of the standard of paperwork, so you will not have to worry of dealing with of such. “ A faint smile given, considering Adrienne’s early, if brief, reflection on matters of paperwork,”if anything else should be of needed, you can check with Melony, and she can provide of assistance. “ The Huntress who usually handled those mundane sorts of details when both Raelyn and Emilia, and oft Adrienne were all away from Roseguard.

Adrienne’s hand comes forward to accept the offered list, and she hmms thoughtfully as she skims the names. A nod comes then, and an approving glance towards her touched cousin. “It is wise not to take supporters only with you,” the Huntress opines. “As not to make it look like you treat them better than the others.” She hands the piece of parchment back to Emilia, and her smile deepens a touch as she takes a seat. “So you wish me to act chaperone to the Alhazredi?” The question comes with a raised brow and amusement glinting in Adrienne’s green eyes. “I very much doubt they would be as dashing as to brave the chill of winter – as this is not at all the sort of climate they are used to.” But yes, as a Cassomir lady, it is her duty to be social with the visitors. “I expect rather a number of dull evenings spent before the hearth in the Great Hall, in casual conversation. Perhaps a board game. Some dice.” A pause. “Is there any indication as to how long they will be staying with us?”

As for the threat of paperwork, her shoulders lift in a light shrug. “I shall see if there is any additional paperwork coming around, and in case I can’t handle it… yep, there’s Melony.” Her hand moves over the side of her head, brushing a rebellious strand back in place. “When will you be leaving? I am sure you will travel via Sunsreach. So little Casella should be glad for another painting session, if there is time enough for that.” A casual remark, made with an attentive look of her eyes as she studies Emilia’s expression.

There is a slight nod,”Though I am of sure, there are those amongst mine…detractors who will believe that all of the same. But of aye, I am of meaning to ensure there is of balance, and of perhaps those who think I'll of me will have better of chance to see of me upon of this trip. “ Ever stoic, it was often times difficult to read Emilia, but no doubt the rift within the Huntresses over her was a thing that caused a certain measure of strain and stress for Emilia. “I plan to of have similar upon the patrols I upon in the after as well.” Not that she hadn’t gone on patrols with many of them before, but things had changed.

A small tugging occurs at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”Only when they are of thinking to go wandering of about, and of assuming Raelyn and Stephen are not seeing to being of their guides. After of all we must be the dutiful hosts. Of aye?” And keep them from things like the mines, matters of security and the like. “But, of aye, it is not quite of the climate they are being of used to. I do not of expect there to be much call for venturing of out for of many a ride. The evenings need not be of dull, least of the conversation. Prophet Hashim seems an of interesting of fellow, least if you can be of changing to get him away from Destrian.” Emilia’s foster brother seeming to having taken a rather keen liking to that particular one. “I am not of sure how long the visit was of planned for. Perhaps for as long as is of needed, as I am of thinking there is likely some of relief they are being of here and not Sunsreach with the matters of the Archducal of election at of hand.”

Emilia nods,”I am of sure you can of handle of anything extra that is coming of up.” A beat and the deadpan addition of,”Just it you are of wanting to or not.” The love of paperwork. The matter of travel does bring a faint nod,”In if two days, to make of the scheduled gate time.” The mention of Casella does have Emilia’s dark eyes looking to Adrienne a small study of her own,”Of aye, there is of time promised to of her. Though I had not of known mine time with her had caught of your attention.” She was but a commoner child in the manse, by all rights.

“Aye,” Emilia’s freckled cousin intones, “A balance is preferable, as we are all sisters of the Hunt. In fact…”, Adrienne’s brows wrinkle just a touch as she considers. “I am sure the detractors will be convinced, once we have our next opportunity to be of use to a greater cause, as a group. Which will happen sooner or later. Like… Sunreach. Goldhollow even. It was then that the Huntresses were recognized for their merit. And if you lead them in such a situation and we are successful… how could they ever persist on doubting in your ability?” A faint smile there, encouraging even so. “But until then,” Adrienne adds with a shrug, “it will be up to tourneys… archery contests… patrols… for you to earn their respect, which will be a much more lengthy process.”

The smile, which was dimmed at first, grows in warmth when Emilia mentions Sir Destrian Rosendal. “I would not want to deprive Destrian of his intriguing company, and I trust Prophet Hashim will be likewise fascinated with him. I shall attend the evenings and see if anyone values my conversation. I can even wear a dress.” The latter Adrienne allows with a slight widening of her eyes. “But One above… It seems they are mostly after Raelyn and Stephen, for apparent reasons.” A nod then. “I may try and fail. But try I will, at least,” the freckled lady states to the topic of paperwork, shifting a little in her seat as she holds Emilia’s gaze. An odd glint in her green eyes when the talk turns towards Casella. “I wasn’t aware, really. Just learned recently about it, in Sunsreach.”, she replies, a bit vaguely perhaps.

“Of aye, we of are, and I think some have forgotten of that. Not to of say that sisters are always of getting along or of agreeing,” a faint shake of her head as Emilia recalls the latest matter to which she and Raelyn are not quite seeing eye to eye upon. “But in of the end there should yet be of respect and sisterhood. And while I would of wish for them to be of convinced sooner rather than of later, I would pray to of the One we are not of having anything like Goldhallow or Sunsreach any of time soon. Though I am sure once the weather is warming, we shall have our of share of bandits and thrives upon of the roads to be of dealing with. It will be of something at least.” Not a grand raid, but leadership was still needed with those matters as well. “As you know as of well as I, that the of contests only show so much of one’s skill.” It was why prospective members did go through various turns of training, patrols and hunts.

“Oh, I am of sure Destrian would be more than of happy to of share. And ah…I sure you will draw added conversation if you wore a dress.” Cause…men. Emilia nods slightly,”Of true, though Raelyn was of inviting of them. “ Which with the invitation accepted, a mild boon perhaps for the Viscountess as well. With the topic seemed to remain a bit upon Casella, or perhaps more that her freckled cousin has such a veiled interest, Emilia holds the gaze well enough. “Ahhhh…so not noticing much. “ A faint pause before a question is ventured forth,”How is Sir of Aidric of doing? Recovering of well yet?”

“Bandits might do nicely as well,” Adrienne agrees with a smirk. “They would provide a similar good cause to unite the Huntresses, with less danger to the Crown. And yes. I agree of course about contests. Shooting at a target to entertain a crowd might be amusing, but in fact it is more telling of a skill, how much of it shows in a situation, where it is about life and death.” A sigh then to the dress matter. “I think so. I’ll draw both conversation and attention. But well…” She shrugs. “It’s my duty to be present, to relieve the weight upon Raelyn’s shoulders by making a good impression, I suppose.”

Her brows lift at Emilia’s remark about Casella. “I didn’t know, but in fact… I heard about it from Sir Aidric himself.”, Adrienne admits after a lower-lip-nibbling moment of consideration. “As fate would have it that he came to visit the Manse, in the hope of seeing Casella.” A slight flicker there in her gaze, as she answers Emilia’s other questions. “It seems he is doing better, yes.”

“It does take of skill to hit of a target, but it is not just of skill but of the person themselves that is seen and of tested when there is more of at stake then the cheers of the crowd and some of fine of prize. “ Agreeing with her cousin in her own way on the matter. Emilia gives a mildly empathetic look, while her injuries had given her excuse for a time to avoid hosting duties as well as active Huntress duties, Emilia had not used it a great deal, and the sad fact was that a dress had been easier attire with the leg injury. “Of aye, it is of a duty. And of least it is not Sunsreach and the conversations more of interesting.” And really, Raelyn and Stephen could only talk to so many people at once!

A slight nod,”I was of thinking it was from him you had heard of such.” Such thoughts making more clear the reason she asked after him. Afterall, the lessons had been going on long enough the manse staff would have little reason to raise the matter. “I am glad to hear he is of doing better. And of hope he was able to get some time with Casella.” Emilia cants her head a little in watching her cousin,”I of admit, I am.of curious to which surprised you of more, that we held such a connection to of him or that I spend of such time with his daughter?”

Adrienne’s brows twitch ever so slightly when Emilia refers to current duties at Ironhold providing more interesting conversations than could be found in the Capital. “I may disagree there, slightly,” she admits with a faint smile. “After all, Clara is in Sunsreach.” Only part of the agreeable company to meet there, but all this freckled Cassomir is willing to admit at the moment. “But yes. I got it. I will see what interesting contributions I can make to the conversations.” Leaving it at that, especially when the next topic seems to be much more interesting indeed. Her features are mostly a stoic mask, even so, there is a slightly pronounced curving of Adrienne’s lips when Emilia inquires about Aidric. “He got some time with her, yes. He came with presents, and some bolts of fabric, to have new clothes made for little Casella.” Green eyes flit down momentarily as Adrienne pauses, considering her touched cousin’s question. But when she gives her answer, she will do so, with her gaze lifting to meet the dark eyes of Emilia Cassomir again. “The former, actually, I found to be more astonishing. That a member of House Cassomir would take a former Thorn’s bastard as a ward. And… Sir Aidric’s of all…” She exhales. “And that I had no idea… You knew of it?”

A brow rises just a little bit,”Actually she is of not,” speaking on the whereabouts of one Clara Tracano. “She is expected to be of arriving later in of the day or on of the marrow, depending on how well time is of made. I of believe she is arriving by way of Greenmeadow.” Meaning travel by road and not gate. “Not that she will have of chance to of linger of long before we must be of off for Venderos.”

There is a small nod along with a faint,”Of good,” when Adrienne does affirm Aidric had some time with his daughter. Emilia noting,”I am of sure she was being of delighted at of the notion. She does seem to be more of taken with new of clothes then perhaps we are of being.” She cants her head a little, with those dark eyes studying her cousin,”Of aye, I of knew. “ There is a brief pause as Emilia seems to consider something. “Of while there are certainly of reasons of compassion to look after such a child who has been through of much, there is not a lack of political of reasoning as of well. As you are only now of discovering this knowledge, and I am perhaps doubting Sir of Aidric would have been pointing out of this aspect of it…The of timing of when Casella coming to of our care was much in of step to when he was of starting to of aid Sir of Thaddeus.” Which was about that time the ‘troubles’ were slowly being realized to be more of a Thorn Resurgency matter. Something about assurance of loyalty. “I am of believing, our House’s of history in looking after those given to our of care was of a factor in Sir of Aidric choice.” There is a small tugging occurs at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”And while it is not exactly being of a secret, it is not being of something spoken of at every turn…after of all, you are just of learning.”

“Clara was there, when I was in Sunsreach,” Adrienne intones, maybe a touch bewildered at Emilia’s clarification, until it sinks in. “Ah. I see.” She nods, and a soft sigh leaves her lips. “Venderos. It seems, the two of you will have to enjoy the sights of the Principality without me.” The one drawback of not going. However, the freckled Cassomir falls silent and listens to what Emilia has to say on the circumstances of how Casella becoming a ward of the Sunsreach Cassomirs came about. “We both know he couldn’t have made a better choice,” she opines then, with a faint smirk. “And I believe any other family could not offer her painting lessons with the Mistress of the Hunt. She does enjoy those, I’d wager?”, Adrienne smiles, not going into the fact that she was oblivious to it all, and no one even bothered to tell her.

There is a slight shift of topic, when the Cassomir Huntress gives Emilia an assessing glance and dares to inquire: “What about favors… Are you going to wear one, at the tourney?” They had spoken of favors before.

“I am of sure we shall both fill you of in upon returning, all the fine details of fashion that you shall miss out upon,” a hint of teasing. Though the fashions of the Principality may just end up being quite eye opening. They were more…progressive. Emilia does mildly point out,”I was not being Mistress of the Hunt when the lessons had of begun. And had perhaps only won of one of art of contest.” Having won three in total, which did give her a ‘name’ and standing in the art world. “And of yes, she of does of enjoy of the time and lessons we spend together.” What reason would there have been to tell Adrienne? It was not exactly a fact ‘announced’ to the whole House having that ward.

When the topic turns and Adrienne ventures such a question, the answer does come smoothly and easily enough from Emilia,”Of aye, I plan to be of wearing of a favor again for the of tournament. The same of one I have worn for of the past two, in of fact.” There is just a hint of what might be amusement,”Have you finally decided to be asking me of about whom it is I ask for such of a thing?”

“Oh, fashion… yes. I can hardly wait to hear what kind of dresses they prefer to wear in Venderos. Why? You could bring a dress along, just to demonstrate the fashion side of things in the Principality”, Adrienne suggests with a slight roll of her eyes. “We can have a look at that, while you two can share your tales of what occurred at the tourney, the gossip.” An interesting almost surrealistic vision that, of them being just the three teenagers they are, apart from their offices and positions. “I shall be looking forward to your return, then.”, Adrienne sums it up, with a more pronounced curling of her lips. “I see,” is her brief acknowledging comment then on the painting lessons given to Casella, and the smile remains. “I lack such talent, but I am glad you and her can put it to some use.”

Then talk turns to favors. “Would you tell me who it is…?”, the freckled Huntress inquires with a hint of surprise in her tone, and a slightly more obvious portion of curiosity. “I thought… you’d prefer to keep it a secret.” Adrienne bites her lip, but her green eyes glint with her eagerness to know. “So… Yes… Whose favor will you be wearing?”

There is a mischievous little glint to Emilia’s dark brown eyes as she inquires all so very solemn like,”Shall I of bring back something that would fit of you then? I am of sure Clara would be most of happy to help me find something.” Especially since it would allow Clara to continue with her hobby of playing dress up with Cassomirs. Though it is a more serious and honest look that exists as Emilia notes,”You do have of your own talents, Adrienne. “

Emilia nods,”Of aye, I would of tell you….if it was meant to remain of secret, I would have been of wearing it of secretly not of openly.” Perhaps just a hint of amusement, recalling conversations before and Adrienne not knowing all the minor intricacies concerning favors…it was rather just an extension of politics really. Or could be. There is small smile, small but a real smile as Emilia does give answer,”It is of being Lonar’s favor that I will be of wearing.” Which likely hints to more reason to him taking his father’s place. If one considers timelines of when he came to be with the Cassomirs verses the first time Emilia wore said favor.

Adrienne meets that mischievous look of her touched cousin, raising a brow as she exhales through lips that are curled in a smile. “Why not? If such will prove diverting for Clara and you?” Challenge accepted, as her slightly daring glance betrays. “That is, if you find time to do so.” And with Clara actually being of similar size and physique as Adrienne, it might actually be quite easy to find a dress that would fit the freckled Cassomir’s form. Emilia’s brief assurance of Adrienne having her own talents has the brows of the Huntress wrinkle, before she accepts it with with a faint smile. “Of course… Alas, not at all in the artistic arena.”, she says, not minding that fact much obviously, as the slight shrug of her shoulders betrays.

“You wore the favor openly,” Adrienne echoes then, after learning the identity of the secret giver, and she shoots Emilia a curious glance. “Lonar, hmm? As I doubt your reason for wearing his favor is politically induced, it can only be that you… fancy him?” Half-statement, half-question, with a sound amount of surprise thrown into the mix.

“Find of time? I am of sure given of the opportunity to be of finding of a dress for either of us, Clara will be of ensuring there is of time for it. I am thinking the matter may be more of when she will ensure that you are wearing of what comes to be of found.” Given that Clara had helped them both with dresses, and Emilia had found the leathers she won at the last tournament to have already been adjusted to fit her perfectly, Emilia is certain Clara has the ability to ensure a garment to fit Adrienne would be found. A small nod comes on the matter of talents, it was not like artistic talent was actually common amongst the Cassomirs.

There is a small nod as Emilia does reaffirm “Of aye, Lonar.” Who besides giving Emilia lessons, had taken up duties befitting someone of his position, commoner woodsman, such as hunting to add to the meat stores. “Of aye, I fancy of him. I would not have of asked for of the favor if I did of not.” Cause well….there was no political incentive. “And he is of fancying of me. “ There is a faint pause,”And of aye, Raelyn is of aware and thinks of well of him.” Even if perhaps the initial reaction to the pairing…was interesting.

“I trust Clara will not make it too awkward,” Adrienne opines with playful optimism, “but at first I believe I shall wear your and her choice at a rather private gathering of us three, to see how it fits me. I trust this will be when you will acquaint me with the gossip and news from Venderos, so that will prove quite diverting as well.” But then talk shifts towards Lonar, this a name and person Adrienne will have to pay more attention to in the future to come. “Oh!” The vowel more of the higher pitched kind, suggesting approval on Adrienne’s part. Maybe. Or just acknowledgement. “I see. Well… that’s a good development, isn’t it?”, the freckled Cassomir adds after a moment, the smile deepening to a certain degree. “I am… glad for you.” Her brows lift just so, but it is evident that she is surprised – despite tempering her expression with a bit of Cassomir stoicness. The mention of Raelyn approving of this romantic involvement elicits a lift of a brow - and a question. “So you are considering taking him as your consort?” It would not be the first consort in the current generation of Cassomirs.

“I am of sure as of well, though I have been of discovering she takes of a certain delight in causing one to of blush if there is opening for it.” Especially stoic Cassomirs!! Of Lonar, there were many Huntresses who had become acquainted enough with the woodsman and could give Adrienne some insight, should she wish to fret out more about the man. Emilia nods a little,”I do of guess it is.” It wasn’t entirely new to her, how long had she kept the ‘development’ a secret entirely. Though the fact there is actually a faint bit of a real smile when speaking, or thinking as the case maybe, about the man…certainly good. Noticing the surprise of her cousin, in spite of her attempts to hide it,”You seem of surprised about of this. “ The consort question does seem to cause Emilia to blink and give pause. “It had not been of a thing of discussed in of truth. But it is perhaps of being a possibility if things of continue of on between of us. And it is something he wishes of as of well.”

There is a chuckle and an affirmative nod of Adrienne's head, a pensive smile there recalling a blush of her own, but… Emilia too?! Green eyes are raised to study the touched Cassomir with faint astonishment, before the freckled cousin's features soften and she smiles. "Of course. She must have made you blush if she knew about Lonar and you… Again… this seems to be another thing I have missed out completely on.", she remarks with a hint of amusement lacing her tone. Not that it would have been any of her business. "And yes, I am surprised. To be honest I never figured you'd be prone to such… romantic involvements…" The admission leaves Adrienne's lips without hesitation, but her gaze lingers pensively on Emilia when she speaks of the consort option. "There… You have a potential road to happiness. It might be something worth considering."

There is actually a small sigh at the memory,”Of aye. She of knows, and they teamed up on me at of that, it was truly not of fair.” There is a small shrug from Emilia, ”She of asked…but of really no one was of knowing until I first of asked for of his favor.” There is that flicker if a smile, something perhaps even sheepish about it as Emilia admits,”I cannot of deny, I was of surprised to this of all….I had not been expecting such to ever of happen.” Even if her reasons were rather different from Adrienne’s. She nods a little as she agrees,”It is of something to of consider…I will have to be thinking of about it…and perhaps seeing if the idea of appeals to him or not. In of time.”

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