(1867-03-08) A Huntress Matter
A Huntress Matter
Summary: Adrienne seeks Raelyn out to address a Huntress matter. Oddly enough, Raelyn manages to shift the topic in a rather blush-causing direction.
Date: 15/03/2016 (Date of RP)
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Viscountess Study - Castle Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
In the scene
Marse 8th, 1867

Times were rather tranquil at the moment at Castle Roseguard, with Devlin and Emilia gone for the Venderos Tournament along with a number of Huntresses. Yet again, there was still the Alhazred delegation visiting, and while she was often around in the evenings to attend the gatherings and socializing in the Great Hall of the castle, Adrienne was rather scarce during the day. For the visitors, that is. Because, as Raelyn would likely be aware of, the freckled Cassomir was taking care of Huntress matters, dealing with the ones who were left at Roseguard. One or two days may have passed since a rather interesting encounter had taking place; interesting in the sense of 'thought-provoking'. And it is on this late morning that Adrienne approaches the study of the Viscountess, knowing that Raelyn was there to deal with matters of the county, and hence taking a break from her duties as a host.

When Adrienne enters the chamber, she does so after announcing herself with a knock on the door, and a murmured, "May I come in?". She is dressed in the rather unflashy attire of Huntress tunic and leggings, dark hair worn in a braid, green eyes lowering for a moment before they meet the gaze of her cousin . "I need to speak with you.", the reason for her appearance brought forth in efficiently few words.

"Of course," comes Raelyn's easy reply from within the room she herself used to bother Jaren from time to time. And, used to the fact that like Jaren, she almost looks forward to the interruptions, at time from the constant flow of duty that now she must oversee. She sets the quill back into it's resting place and turns to fully face her cousin, then rising, "Come," she says, gesturing towards the chairs further in the room. "Let us at least have some comfort, while we speak."

There is already some tea, still warm, present and Raelyn pours herself some, as well as another cup for Adrienne. "What is on your mind?"

There is a smile tugging at Adrienne's lips when Raelyn asks her to sit down with her in the more comfortable seats. "Fine," she says, with a glint in her eyes, as she inclines her head, following then her cousin's invitation as she moves over and sits down. Her gaze lingers on Raelyn as she pours them both tea, in a slightly thoughtful fashion. Her brows twitch upwards then, and she shifts a little forward in her seat. Then ponders how to begin.

Adrienne chooses the blunt approach: "There is some discord among the Huntresses." Her hands fold before her, and her gaze flicks down, as if to study the play of her entwining fingers for a moment. "I meant to tell you; in case you are not already aware."

Raelyn frowns, nodding some, "Tell me about it," she encourages then. If she knows about it, she doesn't offer such. It's likely from her expression, however, she has at the very least an idea of the root of it. She still has many Huntress contacts, afterall. Still, she doesn't have ears like Adrienne might have, and is no longer always walking among them, even if she is able to choose and handpick her own personal guard.

"I do not like discord. Among my people. And especially among my Huntresses." Her Huntresses. It's hard to shake that mindset, and there's clearly a very vivid part of Raelyn she's not afraid to show her cousin that would prefer she were still one. "You, Adrienne, are my eyes thus. Speak plainly."

Adrienne sees the frown and draws a breath. "Discord… may not be the right word for it. But well… We sort of expected this perhaps, didn't we? It seems there are a number of Huntresses who very much disagree with your decision to make Emilia take the position of Mistress of the Hunt. This shows in various forms. Most of them would not voice their doubt openly. But two days ago, I happened to witness a fight between Nia and Hannah. Here in the castle. In fact, right in the hallway, not too far from Pella's room where I happened to be, to discuss some matters with Pella."

The freckled Huntress pauses, her gaze flickering briefly. "Nia and Hannah were really at it, and if Pella and I wouldn't have interfered…" Her words trail off. "Nia admitted after I asked her… that she sees Emilia as being unfit… to be a Huntress even, let alone Mistress of the Hunt." Adrienne coughs clearing her throat and her thoughts. "I had to contradict vehemently her view of Emilia gaining the position more out of… sentimental reasons than actual ability." A pause, before the freckled Cassomir lady's eyes shift to meet Raelyn's. "Nia… apologized, but I doubt my words convinced her really."

"I see." Raelyn's words come with a frown, but they are not as vehement a reaction as Raelyn may have given prior to her becoming Viscountess. She is maturing into the role, it would seem. Still. She is not fond of what she hears. "I am half tempted to remove Nia altogether," she says, cooly. "Regardless of her feelings, she knows better than to behave as thus. Especially with us playing ambassador to our guests." The teacup is raised to her lips, sipped slowly, as if to help both calm Raelyn's mind and give her time to gather her thoughts. "But, that would be the wrong way to approach it. You know that I would never jeopardize my friends, my Huntresses by setting a leader to them that is unfit. It is not for affection that I gave Emilia this charge. But because she is Cassomir, and she is skilled."

She exhales, then, deeply and nods. "Have you witnessed more of this behavior, however subtle, amongst them, Adrienne?"

"I know," Raelyn's cousin agrees, with a faint glint in her green eyes. "Emilia is skilled. And she is a Cassomir, of the main line." She hesitates, before admitting: "Nia said she'd like to see me in Emilia's position. But that is not the point. It is that voicing such doubts in Emilia, is to openly put your decision into question. Which is not acceptable." Adrienne's lips are pressed together, forming a line, as she nods her head once again, acknowledging Raelyn's displeasure at Nia. "Pella and Hannah have told me there are others, but no one has been as outspoken so far." Her brows are drawn together, as Adrienne leans forward, "We all have seen it coming, in a way. There are some that are put off by Emilia's personality. Emilia did a good job of taking Huntresses of both supporters and doubters with her to Venderos. Even so, I believe, it will be a lengthy process." Reaching for the cup of tea, the freckled Cassomir tilts her head a little to the side, considering. "I shall speak with Emilia when she returns from Venderos. We need to think of measures, on how to establish a trust in her abilities even among those who currently are rather sceptical of them."

"Truth," agrees Raelyn, to Adrienne's words. She leans forward, to lightly touch her cousin's hand in appreciation. Warmth. "I think they have been keeping it from me in hopes it would quell down, before anything got too bad." They, meaning her private guard, of course. "But I have heard some rumors. I, as you know, we, expected some discontent, at first. I suppose it is in part my fault for knowing Emilia too well, and trusting that my sisters would have faith in my decision, as they always had." She gets a pensive look, then, about herself and exhales a sigh.

"I believe it is Emilia's intent to move to Sunsreach, after Venderos, for the Wedding, and the events there. Of course, I and the delegation shall be returning for the same. And as much as I would like to have a hand in this, personally - I think it is best if this is handled with you as her aid, Adrienne. I can support. Advise. But if I were to intervene and use my pull, it would only further diminish Emilia's position. And I'll not have that happen."

The faint smile on Adrienne's freckled features turns into a slightly more pronounced version, her gaze flitting downward to where Raelyn's hand touches hers. "Of course. So far it has been little more than… a feeling. The knowledge there would be doubts, and the hope such could be swiftly dispelled." Her gaze remains lowered. "Even I have to admit, that your decision surprised me. But you know, that I will respect it." And here her eyes lift, meeting Raelyn's gaze with the stubborn confidence that is so much like Adrienne. "You know her far better than me, she is your sister, Raelyn. And in that I will trust."

Then there is another nod, to Emilia returning to Sunsreach. "Of course… I shall be there as well," the Cassomir Huntress drawls with a slight roll of her eyes. "We are all expected to attend and see for ourselves, how the Prince of Fools finally gets chained down by an amiable and beautiful young lady." A faint smirk there. "I shall have opportunity to catch Emilia there, and speak with her. This is a Huntress matter, to be handled by her, with mine and the assistance of other trusted Huntresses like Pella and Syrn." Said in affirmation of Raelyn's own words.

"Good. As far as Nia, I want her going to Sunsreach. Either as your guard, mine, or as a participant in the archery contest." Raelyn exhales, "Let's keep an eye on her so that no further discord is sown than what already has been." She smiles further, then, "You do me honor, Adrienne, with your faith. I shall be certain it is not misplaced," she promises, clasping both her hands around Adrienne's own.

But that particular matter is settled, and she nods. "And yes, soon enough Prince Tristan shall be wed. And what of you, cousin-mine? You know it must come sooner or later. Yet, we are lucky to be in a position that our alliances are strong. And I will not see you wed out of mere gluttony or greed to aspire to greater power. Have you turned your thoughts to any potential houses for men whom you might find suitable, or even, dare I say, fancy?"

"Hmmm…", Adrienne's gaze goes distant as she considers Raelyn's decision in regards to Nia, but then she agrees. "Probably best, to keep an eye on her. I shall take her with me, as you suggest." A new confidence glinting in her green eyes as she glances towards her cousin. As towards the next, she murmurs, "You know you can count on me."

The next train of thought catches Adrienne Cassomir a little off guard, and has her even almost stammer for a moment. "I… ummm…" She shakes her head, as if to get some clarity into her thoughts and words, but then decides to have a sip of the tea first, to buy her some time, perhaps. "To be honest, I haven't given much thought to the matter so far," she admits then. "As I've always assumed you'd approach me with suggestions should any come up. As for suitable Houses…" Again, Adrienne's words trail off, and she bites her bottom lip. "That will be for you to decide." Her eyes close momentarily as if to regain her focus. "I'd suspect /fancy/ would not play much of a part in it."

"Certainly it would," Raelyn protests firmly. "You do not think the marriage between myself and Stephen happened by chance? Jaren was most - helpful in understanding my needs, and seeing to them." She can't help but smile in that indulgence. She exhales, then. Purses her lips. "And you and Aidric?" It's the first time she's brooched the subject, with her cousin. Well known, afterall, her personal opinions on the man, though after the recent war those have lessened.

Adrienne shifts in her seat, her brows jumping upwards when Raelyn brings up her own match to Stephen Greycen. "I suppose you just were lucky," she confesses in a somewhat hushed tone, a slight twinkle there none-the-less appearing in her eyes at the mention of 'needs'. Her gaze meets that of her Viscountess cousin, and Adrienne straightens ever so slightly, wondering what will follow that ominous exhale. And when that unspoken question is answered shortly after, it is her turn to draw a deep breath, her focus shifting away from Raelyn, and her expression turns into slight bewilderment.

"Me…? And Aidric?", Adrienne echoes, and she cannot prevent a slight rosiness from conquering her freckled cheeks. Her eyes close for a moment, a faint line appearing between her brows, and she shakes her head again. Hoping this tactic will help her maintain a clear head. "Even if I have to admit I enjoy his company, there is no sense in hoping to see us matched. Why? Anyone in their right mind couldn't agree to this. And neither of us entertains such foolish expectations." The words leave her lips in the moment they cross her mind, Adrienne no longer evading Raelyn's gaze, but meeting it with her own. While her tone of voice conveys the matter-of-factness that seems oddly detached. And odd it is, to broach this subject that so far has been avoided between the two of them, for apparent reasons. Raelyn's dislike of the former Thorn.

Raelyn nods, slowly. "Do you love him?" She inquires, then, her tone quiet, fixed. And it is clear that Raelyn is expectant of an answer. It's not something that Raelyn is going to let go, until she does get that answer. Still, she seems earnestly committed to this, and at least for the right reasons. There is no righteous indignation about the company kept, which can only make one wonder just how long Raelyn has known. She finishes off her cup of tea, while she waits for the answer, attentive.

Adrienne's eyes widen at the question, and her mouth opens as if to ready a retort, but it dies on her lips; bewilderment flashing in her gaze, and as if that were not bad enough, the healthy rosiness of her cheeks deepens, diminishing the contrast of her freckles against her usually so pale skin. It takes her a long moment. Her mouth shuts, and her gaze drifts towards the table where paperwork has been left to deal with later. But it is clear, her attention is not so much on what is to see in the Viscountess's study, as her focus is turned inward.

Green eyes sweep back towards Raelyn, a bit of uncertainty flickering in her gaze, when Adrienne replies: "I don't know." More air leaves her lips in an astonished exhale. "I mean… I don't think I do. We are too different, in our views." Her brow lifts just a touch. "Also… How do you know there is something between me and him? We have tried to keep it…" She exhales again, in an almost snort. "Discreet. For various reasons."

"You told me," Raelyn professes, "Just now." She smiles, just a little bit, shrugs her shoulders and points as if to indicate Adrienne's cheeks. "I've had suspicions. If you didn't think I watched whom you've bantered with, or danced with at various Tourney celebrations, or in Sunsreach during my brother's wedding, and others, Adrienne, you should know I keep a watch on all my family. We are a precious few, and I care deeply for all of you."

She admits, then, "I am not - thrilled with the prospect, Adrienne. But I do understand it. Your discretion is appreciated. And I assure you, you have been discreet. At least, as far as I can tell."

"You are wrong!", Adrienne contradicts, "I mean… there is a difference between enjoying someone's company, and being in love with someone." The odd emphasis given the word 'love' as if it were a contagious disease. Her hand lifts, fingers brushing over her cheeks that suddenly feel so hot to the touch. "It's… that I kept it secret from you. And that you've seen through all of this, and known all the while." Thoughts - feelings - that are so hard to put into words. "I have danced with Aidric, yes. He has a bright mind. An intriguing personality." Her brows furrow and she inhales. Her gaze flickering a bit helplessly towards Raelyn, as her shoulders lift in a faint shrug and she replies: "Thank you, for your understanding." As for what exactly, remains to be seen. "And… I'm sorry, if I'm being a disappointment to you."

There is true surprise at the latter statement, and Raelyn leans forward to once again clasp Adrienne's hand between her own, shaking her head in quick negation. "Of course you're not a disappointment to me." Her expression tightens then, "You've acted as I would have, if I were in your position. You've been careful. And you've been true to yourself. You've brought no attention to yourself, or to us." She tempers this, then, with a smile. "I've suspected," she agrees. "For a while. But that's all. And I didn't call you out on it -because- you were acting as you were. I only bring it up now to see if it's something more - serious," she offers. "Before petitions come in for your hand. They are bound to come soon, after the Prince's wedding. Such things tend to inspire others."

Her breath has picked up from obvious agitation that does not show in the rosy tinge of her cheeks alone. Adrienne Cassomir looks where Raelyn's hands clasps hers, and she returns the squeeze given with gratitude, both for the gesture and the words that accompany it. And with the soothing touch of her cousin's hands Adrienne's calm returns slowly, as the reply Raelyn has for her slowly sinks in. She nods. "It is nice of you, to consider this. I am aware, he is not among your favorite kinds of people." An understatement that. "But at the moment, I assure you. It's nothing serious." As she slowly regains her composure, Adrienne lifts her gaze, and her lips already curve slightly upwards again. "I am aware, of my situation as cousin to the King of Rivana. I assure you, I'm not afraid to face those petitions. Who knows? Perhaps there is an agreeably boring fellow among them…?" A half-jest, that, as the faint glint in her eyes betrays.

"Then when I find an agreeably boring fellow, I shall make certain to notify you. But you will hold the final say," Raelyn promises. She looks back to the desk, "Just be glad you are not Viscountess, Adrienne. Jaren is lucky I love him so." There is wry humor there, but sincere. "I am adapting better than I thought, but largely in part due to Stephen's complementary skills. I must thank the Duchess sometime for seeing to his education so."

A faint smirk blossoms on her cousin's freckled features, in reaction to Raelyn assuring her of finding such agreeably boring fellow for her. "It was a jest!", Adrienne offers in faint protest that is not devoid of amusement. Following the glance of her Viscountess cousin towards the desk with the paperwork, she lets out a low chuckle. "Oh. I assure you, I am glad, Raelyn. And well… don't we all love our King?" Adding that much in light tease of the absent Jaren. "You are doing fine, as far as I can tell," Adrienne opines then as she rises to her feet. "As for your Count… it seems you two are nicely matched."

"We are. And the One has certainly blessed us," Raelyn concedes warmly. "But, I really ought to get back to seeing to my less than eventful duties." She sighs, melodramatically, "But thank you for giving me the information. Keep me informed? Please." She rises then, and moves back to her desk. "I imagine the delegates shall remain in Sunsreach. So we will have a small break, in that after this. Still, I've enjoyed their visit. And learning about their culture. I hope you've found it equally as enlightening." A pause, another sigh with a half-smile, and she wishes, "Good night, Adrienne. Sleep well, when you do."

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