(1867-03-08) Venderos Tourney: Artistic Competition
Venderos Tourney: Artistic Competition
Summary: The Artistic Competition for the Venderos Tournament
Date: 1867-03-08
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The Powder Keg - Venderos
The Powder Keg is an efficiently run inn in Venderos, marked by a large sign with a Hand Cannon in states of disassembly diagramed on the front. It is a somewhat dull looking place, at least from the outside, a structure that is made of solid stone and thatched with reeds atop and about three stories high. It has a tavern and eatery on the first floor with a smaller common performance areas than most inns. The performance area seems little used, however…and may be more used for extra floor space than performing arts.. Each table in the inn is blockish and square, and all seem to be the same size. The upper floors are given over to rooms for individuals to rent, mostly for commoners and those of the merchant castes, but with a few for those of higher social class that are more comfortable. The rooms are basic for the most part, consisting of a small bed, a table and a few chairs scattered about and a lamp and a privy. Each room is uniformly the same, and comfortable if rather dull and without much coloration.

The common room of the Powder Keg Inn is packed with luminaries, noble and common alike. The reason? The Artistic Competition, popular in this nation of craftsmen. Even some of the royal family is on hand tonight, the prince in a coat of red and gold, and his wife and daughters dressed in designs by Alina l'Saigner. With the royals comes security, though they mostly stay out of the way of the guests, even as they keep a close eye on any who approach them.

The night is well on the way, the winners for the craftsmanship, Jasper Callis for a pair of hand cannons, and composition, Devin Norrick's poem about the Battle of Three Crowns, having already been announced. There is a lull before the final two events of the night however, the painting and the performances, a chance for people to drink and mingle and examine the fine works on display.

Lydia moves into the Inn looking over the other artworks as well as her own, she nods her head as she looks to it gently then round to see if anybody else seems interested, the young Giraldi taking her first entry seriously.

Clarke is inspecting the artwork, humming over then as he glides into the place, watching over at some of the pieces, rather impressed.

Tiadora is her usual socially awkward figure in blue and cream silks. She stands silently and studies the art from afar. There's a bit of amusement as she sees she and Emilia both picked birds this time. She gives the young Girardi a shy smile in welcome to another artist in the competition.

Evelyn l'Faust has … not had the best of showings in the joust, or the duels. Especially considering her showing in the last Tourney, and it likely has at least a few tongues wagging about if her recent placement in the Falcon's might have something to do with the Knight's concentration or mood. Tonight, hopefully, is a night to get away from a lot of that, and it finds the l'Faust Lady moving through the crowd, lingering most near the paintings with a critical eye. Nevermind there's a pint of ale in her hand.

The various pieces are being looked over by Emilia, stopping to check out some of the winners already announced, as well as what had been put up for competition against them. The Cassomir was actually wearing a dress, rather then her usual leathers this evening. Perhaps not quite a design by Alina l'Saigner, but it was something rather fashionable for once. There was also a leather stripe tied about her left arm, a fairly simple things but well crafted with an odd design upon one end of it. Giving a corner tugging bit of a smile as she nears the paintings in seeing Tiadora and Lydia.

Amelia watches from afar - not lingering near her entry nor anyone elses. She has a drink in her hand she sips upon as her eyes flicker to the other artists, she too casually nods her head to them.

Alina l'Saigner has been inspecting the various artwork and craftsman pieces, placing bids on a few and ignoring others. She carries a glass of wine that she's barely touched, her other hand resting lightly on her well-rounded, fit to pop stomach under a somehow still entirely fashionable dress. She mingles some with others, but isn't too intent on much conversation tonight, yet.

Michael l'Corren wanders through the display of art with a distracted sort of interest. He is here because his wife wished to be, no other reason. Further, the burns on his hand from yesterday still sting and they take his mind from the paintings laid out before him.

Lydia smiles kindly to Tiadora and Emilia "good entries you two, It will be a tough call. I would hate to be a judge." she grins to the other young ladies.

Tiadora admits, "I w-wouldn't think a map can be art. B-but it looks lovely," she says softly to Lydia. "Just goes to show our ladies k-know their work."

"Of aye, I never of envy of the judges and their of having to of decide. There are always so many of fine entries." Emilia gives a bit of a love to the other pieces on display. It would be a tough choice to make. "And it is seeming we were of having similiar of ideas, Lady of Tiadora."

While the events so far haven't been bad for Samuel, the beatings taken as part of the competitions is starting to get to him. And so, when he walks, it might be a little more stiffly than usual. Currently looking through the various artwork, he sips at a drink as well, looking to the pieces of art rather absently.

Clarke watches over, and then turns over as he dips his head over at Samuel, "You had some excellent showings over in the tournament so far."

Lydia laughs to Tiadora, "honestly I am still learning how to embellish art into the pieces, figure they can be both helpful and something good to look at." she laughs softly as she looks over to Emilia.

Evelyn lingers first near the Greathawk on a Wing painting, nodding a little bit here, then there as she doesn't seem to just appreciate the beauty of the piece, but - at least another artist might be able to discern that Evelyn is actually appreciating the style, the choice of paints and colors, and medium as a critic, or other artist might. "Lovely," she finally says, quietly. A smile is offered to Tiadora, "You have remarkable control over the brush. You are familiar with falconing, then?"

Tristan moves around his eyes taking in the various pieces. He ends up spending several long moments considering the pieces that are done by Emilia and Tiadora, considering.

Somewhere off to the side, Gabriel l'Saigner sits and tunes his lute. He's more than happy to let Alina walk around and see what she wants to bid on. If some painting will make her happy than he is more than happy to let her find something that makes her happy. It was easier than having something comissioned in any case.

Emilia nods towards Lydia,"It is of a beautiful of piece, there is certainly never of anything of wrong for something to be of beautiful and of useful." A hand faintly fluttering about in the air and towards the direction of the craftmenships area,"Just of look at some of the piece of there. Functional and of beautful."

Michael catches sight of Samuel and smiles. "You have the right idea," he says waving over a servant to fetch him a cup of ale. "Though I'd have thought you still drunk on victory, or has that glory faded?"

Amelia watches the Prince and she folds her fingers infront of herself nervous.

Tiadora nods shyly to Evelyn as she cracks a little smile. "My brother, Duke Symon, spends more time with that bird than anyone else in our household." She giggles a little. "I t-though it was a nice way to showcasing w-what Normont has to offer."

"Thank you," Samuel replies to Clarke, offering the man a grin. "I suppose it was my time to succeed this time," he offers, before he pauses momentarily at Michael's words. "I thought you knew, cousin. There's nothing that's able to sober you up like taking some hard hits, is there?"

Reaching up, Tristan rubs at his chin and then steps over to view the painting of the knight. The thing that catches his eye is the broken mirror. He wondered what that symbolized exactly… perhaps some internal struggle? He wasn't exactly a knight so it was hard for him to understand what might be running in that knight's head at the time.

Clarke glances over at Samuel and then Michael, "I can hardly state with any degree of experience over on either. I've merely experienced being drunk, but never from victory."

A late arrival is perhaps better than no arrival at all, as is the case fo the t'Tremaine Heir who joins the others at the artistic competitions where impressive pieces have been put on display. Dressed in usual formal attire for events like these, Elrick can be seen moving towards the costal map, curious as to whether the local area is painted out in detail or some other far away land.

Michael chuckles taking his newly arrived ale in his off hand while he raises his bandaged right, "Or burns in my case," he says and takes a deep pull from his tankard. "Anyhow, how have you been?" he asks when he lowers it again. Then to Clarke who has newly joined him. "You're a Cavalier, of course you've been drunk," he smiles. "A shame it's never been on victory, though, you'd have to take part for that."

"And you've showcased it -very- well Lady," assures Evelyn. "You've splendid talent. Perhaps you will win, yes?" She smiles warmly towards Tiadora, nodding. "I wish you well." Then, Evelyn is moving to make her rounds, next, to consider that other painting with a bird, and the scope of someone she's well aware has won prior events in this very affair. She studies the Flight of Peaceful Mystery, with as much attention to detail as she did the Greathawk. "A curious subject," she conceeds. "And an -excellent- use of depth and dimension. No wonder the Lady Cassomir has won some renown for her ability."

Lydia watches Elrick move to her map and as he looks over it, she smiles. "I hope you like the details Ser". With a tip of her dark hair she inclines her head slightly to the t'Tremaine Heir. Always keen to talk about her maps, her eyes flicker over to the Lady Cassomir, knowing she was well renowned and she offers the Lady a bright smile.

Raimond Giraldi moves through the room, idly examining several of the pieces with interest as he goes. Though as it so happens he does wander along to where Evelyn is examining Emilia's piece, giving a bit of a chuckle, "Forgive me, Sir Evelyn. I would not have taken you for a connoisseur of art." He adds, "Not that I could make such claim myself. My critique generally amounts to "I like it." or "I don't."" He adds with a wry grin.

Tiadora curtsies, bobbing up and down for Evelyn. "Lady Emelia is b-better than I am," she says modestly of the doves. "B-but thank you, Sir." Still weird about a woman and sir… She turns back to Lydia and grins a little. "At least the chance of the prize going to a Rivanan is high."

A clearing of a throat announces the return of the judges to the stage, lead by no less than the head of the Venderosi courtesan's guild. The lady curtsies to the royal family before she begins, "Your Majesties, my lords and ladies, masters and mistresses, tonight we have a clear winner in the artistic contest," she announces in a bell like voice that carries well through the crowded room. Many murmur at that remark having noticed one piece did earn a good deal of notice, while others remark that the Gerrells were soon to be kin to the prince by marriage and surely that would have a role to play in who would win. Either way the judges are content to let people speculate a little while longer before the announcement is made.

Clarke laughs quietly over at Michael, "Drunk, plenty of times aye. But generally on the eve of battles that were victories I'd be spending my time over in the healer's tent.." OTherwise turning his attentiont o the stage as the judgees come in, and he goes to watch quietly.

There's a brief grin and a chuckle from Samuel as Michael speaks of those burns. "You've not been trying cooking or something, right?" he remarks a bit lightly, before he nods a little. "Thankfully, one heal over time," he adds, before he shrugs a little bit. "Well, if a bit sore," he replies. Quieting down as he waits to hear who the winner is this time.

With Tristan checking out the nearby art, Emilia does bow her head towards him, offering up,"Prince of Tristan, looking to expand of your art collection? Or of here to hear what of songs might be of performed of today?" The last contest had quite the interesting performace. Though with the throat clearing, Emilia does turn towards the stage and the judges. A brow raising just a little at the comment about a clear winner.

When Lady Lydia speaks up near the map, Elrick glances at her direction before inclining his head respectfully before turning his attention back to the work that is on display, "I do, My Lady, the map was elegantly made. I presume you are Lady Lydia and this is your work? Very well done." As he continues to take in the details, the t'Tremaine appears to be studying the coasts and the landmarks, "Do you have any other works, other maps that you have drawn up?"

Tiadora turns to see. Indeed, the Gerrell girl is one of the finalists but her skill is at least evident. She whispers, "Good luck," to the other girls.

"Ah, Lady Emilia… yes." Tristan says with a faint smile. "What do you think of this piece here?" He points to the one with the knight. "I am trying to decide what the broken mirror might represent. Any thoughts you might be able to share with me? I am afraid that I am not the expert in art that others might be."

Michael snorts in amusement at his companions but before he can frame a more eloquent reply the room is quieting and so he falls silent along with the rest to hear who the winner is.

"And that winner is Lady Emilia Cassomir for her Flight of Peaceful Mystery," the chief judge announces before beginning the applause. "Do come up and get your just adulation, my lady," she offers the Cassomir girl as the rest of the room begins to applaud.

Clarke applauds as the winner was announced then, turning his attention over to Emilia then over as her name was announced, from his position giving a light bow over that is likely missed then.

Tiadora isn't surprised. And perhaps she's relieved to not be the one to go up in front over everyone. "Congratulations," she calls out happily as she claps.

"Your technique is one that many would be jealous of," Evelyn shares with Emilia shortly after the announcement is made. "Perhaps this will be your trifecta? May you do well. You and the Lady Gerrell are remarkable." Then her head tips towards Tristan.

"Your Majesty. I still hope to one day return the favor you left me in the hand-to-hand combat ring." She smiles, with a little mirth to take the threat of it out.

"It is of an interesting of piece," Emilia starts softly. But then there is a blink as the winner is announced and..it is well..her. Something of surprise showing briefly on that stoic mien,"If you will of excuse me of a moment, Prince of Tristan." Bowing her head before she does head up to the stage with that ethereal movment of hers. A hand briefly touching the leather strap on her arm before she steps to the stage. A bow of her head offered to the chief judge before offering a curtsey to the room with the applause going on.

Lydia claps for the winner and she smiles, before she looks over to the man still looking over her workings, "I do, none are artistically embellished but would serve well in detailing the lands and some of the cities my brothers and I have traveled. I am sure we could map out a specific area if you would like to talk about commissioned pieces?"

Michael joins in the applause when Lady Emilia is announced the winner. He does not know the girl too well, but he knows her reputation having been on hand for some of her previous victories. "Would have liked to see a Couvieri win but oh well, we'll get them on the field," he jests lightly to his companions as he claps.

As the winner is announced, Elrick once more turns his gaze away from the map to where the announcement was made, his own hands offering a polite applause, courtesy expected of a noble and heir. Then he returns his attention back to Lydia, looking somewhat impressed at her capabilities, "Well, I do not have any particular location in mind. But I admit, I seem to have taken a liking to geography and maps. Just knowing the hidden details of places I have not visited yet or only briefly been to is like uncovering treasure. Unfortunately I lack artistic talent such as yours to produce such fine maps, Lady Lydia."

Tiadora slips out quietly while focus is on Emilia's win. She leaves word with the bidders on the Greathawk that she'll talk to them later.

Samuel joins in the applause, nodding a bit as he hears Michael's words. "We'll do that. There were many good participants in this one, though." A thoughtful moment as he takes a sip from his drink. "Every now and then, I wish I had tried learning some kind of artistic skill."

Tristan gives Emilia a faint nod, his eyes returning to the painting. "It is interesting…" He trails off and listens to the announcement and then smiles. "Excellent. Well done Emilia. If you are interested in selling it, please let me know, perhaps I shall give it to Elaida as a wedding gift." He smiles at the Cassomir and turns to see Evelyn. "Highness is fine, Sir Evelyn, and you might wait quite a while for that. My betrothed was not pleased with my decision to do that and well, I do not wish to displease her like that again."

After taking that apperance upon the stage, Emilia does slip back off as the compeitiotn carries on. Working her way back towards Tristan and Evelyn. Dipping her head to Evelyn, belatedly accepting the compliment,"Of thanking. And it is of seeming of so. Though I was of certain Lady of Tiadora would of win this of time." Noting to Tristan,"I would be pleased to of part with of it, especially if you would wish to give it as of a wedding gift to Lady of Elaida."

"I can certainly understand -that-," Evelyn says, with that same hint of mirth to Tristan. She nods to him, "Still, a fine throw of a hit, Highness." And as Emilia is announced the winner, she smiles towards the Cassomir Lady.

"Well done, Lady." And she is surprised, when the 'princely' gift is offered, "A fine gift," she responds. "A remarkable painting. Congratulations, to you both." And with that, the l'Faust knight politely excuses herself, to make way towards Elrick.

When Emilia takes her leave of the stage, the chief judge, turns to the crowd, "And with that we now welcome our performers to the stage. Our first is to be, Sir Gabriel l'Saigner, winner of the Rivanan performance event," she says and then gives way to Gabriel.

Lydia tilts her head as she listens to Elrick and her eyes shift gently over him. She considers his words and she inclines her head. "I am glad that the map is to your liking Ser". She smiles as she tucks a bit of dark hair behind her ears. The lady blushes slightly as she speaks to him, "If you would like a commission you can talk to one of my brothers." she gives her chin a incline and a bow of her head to Raimonds direction.

Smiling, Samuel looks to say something, before he quiets down again as Gabriel is announced. "I wonder what he will play," he offers, sounding a bit curious."

A commission for this map, it is a thought that the t'Tremaine appears to be entertaining as he looks over towards the older of the Giraldi siblings, recognizing the other knight as one who has performed well against him in the tourneys. "I shall seek him out before the night has ended then, Lady Lydia. Thank you." That is when he spots Evelyn approaching and offers the lady knight a respectful bow of his head, "Sir Evelyn, are you enjoying yourself this evening? This is quite the map, isn't it?" He asks of her opinion as he nods towards the piece that he is viewing.

"Hopefully another tale of Sir Tumblesalot," Michael replies to Sam with a crooked smile and a sip from his tankard.

Tristan flashes Evelyn a smile. "Very good, and I am glad I could at least… not embarass myself, let me say that much." He gives the young knight a nod and another nod to Emilia in thanks for her willingness to sell the painting and then quiets down for the next part of the event.

When his name is called, Gabriel l'Saigner steps onto the stage and gives the crowd a small bow. His lute is in hand and it is, at least to his knowledge, tuned and ready to go. "A good evening to you all, Your Majesties, my lords and ladies, masters and mistresses." He lightly strums the lute, the note nothing more than a way to gain attention as he glances over the crowd. "Tonight I will be singing an excerpt of the ballad of Lyonal and Sinesse."

<FS3> Gabriel rolls String Instruments: Good Success. (7 2 1 5 7 2 2 7 2 4 4)
<FS3> Gabriel rolls String Instruments: Good Success. (2 7 8 2 5 6 1 4 2 5 2)
Gabriel spends 1 luck points on La la la.
<FS3> Gabriel rolls Singing+5: Great Success. (2 2 8 4 4 3 4 7 6 5 1 3 8 6 8)

There is a small incline of Emilia's head towards Tristan in turn. But then she too is quietening up and turning her attention towards the stage as the Lord l'Saigner is called to perform. Wondering just what they will get this time, if it will be something of Sir Tumlesalot…or…ah, something of a different 'classic'.

Clarke turns his attention over to the stage then as the singer takes it then, going quiet once more then so that he can get the best angle to hear the tunes playing as he gives a low bow to the Lord l'Saigner.

Lydia nods her head and as the man turns from her she moves to wave goodbye to her brother.. the music carrying her out the door, she turns and dances slightly as she weaves through the crowd and disappears.

<FS3> Alina rolls Deception: Great Success. (5 4 8 7 7 6 7 5 6 3 8 2 3)

Alina manages to keep her face smooth and without a reaction to her husband's choice of song. Though her insides go cold for a moment or two and she conceals the twinge of heartpangs that comes from this song. She loves her husband and is happy with him…

Oh, but what could have been.

There is a moment when Tristan's face goes rather pale. It is clearly visible to anyone who is watching him. He gives Emilia a nod and murmurs, "We will speak later, I must depart for now." And with that he makes his way out of the room.

Gabriel's fingers strum the notes in a relatively good fashion. He is no bard, but he is not embarassing himself or his family, so there's that. His song goes over the story of Lyonel being given the task of taming a mount that no man can tame and using his persuasion skills in order to get a griffon as his mount and returning home and completing the first of his many trials. His singing is spot on, far better than he hoped for in a crowd of this size. He was coming to terms with performing in this fashion and it might be something he does more often from now on. Finishing his song, he bows several times and then makes his way off of the stage, letting out a breath.

Michael applauds his brother's performance. "Not as fun, but still good," he says in a whisper to Samuel. "He's getting better."

A round of applause comes from Emilia as the particular excerpt comes to an end. "Rather well of done. Even if not quite so of lively as of last time."

Clarke joins in the applause as well, clapping his hands over at it as the Lord finishes.

After Gabriel's performance, two other singers take the stage. Local bards, each play well but at the end of it all, the judges declare "The winner is Sir Gabriel l'Saigner, for his touching tale of Lyonel and Sinesse." She makes a deep curtsy to the lord. And with that the contest comes to an end.

"Of aye, take of care Prince of Tristan," Emilia faintly watching Tristan when he departs, having seen him go pale. Eventually turning her attention back to the stage as the other performers come forth. Applause given for each in turn. And again when Sir Gabriel is announced to be the winner. It did seem he was becoming the Knight Bard.

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