(1867-03-04) After the Prelims
After the Prelims
Summary: Duke Darren and Lord Raimond look in on a squire of Darren's relation.
Date: 1867-03-04
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Haldis Pavilion - Tournament Grounds - Venderos
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His horse settled and brushed and curried, Liam Haldis sits in a corner of the Haldis pavilion in a small "room" that had been given over to him for the tournament, walled off with heavy cloth walls. He is working on polishing his half-plate to a shine after the joust preliminaries, which he did far better in than he expected.

But still, a squire doesn't really get "privacy". Just anyone, especially Duke Darren, could walk in any time… not that it's a wary thing for liam, who is always doing exactly what he should be doing. Another squire may have smuggled in some willing common maid for a bit of sport, but not Liam. No, he's simply cleaning his armor and preparing it for the duels the following evening.

"Ha! What did I tell you, Raimond?" Darren's voice can be heard, just a second after the draped cloth that provides the makeshift "door" for Liam's little area is pulled aside, "Right where I said he'd be." Duke Haldis steps into the enclosure, followed shortly behind by his half-brother, the Lord Raimond Giraldi, who looks mildly bemused by both Liam's activities and Darren's comment.

"Not exactly a surprise, Darren." He gives Liam a nod and a grin, moving over to stand off to the side, as it's Darren that's leading this conversation.

"You did well today, Liam. No doubt Jaren will be proud." He moves over and claps the young man on the back, "Normally I'd say we should be off to go celebrate, but the duels are tomorrow, so we'll wait. Not for your sake mind…I know you'd keep yourself under control." He flicks a glance to Raimond, who just tilts a brow in response, with the kind of expression that says Darren might be confusing him with his younger brother. "You did well too, Rai. Just a point behind the l'Corren heir." So despite being unhorsed by said heir, Darren is in a reasonably good mood. "Were I Jaren I'd knight you now so you could compete in the brackets, but ah well…I'll not steal his thunder on that score."

"Thank you, Your Grace," Liam says politely, rising as the two enter and bowing slightly. "We will see how the duels turn out, I only pray I do well enough to make you and my knight and king proud of my showing tomorrow evening as well." He does allow a grin to cross his lips. "Not a single loss today! I cannot believe my fortune." He frowns a bit. "I suppose Sir Quentyn's bettings went well then as well…" he looks less than thrilled about the idea of such but is still cheery enough.

"No doubt they did." Raimond notes with a chuckle, "I doubt the odds were too high on that kind of performance from a squire. You'd have qualified for the brackets were you a Knight." He adds, "I wonder if the Lancer will be bold enough to bet on you in the Duels." Knowing Quentyn…probably so.

"You've already made us proud, Liam. But then again I suppose I shouldn't expect any less from Jaren's squire. Raymund Durante was one of the best trainers in the Edge. No doubt some of it rubbed off, eh?" He ruffles Liam's hair playfully, "One help me though…Win the duels and I'll all but beg Jaren to knight you when we return."

"I'm still young and have much to learn," Liam replies, not quite arguing with Darren. "But if you and His Majesty sees fit to do so, I will accept it with honor." He doesn't shy from the ruffling, though he does absently run a hand through his dark hair after Darren is done.

He looks to Raimond. "Sometimes I wish they would allow squires to compete in the brackets as well, though I understand why they do not," he says quickly, as if not to be complaining. "And good luck to you both as well for tomorrow night. You came out well on points, Sir Raimond."

"Not as well as Sir Michael. The man almost always seems to edge me out." There doesn't sound like there's real complaint in that, more amusement. Having a "rival" on the Circuit is good for both of them, where the crowds are concerned. "Ah well, we'll see how the Duels and Brackets turn out." He adds after a moment, "But thank you for the well-wishes."

"Ha! I may need that luck, if my performance against Sir Michael was any indication." Darren notes, "And don't worry Liam, you'll be in the brackets soon enough, regardless." He adds, "Oh, and don't be surprised of more than a few of the young ladies and Courtesans here start paying a good bit of attention to you. I'd warn you not to overindulge but well…" He shrugs, then smirks a bit, "I know that's not a problem for you."

Liam looks ashen for a moment. "Well, I will be sure to be polite to them, cousin," he manages to stammer out. No, girls weren't something he ws entirely comfortable with yet, much less interested in in that manner.

"Heh, no doubt you will, and I suspect they'll be very polite back, but don't let them see you blush or they'll just hound you that much more fervently." Darren chuckles, giving Raimond a knowing grin.

Raimond just shakes his head, rolling his eyes in amusement, "Some are later bloomers than others." He notes to Darren, "All in due time, Liam. Nothing wrong with waiting to turn your attention to the ladies. Or lords, if that's your preference." Which may seem odd coming from the supposedly-prolific Raimond, but there it is.

A touch red, Liam responds, "I do not know if either are my preference, truly. I know what the other squires and knights do and how they make their sport, but I admit none of it appeals to me. Perhaps I am a late bloomer, as you say, or perhaps the One has a different path in mind for me." He shrugs, attempting to be nonchalant about it. "I am sure when and if such things happen and young ladies and courtesans come looking for me, they'll find so little sport in my interest that they will look for someone more interested in such things." He half-grins at Raimond. "Like yourself."

Raimond laughs merrily at that, "Ahhh, Liam, I'm afraid I have to warn you that seeming as though you're not interested will only spur some of them on more." He shakes his head, grinning, "But should I be about when they're interfering with your path, I'll see what I can do to divert them."

Darren chuckles as well, "Well, that's neither here nor there right now. For now, we'd best go find something to eat and then rest up for the duels tomorrow. We can worry about the rest once there's a break in the competitions." It's no coincidence that the Joust brackets and finals are as far apart as they are.

Liam glances to his armor— mostly finished. Internally he wars with whether he should stay and finish the last bit or leave for dinner. But since it is a duke (his cousin, but duke nonetheless) calling for dinner, his decision is made for him.

Wiping his hands on his tunic, he asks simply… "So where are we going to eat?"

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