(1867-03-09) Venderos Tourney: Archery Competition
Venderos Tourney: Archery Competition
Summary: The Archery Competition for Venderos Tourney of 1867
Date: 3-9-1867
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Venderos Tourney Grounds

The tournament grounds stand ready for use at a moment's notice. The stands are setup with the nobles sitting in the center, with the absolute best seats of course reserved for the royals and their guests. A half canopy has been established to help keep the shade in the area and protect from any of the elements, a thick leather trim going across the area where the royals are sitting raised up about fifty feet and supported by heavy wooden poles and tethers tying it. The benches have been formed of thick wood in the gallery, with lesser galleries set to the side for commoners, guards, and those who are watching and not immediately involved over in the arena. There are roughly eight rows of seats set up for the commoners stretching off the full length of the viewing gallery, and roughly three rows thick for the nobles to sit upon. Among the rows are those who are bringing beverage and refreshments. To discourage any unsavory elements within the stands, armed guards are stationed every ten feet. This visible reminder lends an air of discipline to the arena grounds.

The arena is dusty, a pit formed in the ground which has been dug down flat with padded dirt roughly two feet down from the main tents, the incline designed to give the crowd a better view. The center of the arena betray tell-tale markings where it is apparent that the rail for jousts could be set, if not set already. The dirt is thick and solid, packed down as firmly and evenly as it can be to ensure good footing. Yet, the dirt remains only within the center, as the pavilions, benches and even the rails seem free of dust…a nearly impossible task made possible. From the opposite ends of the exhibition pavilions are a pair of berths where the combatants would enter from and where judges and guards would otherwise sit, as well as attendants to quickly go and tend to the injured or break apart the combatants should it be necessary. The main pit is larger than the pavilions, being roughly fifty horse lengths wide, enough for all the combatants to have plenty of room to brawl without being so spread out that the main viewing area would risk losing track of them.

9th of Marse, 1867

Like most of the non-Circuit events for the tournament, the Archery competition isn't exactly a big draw. The stands have their crowd, but it is certainly not the crowd one would find for the jousts. Nevertheless, there is still a bit of expectation in the air as the field is claimed by people of a decidedly non-knightly variety, though there are a few knights that mingle out there amongst the others as well. The field itself has been cleaned up from the last event?.the hand and long cannon competition, and, as such, the earth has been groomed nicely. Of course, considering the excitement from the hand cannon event, there might be a few in the crowd there just to see if any major catastrophes will happen with the archers…but…short of a broken string and a couple welts upon the arms of some of the lesser-experienced archers, nothing extreme has happened, as of yet.

With the preliminaries already complete, it is a manner of moments before the final sets of flights are to begin. Those unfortunate enough to not advance are, slowly, taking their leave of the arena, while those that qualified mingle…just waiting for the word from the judge to take their places

Sitting in the stands, Clarke t'Cauthone settles back to watch. Having given some considerations to entering, but remembering his own rather mediocre at best results of bowmanship, and after a few practice sessions with arrows the night before which were even worse than he remembered, he is more than happy to sit in observation then to watch the experts pledge their craft, cheering in the crowd along with the rest.

Having joined the field with a few other Huntresses, Emilia was dressed in the typical leathers of a Huntress. As with the past few tournaments, she wears a leather strap upon her left arm that has an odd symbol at the one end of it. And like the other tournaments, she had advanced past the preliminaries, though one or two others in Huntress leathers were amongst those departing the field. The string on her bow is tested again lightly as she checks out the others that have have advanced. Mildly noting to Clara,"I was of expecting to of see Lord of Lucas, he said he was competing of this of time."

Tristan casually glances up and down the field of competitors. It was a strong field. Of course it was always a strong field and he never really had much of a chance, but still, he hoped he could do something to make Elaida cheer for him. Maybe he would hit a bulls-eye. That would be nice. For now he puts thoughts of Elaida at the back of his mind and instead focuses on the task before him. He would try to take things slow and steady this time and hopefully not come in last place.

One of the handful of knights who are participating is Jonathan t'Maren, known to be an archer of at least modest skill, even if it's a far cry from his talent with a blade. He's shelved his armor and other gear for the night, favoring simple leather - though of course he's still wearing the colors of his House - and a rather impressive longbow hung over his back. As the preliminaries draw to a close, he's rather… wistful, one might observe. It's not unusual for the man to be quiet, but his gaze is particularly unfocused.

Corvin Fremont has kept a low profile this tournament. Of course with Alina, Gabriel, and Lucas here, there was no reason at all for him to stay in Rovilon while they all travelled. But Venderos is an…interesting place. He hasn't pushed the envelope in any way, but he's certainly paid close attention to the Prince's security…both overt and not-so-overt. Professional curiosity, if nothing else. But now his presence is hard to miss, as he's joined the competitors for the Archery contest, as he is wont to do from time-to-time. Hey, one can't just let Rivana walk away with it. He bears no visible favor but he does offer a grin and a wave towards his sister and her husband in the stands as he prepares for the competition to begin, seeming quite nonchalant about it all.

As expected, rather than observing this particular event, the princess Clara Tracano is actually participating in this event. Unlike her Cassomir counterpart, Clara is without any extra adornment. No…no favors for the young lady. Only her leather armor…much like Emilia's own, and her somewhat elaborate rosewood longbow. She seems rather comfortable…enough so that a smile is given to Emilia. "Yes…I didn't see Lord Lucas either. But…perhaps he felt he was skilled enough to not have to show it."

Thaddeus sits in the stands for this event, preferring to watch for once. He has a cup of wine as he relaxes, though he has already made a wager that Rivana will carry the contest. For now, though, Thad waits, awaiting the first round of shots.

Alina is in the stands with her husband, content to lean against him somewhat as she watches her half-brother compete. The prize is one she wouldn't mind seeing her brother win, of course.

The crowd hushes….somewhat…as the line judge steps up. The female form is easily visible from her slightly elevated position and her voice easily carries over the din. "Welcome to the finals of the Venderos Archery tournament! As a reminder for the spectators, we would appreciate that any outside distractions are kept to a minimum, to allow our competitors the best possible performance that they can provide." Not that those left would necessarily be distracted that easily. "We will be taking three rounds of three arrows apiece, as per the usual rules. The points will be tallied and our champion announced at the end of the three rounds."

There is just a moment of pause as the line judge waits…really mostly for dramatic effect than for any real purpose. "At this time, we ask that all archers take their places. We will be shooting the first volley presently."

Another pause…then the words are spoken. "You may fire when ready."

Clarke applauds quietly from his position in the stands then as he goes to watch over as the bowmen and women line up then, craning his neck to get a better vantage point as they go to nock arrows, trying to mentally track where they fire and score on.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (1 7 1 4 8 1 3 8 6 2 7 3 6 5 5)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (5 5 7 7 4 7 5 4 6 7 5 4 6 8 5)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 6 5 4 5 1 4 6 1 8 4 3 4 7 1)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 2 2 6 2 5 3 6 8 1 5 8 1)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Great Success. (7 2 8 6 5 6 7 3 8 1 3 6 6 8 1)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 2 8 3 6 2 3 4 8 6 3 2 6 4 5)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 3 7 5 7 7 7 5 5 5 4 1 4 2 7)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 6 8 3 4 3 1 4 1 6 8 5 7)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 8 6 6 2 7 3 1 3 4 6 2 5)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 4 4 1 6 4 3 2 4 7 8 2 1 7)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Great Success. (4 4 1 3 8 8 3 8 1 4 6 5 8 6)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 1 5 3 3 6 3 6 1 7 1 4 8 1)

Lucas, slightly delayed at the sidelines, steps forward bow in hand, a nod is given to the familiar faces in the line, then he pulls back his string and lets fly with three arrows.

<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 1 3 6 2 7 6 1 3 7 2 6)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 4 3 6 7 7 6 1 6 4 8 3)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 3 8 2 8 7 1 5 1 2 6 6)

Clara's comment has Emilia studying her friend a little bit. Before her dark eyes see past her, a slight 'oh' slipping,"There he is of being." Giving a incline of her head to Lucas. But then there is that call for the first volley of arrows to be sent forth. She gives one of her faint corner tugging smiles towards her brother in the stands before she steps to her mark. A deep breathe taken before she draws that first arrow, managing to land some solid hits on the target.

<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Failure. (3 2 1 3 5 1 1 6 5 3)

That wistful look on Jonathan's face hasn't gone away, but it at least abates temporarily, and his lips turn up in a smile when the official calls for the first volley. He fires off his shots quickly - one, two, three - with all three striking within the circle, though none particularly close to the bulls-eye. Not a bad first round, though he'll be far from the lead. And it doesn't help that his mind is wandering, and in a moment, the little smile runs away from his face.

<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 7 3 5 8 1 6 5 4 7)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Failure. (3 6 6 3 3 1 5 3 4 5)

Corvin moves to his firing position, rolling his neck a bit, taking a moment to gauge the wind, and then smoothly draws and fires three arrows in fairly rapid succession. The first and last shot both border the bulls-eye, and though the one in the middle is off-center, it is still within the inner rings, at least. Not a horrible start. As he moves back for the brief pause between firing rounds, he does spot Princess Clara, giving her a smile and a bit of bow, albeit from a distance.

Alright so maybe Tristan is thinking about the previous night he had spent with Elaida a little too much, enough so that his first shot goes side of the target. His second shot is at least a little better placed and he hits the target. His third? Yeah, that goes over the target. He sighs. He had to do much better in the second round or he was going to regret this.

At Tristan's misses, Elaida gasps appropriately from her seat in the stands, hoping their late night the night prior hadn't been something that tired him too much to compete! She murmurs a brief prayer to the One that next round will be better.

Lucas' shots were nothing if not consistent, he chuckles slightly to himself at Tristan's misses and then steps back, toying with his bow as he mentally tallies the points. There is a pause for a snort of amusement as he notes the interplay with his brother and the princess.

Clara takes a moment to look down the line, following Emi's nod that points out Lucas. In the process, she catches sight of Corvin, which immediately causes a slight blush to color her cheeks. But….she doesn't let it stop her as she turns to shoot, in an effort to clear her mind. Three shots fired, and relatively decent placement. Not bad for the first round.

Murmurings in the crowd follow the archers…most would note that it seems in the early goings that Lady Emilia Cassomir and Master Corvin Fremont are tied presently, with 8 points apiece, while the Rivanan Princess a close third with 7. However, there are other murmurings from the crowd as well.

"How under da One are ya supposed ta know they shootin'? The blasted bows are so damned quiet!"

"Hush dear, this isn't the hand cannon event."

"Well, it should be! Dat was some excitement, I tell you!"

After receiving and tallying the points, the judge calls out. "Archers! Take your marks! Ready…..aim…..fire!"

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 4 7 6 7 5 1 6 4 4 2 2 5 7 3)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (3 7 8 2 4 6 7 2 7 7 5 3 6 2 8)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (8 8 2 4 2 2 7 2 8 7 4 3 1 5 4)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 5 3 8 1 3 4 2 6 7 6 6)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 2 5 1 5 8 5 6 3 7 8 2)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Failure. (2 3 1 5 2 6 1 2 6 2 5 4)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 2 2 8 1 1 6 7 8 6 7 1 3 4)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (5 8 7 4 1 6 6 5 8 6 6 4 4 5)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Success. (5 5 6 5 1 4 4 6 3 1 5 6 3 7)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Great Success. (5 4 6 2 8 8 1 7 5 2 3 7 4)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 6 7 1 5 6 4 3 5 7 6 1 5)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 5 5 6 3 5 4 8 8 5 7 5 5)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 6 2 5 8 7 8 1 6 5)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 7 6 4 5 7 1 7 2 6)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Success. (1 4 5 4 3 3 1 5 1 8)

Clarke leans back then, watching as the next round of arrows were tossed then, trying to keep up with the first round of impacts then and then tallying up the next round of bows, looking to be quite enjoying himself.

<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Great Success. (1 1 5 6 2 2 4 8 8 8 1 8 1 1 7)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Great Success. (3 8 7 3 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 2 2 1 7)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (6 4 3 8 5 8 7 6 7 8 3 7 3 3 5)

"You have been practicing,"comments Emilia to Clara after that first round and seeing where the arrows are within her friend's target. Seeming to have given her own target a brief glance. If that hint of coloring is noticed, Emilia doesn't comment upon it. Simply taking up the first arrow for the next round of shots when that call is made to make the second volley. Taking a few moments with each arrow before letting it fly. The trio making an interesting grouping, with one even striking dead center.

Three more shots. Three more hits by Jonathan, one of which even touches the bulls-eye, though not quite at the center. He's not especially likely to win, but as a knight in a crowd consisting largely of professional archers, he's doing well enough to be vaguely pleased with himself. At times. And then, at times, he's quite visibly distracted, furrows forming in his brow, hands shaking just for a moment.

Corvin once again takes his firing position, and his first two shots both once again edge the bulls-eye. He actually pauses a moment before his third shot, though, allowing a momentary breeze to lessen before he lets fly…and this time the arrow *thwacks* dead-center in said small circle. There's a brief quirk at the corner of his mouth, though he manages not to look too triumphant…there's still one more round after all. No denying that he looks pretty pleased with that round, though.

The second round begins and Tristan manages to hit the target with all three arrows. It's definite improvement although he doubts very much that this will help his overall chances going forward. Looks like he was going to have to settle for last place unless some sort of miracle happened at the last minute.

Lucas frowns as the competition gets away from him along with the arrow that flies past the target. "Damn," Lucas says and then busies himself with finding three more arrows. "I suppose someone else will get the crossbow."

"I have…but not enough. Never enough, Emilia." Clara offers a wry grin as she lets her second set of arrows fly. Not as good as the first…but just a little less. Not much at all.

A quick tally of the scores is performed by the crowd…and it is looking like this will be a serious competition after all. Corvin has the lead, with 18 points, but Emilia is right behind with 17. There is a tie for third between the Couvieri knight and the princess with 13, while Lord Lucas l'Saigner has 10, and Prince Tristan Tracano rounds out the field with 7.

For the final volley, the judge takes to her elevated position. "It is still anyone's game here, archers! Please, all archers to your marks!" This time, again for dramatic effect, the woman stands there, holding her hand aloft. It is more to tease the crowd, as those few who are in are getting into the spirit, with a lot of last-minute wagering happening just out of earshot. Finally…the hand drops, signalling the third and final round of flights.


<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 1 7 6 4 3 8 2 8 4 1 7)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows: Good Success. (5 4 3 8 2 2 6 2 2 1 5 7)
<FS3> Lucas rolls Bows+5: Great Success. (8 2 6 6 8 2 6 8 7 5 4 1 1 6 2 6 8)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (8 5 6 6 4 3 1 3 1 1 6 7 6 1 7)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (7 1 3 2 4 4 2 2 3 8 5 4 1 5 6)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows+5: Great Success. (4 6 2 1 8 7 1 1 3 1 1 1 3 6 8 1 8 2 1 2)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 2 5 1 6 2 8 3 1 1 6 3 8 1 4)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 8 4 6 1 3 5 3 1 3 7 2 7 5 5)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows+5: Great Success. (2 6 4 8 5 5 4 3 3 1 6 6 3 3 2 5 7 6 7 7)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 1 1 6 1 8 1 8 6 3)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Success. (6 3 3 1 6 4 8 4 5 2)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows+5: Great Success. (6 7 6 1 6 7 7 7 2 6 1 7 6 5 2)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Great Success. (5 7 1 8 7 1 3 1 4 3 7 4 5)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 8 8 4 6 7 3 1 3 3 6 1 3)
<FS3> Jonathan rolls Bows+5: Great Success. (8 2 5 2 3 5 4 4 3 2 8 5 6 2 3 7 6 8)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 5 6 4 7 6 1 6 7 1 8 6 5 5)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 1 3 8 3 2 4 1 6 1 7 2 7 4)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows+5: Amazing Success. (8 7 5 7 7 8 8 4 4 6 7 2 6 5 8 7 1 8 2)

The next volley of arrows is loosed, and Clark t'Cauthone cranes his neck, mug of ale in hand, looking from the targets to the bowmen and women releasing them with intentful precision, then back to the targets. Wincing, remembering how such volleys have been on the receiving and giving end of the battlefield. Impressed.

Emilia says, "It is of true, practice is never of ending," agrees Emilia. Lightly tugging out another arrow as she readies for that final round of shots. A finger briefly dances over that leather strap before she notches the first arrow when the call is given to begin. Though it is Clara's target that gets her attention in the end, noticing that bulls-eye in the end,"And you were of saying you haven't been of practicing of enough."

Hm. Corvin is not fond of his last round being his worst, but at least it's not to the point of actually being "bad." Two shots within the inner rings, and a third that once more teeters on the brink of the bulls-eye. Was it enough to score a final victory? Well, that's for the judges to decide, but he knows it's going to be close, regardless, as he sees that Emilia's results were quite similar to his own.

Lucas' last round proves to be his best, but by his estimation not enough to take the prize. Still, he bows to the stands and leaning on the bows waits for the final accounting of the points.

The exhale of breath, and Clara takes aim at the target. The first two strike the target, close to her other shots…but still not good enough for her. The last shot is lined up, and…strikes true, a hit in the dead center of the target. There is definitely a sigh from Clara…a happy one. "Well, I daresay I should need more practice. I would like to be doing that more often!" Emilia does get a hug, right out there on the field, as Clara looks back at the other targets. "Oh….this is going to be a close one, isn't it?"

Tristan's next three shots all hit the target but there is no bulls-eye. He does manage to come close once, and he hopes that will be good enough for Elaida. Putting the bow down and nodding to his fellow competitors, he heads towards the crowd to find Elaida and go have a little talk with her about how he should maybe not compete in these events anymore. After all, he was never going to compete with the Huntresses.

Two of Jonathan's final three arrows find the bulls-eye, making this his best round yet, though only incrementally so. He has no illusions that he'll win the prize, not with the showings from Corvin and Emilia, the two front-runners thus far - and, naturally, his eyes go to the perfect bulls-eye from the bow of Clara. Still, it's been a good day, and a fine way to keep his wits about him two days out from the finals. If only he can stop his mind from wandering again, but his eyes glaze over for a moment as he goes to unstring his bow…

There is a bit of a blink when Clara ups and hugs her right there on the field! It is a thing Emilia returns, even if a touch slower than normal. Finally giving her target a glance as well as some of the others,"Likely of so, were quite of a few good of shots being of managed." Least all of hers were fairly consistent, and she is pleased enough with having the solid performance.

Clarke applauds quietly up from his place in the stands then as he watches, otherwise bringing up his mug of ale in a quiet toast to the competitors.

With the clearing of the throat, the line judge takes her position for what will be the final time of the night, quelling any buzz from the crowd as they expectedly await the outcome of the tournament. "The scores have been tallied! As I mentioned before, the competition was very, very close this year, with only a 4 point difference between first and third places, The top three placements are as follows! Tied with 21 points apiece…Sir Jonathan t'Maren and Princess Clara Tracano of Rivana take third place! With 24 points, second place goes to Lady Emilia Cassomir! And, with 25 points, the winner and champion of the Venderos Archery tournament is Master Corvin Fremont! He will be awarded the prize of an exquisite crossbow at the tournament ball later this week. Thank you to all of our competitors!"

"Well shot." Corvin offers to Emilia in passing, on his way to step forward and take a bow for the noble members of the audience, then the audience in general, and a final for his fellow competitors. And then he's off to unstring his bow and pack away the string, already turning his mind back towards the safety and security of his family during the remainder of their stay here. Though in truth…in many ways this place is safer than most, as long as you're on the Prince's good side.

Someone from Lonnaire took home the prize. There's a victory in that in Jonathan's book, and he will, of course, wander by to offer a "Well shot" to Corvin at some point. A perhaps somewhat curt one, but still… With his bow and string put away, his thoughts again begin to wander, and when he leaves the tourney grounds, he's off in no particular direction. Just to be alone, most likely.

With the points tallied and the placements announced, Emilia simply gives a nod of her head. It had been close. But unlike some, not winning didn't really phase her. Not that one could likely tell if it did or not with the stoic turn to her mien that is ever present. She offers a bow of her head to Corvin as he passes,"Well of shot as well, Congratulations to of you." There is a bit of a corning tugging smile offered to Lucas before she looks towards Clara again,"It was quite of close of there. I'll catch of up again after stowing mine-bow." Moving off the field as well to see her bow unstrung and seeing it put away.

There is a nod to Corvin as he passes. At least, this time, Clara didn't blush. She's improving! A smile turns to Emilia as she receives an affirmative gesture as well. "Yes….I will see you soon, Emilia. We still have to make preparations for the ball." With a tip of a wink, Clara heads off the field…to the group of Royal Lancers waiting for her. There *might* be some good-natured ribbing between Lancer and princess as Clara proves that yes…she might be somewhat good with a stick and some string.

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