(1867-03-03) Girls' Day Out
Girls' Day Out
Summary: With a day off from tournament events, three girls of Rivana make use of it to explore Venderos and of course get in a little shopping.
Date: 1867-03-03
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The day after the bareknuckles gave a bit more time for exploring Venderos, with no event scheduled for the day, it did give them more time to linger here or there. And with the added security in the city, plus Huntresses and Royal Lancers, they were not likely to get into tooooo much trouble. Right? Emilia does turn a faint glance towards some of the shops before looking over to Clara,"Any of idea of which of these would be worth of trying of first?"

Tiadora says, "I need new jewelry for the wedding. I have my dress already done for it." She frowns delicately. "I must have gotten more dresses in the last year than I have in fifteen years. It feels weird. Wasteful almost.."

Well….the Huntress and Royal Lancer guards are certainly intimidating. Add the Gerrell guard for Tia, and it becomes even more so. But, it is the Venderos guard that truly have everything on lockdown. It is almost as if the rest aren't needed. Not that they would be swayed. Clara, on the other hand, is acting as if the guards are not around…for the most part. It is still a skill she is learning. "Dresses that you wear are never wasteful, Tia, dear. And the fabric can always be recycled if needed." Sounds like Clara might have had some experience with that. "We can check out this shop over here for things, if you like. Though, honestly, if it is jewelry you need, then we might be better once we get back to Sunsreach."

"You have probably of gotten more than I have in..well of ever," notes Emilia just a touch deadpan like. The Cassomir was in her usual turn of tunic, leggings and leathers. Dress wearing was certainly not a horridly common occurrence for her. "But I would not call of it wasteful, there has been of need with so of many of events, and with you coming to of Court. One must have of the right of attire for of such." Adding a bit of a nod to what Clara also says about the matter of dresses and not being wasteful. Noting a bit offhandedly,"Beides of Adrienne, we should be of finding me of a dress as of well."

Tiadora giggles softly. "Let's get a dress for you then, Emi! Something pretty. Maybe with a riding skirt that you can wear leggings under." She starts to smile at the idea. "I'm sure I can get jewels more cheaply at Sunsreach anyhow."

Clara pauses in mid-step. "Tia…did you hear that? Emilia said she needed a dress." Not that Tiadora might know…but Emilia actually admitting that she wants a dress is a pretty major deal. "But…yes, we can get jewels easily at Sunsreach. Just a matter of knowing people." And Clara knows people. With a grin, she leads the merry party into a shop, offering greetings to the shop keep while she uses a free hand to usher the two girls along. It seems that Clara already had a dress in mind…the casual indication is hard to miss.

"Of aye, Clara….I said of I wanted of a dress." Emilia nods a little slowly at Tiadora,"That would be of a good of idea, be of helpful around of Roseguard with having to do of more of there. And likely of more people coming to see of Raelyn." Nevermind…Emilia likely having to go to Court more herself. "But…was actually of thinking perhaps something that might even be of fitting for of the ball at the end of the tournament." Clara just might have a hint of why on that….given a certain Lonar was amongst the Cassomir party in Venderos. Briefly wondering about what she has gotten herself into as she gets ushered along into that shop.

Tiadora peers around the room curiously at the colors and styles on display. "Are you going to the ball then? I don't know if I want to. I always feel so awkward and odd standing around and when everyone is so graceful."

With a smile, Clara rejoins her fashion compatriots, as the shop owner walks over to the door and closes it gently, after speaking to the guards out front. "I just procured us a moment or two of privacy…for our shopping needs." It is apparent that Clara negotiated with the owner and stated that gold will be spent…and more gold if they had some privacy doing so. Crafty little minx that she is. "So…take all the time you need. Whatever you want. Anything catches your eye?" As for Clara, she moves over towards a red number, almost matching her hair color. So much for matching house colors.

Emilia nods towards Tiadora,"Of aye, I am of going. Mine-family is expecting it of me." A faint glance towards Tiadora,"It is how I oft of feel, least of though most used to pay of little of attention to me." Now. Brother. King. Politics. There is a glance as Clara returns from her chat with the shop owner. A mild brow rising. "You do of this oft?" It clear Emilia doesn't exactly go..dress shopping to often. Moving to look at the pieces on display, the colors. A oceanic blue number seeming to draw her to it. Not exactly House colors, but it was a color that went well on her.

Tiadora is drawn to darker colors. They help keep her blended in. "I'm sure Symon wants me there. Put on a good face for his bride and her father." She sighs in misery. "I was used to the tailors coming in with fabrics for mother to look through. I'm terrible at picking out nice things but I like having some choice finally." A heavy grey with a bit of green ivy woven in catches her fancy.

"Whatever do you mean, Emilia?" It has a teasing lilt to the words…the tone that Clara uses. Though, she does giggle and nods in response. "Not all the time, mind you. For you know how I hate to use the title. However, when I know that both of you prefer privacy over random strangers possibly wandering in. So…I thought you wouldn't mind." Ah…Clara did have an ulterior motive. She wanted to make everyone comfortable.

"Of true, I of imagine your of brother will of wish you to be of there. And I am of sure you will do of fine." A bit of a corner tugging smile given towards Tiadora, an attempt of reassurance. And afterall, the girls would have more chance to sit together…or close…given the venue. Glancing over towards Clara,"Of course…some of times you make them come of to you." Batting back the tease lightly. "Though of at least the random of strangers of here…are not of likely to have any of idea whom I am to much of care. Of right?" Surely the folks of Venderos don't pay attention to some little kid sister of Rivana's King?

Tiadora grins over her shoulder at Emilia. "Once you win the archery contest they'll pay attention to you." She moves on to a dark violet color. "Oh purple. This is pretty," she says as she holds it against her hands for a color test. "I've got a pink dress with red and black accents for the wedding. It will have my house colors but not be dark and serious. I think it's pretty.."

“I am sure it will be, Tia.” Clara glances over to Emilia in response. “Don't be so sure, Emi. Gossip has a way of spreading faster than fire. Besides, the random stranger could be from Rivana.” The red number in view, Clara looks over the cut, comparing it to a similar blue dress. “Which one do you think?” The question is asked to both girls, while Clara’s eye wanders just a bit. “Oh…we should be looking for you, though, Emilia…not for me. Is there anything here that catches your fancy?”

“There is no of assurance that I will of win, and of besides, no one paid much of mind to me after I won in of Pacitta,” a win that had surprised Emilia really. Raelyn was the one always winning those contests. “That purple is of lovely, Tiadora. The one for the wedding does of sound like it will be of pretty. But you have always chosen of lovely pieces.” It was an honest and genuine compliment from the Cassomir.

“Of true, but all of the same, they would likely have more of interest in of you, than of me, Clara.” Emilia’s dark eyes going over the options Clara has found,”They are both quite of nice…Could always just get of both, and give of the other to of Adrienne?” Since a particular ‘promise’ did need to be fulfilled. Turning her gaze back to the options,”I am of drawn to this of one,” lightly fingering a deep blue green number,”But…” she takes a breath and a bit reluctantly offers up,”it needs to be of something that…..draws of attention.” Truly words that are difficult to get out for Emilia, half wondering what she got herself into when she made that promise.

“Draws attention?” That does catch Tia’s attentions and she turns from the violet silk. “That's unlike you. Anything special behind it?” She does seem pleased by the compliment on her fashion which is at least evolving along the lines of what is acceptable.

“What about something in rust, with green and gold? Those would look pretty on you, I think.” Her blue eyes glance over Emilia’s thin frame. “With beadwork in leaves and yellow lilies or birds. I think.” She isn't sure so Tiadora looks to Clara for feedback.

“Well, yes. That was the idea. Adrienne and I are so similar in build.” But…all cursory examinations of the dresses go by the wayside as Clara’s eyes lift up….and focus on Emilia. “You. Draw attention. Really.” The way that Clara says the words, so deadpan…it is almost an eerie emulation of Emilia’s own tone. But….then, slowly….that smile works its way onto Clara’s countenance. A smile with a decidedly wicked little tilt to it. “Something showy! You didn’t bring the fae dress with you, did you? The one I designed?” A shake of the head as Clara thinks…and knows that dress didn’t make the journey. Or, is at least pretty sure of it.

That doesn’t stop Clara for very long, though. Already, those two dresses she had in mind are forgotten, as a finger points over to Tiadora. “Yes! That’s good! Greens and browns…that’s what we need. Earth tones. But…but we have to make this eye catching while not overtly so. Unless….” A glance is given to Emilia expectantly…”that is actually what we need. A certain suitor’s request?” A giggle escapes from Clara’s throat, even as she shifts to the green dresses. “What we need, ladies, is an ensemble worthy of a wood nymph. For, if this is who I think it is for…he will appreciate a bit of fantasy, I should think.” Another look is cast to Emilia…to gather a reaction from her. To some, it might be futile…but Clara has been around long enough to know that even the slightest of shifts in Emilia’s mien speaks volumes.

And, with that, Clara is off to the races, so to speak. She even goes as far as asking the shop keep for a charcoal pencil and a piece of parchment paper. Numbers are jotted down immediately, followed by a rough sketching of a female form, with the numbers assigned to various portions. It is quite apparent that Clara has done something like this before. And, while there is no dress form drawn over top the figure yet…it is only a matter of time before the One sees fit to provide inspiration.

“A suitor,” Tia echoes in surprise. “I won't press.” Unlike Clara she doesn't pry. But she does look sympathetic as the princess goes to work, giving a wry smile to the unfortunate victim. “Wood nymphs are vicious though. They tend not to like people disturbing their forests and…” She trails off since it -does- kind of work for a Huntress.

“Of aye…..draws of attention,” it was bad enough to have to say it once, but Emilia doesn’t even look towards them when she does confirm that was what she said. The material of the deep blue green number seeming mighty interesting at the moment. Oh, but then Clara has to go and deliver those word oh so deadpan like and Emilia gives her a rather stoic look. Oh what has she gotten herself into!! “No, I was not of bringing of it. “ Confirming Clara’s suspicions on that matter.

Her dark eyes flitting briefly between Tiadora and Clara as the two bring up colors and options and….oh, seriously what did the leather, tunic and leggings wearing Cassomir get herself into. “Of aye….there is of reason…and…of aye, something of a request.” Emilia pauses slightly,”He of said…it amuses of him when others are of noticing of me.” She does glance towards Tiadora a faint nod,”Something of a suitor, of aye.” It wasn’t exactly a secret Emilia had been wearing a token the last couple of tournaments. “It is not of prying…his name is of Lonar.” After all if Emilia wished for a secret..well the token wouldn’t have been worn openly. Right? “I do of like the color of suggestions, not of what I normally of pick..but very of much like the forest…and of aye, I think that would of amuse of him, that of turn of nymph.” The idea seeming to one she does like, that hint of interest in her eyes. A mild nod goes to Tiadora,”Of true, they do not of much like people of disturbing of their forests…but we of Huntresses are much of protective of ours, even if of being of a different of way.”

“I saw the favor first at the last archery contest,” the sharp eyed Gerrell says with a tiny frown. “I figured you would tell me if you wanted to know. It looked pretty when I saw it up close. Have I met this Lonar, was he with us on the hunt?” She asks it more of Emi but Clara is included.

Dark eyes do keep an eye on what Clara is working on as the shop owner supplies her with that charcoal. But Emilia gives a shake of her head at Tiadora,”He was not of on the hunt. Perhaps you have seen of him, though not have met. He was of there to watch of me in the archery, and came of with me…us to Venderos.” There is a small pause,”I do not mind of the knowing, I am just not of sure how some will of think…since he is not being of noble.” There is a minor flicker of a frown upon that stoic mien,”And I of know some of thought I even made of the favor of myself.”

“That’s dumb,” Tiadora replies sharply. “Why would someone make up a favor? It defeats the point.” She folds her arms over her broad chest. “And, well- your cousin Graham has a… What's she called. Paramour? She isn't a noble. Although he will likely need to marry one someday.”

Looking up from her sketching, Clara calls out. “Consort.” It is a simple answer to Tiadora’s question….and it betrays the fact that the Tracano is listening…even if she seems all involved in her dress up ideas for Emilia. “It’s probably a good thing that you didn’t bring the other dress, Emilia. Lonar already saw that one….or one like it. This will be a chance to see if we can do a bit better.” As Clara speaks, a sketch starts to form…rough, as usual for her, but enough to get an idea as to what to do. “Green base. Then we probably want gloves…elbow length?” The question is asked…but to no one in particular. “Some gold trim….will look better than brown. And the rust that Tia said. That will be most excellent.” Some more bits of drawing…and then Clara turns to present what she has. “How about something like this?”

That something would be close to a masquerade gown…but not quite. Clara does seem to know when to keep things tamed when they need to be. A green gown, with the golden trim that may or may not look like leaves, depending on Clara’s drawing prowess. The panels on the front of the dress has the rust coloration, or, at least noted as such, with a bit of it within the bodice, too. And gloves. Of course, Clara added gloves. “I doubt this shop has this exact design…but I would imagine that, if we asked nicely, we could have this made for you in time for the ball.”

“I don’t of know why one would make one of up, but doesn’t of change some have of thought that.” Emilia shrugs a little, she was used to people saying odd things about her….not always flattering either. A nod occurs as Clara provides that word,”Of aye, Cathrynn is being of his Consort,” as close to marriage as they could get with the social differences. “And likely of so, least of now.” There is a faint frown that comes briefly,”I know they were talking about having of children…least before Jaren was of marrying. “ A marriage that brought so much change amongst the Cassomirs.

The thoughts as shaken off as Emilia moves to see what Clara has sketched up, noting,”Of perhaps, but he is not always remembering of such of details.” Not does it seem a thing Emilia takes any issue with. Those dark eyes do look over the design,”Oh…Clara…it is of capturing both of your of ideas of well,” looking over to Tiadora,”Don’t you of think so?”. There is a faint upwards tugging of her lips as she looks back to Clara,”I am of doubting any of shop would be having of this exact of design. “ Some more study is given of the sketch, thoughts wandering a bit between ‘what has she gotten herself into’ and ‘will a certain someone like it’.

“They may not have it, but surely they can modify something already close. Or just sew you something outright.” Tiadora smiles a little. “Being small makes it easier to find dresses than being bigger. I have to get everything fitted just-so.”

“I am sure we can get it made for you, Emilia, if you want it. There’s enough time, after all.” It is apparent that Clara already has an idea or two on how to make it happen. “That is…if you want it. We still have the shop to ourselves. We could get started on it right now if you like.” There is even a jerk of the head over to the shopkeep, who is pretending not to listen…but very clearly is. “I will even pay for it. Matter of fact, pick out whatever you would like, girls. It isn’t like I spend gold freely all the time. Whatever you want, just let the shopkeep know. Now…excuse me for a moment while I go get started.”

And…with that, Clara takes both the red and blue dresses that she was looking at and walks over to the shopkeep. The heavy clinking of gold coins can be heard as payment is exchanged, and then Clara’s voice is audible, detailing over the drawing and how exactly the dress should be constructed, complete with possible suggestions on what can be modified and what elements they could fudge on to keep the look. It sounds that, unless Emilia stops her, Clara is going to negotiate the dress right there….and it takes a bit to stop Clara once she gets going on something.

“Of perhaps,” starts Emilia as she nods to Tiadora,”but you are always of having lovely of dresses. Perhaps because of that of though? Since time must be of taken to make it just of right, thus you are always of assured to having a perfect of gown for you?” Not that Emilia wore dresses to frequently, and even then…they often were just OK, nothing to fashionable, nor to out of fashion.

A slow nod comes,”It should be of done, I gave of my word,” and a Cassomir was all about duty and making good on their word. Right? And the shopkeep clearly likes the idea as well. Certainly not how he expected to make out when the girls entered, especially with one clad in leathers! Thus no effort is made to stop Clara as she starts to work with the shopkeep. Besides, after the ‘torment’ Emilia caused Clara before coming to Venderos, she could at least let her have this bit of fun. There is a oh so very stoic look as she looks to Tiadora,”Shall we of look about of some more while she is….plotting?”

Moving to see what else the Gerrel might have interest in. And when the time comes, Emilia is ever so stoic for any measurements the shopkeep needs to take.

“I doubt I'll go to the ball, but I still need new dresses for the wedding events,” Tia replies as Clara takes over. “Violet is pretty, maybe with black velvet…” She trails off and goes back to the lovely from before. “I don't want to embarrass my brother in front of the Prince. Safer I don't go.”

A sidelong look is given to Tiadora by Emilia at the comments made having long been one who had little love for attending Court herself, she still knew one had to sometimes make appearances so /not/ to cause embarrassment. “You may be of wishing to have of a word with your of brother before of sticking to of that thought. He may of wish of you to be of there.” Even if only to not have to answer questions on why his sister wasn’t around! “Be of sides, you would be more of likely sitting of with Clara and of I, not of the Prince.” And on goes the shopping!

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