(1867-03-07) Venderos Tourney: Handcannon Competition
Venderos Tourney: Handcannon Competition
Summary: The Handcannon event for the Venderos Tournament of 1867
Date: 1867-03-07
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Tourney Grounds - Venderos

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the nobles sitting in the center, with the absolute best seats of course reserved for the royals and their guests. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the royals are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the nobles to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments. To discourage any unsavory elements within the stands, armed guards are stationed every ten feet. This visible reminder lends an air of discipline to the arena grounds.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. Yet, the dirt remains only within the center, as the pavilions, benches and even the rails seem free of dust…a nearly impossible task made possible. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.


The Handcannon competition, unique to Venderos, is about to begin, and those in the stands are eager to see it. The prize this year is more than worth the risk in competition, and those competing are lined up along the edge of the tourney field facing man-sized and shaped targets on the field about 100 paces distant.

In that, it looks rather similar to the archery tournament, but it differs drastically in the noise and… frankly… danger. A bow isn't likely to blow up in your hands as you wield it. Some of those on the field have lesser handcannons— older, not quite as expensive. But some on the field have the more reliable ones crafted by men under Prince Lucius's direct oversight and those…

Those are beautiful things. And far less likely to explode.

So the crowd is there not only to see who has the best aim, but morbidly to see if anyone loses a hand this year…

It was not an event that Emilia had witnessed before, and well when at tournament the Cassomir did seem to show up for most events anyways. So there she was settled in the stands like so many others. A few of the usual suspects with her. Noting,"THis is going to be quite of loud." Which…well was obvious.

Gabriel l'Saigner glances up and down the line at the others who are taking part in this competition. Granted it's not as popular as something like Archery, but he was certain that as the years progressed that these weapons would be used more and more. Glancing back down at the trio of hand cannons that are before him, he takes his time making sure that all are properly loaded and are ready to be fired. Once he is satisfied with the condition of each weapon, he waits for word to be given to begin.

As things seem to be getting ready to begin, Gabriel stands there in a calm and collected fashion. This is the first time he has ever done anything like this but he is used to tournament competitions. Plus his weapons are the stylish weapons that he won in Venderos last year for winning the melee. If they helped bring him victory and a new prize… well, he would thank Prince Lucius for it.

Thaddeus is participating for the first time in such a contest. He has his hair tied back so that it does not inhibit his aim. He has opted for training leathers, as they are comfortable and will not be ruined by the smell of sulpher and smoke. Thad has brought the long cannon he won for his efforts last year and it is currently waiting for him to add the match needed to fire the long cannon, which will happen when the command is given.

Clarke has come to watch the Hand Cannon competition over in the stands wtih interest. having seen them only a few times, a chance to see thos eskilled with them show off has his attention as he sits back to observe from his place in the stands, otherwise nursing on a mug of ale.

Michael l'Corren wasn't what you would call an expert with the handcannon but his wife had taught him the basics, so being in her homeland he had decided to take part. Michael is dressed simply for the event with beige tunic and breeches, all clothing he doesn't mind getting covered with the remains of flashpowder, and waits near the shooting line for the event to begin.

Two men step forth, one on either side of the line of men and women ready for this shoot off, each carrying a white cloth. An announcer calls out, "When the white flags drop, fire three times at your target! Good luck!"

And the flags drop.

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Good Success. (1 7 2 5 7 7 5 2)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Success. (4 3 6 8 2 1 5 3)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Good Success. (2 1 6 7 6 3 7 6)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (4 6 7 7 1 2 1 6 6 1 5 2 3)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Amazing Success. (8 3 5 7 8 7 6 1 7 8 1 3 5)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Great Success. (4 2 2 4 7 7 4 1 8 7 2 8 5)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (7 5 3 8 8 2)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (2 8 5 8 5 3)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Great Success. (6 8 7 7 8 3)

Handcannons and longcannons shoot in loud explosions down the line. One man drops to the ground, clutching a ragged stump of a hand (missing multiple fingers) and screaming— on his second shot, his handcannon exploded in his hand. Quickly, healers move forward and drag him back from the line to start tending him, but he is definitely out of the competition.

Despite being no stranger to war and violence, there is something the exploding weapon and bloody ruin of a hand that Michael finds deeply disturbing. He casts a look at his own weapon as if it were a snake about to bite him and for a moment it seems as though he is planning to set it down and walk away, but another follows the first, this one to the stands where his wife and goodfather watch. There will be no walking away. So, swallowing hard, Michael reloads his weapons and gets ready for the next round promising the One not to undertake such folly in the future, if he can keep his limb.

There is certainly no disappointment concerning the noise of it when all the shots start to ring out. Unlike a few near here, Emilia does manage to not flinch, a fine testiment to her stoicness. Dark eyes flicker to the targets to see what hits, if any were made. And then there is the looking to the guy who drops screaming. There is a faint turn of tightening at the corners of her eyes. Murmuring though to one of those near,"Of guessing this is of his last time in of such an event." It was the risk with such.

Gabriel squeezes the trigger and his first hand cannon fires, the shot going a little wide of his mark. Quickly sheathing it and pulling it out the second hand cannon. He adjusts his aim and fires. Bullseye. Nodding to himself and ignoring the screaming that's going on, he sheathes and pulls out the final hand cannon. Firing, it just misses the mark but it's good enough. Stepping away from the firing line, he begins to reload his weapons.

Thad frowns as his shots fare only mildly, though he counts himself fortunate as he hears and sees the explosion down the line. With a quick prayer on his lips, he begins reloading, praying again that his long cannon does not explode on him.

The flags drop a second time.

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Failure. (1 6 2 1 4 1)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (6 7 7 2 1 7)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Success. (2 1 1 8 1 2)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Success. (4 2 4 6 8 1 3 5)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Good Success. (3 8 2 4 6 7 4 2)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Success. (2 1 4 6 7 2 1 1)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Amazing Success. (4 4 7 5 7 7 4 8 7 4 5 1 8)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Great Success. (4 2 6 2 8 8 5 5 8 8 6 3 7)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Great Success. (7 7 2 3 2 7 5 7 5 1 5 5 2)

With the field thinned with the one man being taken away to have his stump treated, Emilia does turn her stoic attention back towards those remaining in the field. And oh the noise as the next series of shots are taken by those on the line. It was intriguing to watch, even if her ears were likely to be ringing for a bit afterwards. ANd thankfully she wasn't down on the field! For so many reasons.

Perhaps it was the nerves. Michael's next shot WOOMFs rather than cracks and the hand cannon shot flies nowhere, despite all the smoke and fire spitting from the weapon. Michael curses, and drops the weapon, looking at the burns the sparks left on his hand. Still, there are people watching so he shakes it out and taking up his next two weapons fires off two more desultory shots at the target, before he steps back from the line. Behind in points but with his hand still attached.

Gabriel's hand cannons are reloaded and he steps up to the line once more. When the flag drops, he takes aim and fires. Bullseye. Switching one hand cannon for another and aims once more. He fires. He nearly misses getting another bullseye and so he takes his third hand cannon and tries to adjust his aim. This third shot comes close, but not a bullseye. He steps back and begins reloading.

Michael spends 1 luck points on Making up the points..

The prayers held it seems, for Thad, though they did not help his aim much. With a sour frown, he goes about reloading again, trying to figure out how to get as close as possible tow inning, but that is unlikely at this point, thanks to Gabriel's peerless marksmanship.

Gabriel spends 1 luck points on Pew pew..

Thaddeus spends 1 luck points on Stay on target.

The flags drop a final time.

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon+5: Good Success. (2 7 1 7 5 4 2 4 5 4 1)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (5 3 5 3 8 8)

<FS3> Michael rolls Hand Cannon: Failure. (3 4 5 3 5 5)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Success. (3 8 1 6 4 2 6 6)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon: Great Success. (7 8 3 3 2 8 7 7)

<FS3> Thaddeus rolls Long Cannon+5: Good Success. (4 2 1 1 4 6 5 8 7 6 1 7 6)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (4 5 5 7 2 4 5 1 2 4 6 7 6)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon: Good Success. (5 1 8 7 3 1 2 4 5 2 2 1 1)

<FS3> Gabriel rolls Hand Cannon+5: Good Success. (6 8 6 2 6 4 6 4 6 5 6 3 7 3 1 7 5 5)

One of the men on the line drops on the first shot of the handcannons going off. His hand is fine, but blood seeps from a chest wound— partof the cannon blasted backward into the man's chest. Two down in the field of twelve. Actually a pretty good day, all things considered.

Watching the guns go off, the smoke and explosions, make Clarke in the stands wince some as he sees some of the burns on the competitors. And then as he looks at the targets and in some cases sees holes clear through them.

Gah! Another misfire and more burns. Michael drops his final hand cannon and cradles his burnt hand. "Well that's enough of that," he mutters, though with that being the final shot it wasn't as if he had a choice. Seeing his brother came out the victor he gives him a nod. "Good shooting," he says, declining to offer his burnt hand for a shake. "But excuse me, I will need to go find a healer."

Thaddeus is pleased as one of his shots fares rather well. Sadly it is not enough for him to prevail, though it does result in a second place finish by a sole point, so he does not let himself get down too much.

A faint blink occurs when there is a man dropping on the line. Well tournaments did always have a element of risk to them, just a different type of risk to this one. Emilia shakes her head a little, commenting to one of the Huntresses,"Least the bows are not of so risky, though those do look to be of interesting." There are a couple who nod, though one or two just wrinkle their noses at the very idea.

The final round comes and Gabriel's performance falls a little short of his previous two rounds, but it is good enough to secure his victory. "Brother, I hope you are not too injured, but if you wish for some more lessons perhaps we can arrange some time for practice soon. Let me know, and I hope your hand is well." He gives his other competitiors a nod and then makes his way to go and find Alina.

Michael smiles but does not look too eager to practice with these damned contraptions. "Perhaps," he offers blandly then glances down at his hand. The burns are mostly on the surface, the sort that hurt more than they do any real damage. "My hand should be alright, but thank the One there's time before the joust finals. Anyhow, how have you been?" he asks delaying his departure some.

A nod, "I have been well. Not much to speak on… it is odd to not be participating but then again it's nice not to be bruised and beaten before trying to go to sleep each night." He reaches over and puts his hand on Michael's shoulder. "Been hoping you can win it, brother, but it seems Sir Jonathan is going to take the prize this time around. No matter, there are still three more tournaments for you to win this year."

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