(1867-02-23) Of Asking
Of Asking
Summary: Emilia makes a stop to talk with Lonar to see if he would like to go to Venderos, and a few other tidbits are learned about Sidhe, Changelings and the scents of Alhazred.
Date: 1867-02-23
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Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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With the change in position and role, and having extended guests at Roseguard (and something about a few minor scratches), it had perhaps been some time since Emilia had actually ventured to find Lonar outside of a scheduled lesson, the last likely to have been the visit paid along with her sister. The dutiful side having taken over a bit, perhaps. But today it seemed the younger Cassomir was seeking him out. Likely aware of her approach long before the knock sounded upon the door to his quarters. “Master of Lonar, would you perhaps be of having a moment?” Not that there were likely many even about to give much notice at the hour, but the pretences were yet given heed.


It’s not odd to find Lon awake and alert at many odd hours, nor for him to simply sit in his quarters for hours on end. There has been of late the addition of an hourglass that he uses to mark time, so that he doesn’t accidentally spend days/ in his quarters (which may well attract unwanted notice). So even if he’s not sleeping he can give the illusion. He does, however, tend to stay busy with various small things, and has taken on appropriate “everyday duties” to match his position in the household stuff….which mostly consists of hunting game between lessons to keep the castle fed, which suits him just fine.

And awake is what he happens to be right now, seated on the wooden chair and idly carving a small block of wood, though it appears early in the process as what its’ final form is intended to be remains quite unclear. He glances up as Emilia appears, and nods, a faint smile crossing his face, “I do, Milady.” Pretenses still, just in case, though he beckons her within even as he speaks the words.

Pretenses or no, it would be a lie to say that at least a few (particularly among the Huntresses) aren’t strongly suspecting that Lonar is teaching Emilia more than tracking….


Those suspicions were likely higher amongst those who were aware of Emilia’s tracking skills and that they weren’t all that shabby. But pretenses were made and kept all the same.

A smile flickered briefly into existence as Emilia did step into the room,”I am not of interpreting any of thing am I?” Even if there were pretenses and time was entirely different for him, she always seemed to be mindful and respectful of his time. A small incline of her head went to the bit of wood,”Something whispering in of the wood that wishes to be more than a block of wood?” The door quietly being closed after she enters.

“No…it would merely be a copy of something I was taught long ago.” Lon replies, setting the woodblock aside, “Changelings cannot…create…as you do with your paintings. We can copy what we see. We can stroke the canvas with the brush and make pictures of those things if someone teaches us how, but we do not have…” He searches for the words, “Inspiration, as humans do.” A brief glimmer of a smile, “Particularly those such as you.” Which may well explain why he takes such very gentle care of the paintings Emilia has gifted him with. He’s almost outright fretful of them at times, not wanting them to be damaged.

“You have need of something?” Lon usually has a sense for when a visit is purposeful or when it’s largely for pleasure. Then again, perhaps the nose knows…not to put too fine a point on it.


That causes a mild blink, the answer surprising to Emilia,”You do not have of inspiration….creativity?” To be without is rather an odd concept for her to consider. Without her outlet in painting…life would be rather different. It does put things in a new light, but in some way sense could be made of it in time…for what reason would one give a weapon such abilities?

A small nod comes,”Perhaps not of a need so much as a question… a request.” It was not exactly common for Emilia to actually ‘order’ him about as one might a commoner. “I am to be of going to the next of tournament, to leave in a few of days. I was of wondering if you care to be of going of with? It will be in Venderos.”


“We…I do not.” Lon doesn’t sound mournful or regretful, for how can one miss what they have never really known? “Perhaps it is in our nature to mimic. Or more likely it was simply an unforseen effect of our creation. Perhaps it is the animal side to us.” He chuckles softly, “When was the last time you saw a wolf compose a song?” He seems to find this quite humorous, given his expression, but he shakes the amusement from his head, before listening to Emilia’s question.

“If you wish me to go, then I will be happy to do so. It may be good to be away from all your strange-smelling guests.” He again jokes lightly. It doesn’t really bother him, and they are a curiosity for more than just the mortal staff and servants, it appears, but guests do mean he has to be extra-careful about his “disguise” so to speak.


“Of true, I cannot say I have ever been knowing a wolf to be of composing of a song.” A faint consideration upon some thought before Emilia shakes her head,”Even Naois…he does not create.of things, but he does of certainly have of his appreciation for of them.” Not that Lon has ever had much worry to have things thiefed away by the ferret.

“I am of asking because I would wish of it. If I did not wish, I would not of ask.” Perhaps just a flicker of amusement herself on that part. Canting her head a little,”They smell of different? I am of knowing we each have our own of…scents. But it is of sounding there is of more?”


Naois keeps a wide berth from Lon in most cases, it’s true, though he doesn’t outright flee if he’s perched on Emilia…unless Lon gets too close. Not the best watchferret, Naois.

“Scent is many things. Where someone goes, when they bathe and if they scent the water. What they have done or are doing, and what they have eaten.” Lon explains, “So these Alhazred…the smell much different from the folk of Ironhold, even after having been here so long as they have.” Lon shrugs, “It is interesting, but definitely different. Unusual spices and flowered fragrances. They bathe more often than Edge-folk as well.” That tidbit Emilia would know, as the Alhazred have been quite diligent about bathing twice or sometimes even three times a day, whereas even nobles of the Edge usually only bathe once (though sometimes twice, with most commoners narrowing it to once every two or three days).

“But yes, I will go with you then. Is there anything special I should know for the journey? I do not know much of this Venderos. My wanderings did not take me there since long before it held that name.”


There is a small cant to Emilia’s head as she listens before giving a small nod,”It is making of sense, to carry of the scents of where one goes, to have those of where one is of living to be of part…in of a way. Where as the scented of water is not one that is but of fleeting. So those of Sunsreach would smell of different than those of Ironhold hold, even if not so as different as of the Alhazred. “ Those dark eyes do seem to study Lon a moment before there is another question. “Are there of times that you are having of preference to the scents about of me?” Trust the young mortal to ask such a question of her keenly nosed wolfy paramour.

His answer and agreement to go does seem to please Emilia. “It is being of different, they are more of strict in of how they are handling of rules, but for the amount of time we will be of being there, it is not of a thing to give of much worry to.” A hand gives a small flutter motion,”The tournament will be of different in of ways, the standard of events but also ones with of hand cannons. Which of admittedly, I have not of been before to have seen of such, I am of imagining that it shall be quite of loud, those of matters. So will be of new for of me as of well.” He had at least been to the lands at some point. “They can of seem more…secretive about some of things, more open of about of others. There fashions are certainly more of daring. Hmmm…perhaps I should see of finding of such from there to where for the end of ball, see it is being of your liking?” Speaking of daring.


“Your scent is pleasing to me.” Lon says simply, “Much the way the face of a lover would be for humans, I would guess.” Lon chuckles, “So I suppose I am fortunate I get to enjoy both.” He listens intently at Emilia’s descriptions of Venderos, nodding a bit to himself, “Ha. Some of the Courts never bothered with clothing at all. But it might be amusing to see how others stumble over themselves when seeing you in such. You are pleasing to my eye no matter how you are attired.” A pause, and a bit of a grin, “Or when not attired at all.”


“I shall make of note, it is not of mattering so of much if I have of been rolling about in stagnant puddles or are of freshly bathed, just as long as it is of me, you are pleased,”a mirthful little flicker touching Emilia’s dark eyes with the hint of a tease. “Though I am of glad it and mine face are pleasing to you. And perhaps I cannot of tell of your scent in of the same ways, but there is yet of comfort found in it when we are of close.”

There is a slight shake of her head,”You have spoken before of how some of the Courts wore little of at all, more as of minor of adornments like we might of with jewelry.” Brows rise just a little bit,”So it would be of amusing to you if others stumbled of over themselves because of me?” It was a curiosity for her, that he might even notice the attention others paid to her. “Ah, but if I am of recalling, you were more of pleased by that of dress I was of wearing for mine-sister’s wedding than of that which I am of wearing most of days.” A mild quirk to Emilia’s lips in what might actually be a bit of a smirk,”That could be of arranged, you of know.”


A touch of a smirk crosses Lon’s face at Emilia’s retort, “I suppose that would be the difference between very pleased and only a bit pleased.” He nods, “The Bane Sidhe were more fond of clothing than the Sidhe. I know not why.” Nor does he seem to think it terribly important, as he doesn’t dwell on the matter, instead chuckling, “I may not think in all the same ways as human men, but it is still amusing to see expectations subverted. Many see only your story when they look at you, and most of the time you do little to divert them from that sight. But when you do, the reactions are often pleasing to me.”

He considers his more recent memory for a moment and nods, “I recall I did. Though the image of the dress itself does not linger in my mind.” Most such transitory things as what specific thing someone wore on a particular day don’t. She’s likely gained a sense of how his memory works over these past few months. Suffice to say he’ll never remember the exact date that they met or that they became lovers, only that they did.

At her last little smirk, a golden brow tilts and that amused expression returns, “Oh? I know you are busy now, with new duties and old. So I will gladly take what time you choose to give me and ask no more.”


“Of well then, I shall make of note to be sure to bath after having rolled about in of puddles,” as there were times when one did go through various types of muck on patrols,” before seeing of you, so you might be of very pleased. “ Some amusement had on the matter, but it is quite likely a thing Emilia will remember and make an effort with. “They of did?” It a more rhetorical question then anything. A curiosity for Emilia,”Perhaps of a thing to make them more of different from of the Sidhe.” People did strange thing when there were rifts between them. And while Emilia may have questions about just how the Sidhe did split, she doubts such answers would be Lon’s to give. A faint nod, it was true, Emilia used people’s expectations to her advantage more,”It is usually requiring to much…of work to get them to of see, and many still do of not. Though I am of glad that you find such of reactions of pleasing. And of perhaps I shall have to of see what of amusement might be of made upon of this trip for of you then.”

A small nod comes at his response, Emilia had come to realize exact dates and fine details were not things to linger in his memories. Something that had made sense when she had given it thought, it was something that simply went with how time was different for him.

Lips curve briefly into a smile,”Of aye. It of could. “ Emilia actually shakes her head a bit,”And you were of the one to tell me of once that I should not of let duty take so much of focus. Yet, I have found myself allowing of that. I have lacked for..hmm..distraction. “ Perhaps some hint to why the invitation was extended. Though she has rather grown to find comfort in simply knowing he is around and near. “I will give you of what time I of can, though you are of welcome to be of asking for it as of well should you have wish for it. “ A beat before she adds,”I believe I am not of having any thing of further this evening that needs of my attention. “ Her gaze drifting to the block of wood discarded earlier,”Or I can of let you of return to your carving, if you would be of preferring.”


“No. I would not be preferring.” Lon says simply, the glimmer of a smile crossing his face. “It was only a thing to pass time until more important matters appeared.” His smile grows more warm as he notes, “And now they have.” He adds after a moment, gesturing with a touch of mischief in his blue eyes, “You had likely best latch the door, though…”


“It is good to of know I rate being more important than a block of wood,” a bemused tease clear in her tone. The ‘suggestion’ does have that smile returning, and Emilia drifting to the door, with perhaps just a bit more sway to her hips in those steps in knowing he is watching. Fingers easily securing the latch into place…


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