(1867-03-10) Cordial Business
Cordial Business
Summary: A bit of a visit is paid to Tristan the day after the Artistic and Archery Competitions.
Date: 1867-03-10
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Temporary Residence - Venderos
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The day after the archery contest brought a day off from tournament events, and come early afternoon, the day found Emilia seeking Tristan out where he was quartering in Venderos. The odd secreitive little city that it was. As might be expected, a Huntress had trailled all the way in her hunt for the ellusive Prince.

Elaida had gone out to the markets to do some shopping, escorted by her Royal Lancer, of course… this left Tristan up to his own devices, which was mostly just sitting and reading over several parchments that he had brought with him from Sunsreach, nothing of great importance, just things that he found rather interesting. When the knock comes at the door, Dixon Rosendal, Tristan's Royal Lancer goes and opens the door. Seeing the Cassomir, he nods and smiles and shows her inside.
"Ah, Lady Emilia, so good to see you." Tristan says as he looks up from his parchments. He sets them to the side and stands. Come, sit down. Would you care for some wine?" He gestures to another seat and prepares another glass of wine, just in case.

The Rosendal got a corner tugging smile from Emilia and a small bow of her head as she is let inside. There is a small bow given respectfully to Tristan,"Prince of Tristan it is good to see you as of well." A small nod comes at the offer,"Of aye, that would be of nice." Her ethereal movements showing even in the few steps it takes her to slide into the offered seat. "I had of wished to come and see how you were of doing. You had not looked of well when you left of the inn and seemed of off in your of shooting."

Nodding, Tristan finishes pouring the glass of wine and then hands Emilia the glass before resuming his seat. "Ah, that. There were some things that I needed to see too and I found myself greatly missing the company of my betrothed at that time." His voice trails off a moment and he glances away. He really did not want to think about that damned song again. It would dredge up… feelings. "In any case, my offer to purchase that painting is still on the table. I think it would make a wonderful gift for my betrothed on our wedding day. You do remarkale work, my lady."

The glass is accepted with a gentle nod of her head. "I am glad to hear it was just of business and a want for of company." Emilia takes a sip of the wine before giving and of her head,"I had wished to inquire of that as well." But it did seem her observations of him being off had taken prescidence. "It is still on of the table, with you having spoken of your wish to purchase of it, I had put off other offers until I had of spoken with of you." Something about a fourth tournament, not so grand as knightly wins, but it still brought some interest in the works. "It is of yours of then. And of thanking," bowing her head a little,"it has been of a hobby for some of time."

"I do thank you for your concern, but there is nothing to worry over." Tristan offers a smile and lifts his glass up to his lips to take a long sip. "Now then, to business… I admit, it pleases me to be able to buy it. Let me know what the highest offer was and I will add another ten percent to it. I believe that talent should be rewarded, and you have a talen. How many of these competitions have you won now? I think at some point others will just stop trying to compete."

"It is now the fourth I have won. It still surprises of me, I must of admit. Until entering in the Rovilon few outside of mine-family had seen my work. I had not thought it was something that would of measure up to the masters. it of seems, I am continually proven of wrong in of that. I would of hope though that others would do as I try, continue to challegen and try to improve upon of myself." Emilia consider a little on the matter of price,"There was an offer of 70 of gold that is of the highest," least that she felt was realisitic. People do strange things when you refuse to sell them something!

"Four in a row? That is quite impressive… but I have to admit something, I do wish that our knights could do as well as you and Raelyn perform in your competitions. It would be nice not to see so many Couvieri winning prizes." Taking another sip of his wine, he mulls over the number Emilia has provided. "70?" Tristan considered that for a moment. "I will give you an even 80 gold, once we return to Sunsreach. Is that acceptable?"

There is a slight nod,"Of aye, this makes of the fourth. " Another sip of wine is taken of the wine before she agrees as well,"It would be of nice to see of them perform of better. I know Devlin was not having the best of luck in of this tournament. Some of the contests have been of close, like of with the archery of this time as I lost by a single of point." Another sip is taken of the wine while Tristan mulls the number over. "That is quite of acceptable, and you are of generous." There is a pause,"I will have of the painting delivered to of you, or should I have it of sent to Sir of Dixon so that Lady of Elaida is not of aware of it until you would wish?"

"Ah, yes… well Sir Devlin is not alone in not having much luck alas. I think I will stop betting on tournament events, perhaps that will turn Rivana's luck around at the next tournament." Tristan lets out a long and disappointed sigh, his bets had been much smaller last year. They were mostly token bets at this point. "Yes, that will be great. I would very much like to keep it a surprise until such time as I can present it to her, so yes, I would appreciate it." He smiles and nods at her, lifting his glass towards her in a gesture of thanks.

"Of true, though Lord of Liam and Lord of Gawain did rather of well for of themselves. But I think Lady of Tiadora shares of your belief, that she has been bringing bad of luck to our knights. I am sure the luck will of change soon of enough." Emilia dips her head,"I will of see of that of done and speak with Sir of Dixon about of it on my way of out so he is not taken by of surprise when the piece arrives for him." Lifting her glass in return of the gesture before taking a drink. "I should not take of to much of your time though."

"Lord Liam and Lord Gawain are both promising, yes. If they continue being so promising both will find themselves knighted sooner than later." Which would be good for Rivana. More knights were needed to replace losses from the past conflicts. "Again, you have my thanks, Lady Emilia, and I am glad that we could conduct business so cordially. I wish you a good evening, and I will let you know what Elaida thinks of the painting."

"Likely of so, but they have both had good of knight to learn from as of well." Emilia might be mildly biased on the one count. "You are quite of welcome, Prince of Tristan. I would be of pleased to hear what she thinks of it. And of a good of evening to you as well." Drifting to her feets before giving that respectful turn of a bow and taking her leave. With that stop to speak with Dixon before she fully departs.

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