(1867-02-25) The Games We Play
The Games We Play
Summary: A short meeting in a bar, where Gastogne discovers that just maybe not all the woman of Couviere are scary.
Date: 1867-02-25
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The Lobbed Scimitar - Rovilon - Couviere
Off the Mercat of Rovilon is the Lobbed Scimitar, one of the well to do restaurants and inns that populate the area. A three story tavern announced with heraldry upon the doorstep of two crossed curved blades opens up to a large floorspace and dining area. A kitchen is fed by a roaring fireplace that is the centerpiece of the main floor, the fireplace fed with air pumps to keep it blazing mightily during even the coldest of winters. A stage is set near the fireplace for performers to go upon, and sections of the dining area can be set aside for special occasions and there are privacy booths for certain customers to tend to their affairs in private. There is also a small back room known to occasionally engage in more sorts of fanciful wagers and less than legitimate pursuits. The upstairs are mainly given to rooms, both for staying overnight and for rent of the patrons, geared more towards those who are well to do rather than commoners of the lower class, but they are clean enough and well tended.

Coming off the Mercat of Rovilon into the Lobbed Scimitar, Gastogne takes off his cap, looking about in the place. Seeing a face then in passing, he makes his way over towards the table the face is at. Slouching a bit, he moves on past the man, making a quick exchange as a hand was given up - one pouch is taken from each and given to the other to be tucked away by each in passing with sealed contents wtihin. Then, heading over towards a chair across the room, Gastogne goes to sit - it's time to get some dinner.

Rovilon was not the normal place to find Odilia, and it was far colder than Pacitta. But the circus and pagentry that was Royal Court had a certain allure and amusement to partake of. Even if only from the fringes, better to watch there. But for the moment, the perky woman was merrily humming at a table near the fire watching those who came and went. There is a rather bright smile for the rather slouchy and somewhat glum looking fellow as her nears to find his own spot,"Oh don't be so glum, it won't be all cold and slush forever."

Gastogne dips his head over at Odilia then, his hands going to rub together, "Aye, and it's much pleasanter indoors." He goes on to take a seat then as he gazes over at the woman then and then takes off his three cornered hat to dip it at her, "And a pleasant day to you as well, the weather aside Miss."

The dark blonde inclines her head politely in return, that smile remaining well in place. "It certainly is. Long as there is a fine roaring fire about," a hand waving at said fire. "Without it, ya end up with just as many layers as if you were out doors. " Odilia shrugs,"Can't ever do much about the weather in the end. But if you're looking fer something to warm ya up, the beef stew is in fine form today."

Gastogne nods over at Odilia a little more pleastantly, "Aye, and thank you for the recommendation then Ms? And where do you hail from?" His eyes wandering past one fo the serving girls then bfeore ordering then such a thing for himself then, fingers curled inwards otherwise on the table as he dipped his head at her.

"Oh, Three Rivers is home, though I do end up spending most of my time down more yonder in Pacitta." Odilia dips her head,"Quite welcome. And it is Odilia, if you'd wish a name proper like." Leaning back casually in her chair seeming quite relaxed and comfortable as Gastogne orders his food. She was dressed in a fairly simple gown, some where along the lines of what someone from a decent merchant family might wear. "And what of you, from what land to you call home?"

Gastogne nods over, "Aye, Pacitta's a lovely place by reputation though I don't think I've ever been there in person." He dips his head at her, "And I be Gastogne. I work as a middleman for some merchants, and since court is in session they do a brisk business in selling things to the nobles and those attending them here. And by home just a small village in Couviere."

"Court is always a brisk business…for just about everyone and thing," Odilia gives a wide smile with those words. "Though I take it your merchant friends don't do much business in Pacitta then, if they've never sent ya down there for any dealings. Perhaps some day they might do so. It is a fine sight to see that first time."

Gastogne shrugs his shoulders lightly, "I suppose they do business there, but thye've never sent me there i person. I've heard some rather lovely things about the city though, and do hope they dispatch me someday. Hopefully when the tournament cycle goes there next. That would be a lovely excuse to enjoy the sights as well as pass along goods."

Odilia nods,"True it would be a fine excuse to go there, but might be awhile before the tournament returns to there." Being it was there this past year. "Will depend if they manage to snag it for the year next. Always interesting to see who's manage to gotten the sway to end up with the delight of hosting."

Gastogne nods over at Odilia with pleastant cheer, "Aye, it will return to there one of these years. If not in the coming cycle, then after. And I'm sure whenever it does i'll have a compelling enough reason for my employers to send me there hopefully."

Odilia says, "Oh certainly, they do always manage to get it every couple of years. Just with the locations announced for the year, just a matter to see if it will be two or three years before it is there again." Her brows rise just a touch,"Even if they don't find to send reason ta send ya along, could always make a trip there on your own time.""

Gastogne nods over at Odilia and grins, "Aye. Reason enough then to consider it sometime when the weather is more pleasant for travel, particularly if a ladly as lovely as yourself sings it's praises so much then."

Odilia laughs easily,"I'm not I count as a lady exactly, certainly for my praises to count for much. Nothing but a common go between myself. I'm sure ya could get a better picture of the place from your merchant folk."

Gastogne dips his head, "Aye, but said merchant folks have a picture of what sells well for busines,s not for enjoyment. And little more than a commoner here myself."

Odilia blinks and then laughs at that. "My dear fellow, they might have a mind for business and what is best to sell and trade. But I can assure you they also have a mind for enjoyment. Afterall, that is a thing that can be bought and sold itself."

Gastogne just lets out a laugh and a quiet smirk, "Aye, I suppose that's right. Though if I asked them I'm sure they'd charge me merely for the inquiry." He dips his head in a playful sweeping bow at Odilia, "But you are quite right in that. It does sell quite well."

Odilia grins and winks,"It is quite right. Servies as well as goods are always tradeable as well. And pointing you in the right way just might cost you. Merchants do always work to make as much coin as they when they can. Can't miss an oppurtunity."

Gastogne nods over at this, "Aye. So, if you do not mind a humble man inquiring, what sorts of thigns does a lady such as yourself do for employment then?"

Odilia shrugs,"What is to mind about a simple inquirey. Ain't like I am a merchant who is about to charge you a coin for the answer." The dark blonde giving a playful wink with the tease. "I enjoy a fine number of things rightly. Just depends on my mood, sometimes it's a bit of dancing that might take my fancy, other times just exploring the streets…or like now…watching some of the petencious sorts triping over themselves to get a bit of information or precieved edge."

Gastogne laughs quietly over at Odilia, "Aye." Goes on over to listen to her, "So you do a variety of things then?" Otherwise noting in a way the indirectness of her answer, though it might be hard to tell from the look on his face. "So might a man buy a lady as wordly as yourself an ale then for the company?"

"That I do, just depends on what strikes my fancy at the moment." Odilia gives a smile,"And like yourself, doesn't go interffering with work, can't go upsetting the ones handing out the coin afterall." The question has Odilia grinning,"I'll not pass up a free ale, though not certain I am what you call wordly."

Gastogne nods over at Odilia, "Nonsense. Your company is more than worthy. So, in that case, both for the companionship and teh fine recommendations for travel and dinner, it is the least I can do for you." Signalling the waiter for some ale.

"If you put it that way, I certainly can't pass up the offer." Odilia dips her head along towards the stew being brought out,"Just hope you find my recomendation worthwhile there in the end."

Gastogne nods, "On a night like this I find it most proper a recommendation." HIs tone flirtatious, even as two cups of ale were brought over.

Odilia nods,"It does work well for a night like tonight…Which is rightly how most nights are for the month this far north." The ale is accepted from the server, lifting it towards Gastogne,"ANd what is it you do for fun when you aren't being run about by the merchants you work for?"

Gastogne mms, "On such occasions I've been known to dandy after women whom I take a fancy to that are probably a little outside of the ones that wold reasonably be interested in myself."

Odilia quirks an eyebrow,"Is that so? And just how do you makr which ones are outside of this circle of interest? And why ever do you not seek a fancy after ones that might have a higher chance of a returned interest? Or does that just take all the fun out of it."

Gastogne laughs, "Oh, there is some fun to be had over in the chase then. The back and forth can be more invigorating. And.." The quick ale probably making him a little more open, perhaps. "Few if any return said interests, but the chase can be fun on it's own."

Odilia drinks some of the ale, a slower pace that Gastogne seems to take to. "So it is more about the chase for you then, rather then actually expecting to catch..ah..your prey as it were. The enjoyment and thrill of it, hmmm?"

Gastogne nods and dips his head, "Aye, and I suppose that if they get away in the end one could hardly call it prey. More like sport then." He dips his head over at Odilia then in acknowledgement.

"Ahhh…true…it may be sport then, but until they are caught or manage an escape, they are to be called prey, are they not? As one chases prey not matter if it just sport in the end, do they not?" Odilia gaining a bit of an amused look upon her face with the back and forth the conversation has taken.

Gastogne nods over at her, "I suppose one could call it that then." Dipping his head over at Odilia then as he took another swig of his ale and then went to dig over into the meat that she had recommended he order, going into the beaf. "I cannot claim particular success, admittedly, but it is an enjoyable pasttime."

More ale is drank a Gastogne speaks. Odilia smirks,"If you came to have to much success, then you'd have to go and find yourself a new pastime would you not? Afterall, the fun would surely go out of it. No wonder why you aim for those just outide of your reach. Can't go and give up the chase."

Gastogne nods over at Odilia, his eyes twinking in merriment, "Aye. You see the gist of it then. For fun and fancy. You definitely are a wise woman then. Or do you play such similar games then?"

Odilia's lips curve into smile with an innocent edge to it, but there is a mischevious glint to her eyes,"It is about having fun, is it not? I cannot deny that I've played the game a time or two. It does have a certain…" She waves the ale about some as the word is searched up,"…appeal to it."

Gastogne nods over then at her and holds up his half empty mug in a quick salute before taking another quaff of it, "Aye then, and from the looks fo you you probably play it a little better than I do."

Odilia chuckles softly,"I just might at that. But I did have a fine enough example to help teach me a few plays in those sorts of games. Being eay enough of the eyes for most doesn't hurt to much either." Odilia giving a bit of a wink before she drinks more of her own ale.

Gastogne grins over at her and nods, "Yes, it does indeed." She's definitely easy on his, at the very least! "So, do you mind my inquiring as to whom taught you such thing sor is that a secret not for the common man to know?"

Odilia gives a smile,"Oh, I don't mind the question. But an answer will be lacking, after a girl does have to hold on to some of her secrets."

Gastogne nods over at Odilia and chuckles, "Fair enough then. To the discovery of secrets then, and the keeping of them." His mug goes up, just a little bit in raise, the ale wobbling a bit.

"To the discovery and keeping of secrets," echos Odilia as she raised the mug in a counter to his toast. "And how are you finding that stew? Did I put you to the right course this evening."

Gastogne nods, "Aye, quite wonderful. Warm, hot, steamy, and filling. A lovely thing with a mug of ale then and a fire beside to warm the body and the belly."

Odilia nods,"It does help warm one up. Though with this fine weather, seems to send most wanting to curl up by the fire and take a grand nap like a fine hunting dog. A lazy enjoyment all of its own rightly."

Gastogne nods over, "Aye. Is that what you will be doing later in the evening or something you speak more of from wistful experience then?"

Odilia shrugs with a noncomittal smile,"I have had the experience, but if that is what I do this night, or if I end up curled up with a different sort of warmth. WHo is to know just yet."

Gastogne chuckles quietly, "If you do not mind me saying then, a woman after my own heart." He dips his head at her in amusement anda lcohol.

Odilia grins,"I don't mind you saying it. Ain't nothing wrong with having a heart that seeks the enjoyments in life."

Gastogne nods, "Aye, but all enjoyments come with a little temperedness to them. For once one has had them, what would one enjoy instead?"

Odilia nods,"And that, is why you seek the chase itself and not the actual prey. You'd have to find yourself a new enjoyment then. Or have to settle for simple comforts like curling up beside fireplaces."

Gastogne nods over and dips his head, "Aye. And I take it that you shall soon be curling up yourself then?"

Odilia chuckles softly,"It is a bit early for that. However, there is some business I should yet attend to this evening, before I seek any manner of curling up. Though it was a fine matter meeting you, Gastogne. Should you ever make it to Pacitta, you shall have to consider looking me up."

Gastogne nods over, "I shall be sure and look you up if I ever do. Do you have a business there that you operate out of that I might know to make inquiries of if I am ever in the city?"

Odilia smiles easily,"Just make inquiries to High Councillor Breulliard's office, and you'll be able to reach me easily enough. Do have a fine rest to your evening."

The name means something to him, though one couldn't tell by the look on his face as he instead takes another pull of his ale, "If I'm ever in Pacitta, I'll be sure and pay my respects."

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