(1867-03-06) Disturbing Developments
Disturbing Developments
Summary: Adrienne seeks out Pella to sate her curiosity on a certain topic and has a blushing moment, before an unexpected interruption draws attention to some discord amongst the Huntresses of Ironhold.
Date: 07-10/03/2016 (Date of RP)
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Castle Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
In the scene.
Marse 6th, 1867

A week had passed since Emilia and Devlin had departed with the group that was to attend the Venderos Tournament. Life was quieter around Roseguard, even if not quite back to normal with the Alhazred contingent yet about. To the Huntresses overall, the continued presence brought little impact. A few had perhaps been a little disappointed not to go, if only because they had never been to Venderos and were curious. However for Pella, it had been something more. There had been trouble in Venderos the year before and if any harm came to Emilia on this trip…it was a worry she had. Especially after that little 'mishap' on the trip to Lonnaire.

Pella had made herself busy over the past week, trying to keep her mind off those possibilities. But some down time was needed as well, and currently she was in the room she shared with Syrn. At least one of them had gone with. At the moment, she seemed to be mending a tear in one of her tunics.


Adrienne felt ambiguous about not going to Venderos. On the one hand, she was glad to stay behind at Roseguard, with less social requirements - apart from showing occasional presence in the Great Hall to the Alhazredi delegation; as most of the time she was able to focus on Huntress matters, patrols and archery practice. But then on the other hand, she would miss out on the fun of being away from home, taking in new impressions. Adrienne did not share any concern about Emilia, as she - in contrast to Pella - was perfectly oblivious to the deeper meaning of Emilia's touched state and recent troubling occurrences. When she enters the chamber Pella usually shares with Syrn, she does so with a faint smile showing a bit of curiosity, and after the required knock to announce her presence.

"I hope I am not disturbing…?", the freckled Cassomir lady offers in half-question. "Pella? Are you alright?" Brows jump upwards above the pair of deep green eyes, as Adrienne gives the other Huntress a slightly concerned glance.

While Pella had some insight to Emilia's 'touched' state, it was rather more the whole matter with the Mystery Knight and subsequent battle that occurred in Venderos the previous year. And Pella just had latent 'protector' syndrome with having watched over Emilia for a bit of time.

The knock did have Pella looking up from the bit of mending, the needle remaining stuck in mid-stitch for now. She smiled easily upon seeing who it is,"You are not disturbing at all.Me? Oh, I'm fine, just probably fretting a bit more than I should. " Pella smiling a bit wryly,"Not used to being the one left behind. Was there something you were needing, Lady Adrienne? " With the Alhazred about, some manner of protocols had resurfaced, as sometimes did when there were guests at Roseguard.


Adrienne did not attend the tourney at Venderos from the previous year either. Still, she is aware of how Pella and Syrn both were usually entrusted with a little extra task of looking after Emilia - which set Emilia in a way even more apart from the rest and certainly gave more foundation to the dissident Huntresses.

Emilia's cousin smiles back at Pella when she hears the reply of the older Huntress, her lips curving within her freckled face. "Fretting…?", Adrienne echoes then, pointing towards a vacant chair in non-verbal inquiry, before she takes a seat. "You'd have wished to go along with the others to Venderos?" She reclines against the backrest of the chair, arms crossing before her. "Our Mistress of the Hunt should be fine enough. And besides, Syrn is with her." A pause, as her green eyes lift to meet Pella's gaze in an attentive glance. "As is Master Lonar." The addition perhaps less ominous than the glance Adrienne gives the older Huntress. As for the question, she gives a light shrug of her shoulders. "There's nothing in particular, at the moment. And please… I'm Adrienne for you, Pella. We are sisters of the hunt." To hell with protocoll!, as her slight momentary glare seems to suggest.

The motion to the chair had Pella giving a quick nod of her head, agreement to the non-verbal inquiry. "Yes, I would have. Cause yes, I do fret." The woman does give a grin,"I know Emilia will be fine, and is quite capable of handling herself. But I suppose I am a bit like a mother hen who shall worry all the same. " Be brows raise up a little with the addition tacked on, that glance from Adrienne,"She does have Syrn and the others, including Master Lonar, who is quite capable in his own right. Or do I sense you do not approve of his going with?"

Pella smiles,"Yes, Adrienne, we are sisters of the Hunt. But you know outsiders do not always grasp that. Can't have them thinking I am disrespecting you, now can we?" The Huntress giving a bit of a wink. It was a slight game for them in truth, certainly amongst the Huntresses. And to some degree even with the rest of the castle staff.


Adrienne shoots Pella a glance, her head tilting slightly to the side, making her long braid of dark brown hair shift over her back. Her lips twitch into a smile, "Of course! I understand it must be hard not to be with them, when you are used to keep an eye on Emilia…" A nod comes even so, to the remark of the touched cousin being capable to handle herself on her own. Green eyes flash with a hint of surprise at Pella's question about Lonar. Adrienne's brows lift before they furrow. "I know little of him," she confesses. "So I am in no position to approve or disapprove. He seems to be a lot around her lately?" The unspoken question for more details Pella may have to contribute lingers in the room for a moment.

A smile softens her freckled features then, and little in Adrienne's attire hints at her noble birth indeed, wearing Huntress tunic and leggings, as usual. "True," she allows, with a soft chuckle. "I can only hope such behaviour will cease as soon as our delightful guests have chosen to end their visit. As you are making me feel awkward." Awkwardness that comes with a slightly amused glint in her eyes.

"It is a bit, this is really the first trip where I have not accompanied her." A grin comes as Pella comments with a certain turn of amusement,"Though I don't think I could ever fret over her near as much as that brother of yours does. Not to sure how she or Cathrynn manage ta withstand that all." She nods when the confession comes,"I suppose people are still getting to know him. He's not been on long with the family. But yes, he does spend a fair bit of time with her. To be expected, after all he was given position so they could spend time together. Stop her from sneaking off so much to that end." Which was both a thing that amused Pella, and had caused some stress. "He's a fine enough fellow though, keeps a bit to himself sometimes. A few seem a bit off put by him, but a fine hunter and woodsman from everything I've seen. He even manages to coax out the rather elusive prey," pausing just a moment before she adds,"like a proper smile out of Emilia. Actually heard a laugh once, I swear it." She did seem quiet earnest on that point. "Syrn didn't believe me none about that. Least until she cause Emilia daydreaming. Granted, we didn't quite know just who was the cause til later."

Pella grins,"Oh, I am sure the behaviour will go back to normal then, milady." Her tone quite teasing as she tacks on the proper address. "It'll be all shades of tripping into puddles and hiding your trail rations on ya as soon as they are out the gates. So don't you worry."


The mention of her brother brings a warm smile to Adrienne's freckled features. "Ahh… You're right, he's the most fretting, actually. And mostly about Emilia, truth be told…" Saying as much as she leans forward, her index finger drawing an invisible line onto the table, or maybe just following the texture of the wood. Her eyes flick up to glance Pella's way, when the older Huntress speaks of Lonar, her brows wrinkling a touch, before they lift in obvious question. "You were aware there was something going on between them…?", the Cassomir lady inquires, when Pella is done with her loquacious reply to a non-verbal question.

"So you think he is a fine fellow…?", Adrienne echoes a bit pensively perhaps, noting that particular detail, before her green eyes flit down to her hand on the table, where her finger is still brushing over wood in a languid manner. The corners of her mouth twitch upwards. "Good." She exhales. "That means, he is good for her in a way, I suppose. Even so… I'm astonished I haven't known… and still know so little about him. Where is this Lonar from? What has he done in the past? And when and where did he come across our Emilia?"

Then, there is an amused chuckle to Pella's 'threat', and Adrienne nods with a grin. "I wouldn't want it to be any other way."

That tunic comes to rest easily in Pella's lap, she wasn't going to risk sticking her finger with the needle. "I would say we were aware something was going on, took a bit to figure out the who exactly, or that there was a who at all. She wasn't exactly the most forthcoming on that point." Pella shrugs after a moment,"Suppose I don't blame her to much about that. We can be a protective lot when it comes to our sisters."

"Yah, I do. He's been well mannered, ain't got a thing to fault him on there at all. And have you not seen him." Pella raises her brows with a bit of a look, as if how could anyone miss a new hunky man in their midst. Though there were truly those who found themselves a touch uncomfortable, mildly on edge or skittish even, when around him. Something about being an apex predator. "She did manage to hide it all for a good long while. Rightly, Syrn and I only got a bit of an idea cause we'd catch her at daydreaming. It was a mite puzzling." To say the least! "Not sure when they met exactly, but we rightly figure she ended up meeting him on one of her trips to meet up with his father, Lon. " A slightly questioning glance at Adrienne, unsure if she knew about those meetings. The grizzly bearded older man someone Raelyn had first brought to Roseguard. And who had been about on a few trips. "And that some of those supposed trips was her meeting up with him rather than his father. Which, if I recall, Lon hailed from a rather small village in one of the newer parcels. Do wreckin' that is where the son was calling home as well, but seems he's spent the past view years traveling with folks offering his arm to help protect them between here and yon as needed. Can't say I've seen him in action like that, but he's shown a fine turn of skills in the woods. And has brought in his fair share of meat from his hunts."

Pella smiles,"He does seem ta be good for her, and I do catch him now and again being a touch affectionate towards her." Least in small ways one might be. "I have heard a few speculatin' on the exact nature of their lessons of late. Do wreckin' won't be to long before most grasp just who's favor she's taken to wearing." Brown eyes take on a mischievous glint,"And should we be seeing if any lads have caught your eye and fancy?"


"Well… you two are looking after her… It is only natural that you should be the first to become aware," Adrienne muses, lifting her hand now, an index finger coming up to scratch at her cheek. "And… I can understand you were surprised… Even I was surprised," she admits, shifting in her seat. "Oh yes, I may have seen him. Just didn't really get to ask myself and others just what exactly his duties were. Well…" She smirks faintly but also with a hint of bewilderment apparent in her gaze. "To be honest, I didn't really think, Emilia would be interested in any such involvement at all." The mention of Lon has her features lighten up with making the connection to this rather odd fellow. "Ah. I see. Lon's son. That's why he looked a little familiar." Family likeness?

And while the speculation about their lessons brings a smirk about on Adrienne Cassomir's freckled face, the mention of a favor does not seem to take her by surprise at all. "Emilia told me of the favor. Seems she was eager to share…" With her, of all! "Hence my questions about Lonar and why he finally has caught my curiosity." Her index finger taps again her chin, green eyes flicking away from Pella towards the window. Before the next question has her attention shift back to the older Huntress, and her eyes widen ever-so-slightly. A moment of silence follows, a tiny touch of pink warming the freckled complexion of the younger Huntress. "Perhaps not. I am not looking for a stupid fool to steal my heart," Adrienne replies then after a moment, her gaze once again shifting downward to where her hands fold before her on the table. "I won't deny," she adds then, the tone gaining a little in sharpness, as her gaze lifts to meet Pella's eyes with a faintly resolute and stubborn flicker, "that I am gathering some experience in the area. But… nothing serious. As such would be a folly indeed…" Her chin tilts up a little. "I am no Cathrynn, allowed to be consort to the man she loves. No. I'm to marry at some point. Being a lady of Cassomir. A cousin to the King…" She sighs softly. "A match of political convenience." Green eyes linger on Pella, as the Cassomir lady continues. "There have been times when I wished I were just a plain Huntress, and nothing more."

Pella nods,"I would hope we'd notice first. Just as Lara or Wendy are likely to notice something amiss with Raelyn first." Emilia wasn't the only one with dedicated protectors. While the mainline may be watched, Adrienne likely had her own assigned folks for trips and the like, especially since Jaren ended up betrothed and now King. "I do suppose we don't go checking up on ever new folk to see why they are about. Though.." an amused smirk comes,"I doubt some things are exactly considered duties."

The Huntress shrugs,"I can't say she was exactly looking for that kind of involvement. She'd never really expressed much interest in chasing someone. Not that she avoided that kind of talk when Syrn and I might be discussing our interests. Think it might have surprised her as well…more I think just to have someone who was showing interest in her. " There is another bit of a shrug along with a look on why she need not explain that. "Yup, that would be why he likely seemed familiar, being he is Lon's son. Does seem a right similarities between them." A preview of what Lonar will look like when he 'grows old'?

"Doesn't surprise me really…She did get up enough guff to get his favor, and with him being actively about…do wreckin' Raelyn's made that her stamp of approval on the matter. But that does go about explaining why you've stopped in." Pella's brows do raise with a bit of amusement when her tease does seem to hit a mark. "My, my…I do believe some might be having a bit of a fancy. " It does cause a grin to come to see that bit of pink there. "Though I won't say Emilia sought it none either and I can't say I'd be calling Lonar some stupid fool. " And ah…there comes that Cassomir blood showing,"No, you're not Cathrynn, but don't be forgetting she is consort to your brother…Who I do believe is also a cousin to the King. Causes a new bit of worry that." A hand reached to pat Adrienne's hand with it's place on the table. "Don't be worrying to much about it, ain't like Raelyn would marry ya off ta some stuffy, rolly-polly old warted hog that ya'd have not a chance if getting in with. No doubt there will be politics involved, always is. But ain't all fine being just a plain Huntress either, we got our troubles, different turns of 'em. And there are a plenty who's quite rather be in your shoes at that. Never does one much good ta pine for someone else's life in the end. Fun perhaps ta dream about it for a bit."


With Adrienne it usually would not be any Huntresses to look after her safety, but the Cassomir guard Deidre who was often seen with her, and sometimes even additional guards, depending on where she was being escorted, and in what attire. As Adrienne Cassomir could usually look after herself, with that fine hunting dagger of light silver at her belt. And the bow and a quiver full of arrows when she was in the forest - but that was a context where she would leave her guards behind, as she would be in Huntress company.

Adrienne listens, her head tilting a little to the side as she considers what Pella has to say about the romance of Emilia and Lonar. Her lips curl ever-so-slightly, and she nods to the similarity between father and son. Raelyn's approval has her brows lift, as if in light astonishment, but then again, her expression softens and she lowers her gaze, when cheeks color even further, diminished the contrast of her freckles to her usually so light skin. "A fancy… Nah. Maybe a faint ghost of one, perhaps…", Adrienne allows in a low stubborn drawl, a faint line appearing briefly between her brows, as if she could will any such sentiment easily away. "Either way…" Her words trail off, and she meets Pella's gaze when the talk shifts to Cathrynn and Graham. Her smile dims somewhat, and she nods, her tone slightly sobered. "Aye, even their time together is only limited, so I try not to get too attached." Which is easy, or so her smile does convey. Cassomir stoicness with a bit of optimistic confidence slips back in place, when Adrienne assures: "I'm not running from my duty. You know, I wouldn't, Pella!"

Given enough people bent on causing harm, or kidnapping, one's ability to protect themselves could be good and well trumped. And as tournaments could well prove…people sometimes just had bad days.

A eyebrow raised a bit to see that flicker of astonishment in Adrienne when Raelyn's approval had been noted. Surely, Lonar wouldn't have been brought on without an approval. Or more…as if Raelyn wouldn't have questioned Emilia about that favor!

"From the color of your cheeks, it seems it might be a fancy. Or it is just you're getting some mighty fine experience out of the matter," the older Huntress easily teasing Adrienne. She wanted less protocol right? Pella nods when it does settle back to Graham and Cathrynn, true as that might be…ain't wrong ta have such attachments even if they come ta be short lived. Still can learn from them and might even miss out on something grand. " Pella shakes her head with a laugh,"Oh, by the One, I wasn't implying ya were. It'll be quite the day where I'd ever think ta say such of any Cassomir." Duty ran through their blood! "Besides…"

Her words are cut short as a loud bang and raised voices are heard in the hallway. Pella's brows shoot up and she is soon on her feet to head towards the door.


Raelyn's approval would indeed settle the matter, in a way that even Adrienne could not object to, if she were so inclined. Right now, the color adorning Cassomir cheeks deepens a touch, even of the freckled Huntress lady does her best to retain her composure - and straightens in her seat. The faint glare she gives Pella may anticipate a heated retort; but instead she bites her bottom lip, that curves just so in a smile - before she admits in a soft murmur: "The latter, actually." Brief admission, that, and all Pella will hear from her on the subject. The awkwardness fades in the moment the older Huntress acknowledges her sense of duty - but then Adrienne's attention is likewise distracted by the ruckus coming from the hallway, and she stands and follows when Pella moves to the door, "Just what is the meaning of this…?"

The deepening color in Adrienne's cheeks does have Pella grinning. The woman winking,"As long as this bit of 'experience' doesn't ever cause ya any hurt." It was with a bit of sisterly affection there in the tease. For even if Pella was closer with Emilia, there was yet that sisterhood amongst the Huntresses.

Or at least usually that is the case, for there is another side all together being displayed in the hallway with two Huntresses twined and rather having a go at each other. A display that was usually kept to the practice yards when 'sisters' might have an issue come up.

Adrienne's words seem to have no effect upon the fight in progress as another fist is let fly. It takes Pella stepping in, and in turn ended up with a fist smashing into her face, a thing that does not seem to phase her at all as she tries the two combatants apart… "Since ya both be turning deaf, I'll repeat the question asked…Just what is going on here?"

The 'interference' does earn Pella a couple of glares, but more so by the younger of the two in the fight she's broken up. One who even smacks Pella's hand away from the position it had ended up to separate the two. Continuing to glare, Nia practically growls out,"Nothing." The young woman was a bit older then Adrienne, if only barely, having completed her Harrowing just the year before Adrienne and Emilia. The other is a bit calmer.about it, and seems about to say something when she catches sight of Adrienne and is instead soon offering a bow of her head,"Adrienne, hope we didn't interrupt something." The later was one of the 'older' Huntresses, a woman in her mid thirties named Hannah.


Whatever Adrienne may have replied to Pella's remark, it dies on the younger Huntress's lips, when the sisters in the hallway call for a timely intervention. The fact that her own question is mostly ignored by the two Huntresses engaged in a fight might be a first indication, that tempers are boiling high. Even so, Adrienne does not approve of Nia's reaction to Pella, as becomes clear through the glare she shoots back at the young Huntress. "Nothing…?", she spits out, letting her gaze pointedly wander between the three Huntresses. "Quite a bit of a fight for nothing, if you ask me." Raising her voice with a bit of indignation filtering into the Cassomir authority of her tone. Green eyes flick to Hannah, and there is a faint twitch of a smile. "The interruption isn't so much the problem, as what caused it.", Adrienne states then, in a slightly more matter-of-factly tone. "If you have unsolved business between the two of you, you should settle it outside. But as you have failed to do so… Better out with it. What were you two fighting over…?" She shoots Pella a glance, then moves to stand beside her, arms crossing before the freckled Huntress as she studies Nia and Hannah expectantly, waiting for an explanation.

It is easy to tell the exact moment when it actually registers with Nia that Adrienne is actually there as well, not just Pella, as she quickly straightens and smooths out her tunic. And actually looking chastened under that glare from the Cassomir. The young woman shooting both Pella and Hannah an accusatory look (when she thinks Adrienne is looking at the other two) as if it was all somehow their fault.

Nia is quick enough to try and answer,"It really isn't anything you need worry about. We were just having a difference of opinion on something. So…ya…nothing really, like I said."

Pella raises an eyebrow at Hannah while Nia is talking, a questioning look there. To which Hannah simply nods, causing Pella to sigh and shake her head.

When Hannah gets a look from Nia as if the younger girl expects Hannah to go along with that 'nothing' tale, she snorts and crosses her own arms. "Weren't me your opinion was differing with. You were out and out disrespecting the Viscountess and the Mistress of the Hunt." She does give Adrienne an apologetic look,"Ain't the first time she's been spouting such nonsense, and couldn't stand to hear it anymore. Didn't think she'd react so ta a lesson about respect, else I would have seen it taken outside."

It is funny how swiftly Adrienne's complexion has returned to normal, the freckles now clearly visible against the light skin of her face. There is a faint curving of her lips, her posture relaxing slightly when Nia reacts to that glare of hers, even so, the Cassomir lady seems little satisfied with Nia's reply. Adrienne's gaze flicks to Hannah then, a brow lifting, before her green eyes widen in astonishment, and her lips are pressed together, forming a line. The freckled Huntress inclines her head to Hannah's explanation, her demeanor cooling even more, when she turns her attention towards Nia again. "You were disrespecting the Viscountess?", Adrienne inquires with astonishment in her tone, "and Emilia, our Mistress of the Hunt…?" Her arms uncross as she takes a step towards Nia, her gaze flickering with contained ire. "What exactly did you say, to discredit them?", Adrienne inquires in an outwardly calm tone, were it not for the slight astonished tremble beneath the surface of Huntress professionalism. Her left hand comes to rest on the hilt of her hunting dagger she wears at her belt. Not that she would intend any atrocities, it is just a gesture, hinting at her disapproval of what she may be about to hear.

Nia glares at Hannah when the other doesn't help cover things up with her. Snapping, "I was not disrespecting the Viscountess at all," even if she is answering Adrienne, it is clear her 'venom' is directed more to Hannah and it also seems Pella to a degree with the look the generally silent Huntress gets as well. She calms a little as she looks to Adrienne, showing more respect for the Cassomir than the other two present,"And I weren't discrediting Emilia…least not exactly. " She shifts a little bit under Adrienne's gaze. "I was just bringing up that there is no knowing when exactly she might up and shoot someone, or she send a group off on some wild chase getting them or others killed. She ain't fit ta hold a bow most days with how touched in the head she is, was one thing get her to be allowed to go about like she was a Huntress proper…But ta be Mistress of the Hunt? It just ain't right. Shoulda been you who was named ta it." Nia stands a bit straighter after saying her piece, a bit of confidence returning as the last words come out.

It only causes another snort from Hannah,"Ya don't call that disrespecting Raelyn none? Talk like that and questioning her decisions is disrespecting her. Yer questioning her own mind and judgement, not just Emilia."

"I ain't! She is just blind and soft about her sister. Just like ya are. How can you not see just how mind addled she is?" Nia quick to snap back with a level of certainty and resolve behind her words.

Hannah shakes her head,"Ain't the blind one here. " The older woman having calmed down and remaining so, even as Nia seems to be getting fired up again.

It is then Pella does finally speak up, a quiet murmur towards Adrienne,"Nia ain't the only one who seems to think like this."

Adrienne's arms are crossed before her again, brows lifting as she hears what Nia has to say, the Cassomir lady studying the other Huntress attentively and with that hint of displeasure showing she disagrees. There is a shake of the head, then a flicker in her green eyes, the expression going distant for a brief spell, when Nia brings forth her points against Emilia, and Adrienne meeting her gaze when Nia insists it should have been Adrienne to fill that particular spot. Still, no immediate reply will be forthcoming, Adrienne turning then to hear Hannah's remark and Nia's following comment on Raelyn. Stepping over to Pella then, Adrienne will catch that murmur, her lips pressing together as she inclines her head in a nod towards the older Huntress.

There is a fire in her gaze as she focuses her attention once again on Nia. Adrienne considering the other Huntress for another moment, before she finally speaks. "You are wrong on a number of things, Nia. First of all…" She straightens, "Emilia did earn her position among the Huntresses. She went through her Harrowing like all the others. I will admit…" Here her gaze flicks briefly towards Hannah and Pella, "that I underestimated her myself for quite a while. But… I had to learn I was wrong. She is not dim-witted! And there is hardly a sister among us who is more skilled at sneaking up on someone. Two. If you question her becoming a Huntress in the first place… and even the decision of Raelyn to make her the next Mistress of the Hunt… You are openly questioning our Viscountess's judgement; her ability to rule over Ironhold. And her previous judgment as Mistress of the Hunt!" A glance is shot towards Hannah, and she nods. Her attention returning to Nia then, as Adrienne shifts in her stance, holding Nia's gaze as she continues. "You want to call me soft as well, for following Emilia and accepting her as Mistress of the Hunt…?!" A slightly challenging attitude there, in the grumble in her tone and the glare she gives Nia. "I know Raelyn would not have come to her decision, had she had any doubts about Emilia's ability. And I stand with her decision. To question it… is not acceptable.", Adrienne continues, as her arms uncross and she rolls her shoulders.

The reason that comes is clearly not what Nia was expecting as she first blinks before her eyes widen as Adrienne addresses her. Seeming to recover just a bit when Adrienne admits that she too had questions, nodding with a murmured," They went easy on her on that."

Which seems to draw another snort from Hannah as she murmurs to Pella," Girl is blind, ain't seen anyone else get so many sent after 'em before." A thing Pella just nods to as she does listen yet to Adrienne's response to Nia. Neither of the older Huntresses looking surprised, nor smug about the dressing down Nia proceeds to get. Both simply nodding back to Adrienne.

But what follows from Adrienne has Nia's jaw drop just a little. She just can't believe what she is hearing!! Her mouth gaps open as Adrienne speaks her piece before snapping shut, her jaw clenching. Not looking to be swayed one iota and moving from disbelief to 'injured' for her view not being validated and that glare she ends up getting to boot! Her mouth opens several times as some retort or response starts to come. Only to have her close her mouth without saying a word each time.

Which does have Hannah arching a brow questioningly, and finally commenting, "Don't tell me you're finally learning to keep yer yap shut and not spout every thought that comes ta yer mind?"

Oh does that earn Hannah quite the glare from Nia, and her jaw clenches again. Pella might actually look a touch amused, if only for a brief moment. But eventually Nia's attention is brought back to Adrienne, to whom she finally, and very, very reluctantly says, "No, I ain't calling ya soft…and guess I was being mistaken on a number of things." Her gaze dropping and avoiding Adrienne's now, as she also mutters, "And sorry for clocking ya, Hannah." Though it doesn't seem her heart is quite into that apology.

Hannah earns a glance from Adrienne, at her comment, even if the freckled Cassomir Huntress does not glare like Nia does, there is only a brief flicker in her gaze as if to say 'please, cut it out,' in an almost imploring manner, well aware as she is that such remarks will just spark the fire even more. Adrienne's head turns then, as her attention shifts back to Nia and she nods slowly to the reluctant admission. "Yes, you were wrong on a number of things," she states calmly. "It may be one thing to utter a concern… But to allow a matter such as this to bring discord among us Huntresses. We are sisters, Nia! Strongest, when we stick together." The corners of her lips lift a touch, as her voice gains a little in warmth. "Maybe you should give Emilia the chance to prove her ability and leadership… instead of judging her to be unfit beforehand." Adrienne's face turns a little to the side, even if her green gaze will remain on Nia. "Look at me when I am talking to you! As for Raelyn… You should rethink what you've dared to say about her. And give her the benefit of the doubt, as I am giving you as well now." Her chin tilts up a little. "I will keep an eye on you, Nia." And here Adrienne steps away from the other Huntress, after holding her gaze for a moment. A glance given to Pella and Hannah then, as if she wanted to assure herself of their support.

Hannah does give Adrienne a nod, and offers up nothing more to flame the fire. Becoming silent as Adrienne speaks, though she does shift a few steps closer to Pella.

Nia does force her gaze back to Adrienne when the comment comes to do so. It is done quite reluctantly. Agreement coming in an almost mutter, "Yes…we are strongest when we stick together, sister." There is a brief moment where is seems Nia is about to, wants to argue the point about Emilia's ability and soundness….but she quickly seems to change her mind and deflate some. "Fine…I will give her a chance as you ask, Adrienne. And give thought to what I've said." The words are said with that continued reluctance, quite like someone who knows what should be said, even if their heart is not in agreement. She nods, "I understand," as Adrienne says she'll be keeping an eye on her.

Both the older Huntresses do give Adrienne nods, as well as stepping closer to her, their support given to her within the non-verbal motion. Nia is given a brief look from Hannah that rather conveys 'she'll not be the only one watching' which does cause a brief glare from Nia before she spins and stalks back down the hallway, rather like a petulant child who has been scolded.

The posture and tone of Adrienne Cassomir may express confidence and authority granted to her by birth and the fact, that she for now, acts according to her principles and her sense of duty. Still, there may be a faint ghost of sympathy and understanding with Nia's convictions, a flicker in her green eyes occurring when she is all too aware which points Nia chooses not to bring up - the obvious defects of a touched Huntress, Adrienne would have agreed with fully some months ago. A brief downward flick of the Cassomir lady's gaze signals acknowledgement of at least the verbal assurance of Nia, her outward concurrence and agreeing to reconsider her problematic point of view.

"Fine then.", Adrienne says with a nod that dismisses Nia as well as administers at least temporary absolution, green eyes following the young Huntress as she moves off, before they shift to Pella and Hannah. "How many have voiced their doubts this openly so far?", she asks the both of them, her voice lowered to a murmur, her expression that of alarmed concern.

The question has Hannah and Pella exchanging a glance, Hannah giving Pella a bit of a questioning look before Pella shrugs her shoulders," Ain't gonna get any better at this point." An answer to whatever silent question was being posed it would seem. As after Pella does look to Adrienne," Only a small handful have been so vocal as her. Though most of ‘em have some sense and who they can be so free with that particular opinion. From what I can gather there are a few more who share the opinion but aren't voicing it, just nodding along in agreement. " Pella gives a half sort of smile, "Ain't like most of them are exactly talking to me about it." It was certainly clear where Pella and Syrn's support would fall. " Some I think aren't quite so harsh about it as that particular spitfire, not thinking it wrong she is a Huntress sister, more issue with her having become Mistress of the Hunt."

Adrienne's brows are drawn together, a faint line appearing between them as she considers what Pella has to say on the matter, the freckled Huntress's gaze going distant briefly, before her eyes focus again on the older Huntress. "We'll need to look out for those vocal ones," she states quietly, "as for the others… time will tell if they'll stick to their opinion." A sigh escapes her. "It will be on Emilia to prove them all wrong, and of course, such cannot be done in a matter of few weeks, especially with her being away at the moment." There is a pause, Adrienne's lips twitching into a faint smile then. "I've been aware there has been some discord on the matter. But I had hoped it would be more of a smaller complication." The smile dims, her gaze taking on a more urgent quality as it shifts from Pella to Hannah. "Please… If there are more occurrences of this kind, let me know." Even if Adrienne Cassomir is merely a Huntress, and not even officially appointed to lead matters of the Huntresses till Emilia's return, she is still a member of the family in charge of the county. "I should inform Raelyn about this…", Adrienne mutters thoughtfully, this more directed at herself than the two other Huntresses in her company. A nod then, offered to the both of them, as Adrienne moves to leave, her demeanor decidedly more brooding than when she arrived.

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