(1867-02-29) Checking In
Checking In
Summary: Following the Free For All Event, Emilia goes to check and ensure that her brother Devlin is alright, and one Clara Tracano plots concerning Tiadora and Devlin.
Date: 1867-02-29
Related: Follows after Venderos Tourney Free For All
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Cassomir Tent - Tournament Grounds - Venderos
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The others had caught up to her before she had vanished to far into the crowd, and thus were with Emilia by the time she reached the tent flying the Cassomir colors and crest, amongst all the other tents set up for the knights competing in the tournament. Peeking slightly into the tent,"Devlin? Are you being of alive?" A beat,"And of descent?" Priorities there.

"I'm here." The voice is hoarse, but recognizable, "And decent, why?" He's out of his maile shirt, but he had a linen undershirt beneath it that still adorns him. The early signs of bruising are already apparent on his neck, but he otherwise seems to be all right…more or less. He's seated in a chair as a squire sees to his equipment and a healer seems to be preparing some ointment of alchemical make. "Forgive me if I don't talk much." He adds with a bit of a grin.

Sliding up to Emilia, Clara giggles softly at the last little addition. Leaning in, she murmurs softly to Emilia, quietly…though those with sharper ears might hear her. "decent or not…either way would be a thrill." She straightens up, and turns to smile to Tiadora. "We just need to wait for a moment. I am sure you won't mind that."

Tiadora is trying to shrink in on herself. It's not an easy task for the large girl. "Um. Sure. Yes. I can- ah. Wait out here?" Her eyes are wide and full of panic. Her hands fuss over her blue satins, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles and adjusting her veil over her hair.

Liam opens the tent door and holds it aside for the ladies. "Oi, Dev," he greets the older knight like a younger brother might. "Got company."

There is a faint glance with a raise of a brow at Clara, a thrill? Devlin was Emilia's brother! She just shakes her head a little bit, before glancing to her two friends,"You need not be of waiting, he said he is of decent." A hand faintly touching Tiadora's arm, Emilia knew what it was like to be the focus of Clara's ploys! But she really did want to make sure her brother was well. "I am supposing if you are speaking that means you are of a live as of well." Dipping her head to Liam when he gallantly holds the tent open for them. "And cause of what Lord of Liam was of saying, because there of others of along to see how you of are doing. Though I have been of informed, checking upon of you might be considered of fussing." Drifting over to where her brother sits, her head tilting to take a look at the bruise that is starting to show upon his neck,"I have seen yo of with of worse."

"Liam." Devlin greets, then glances back to Emilia with amusement, "At least Jaren wasn't here to see that show. He might demote me back to squire." He jokes lightly, clearly not TOO broken up by it. He knows he doesn't have the skill of his brother, at least not when it comes to the close fight. But in many ways Devlin's a better leader than a warrior. When Clara and Tiadora become visible though, he looks momentarily surprised, rising quickly to his feet and bowing deeply, "Your Highness…Milady." Ack! He wasn't expecting distinguished guests!

There is only a small little smile given in return of that raised brow. Emilia knows what Clara meant by a thrill…and it wasn't meant for the female Cassomir. Nevertheless, Clara's smile takes a more reserved tone, as she offers for Tiadora to enter in after Emilia, partly to be kind to Tia…and partly to ensure that the young Gerrell doesn't back out slowly. Clara's ploys, indeed. As she enters, and seeing the surprise on Devlin, it only serves to cause the princess to chuckle. "Sir Cassomir. Please…relax and sit. And, as Emilia will tell you, I am not much for titles. Please feel free to just address me as Clara. Hopefully you will be a little more relaxed than Liam. He has yet to drop the honorifics, no matter how many times I tell him to."

Tiadora shuffles in, her hands crossed over her waist and fingers tightly locked. "Um. You did very… Good? Sir Devlin." Oh Clara said to drop titles. "Devlin. I'm, ah… Sorryyoulostthefight." She finishes quickly and flashes a weak smile before she goes back to the fascination that is her shoes. Her pale skin does nothing to hide the color in her cheeks. Then she recalls manners and bobs a curtsey.

Liam nods to Devlin. "Sir Devlin," he says as a matter of the point. "You fought well, and you took the hit well. How is your throat?" he asks, showing he paid attention to the fight. "Hopefully good enough for dinner afterwards?"

"I am of sure he would not of demote of you, he has had of bad of days of himself." Not that most probably believe it. Emilia glances back to the doorway as Delvin starts rising,"You are of remembering mine-friends, Clara and Tiadora. They wished to make of sure you were of well of also." Emilia nods as Clara does go through her little 'speech' about titles. Noting to Devlin when Clara has finished,"If you are not wanting to hear of that many of times of over, be of calling her of Clara. Trust of me." With some of the other exchanges going on, Emilia does peer into the container the healer is preparing the ointment in, some quiet exchange.

"You are kind to say so, Milady." Devlin notes to Tiadora, before chuckling…which is a bit of an oddly scratchy sound at the moment, "Liam knows his duty and his place. He may have learned his lessons on propriety a bit too well, but I can't blame him for following them. Better than I did." He flicks a glance to Emilia, "And far better than Quent." He looks to Liam, actually reaching over and mussing the younger-man's hair a bit, "I'll be able to eat. And happy for it. The Healer's mixing something that will help the bruise."

"I could order to drop the title, but then that would be defeating the purpose. There's no titles among friends." Clara remains pleasant, seemingly relaxing a bit. With the semi-privacy of the tent, she doesn't have to play the role here. "In any case, Devlin," dropping the Sir honorific, "you did put up quite a fight. It just seems that our northern neighbors seem to relish striking their southern kin a little harder than they strike their own." Not that Clara would know anything of that…it is just a casual observation. "But, the tournament is just beginning….there will be more chances to prove what valor Rivana has, yes?"

The Gerrell giggles a little and gives a tiny dimpled smile before she goes back to studying the floor. Oh, prayer beads. Such a nice distraction. Better than a floor. She would be hunching her shoulders in were it not for the corset keeping her back straight. She instead settles for ducking her head shyly. "I know S-Symon - my brother," she clarifies as if unsure Liam and Devlin know. "My b-brother is entering the hand cannon exhibition."

Liam nods, dropping the curtain door. "What would everyone like to do for dinner? I understand there's a fine dining establishment off the Marketplace." He considers all of them. "I can go ahead and make sure to get a table."

"I think most of anyone follows of them of better than of Quent." Responding a bit deadpan-ly, though Emilia does follow it with a small tugging at the corner of her lips. "And you have always done of fine in such of matters. It is no more of wrong to respect of such of a request as it is to be of sticking to such of lessons." Dark eyes dance over to Tiadora as Symon is spoken of,"He of is? That should be of an interesting event to of see…even if of a bit of loud." Emilia nods a touch to Clara,"Of aye, there is plenty of chances of yet, many of events. And I am of expecting of you to take of the valor of the archery of contest this of time." Is she joking, is she not? Ever hard to tell. Damn Cassomir stoicism. Emilia dips her head to Liam,"That would be of lovely. As we should not of linger of long." Turning back to Devlin,"And of let of the healer do of their work and you get to of your dinner. I was just of wishing to ensure you were of well." Leaning to place a sisterly kiss to his forehead, cause ther eis no bruise there…and a little sister can get away with doing so. Right?

"Always more events. Or more tourneys if it comes to that. I heard Duke Haldis did well, even if he didn't win." Devlin nods to Liam, not adding or gainsaying Emilia's acquiesence to the squire's suggestion. Nor does he shy away from Emilia's gesture of familial affection, smirking just a bit at it, "It'll be interesting to see." Devlin notes, clarifying a moment later, "The Hand Cannons, that is." He ponders a moment, "Two Dukes competing here…they really must have the best prizes."

"I am perfectly content to always be runner-up with the archery contest. Which is nearly a foregone conclusion…especially if you are completing as well, Emilia." Little miss two-time archery champion telling the princess she is going to win? Clara may know better. "But yes, we should be able to take the archery and art competitions. And yes, Duke Haldis did fare rather well…until the double-teaming started." A turn to Liam earns him a nod and a bright smile. "Dinner would be wonderful, Liam! But, surely we can send another to go secure a table in your stead. There is no need to separate the party now that we have one." There is a moment of pause…then a gasp as Clara shifts back to Devlin abruptly. "Oh! Speaking of art competitions….have you seen Tiadora's work? She is simply amazing. You really should ask her to show you some of her paintings if you haven't seen already!" Is it truly excitement that spurs Clara on, or an ulterior motive? She isn't saying, either way, though it appears that the reaction is innocent enough.

Tiadora shakes her head quickly as Clara talks about dinner. And her painting. "We should- um. Let him eat? Alone. So he can, uh… Rest." She is back to frantic panic as opposed to shy mute. "A-Aand besides. I'm not hungry," she lies. Badly.

"Well, why don't you all go on and let me get cleaned up, and then I'll join you?" Devlin notes, looking to Clara as she gushes over Tiadora's paintings, "Oh? Well, I'll have to see it sometime. Perhaps at the competition. Though I hope she'll forgive me if I'm a little biased when it comes to whose art I prefer." He nudges Emilia lightly at that, but does offer Tiadora a gentle smile.

Emilia shakes her head at Clara,"It is not of a foregone of conclusions. I am still not of yet returned to full of form." And people do have bad days. Or good ones! "And we are not of knowing who shall be of competing." Letting some of the talk about the Dukes flow on around her. Though Emilia does nod when Tiadora's art is brought up,"She does of lovely of work. You should of take of a chance to see of her work at of the artisitic of event." Ever assuming Tiadora will be entering again this time around. "But of aye, we should of leave of you to get cleaned of up and the healer to do of his thing." Giving a glance towards Devlin when she gets nudged along,"I am of sure you can be of forgiven, mine-brother. But we will go see of about a table, and if you are feeling of up to of joining us after the healer is of done, come and find of use." Working to herd the small group out and leave Devlin to some peace, and Tiadora some escape…as Clara no doubt plots some more and Liam is ever the perfect escort to the trio of girls.

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