(1867-02-22) News and a Plan
News and a Plan
Summary: While Clara spends a few days at Roseguard, Emilia brings up a possible idea to how Clara could know about 'Them' without divulging why she truly knows about them.
Date: 1867-02-22
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Emilia's Chambers - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
The first of the rooms given over to the youngest Cassomir sibling serves as a sitting room. A plush couch and a pair of comfortable chairs are arranged before the fireplace along with a rug. There is a small table suitable for a simple breakfast or afternoon tea off to one side. The main area near the windows has been set up to for the purposes of painting. Two different easels have been arranged with canvases upon them. One of which always seems to have a drape covering the work in progress. A small cabinet is near in which a large variety of paints and rolls of parchment can be found. Though it these details are likely noticed secondary, as upon walking into the room the most prominent thing within the room is the large mural that completely covers the back wall. It is extensive and highly detailed, and for those few that may have reason to visit often will know that it is an ever changing picture. Sometimes the changes are minor, sometimes the entire piece becomes transformed to something entirely different than what it was before.

With the Alhazred delegation yet in Roseguard, Clara’s return had perhaps been given more fanfare and welcome than the Princess might have cared for, but it was all part of the need for pageantry and appearances on both sides. But that was not to say Emilia had not seen that time was ensured for Clara to simply get the rest and downtime that was surely sought in retreating away from Sunsreach to Ironhold. That bit of escape from Court and the pageantry of it all.

With her own duties to see to, Emilia had spent much of the day seeing to those. But an invitation had been sent to Clara inviting her to take partake of a more quiet evening meal, should she wish, with the youngest Cassomir in her quarters. Admittance and passage through the family wing would occur without fanfare, and a simple knock would see Clara granted entrance to Emilia’s rooms…After all, she was invited and expected.

The table had been set up for a meal, simpler than if served in the grand Hall, but still to noble standards. Even if such was not where the eye was likely first to go, for the colors of the great mural on the back wall likely still demanded some notice upon entering the room. Even if unchanged since Clara’s last visit, there were always new details to be fretted out in the great scene for those who did not frequent the Cassomir’s room…and really there were not many who did frequent Emilia’s rooms besides herself and a few servants.


Clara’s arrival in Roseguard was not necessarily an immediately planned event. While it is true that Clara does visits Roseguard more often than not, the circumstances of Clara being in Roseguard this particular time, so soon after the hunt, were not foreseen.

Then again, baby births are rarely ever a ‘timed’ event.

Clara had returned to Sunsreach for the birth of her new nephew. And…as such, took it upon herself to Greenmeadow to inform her mother Angelina about the birth. It made sense for Clara to do so. After all, she knew her mother best and Martyn has so much to do now, not including learning to become a father. So, with Martyn and Jo’s blessings, Clara brought the news that Angelina was now a grandmother. And her mother took it surprisingly well. There were tears to be had…joyous ones, to be sure, as mother and daughter shared a few precious moments together.

But…Clara couldn’t stay long. Not because she didn’t want to, but Clara was a reminder of that other person…the commoner weaver Angel. And the caregivers were always cautious to try to avoid any reminders of that past life. So, Clara had left, leaving a copy of a sketch behind of the newborn. It was rough, but enough to show her mother the features of her grandson. Another copy rested within Clara’s notebook, with rough estimates of measurements and drawings of possible garments already in mind. It would appear that her nephew will have no shortage of wardrobe…not if Clara has anything to say about it.

The more elaborate pomp and circumstance surrounding Clara’s arrival to Roseguard is met with as much grace and aplomb as Clara could muster. As such, she did her greetings with a smile, exchanging pleasantries with the Alhazredi, giving each one the same amount of courtesy as the other. Including Mirza Ania Khare, even if it seemed apparent that Ania would rather be anywhere else than at Roseguard greeting the Tracano. Clara’s conversations were all proper and stately…but also blessedly short. She had excused herself after the appropriate amount of time was given, with the excuse to allow her to settle in to her guest quarters. Really, it was just a ploy to find some peace…

…a ploy that was certainly caught by Emilia. The quiet evening meal, within Emilia’s quarters was exactly what Clara needed. And, the lack of excitement given to Clara, with that notebook under one arm, as she walked with the servant to Emilia’s quarters was delightful. She is the one who knocks, thanking the servant for accompanying her, then enters with a relieved sigh that escapes her lips as soon as the door closes. “One Above, Emilia…I thought I would never get a chance to rest. All of that protocol I had to go through…it was almost as bad as Sunsreach!” There is a laugh as Clara proceeds into the room, having miraculously lost her shoes in the process as a quick glance would find them by the doorway, along the wall. Stockinged feet patter over to the mural, foregoing the table with the meal for just a moment while Clara studies the scene with a bright smile. “I swear, Emi, each time I look at this I find something new. And to think no one will ever see this…”


At least with the setting of Roseguard, while some pretense and pomp must be had for the sake of presentation and appearances, Clara was not tasked with hosting duties…that fell squarely upon Raelyn and Stephen’s shoulders…even if the other Cassomirs had their parts to play. But Emilia could certainly manage to ‘get away with’ playing host to Clara and giving them both a bit of quiet and peace.

It would come at no surprise that Emilia was dressed simply, a loose tunic and leggings, even if the craftsmanship to them was befitting her noble station…though there were only stockings to be found covering her feet. “Surely it did not of surprise you, not with the Alhazred yet of being here. We must of keep to such of presentations with eyes yet of about, least some of one think slight is being given.” since there were a few that had lingered simply because the Alhazred remained.

Lightly padding over to her friend’s side as that trip to the mural is made,”Ah…but more see of this one then the one further of within,” a small flutter of Emilia’s hand indicating to her more private sleeping chamber. And the fact another mural of such caliber exists there within as well. “I see you have found the fish playing of about the rocks, but had you seen of these yet?” Her finger lightly dancing over the area of water just beyond and the small turn of froth from the movement of the water, and if one looks just right the hint if movement from a pair of what can only be labeled as water fae or nymphs.

“Hopefully Sunsreach was not of so bad this of time,” knowing that Clara had needed to return there sooner than perhaps wished, even if for a happy reason. “And do tell me of your nephew, have you spoiled him to of pieces already?”


“If I was to be perfectly honest with you, dearest Emilia, I would say that I had expected the ceremony. If I was being brutally honest, I would mention that I had stopped at the Anvil just prior to Roseguard to ensure I looked the part of Princess, rather than dust-clad vagabond.” Which would explain why Clara did look none the worse for wear, despite her ride. “I just didn’t expect it to be so long.” The words are accompanied with a slight smirk, even as the Tracano’s eyes track along with Emilia’s finger…and only thus is Clara able to spy the mythical creatures within the water. There is a gasp of surprise, which dissolves into giggles as talk turns to the newest Tracano. Apparently, baby talk trumps whatever praise Clara was going to offer for the cleverly hidden nymphs.

“Oh, I have to get in line if I want a chance to even attempt to spoil him, Emi! Everyone is just so overjoyed to see him. I swear, if I wasn’t right there with the midwives, I might not have had a chance to see the little angel myself!” It might be an exaggeration…but only a slight one. “He is so adorable, though! I did a crude drawing of him…I hadn’t the time to improve upon it as I went to Greenmeadow soon after the birth, but I was able to at least make a copy of it and leave it behind with Mother.” A hand reaches down to take the notebook out from under arm. “I have the original sketch in there if you like to see. Nevermind the measurements….I…have some garment ideas for the little one.” No…Clara doesn’t plan on spoiling her nephew one bit. Not at all. “That is, if Tristan and Alysande don’t buy the little one all he could possibly need first.”

The notebook is placed on the edge of the table as Clara walks over to it. It is only then that she pauses to get a good look at Emilia, those eyes attempting to take in every detail. “Are you feeling better, my dear? I completely forgot to ask about how you are faring after your injuries.” Those eyes take in Emilia’s form, trying to see if she favored one side over another. And, after a moment, Clara’s voice pitched low…soft. “Also, I imagine that….that They had some choice phrases. How you are able to deal with the pain and…and Them, at the same time? You are far stronger than I.”


“I don’t of know…you might have been able to be sneaking in of along the servants entrance if you had been of looking like dust-clad vagabond,” a sideways glance given towards Clara along with the bit of teasing, Emilia knowing Clara likely would have preferred the option. But neither were ones to truly run from their duties, even if they might joke with one another about it. “And give Raelyn of time, it will become of shorter, she is just trying to do of things right.” Everyone in new shiny positions. And the Alhazred presence did have people erring on the side of caution when it came to protocol.

“And what of Prince Martyn? How is of he taking it of all?” Familiar with Clara Emilia maybe, but not so much her brother. “Is he of so of taken with the darling as of well that he is not making of everyone remembering protocol? Ensuring that of line is of orderly?” A flicker of a smile,”I would say surely as his sister he would let you of to the front of the line, but Prince of Tristan and of the Queen probably pull of rank in of order to get their spoiling in. Which, I am of sure they will buy him of everything, but I am of thinking your of brother and good of sister would be over of joyed to have something you made for of him.” Never mind the spoiling that may yet come from Johanna’s family…then again.

The mention of the drawing does have Emilia interest,” I would of like to be of seeing of it.” Though mention of Clara’s mother does have Emilia giving a faint study of Clara as she asks,”Was she of pleased at of the news? How is she of enjoying Greenmeadow?” Knowing well that the woman had suffered greatly, and may never fully recover from that ordeal. There were good days, there were bad ones…It was a thing Emilia knew to well herself.

The teasing of the drawing does have Emilia moving to the table to take up the placed notebook, wishing to get least a glimpse of the little guy. It was not likely she would get a real look anytime soon, and she rather ranked down in the list of those who might be in that line to visit. “Oh…I am doing of alright, things of healed of well, the healer made of sure to keep of things slathered with the unguent,” more commonly known as Lady’s Mercy, “ it helped to speed of things of along. But..” Her voice drops a little,” the muscles are still of coming of around. They get of an ache here and of there by the end of the day. “ And well there isn’t an obvious favouring, least not in the way for most, there is a mild ‘hiccup’ to her usual ethereal grace when walking. But it was the end of the day.

The mention of Them has Emilia’s eyes drifting up from the notebook,”Of aye, They do not of care when I go off and try getting my of self killed. I end up with quite of the lectures on of the matter.” Oh, that is certainly one way of putting it. There is a faint look to Clara,”And let us be of honest, there are many of the big strong of men who could not even take of the pain. But it is not like I am having much of choice, Clara…They must always be dealt of with….and the pain,” there is a faint half shrug,” if I am taking something to help of with it, then I cannot deal with of Them so of well. And with Them being in fine of form anymore, any of advantage would be of taken. Especially with the latest of news.” There is a faint pause before her head cants,”I have been thinking as of well about a possible of way for others to know you are aware, but not of the way you became of so.”


“Raelyn is doing just fine.” Take it from a master steward…which Clara is. “She can do it…and if not, she has help.” For Clara knows that Emilia is no slouch in the running of a county, either. “But, as much as it pains me to say it….I approve of the erring on caution.” A roll of the eyes follows…”even if it means I need to play up my expected role.” Clara shifts to take her seat at the table, those brown eyes shifting to engage with Emilia fully. “Martyn is as Martyn does. We had to keep him out of the room during the delivery. Don’t tell him this, but he was driving Johanna and the midwives crazy with his constant fretting. I believe it was your brother that eventually kept him busy enough to allow the midwives to do their work. I was at the front of the line because I wouldn’t take no for an answer….and I offered to assist.” Typical Clara action, of course. She does goes for what she wants. “Though I know Thaddeus was waiting in the wings, too, somewhere. Just waiting to spoil the newborn, too.”

The smile and nod towards the notebook is enough indication for Emilia to feel free to open it. The drawing would be easy enough to find…being the last one done before the pages are blank. The drawing is crude (Clara never claimed to be a great artist) but it is enough to catch the features. Alongside the drawing of the babe is rough sketches of designs, miniature outfits for the boy…fortunately simple. Nothing too extravagant here, yet. While the notebook is perused, Clara nods once. “I am glad that you are feeling better. I will admit. I felt somewhat reluctant to leave here before, after the hunt, without ensuring you will be well. It couldn’t be helped, though.” Those eyes of Clara’s drop to the table, for just a moment, as she works through her little bout of guilt for not doing something before.

Those eyes remain on the table….at least until Emilia mentions that she was thinking of informing others of Clara’s awareness of Emilia’s unique condition. “What? You…you think we should tell others that I know of…of Them?” The expression upon the princess’ face is that of concern, mixed with bewilderment. “We…we can’t tell people how I know. Just that I do. And…if I were to guess, just saying that I do know will not be enough. We…we need to have a story. Something to offer, even if it is not the whole truth.” A pause. “Did….did you have something in mind?”


“Of aye. She is doing of well, I just know she yet of frets and is getting of used to of things,” not that Raelyn hadn’t played host before but more as secondary or in Jaren’s absence, differing to him was no longer an option. “And of surely, playing of the role here is still not near as a chore as when in of Sunsreach. Though if you of wish, I am of sure some of gossipy old of women could be found for you deal of with.” The bit of spark to her eyes, show well that Emilia is teasing, in spite of that rather deadpan and solemn delivery.

On the matter of Martyn, Emilia nods,”Is not that being of the case of most new of fathers to be? Being more of in the way with of their fretting than of not?” Not that Emilia had much direct experience in these things herself. Especially as the youngest of the brood. As Emilia finds the drawing,”Oh…he is of a little darling, and I can of see he is going to be as much of a handful as of you are.” Mildly teasing.

The notebook is set aside though as Emilia sees Clara being all guilty, moving to gently place her hand on her friend’s arm. “You were needed by your of family, and I would have felt of awful if you had remained and missed such of a blessed moment. “

“Well not if exactly announcing of it to the world as of it were.” Emilia nods a bit,”Of aye, I have been of thinking about it….even if there is not of need…of reason to be telling anyone of right of now…that it would be of good to have of story should you have wish to talk to of Raelyn or Jaren about of me…or even of Sirrah.” A small pause comes as Emilia takes a slow breath in,”But of aye, I have something in of mind…It requires me telling you of Victor and what of happened.” A matter Clara would know that Emilia had always been rather evasive about and avoided speaking upon.


The threat of elderly crones is met with a leary glance over to Emilia. An apprehensive look that soon dissipates as the touch upon Clara’s arm is felt along with the gentle verbal prodding that the newest Tracano may very well take after his aunt. A humorous thought, to be sure. Yet…it is the need to fabricate a story that has Clara’s immediate attention. “You really feel that we should tell Rae or Jaren that I know.” It is a statement…not a question. That third name, though, does cause Clara some concern. “Sirrah, too? The Archbishop? I haven’t the slightest idea how she would respond to that sort of information. She…she seems to be one that would insist on a story.”

A sigh escapes Clara. “It…needs to be believable. The story, I mean. If not necessarily true. For…you know, we could tell them about our visit within the halls of the Goblyn King, but no one would believe us, even if it is true. Which, fortunately, won’t be a problem, since we can’t tell them the truth anyways. But…really. How would I have known about Them without actually seeing? That would be the question that people will be asking.” Clara leans back in the chair, her thoughts racing. But, then they catch onto one singular notion. The last thing Emilia just said…

“What do you mean, telling me of Victor and what happened?” A moment of silence occurs as the princess leans forward once more, her curiosity piqued. “I knew that the bastard took a liking to you. But that’s about it. I always thought Jaren and Alysande rescued you from him while I ran out to help the Huntresses secure the gate.” After all, that’s what the ‘official’ records say, at least. “What did he do to you?”


Oh..and what crones Emilia could dig up… being in Ironhold, they would likely be Huntresses and the gossip would have Clara blushing shades of red. Ah but the focus of the conversation is soon taken up by the idea at hand. “ Sirrah would not insist upon a sorry, but of asking a thousand questions until one and formed. And then a thousand of more if something was seeming out of place or not having of detail of enough to her of her liking.” Emilia may have some experience with this. “But I am not meaning for to being seeking them out and telling of them. More of being prepared should there be of need to do of so…or if you were wishing to ask of them questions your of self. You would need of reason to know to be asking of them and then of story to be knowing about if me.”

A hand faintly flutters at one of the seats inviting Clara to sit before Emilia does likewise, even if the meal is largely ignored with the topic at hand…sitting seems the better course. “You do not need to be of seeing of Them to know of Them…Sirrah and of Jaren have never seen of Them…even of Lon has of not. Only Raelyn and you,” and well The Last, “ have seen of Them.” Oh and a few dead guys. “And in of truth, my idea does not have you seeing of Them, just of knowing about of me and Them. “

It was Emilia’s turn for her gaze to drop away,”It was more than just of a liking….he wished for me to be of his of wife, of Queen.” The words coming rather softly as she speaks, it was not exactly something Emilia had ‘fessed up’, Victor’s true intentions and plans for her. There is a small shake of Emilia’s head on the matter of being rescued. “It is not just of what he was of doing….but also of what I did to of him.” There was no mention in the ‘official’ account about Emilia doing anything to Victor.


“He….wanted you to be his Queen?” The question is posed…but not necessarily just to Emilia. It sounds like Clara uttered it mostly so she can work out the details in her head. Details that are not immediately forthcoming. “Why? As far as I know, the only time the two of you would have met is during his occupation…and that seems like an awfully short timeframe for a betrothal.” Poor, dear Clara. She’s working under the notion that Victor had some sort of sanity. She obviously does not know of Victor’s true mindset…only speculation and what the official record states. “What was it that he saw in you that he wanted so badly?” Again…not specifically asked to Emilia…but more to sound out Clara’s own investigative thoughts.

As the wheels begin to turn, grinding on the concept of Victor….the eyes snap up, seeing through Emilia as the train of thought pulls into the station of realization. “You attacked him. No…not you. Them. They attacked him. You let Them do so.” The light of comprehension shines brightly in Clara’s contentance. “Even if that isn’t what happened….that’s what happened now. That’s the story. But…but I wasn’t there for that. Which means you would have told me later, I think. Which is still true…we just omit exactly when I was told.” Yes…Clara does know how to work a situation, it seems.

“I don’t understand exactly what Victor wanted…and I still don’t know exactly what you did, Emilia. But I have seen how fiercely They fight. And it makes perfect sense They would attack to defend Their vessel. They would kill to protect you.” Clara shifts her gaze to Emilia…and really sees her this time. “You don’t have to tell me anything. Really…if it is that awful of a concept, there is no need. We can just say that They attempted to attack. We would never know otherwise, since Alysande and Jaren burned the body anyways.”


There is just a faint nod when Clara echos the news back as a bit of a question. “Of aye, we had not met of before….but do not of the lolicitcs make of the same of sense as of when our of Queen chose of her King?” And Emilia had been specifically ‘fetched’ from the Cassomir manse, which could not be said of other nobles. “But…he saw if more when of meeting of me. He saw something if himself in if met. Just as I felt within him something that was of being similar. As of They felt as well…but not of the same…They were not of liking of him.” A key point perhaps. “Different of paths, different of sources…but we both had of darkness… Of a chaos…within of us.” Even if Emilia doesn't elaborate upon Victor’s affliction…the comparison is made. And in having seen Them…those rumors of Victor’s abilities in battle may seem not so much as rumors now.

Emilia watched as Clara connects the dots as she speaks of what Emilia’s idea was to be. And does so quite soundly. “Of aye…that is if the story….and it is what of happened, Clara.” There is a small breath before she says softly,”He wished to have of me even before of marriage….I could not bear of the thought…to be of his, to have him touch of me so….I unleashed of Them….we did of it together. “ It was a thing that still bothered Emilia, not just what Victor wanted of her….but the fact she had broken a promise…and willingly released Them, given up control to Them. And does also explain why Victor came to harm her, as Emilia had some colorful bruises and some cracked ribs in the end. “Jaren..found of me later…he knows of what happened.. .he has of said not for of the injuries I of inflicted upon of Victor….he likely would not have won of the fight between them.” A detail that was certainly not part of the ‘official’ story. If many knew at all that added piece. And added reason to why Jaren doesn’t question that They exist, even if he has never seen Them.

“I know he told of Raelyn and of Sirrah later,” who else may have been told…Emilia may have suspicions but not certainties. “I was of thinking….that even if you are only knowing of now….for of them, if it is asked….I was of telling you of then. When I was of recovering….And it would be matching to what they are of aware of, so there would not be too many of questions.” There is a faint hesitation before Emilia does confirm something softly,”Even if not of Victor, They have of killed to of protect me.” Maybe the one good thing about Them…Maybe.


There is a slight paling of skin, as Clara's guess strikes home. It was just a theory….a story to tell, but the fact that the story is true adds a new weight to it. There is a nod…followed by a question. "He….he had something, too?" One person with the taint of chaos was one thing…but two? It seems that Clara has been more blind to that sort of thing before the fateful faegate than even she had thought previously. "I…I didn't know. Was I just that naive?" Another thing….that They have killed before. That only serves to blanche Clara's flesh of more color. Perhaps she is thinking of how many times she might have upset Them…and the fact that she never saw anything until the Labyrinth.

"You….One, I cannot imagine how strong you are. If only the others knew. Why, there would be no challenging you on your right to be the Mistress of the Hunt." That sense of awe…the respect and admiration that Clara had shown before for Raelyn…that same reaction is given to Emilia. Though, only more so. Without the giddy fangirl flavor. There is a seriousness that Clara doesn't show often. She may be just a little frightened…but she is certainly in awe.

It takes a few moments before Clara returns to the topic at hand. "Yes…I think that story will work. That you told me what happened, whatever you did to the bastard prince. If…if Raelyn and Sirrah already know, then it will be the easiest version for them to accept. Without all the extra questions."


Dark eyes do watch as Clara's skin grow pale with news and realizations settling in. The fact that her guess was not ust to be a cover story, but was the truth of it. And the reason why…just piling on to it all. A slow nod comes,"Of aye…He of did. And of no, you were not of that naive. Not many know of it." Well in the grand scheme, as likely a number of Vigiliat knew. "Most just of thought he was of strong." Though there may have been other stories about him on the battlefield as well, being near beserker like. And maybe it is seeing in that added paling that comes when Emilia had mentioned the fact They had killed that has Emilia guessing where Clara's thoughts may have gone and has her giving further explaination,"Only when I was of truly in of danger. But..>Victor…was the only of time I released of Them willingly."

There is just a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips,"Or they would be of seeing that a gaggle of Inquisitors was sent of for." Making a mild joke, even if such would likely happen. And not to good end. "But of aye…there is strength to of endure." The number of folks…some far more awe inspiring then herself…that were in awe of her and her strength…was a humbling thing. Even The last had called her unique for 'simply' enduring..and remaning mostly sane.

"That is what I wa of thinking, since it is of a truth. And..not of impossible for me to have talked back of then, even if not of greatly." They knew how little Emilia really cared to speak on the matter, so even if Clara lacked for details, it wouldn't be surprising. "I…am of sorry to have to add to it of all."


Clara nods gently. "So, they won't seem out of sorts when I tell them I don't know exactly what injuries They caused him…but that They had attacked him." A hand is held up. "I don't need to know, either. I know that you are uncomfortable even in telling me…because I would have known about it before now otherwise." A slight smile curls the corners of Clara's lips. "I would like to imagine that I would be a good confidant for those sort of confessions."

With a firm shake of the head, Clara seems settled. "Okay then. So, I knew from the occupation. Not all the details, but enough. And I kept it quiet upon your request. That should work." Then, a perplexed expression. "Question is…who should we tell first? Raelyn? Jaren? I…think Raelyn would be best, first. I…just feel that it would be better if she knew first. Then, we have an easier time breaking it to Jaren or, One forbid, Sirrah."


Emilia does look just a hint relieved when Clara says she need not give details about the injuries. She hadn't planned to…and explaining she could yet remember how hi blood tasted…not a pleasant thing to remember let alone talk about. Nor likely to put Clara…at ease. "I…am not of sure they know exactly what I was of doing…I did not of wish to speak of it."

A light nod comes,"And were of perhaps reluctant to believe of it at first." Emilia manages a faint flicker of a smile,"Is not exactly a very of believe-able of thing. I of think many would just think it to confirm that I am much of touched." There is a small cant of Emilia's head,"Of aye, Raelyn…Jaren and Sirrah, perhaps not of immediate of need. But should you have of need to be of speaking to of either about of me..or something." Should like she find a random goblyn peering at her when she wakes up one day,"then you will ahve of the story as of reason to be talking to them. Especially since Jaren will be of close for of you."


The thought of Jaren close prompts a smile from Clara. And a confession. "Jaren intimidates me somewhat, Emi. I know, tis a strange thing to say to you about your own brother…but it is true. He seems so stalward and knightly and mighty and I….am not. He…he is like Martyn. And Martyn still thinks me fragile." There is a shrug. "That's why I think Raelyn would be good first. She's more approachable for me….and with both sisters, I might be able to talk to Jaren without stumbling over my own words."

With a laugh, Clara settles back. "So, is there anything else we should share with each other? Or shall we settle for our dinner that you have so kindly placed here and waylay your sister at a later time? If anything, it will give her an excuse to avoid the steward for but a moment."


Emilia cants her head a touch at that confession, it wasn't like she was unaware that people were intimidated by or in awe of Jaren, amongst other options along those lines…But she had not figured Clara would be amongst them,"It is of strange in of ways…since he is just being..of my of brother. And…there is being of many of similiarites between he and of I, of aye?" Stlwart, stoic…heck Emilia actually tends to out stoic Jaren! "I don't of think Jaren would think of you as being of fragile. He is after of all knowing of mine-strength..and while he may be of protective in of his way, he is not of thinking me to be fragile." A slight nod comes,"Of perhaps, but there is not of need to be rushing of either to be of talking to of him. My of thoughts were to have of a plan of at least before there was bing of a need."

"Dinner would perhaps be of good, help you of get some of color of back," a faint corner tugging smile given. Though even as Emilia turns some attention to the food that was laid out,"It would be better to perhaps waylay her when she does not have her hands of full of guests. Perhaps after the tournament?" Emilia pauses a beat,"There is perhaps one of other thing to speak of, news that has been of coming. A banshee has been of killed."


"Well, if it wasn't for you approaching me first, I would probably be a little apprehensive around you, too, Emilia. I mean, the Cassomir creedo is certainly strong with all of you. Devlin included, though he is a little better at blending in to the background. Though that is probably easier considering who Jaren is." It isn't a slight on Devlin…just a commentary on his persona. "But I agree. I am not in any hurry to talk to your oldest brother. He has Alysande to keep him distracted."

Dinner was going to be served. Clara was reaching for a glass to drink some water before the banshee bombshell is dropped, leaving Clara stunned. "Wait. A banshee has been killed? But…but I thought they were unkillable. Even the Last himself said that they were practically immortal. How….how is that possible?"


"I can be of seeing of that," comments Emilia about being apprehensive on approaching Emilia. Especially if Clara had more time at Court to hear the rumors and gossip about Emilia. A brow rises a little bit,"Please be of telling me you aren't of saying that Devlin is better of blending not the background then of me? Surely of not?" Granted…It was fairly easy for most of the Cassomirs to blend around Jaren…cause…well Jaren. Emilia seeming fine on leaving the matter of Jaren and what distractions he might have right there.

Especially with the topic that Emilia rather dropped, somewhat cassually. "That is what we were of thinking. But the Prophet Hashim brought of such news. It…" Emilia frowns a little bit, reaching for her own water,"…cost many of lives, Clara. It had fed upon hundreds before the Prophets of people reached of It…but it had become more of solid because of having fed of so much, so their of weapons actually inflicted of injuries. And in of the end were able to be of kililng, and of burning of the body to make of certain." There is a slight pause,"The Last…it was about the cost, the consequences of it. I asked of the Propeht Hashim if things had been noticed in the after…some of the Banshee Spawn…he was calling them of Weeping Child of Shadow…came in the days of after. But nothing of more. What if there is of more that is of unseen?"


There is a light laugh from the princess. “I only meant that Devlin isn’t as storied as Jaren, so he doesn’t have to try as hard to be inconspicuous. No one is better at disappearing than you, Emilia.” That laugh deflates quickly as the details on how the banshee was killable reaches Clara’s ears. If Clara was pale before, she is almost deathly white now. “That…that is horrific. Hundreds? That….that is unspeakable!” The sheer terror, imagining all those people dying, works its macabre way through Clara’s mind…and the result finds her repulsed. “I…I had thought that it would be a way to…to free you. But, I simply cannot be willing to cause the deaths of so many…just for the chance to be able to slay…Her.” There is a deep sigh. “It sounds like they were incredibly lucky. What…what if the banshee bested them? Or, if we were to even remotely try this, if She bested us? Then….she would be free, yes? A great and terrible plague would be unleashed…and we wouldn’t have the power to stop it.”

A shiver catches Clara, running right down the length of her spine. “Could…could we talk about something else?” Clara’s tone is a ghost of her usual self….that thought really must have disturbed her. “Anything else? The upcoming tournament? Or even just frivolous things over dinner?” It is apparent that Clara is certainly at odds…with herself. Perhaps she thought the cost was high…but was frightened to find she was even considering it for her friend. However, since Clara isn’t talking, it can only leave Emilia to speculate as to the requested change of topic.


“That is of true, though he is of having his own of accomplishments to his of name, even if not so of many as of Jaren and Raelyn.” And certainly more than Emilia has herself, all she has done is be that Girl That Lived. Some brief wonder at how history will come to speak of Jaren, if there will be such tales of him told to children as those they had heard growing up. Probably.

But then the far more serious, and disturbing topic rather takes the focus of the conversation. A small nod occurs, Emilia noting,”I do not of think the exact of number can be of known, but it was least of so many.”. It is unfortunately, for Emilia, it is a massacre that does not require much imagination for her to envision. She need only reference the memories of the one she was witness to. How many had died then? It had been no small number either. “I would not of allow the deaths of so many for such of a thing that may be little more than a chance at of best…and at of worst…” Her hand simply flutters in the air a moment. And there is a mild wince in there. /They/ do not care in the least for the ‘news’ and the whole thought experiment that comes with it.

“They who were of facing this of Banshee were of lucky, but were also being just as of surprised there was of way to of best of it and not just trap of it, like of She and the others are.” Emilia nods slightly,”Of aye, if such were of tried and She were of besting or of escaping, She would be free…until She could be contained of again.” The is but a brief pause before Emilia states rather simply and a bit firmly,”There is no of trying, no of sending of others to such of a death. “ Emilia herself perhaps a touch dismayed that Clara seems to even consider it a valid possibility, even if Clara is obviously disturbed by the matter as a whole.

Thus it does not take further prodding for Emilia to see about a change in conversation. A hand drifts to give Clara’s a squeeze, an offer of comfort. There isn’t a direct acknowledgement to the request, but the topic does indeed change. “It is being of a shame you will not have of longer here before we must head to the tournament. I of admit, I could use of more of time to select of which painting to of take of with. “ A hand drifting for her water as she speaks, rather like the prior topic never even existed. Given all that she must contend with on a regular basis, that Emilia has such an ability is perhaps not surprising. “I know there is Prince of Tristan's of wedding not of long after the of Tournament in Venderos, but hopefully of after things will be of more settled. Perhaps you can spend of a longer bit of time of here, I am of sure Adrienne would of like that as well.” Taking a small sip of her water before she continues on, giving Clara that time to gather and settle herself as well as words to focus on. “Though I am of thinking I may of take of a short of trip to Pacitta. There are of some of paints I am of starting to run of low upon and are easier to be of finding of there.” It would seem the request for frivolous being well filled by the ‘touched’ Cassomir as the food is actually finally considered and moved to plates for that dinner to occur.

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