(1867-03-02) An Interesting Meeting
An Interesting Meeting
Summary: After the Bareknuckle event, Emilia stops in to see how Lucas is fairing and to catch up on a few things.
Date: 1867-03-02
Related: Follows after Venderso Tourney : Bareknuckle and also relates to How to Kill a Banshee
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Tent - Tournament Grounds - Venderos
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After the bareknuckle fights were done Lucas was off in one of the tents brought by a family vassal. One of those rare knights of Lonnaire who'd raised a pavilion to take part in the events and leant it to the son of his duke. Lucas is alone, sitting in a camp chair as he unwraps his hands flexing his long fingers as he does so. Though, his fingers should be the least of his worries. He is dotted with bruises both mild brown and vivid purple. Though for all that the Wraith doesn't seem to pay it much mind. He was trained by the t'Corbeau and for him, pain was a lesson not something to whimper about.

There is little sound that precedes her appearance outside that tent. But with the many sounds and noises about the tournament grounds it wasn't exactly hard to go about much unnoticed. Emilia does pause though at what guards might be about, confirming where Lucas was. And coming to call,"Lord of Lucas? Would you mind of some brief of company?"

Lucas glances up from removing the last of the bindings on his left hand. "Emilia," he greets with a wide smile. "Come in. I don't mind." He stands tossing the bloody hand binding into a corner of the tent for later. "How have you been?" he asks. It's no bit of practiced politeness but a genuine inquiry.

The corners of Emilia's tug upwards as she slips further into the tent after Lucas says he does not mind. "I have been of well of enough. AS you can perhaps of imagine, there has been much of change going on." Brother, King now. Sister, Viscountess now. Small things. "Even have of Alhazred staying at of Ironhold for of a while." Those dark eyes do check out the many colored bruises,"How are of you? You took some rough of hits. The matches between you and Sir of Raimond are always rather of…lively." There is genuineness to her tone, even if that mien remains rather stoic. "And how has Rogue of been?"

Lucas chuckles warmly. "You have a talent for understatement, both in the changes and the fight. How have the changes been though? As for the fight I am glad Sir Raimond and I didn't have to pick ourselves out of the dirt again." There is a smile as to how he has been. "I've had to go to court," he laments with a little frown. "But it hasn't been too bad and Rogue is good, up to her old tricks. She's here, but not in the tent." He looks around. "Unless she snuck out again."

"They have…been of alright. It has been much to get of used to. More time at Court is being of required, and people actually of…" paying attention wasn't quite the right thing,"…considering of me now. And I am now being the Mistress of the Hunt." Putting that little bit in there. Emilia nods a little,"Of true, that was some of fight in Pacitta, I do not of imagine it was of a kindly of one to be recovering of from either." There is actually a hint of understanding on that lament,"I am of glad it has not been of to bad. It is never of mine favorite place to be of either." Dark eyes to flit briefly over the tent in the search for the catlord. "You will have to give her of a petting for of me."

Lucas nods of the changes and going to court but when she mentions becoming Mistress of the Hunt his brows raise "Mistress of the Hunt?!" he shakes his head. "Congratulations. If that is not another bad change for you. Though I suppose it bodes well for relations between the Huntresses and Wraiths, I hope." As for the fight and the Cat Lord, he smiles. "Yes, I'm glad not to have to recover from another beating like Pacitta, and I will pet her for you. If she doesn't make an appearance."

Emilia dips her head a little,"Of aye. And of thanking. It is not of a bad of change…just an un-of-expected of one." There is a mild tugging at the corners of her lips,"Of aye, it does bode of well of enough for such relations." There is a slight nod,"I of imagine she is of and exploring of Venderos like many of others." There is a slight pause before Emilia asks, perhaps a rather odd thing,"Do you know about banshees of much?"

"Very surprising," Lucas says with a smile. "But congratulations all the same…" a thought crosses his mind. "And what do I call the Mistress of the Hunt?" then he moves to grab a seat from the other end of the tent and brings it back for Emilia. Even as he settles his brows raise, "Banshees, not much. I've had the good fortune never to meet one." He blinks. "Wait, was one found?"

There is a small shrug,"Emilia is still working just of fine, for of calling of me." Emilia giving a small corner tugging smile. Drifting into the chair after giving a bow of her head in thanks. "I would of hope you never to have to meet of one." There questions does have Emilia pausing just a little. "Of actually, I am of knowing of the whereabouts of at least of two, I know others are bieng of known. They are kept of trapped…because it has been long of thought they could not been of killed. But…the Sirrah brought of someone who had fond of a way. Accidently. And with to of high of a cost for of it. But it was yet of surprising of news."

"Emilia then," Lucas says with a grin as he settles back into his seat. The grin does not last long. "Two banshees?" he says with a glance towards the dagger that rests with his outer clothes on a chest. "Where?" he asks frowning and leaning towards Emilia.

There is a slight nod,"Of aye. Two." Emilia shakes her head as she catches the glance,"Nothing of harms of them. idhe of steel moves of through of them like of nothing. But does seem to of give them of pause in of a way. The only of thing that seems to be of doing of so." She hesitates just a little,"The two I know of their where of abouts are in of Rivana. They are of contained within of their iron of circles. I have…met of the one."

Lucas nods solemnly as he listens. "So Sidhe steel does nothing, but iron will hold them?" he asks noting the information for future reference. And you've met one? What happened? Do they talk?" all of the monsters he met didn't or at least he didn't think they did, he didn't have the chance to find out.

"At least close to of nothing, it does provoke of a reaction…like of pain. But there is not being of any of injury." Emilia nods,"It is iron..and there are of symbols, I am not of sure of the entire of ceremony and of process, for there is of one." There is another faint nod,"Of aye…I have of met…become much of…acquainted. But of no, they do not of talk. They of wail a most of awful of sound. Sometimes of now..there is of a word or of two. but it is of rare." Emilia chews on her lip slightly considering the what happened part. "It was not of contained when I of met it….It killed of many. Before Sirrah of came with of others…and re-of-contained of it."

Lucas blinks once more listening to what Emilia has to say. His lips curl into a frown. "So you met it before it was contained? How did you escape? And when did this happen? Since we last met?" he asks. The other details are noted but not remarked, not in the face of that news.

A small hint of a frown touches Emilia's lips, shaking her head a little,"It…escaped…cause the ceremony was not of repeated in of time. But it of happened of we were ever of meeting." She takes a faint breathe,"It is of what killed of mine-family…It is of why…I am….being of as I am of now." Personal time with a banshee does funny things to a person. "I of escaped…cause Jaren of came…"

It takes a moment for it all to register, but when it does Lucas' mouth drops open. "But that was years ago when your kingdom was at war," he says wondering at how many secrets there were even within the fellowship of the Order. "So, Jaren was able to drive it off and then Sirrah bound it?" he asks trying to assemble the chain of events. He opens his mouth to ask of the second banshee, but he holds off, one banshee at a time was all he could manage just now.

Emilia nods just a little bit,"Of aye…it of was. Part of why it was of….easy," in a fashion," to cover up of the deaths, explain it of away so none would of question." There is a brief chewing on Emilia's lip. "It was of more..he of fought of It until Sirrah of came, with of others of the Order, and was able to be of binding of it."

Lucas nods taking all of that in. So there were a few people in the Order who knew about the banshee. “So, I assume all of this was kept secret, even in the Order?” he asks before coming back to Jaren’s deeds. “And if anyone was going to fight a banshee, I’d assume it’s Jaren. A shame he’s a king really, he was good in the field from what I saw up north.”

“There are those who are of knowing, but I am not of thinking many know fully of the details of it, nor is it of being something those who have been brought in of after are exactly of informed of.” There is a slight pause bg Emilia,”And of perhaps not of something those being of outside of Rivana were being much of informed of.” No doubt for many a reason on that. “It was not if a thing he much wished of, to be of King, but it is of a match that brings of him happiness. And while it will of limit of him, I have no of doubt if he is of needed, of truly, he will not sit of idly by. And with such of news of brought about of a different of Banshee being of killed, I know of at least of a few who are of giving much of thought on how to be of handling of the cost to make it of so for this of one, perhaps of others…if a way can be of found.”

It takes a moment for Lucas to be able to parse those words but when he does, he nods. “Makes sense to keep it close,” he remarks, his lips tugging downward. “And it’s good to hear Jaren is not entirely out of the fight. So, there is a way to kill a banshee then? What is it? And what is the cost?” He somehow didn’t think this cost was in coins.

Emilia nods a little,”Not of entirely of out, but of certainly more of on of the side lines.” Though Emilia is not certain he entirely minds that. “In of truth, Raelyn shall not be able to do as much as of before either with of her rise in of position as of well.” There is a faint nod of her head,”There is of a way. It comes at of the cost if many of lives, of hundreds,” even if the exact number is an unknown. “Likely of why it has been of an unknown and was yet of a surprise. But after of…feasting… On so of many, the Banshee became of solid of enough that the Sidhe of Blades actually caused of damage from what I was of being of told. They were able to do enough of damage to of kill of it. And then of burn of what remained.” If possible, Emilia does seem a hint more stoic and solemn in relaying the information.

“I am sure Raelyn is thrilled by that,” Lucas observes with a wry smile. Even with in the short span spent with the former Mistress of the Hunt he got the sense she was a woman of action and not words and politics. To the rest though Lucas nods in reply. His expression is grave. “Ah I see,” he says in regards to the cost of killing the banshee. “I assume then that the banshee penned in Rivana will be staying that way?” He didn’t know the Cassomirs well but he knew them well enough to know that the sacrifice of that many lives was likely outside of their capacities.

“Of entirely thrilled, as does the extra time of Court matters. There is just a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”But it is of the paper of work that she is just the most of thrilled about.” Her sister was definitely more one for action than words. There is a slight nod as she confirms his assumption,”Of aye, for of now. “ And yet every Cassomir who knew had considered it as an option, at some point at least, except Emilia. There of course was also the problem of the logistics of it as well, not just the ethics. There is a slight pause before Emilia notes softly,”Think of the most of painful of death you are of knowing of, can of imagine of….and of know that such of a death yet of pales in of comparison to of dying at of the hands of a Banshee. “ The Wraiths did have their own reputation as it were.

Lucas nods of Raelyn and her new position. It is how he imagined then. He pitied her for that. Though the news of the banshee is met with a grim nod. "Don't worry, I am not like my family or the Wraiths, I'd not push for that, clearly we just need to find another way, perhaps one of my uncle Artos' books has the answer," he wonders. "And I can't help but notice you seem intimately familiar with how these things kill. You don't have to say anything, but is that what happened? One of them tried to kill you?"

Emilia nods a touch, if only she could say the same of her family. Raelyn the Blood Thirsty. Canting her head a little,”Of perhaps, though the Sirrah is of aware as of well. But it could not be of hurting to have a look through of them. Of aye?” There is that touch of hesitation before Emilia shakes her head,”Not of exactly…something of similar, and I was of witness to what of was done when She was of free for that of time.”

"I see," Lucas says before he nods. "I will look and ask my uncle besides, perhaps he may have come across a reading or two," he says hopefully. Though most likely Emilia's pessimism is warranted, it would follow Sirrah would have sought out Artos' opinion ere now. "Well, I won't press you for the details, but whatever happened, I am sorry it did."

“He might have, and I know Sirrah is not knowing of everything. And with the news of well…being quite of new, I am doubting she has had much of time to research of the matter further.” Depending, Sirrah might not have even had time to check with Artos, if she planned to. Emilia dips her head some,”Of thanking…Perhaps of sometime, I will of speak of the….encounter. But it am of admitting, it is not of a thing I am much caring to go into.” There is a small tugging at the corners of her lips,”And of perhaps with being of at tournament, we should be speaking of more of pleasant of things.”

Lucas nods. “Understandable,” he says of the lack of time to research. With the rest he nods and puts his hand on her shoulder. “No worries. But the offer stands.” Then settling back he smiles at the idea of more pleasant things. “You’ll have no argument from me, but what should we discuss?”

In truth, Emilia didn’t know just how much was shared amongst those of the Order, or in particular what was shared about the ‘monsters’ that existed in various parts of either Kingdom. But she had known of the Banshee Spawn…and where there were Banshee Spawn, surely there was a Banshee that created them…somewhere. Right? Emilia dips her head at the offer that comes with the hand upon her shoulder. Her own hand flitting up briefly to touch his,”I am of thanking. There are not of many that I can be of speaking to.” Canting her head just a little,”It is of doubtful either of us shall be partaking of the jousting, of aye?” A thought that might be mildly comical…either in full plate and trying to hold up a lance. “What of the archery, shall I be of seeing you upon of the field for of that?”

“I know how that is,” Lucas says of not being able to share. As a wraith, a l’Saigner and a member of the Order, even his secrets have secrets. He smiles. “And no, no jousting for me, but yes, you can count on seeing me at the archery. Are you planning on winning again?” He takes it for granted she’d enter.

There were secrets within Emilia’s secrets, even if not to quite the degree in which Lucas’ life was shrouded within them. The question has Emilia shaking her head with a faint tugging at the corner of her lips,”I am of planning to of compete, though it of seems everyone of else is planning on me of winning. I of know there are many of fine of archers, winning is of never a certainty, but I will be of doing mine best as I have always of tried.” Even if that has managed to snag some wins the last few times. “I will have an of entry within of the artistic of event as of well. I of imagine I shall have of less of a chance in of that.” Surely there will be more art from the host Kingdom that has more chance to win. Not that Emilia’s wins haven’t been something of a surprise and shock to many. Archery was something her family was known for, the art had come out of seemingly nowhere. “Have you been of here before, Venderos?”

“There are, but you do have a habit of winning all the same,” Lucas jokes good-naturedly. “The artistic events as well.” When she asks her question he shakes his head. “No. Never been, it’s a very contained sort of place though, don’t you think? Everyone watching everyone else. I tried to slip away to the woods but there were people to direct me back to the city before I got there. I don’t know how the people who live here manage.”

A small tug occurs at the corners of her lips,”I think you are confusing of me with mine-sister, as I am not of sure that winning of twice is of exactly a habit, Lucas.” Joking easily of enough in return, after all her sister had won a fair number in times past. “I had not of even figured to of place when I was nudged to of enter into of the artistic…now it is expected of me.” She really wasn’t all to certain yet what to make of that. “It is of being mine-first time as of well. It is all very of contained, or more of so…like you are of saying, they do of well to keep visitors like of us well of contained. As I would of hope those who live of here are of allowed to of go walking in of the woods. Someone must of hunt after of all, of right?”

“Well whoever did the nudging had good taste, or at least taste that agreed with the judges,” Lucas says with a grin and a shrug. “But you do enjoy it though, don’t you? Competing? Or otherwise why do it?” There is a nod about the hunting. “Someone must, I suppose they’re just worried that I might get lost or injured while I am the Prince’s guest. Who can say, Venderosi tend to keep their mouths shut on just about everything.”

“He might have been of biased as of well,” there is a slight pause, “or of simply of wishing for me to push of myself. Though I am not of sure if that was of with mine-art of simply to be of out of more.” Emilia certainly was not exactly what one would call a social butterfly. “I…find it of interesting to of compete. It is of enjoyable to be of testing mine skills against others and see where I of compare. Though I could perhaps of do without of the attention that seems to come with of it sometimes.” Emilia nods,”Of true, they do seem to be rather quiet on many of things. Perhaps they worry of safety. Or that you might of discover something they would wish not to be of discovered.” There is a small tugging at the corner of her lips,”But I should of let you finishing of cleaning of up and get to the rest of your evening.”

“Well as long as you enjoy it,” Lucas says before cocking his head thoughtfully at the idea of him discovering something they didn’t want found. He was Wraith after all. “Good point,” he admits. When Emilia makes to take her leave he rises, and smiles. “Thank you, I should get back to it but it was good to visit. Next time I’ll make sure Rogue is on hand and maybe you can tell me more about what you said about the shadows, I still can’t figure it out.”

Emilia nods,”Of aye,” least aspects of it. Perhaps a bit amused that she would be the one to point that particular aspect out on the Venderos. “It was of a good visit and to be of seeing you of again. And. I would be of happy to speak more about of the shadows of next time, I do have a promise to be of keeping. Though…” her head cants a little,”…perhaps of sometime I can be of coming to visit to see to of the lessons as of promised. Your of Lady sister was offering of such an invitation…to be of visiting of sometime.” That small upwards tugging occurs to the corners of her lips,”But for of now, be of well and I shall see you at the archery at of least, perhaps Rogue shall come and of watch us.” The idea did amuse her a touch. Offering a bow of her head before she moved to make an exit from the tent.

Lucas chuckles. “Well that would be an interesting meeting,” his sister was well… particular in her about her company. “But I hope you take her up on it.” He bows then, “Good day, Lady Emilia. Thanks again for the visit,” he says before letting her get on with her day and he gets cleaned up after his fight.

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