(1867-03-12) Venderos Tourney: Awards Ball
Venderos Tourney: Awards Ball
Summary: The Venderos Tournament ball
Date: 1867-03-12
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Venderos Palace
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The prizes have been handed out (except the horse, which has been sent to the Haldis pavilion where Sir Raimond has been staying) to their various winners— and quite a good set of prizes they are! The Prince Lucius himself did the presentations.

Now it is time for the feasting, dancing, and showing off of the various prizes from the winners. The tables are full of food and drink enough for all and then some— no one will go hungry this night. All those who recieved prizes are present and enjoying themselves.

The Prince and his family sit at the high table with a few guests present there with them as well. Otherwise, there are several tables around each with food, servants coming by to keep drinks filled, and salt for each table.

Let the celebrations begin!

Sir Antonia has witnessed the awarding of the prizes from the side where she sits with her husband, Prince Silvio l'Valdan. The princess knight is dressed for the occasion, wearing a gown of two layers, the bottom layer being a lighter shade of blue with silver ornamental embroideries, and the upper layer a darker azure, held in place by a clasp of silver in the shape of a star, worn slightly above the waist. Her dark blonde hair has been arranged in a courtly manner, most of the tresses held in place with fine pins of pearls and silver, keeping the hair off her shoulders. Her hands are brought together for a polite applause for Sir Jonathan t'Maren, the winner of the tourney duels, and another, slightly less enthused clapping of her hands occurs when Sir Raimond Giraldi is announced once again for winning the joust brackets. A murmured remark she exchanges with her husband, then offers a smile to Elrick when her grey eyes find him, even if her brother failed to earn a prize in this tournament.

Evelyn applauds each of the winners of the events, wearing a gown of deep emerald woven with the deeper color of black interowoven in the fabric in elegant designs. She spies Sir Antonia, and smiles warmly towards the Lady, though the smile fades fast enough thereafter. Her own lackluster performance still, perhaps, weighing heavily on her. She moves to approach the Lady, as if she suddenly had come to some decision, "Lady Antonia. Perhaps you and I shall have more success at the next competition."

At the high table on one end where the Couveri ducal representatives are, Alina and her husband Gabriel sit, Alina daintily dining on her meal still, Gabriel mostly done with his, his prize of handcannons from winning the Handcannon event sitting beside him. She is brightly arrayed in a gown of rich velvety purple with silver and black embroidery, amethyst jewelry at her ears and throat. Gabriel is looking finely put together in a doublet of black and purple in a martial cut, silver buttons down the front. Alina titters a small laugh as Prince Lucius's wife engages her in conversation about some matter of fashion or another— something Gabriel is not as interested in, of course.

Sir Raimond Giraldi may not have won the overall tournament (albeit he was only off by a single point…a fact shared with Sir Michael l'Corren, who tied him for points), but he did win what was largely believed the finest prize (not that the others weren't quite impressive…including the two cestus and small assortment of alchemicals he also won for his narrow victory in the Bareknuckle brawl), and even if he knows it's more or less going to end up in the keeping of his half-brother, one way or another, he can at least enjoy the moment. And so he's seated off to one side, not at the royal table, but accorded a place of relative honor as one of the event winners. For the time being, he's content to wait for conversation to come for him, though knowing him that won't last terribly long.

Master Corvin Fremont collected the finely-wrought crossbow that was his to claim for the Archery competition, accepting with the requisite humility required of a (technical) commoner, and has returned to a table near where the non-ducal folk of Lonnaire are seated. Off to one side, of course, given his non-noble status, but unlike say, Rovilon, still accorded a place without offending their hosts. Unsurprisingly he hasn't been drinking much, and while he doesn't seem overly wary, he's certainly keeping an eye on things.

Dressed in finery that bfits his station, Tristan sits with Elaida beside him. He had watched the awards with what could only be called polite disinterest. The victories for Rivana seemed few and far between sadly. At least one of the Giraldi's managed to win something. When the awards are done, he leans over and kisses Elaida's cheek and murmurs his hopes that she was enjoying herself. Tristan then focuses on the food on the table and prepares his plate with moderate portions of food as eating was one place where he had never been one to overindulge. The wine though… well it was excellent and he wouldn't have expected any less.

Lydia had clapped to each of the winners to the events, she was wearing a modest gown her hair had all been gathered and placed in an updue - with some dark strands falling against her face, she moves her eyes over her brother and she smiles slightly to him before she looks over the people within the room. The young Giraldi meanders through the crowds.

Though Elrick was rather frustrated during the tourney and not exactly pleased with his own performance, when it comes to the formal event such as the ball, there is no trace of that in his demeanor tonight. Wearing his formal outfit, a more militaristic cut with its sharper designs, the heir to House t'Tremaine offers the proper applauses as winners for each event are announced. He is seated with other noble knights who either participated in the lesser events or were there to watch. When he catches sight of his sister, the Princess Antonia, Elrick raises a goblet of wine in her direction as well as a nod before returning to the coversation with the other tourney knights. It appears to be idle conversation about past and future tourneys.

Thaddeus is enjoying himself to a small degree, though he is displeased with the Couvieri taking home so many prizes. He is sitting with the Rivanan ducal delegation at the high table, for now, but the Greycen heir is beginning to start eating a little more, scanning the room from time to time.

"Sir Evelyn," Antonia moves to stand, when the l'Faust lady comes over to greet her. The slight lack of enthusiasm, brushing Evelyn's features has not been lost on her, and it shows when the l'Valdan princess by marriage addresses the female knight. "I am quite content with my showing in the duels, as for the jousts, well…", her shoulders lift in a light shrug. "Those have never been my forte. At least so far. It may be a good thing to work on." Her grey eyes drift where Lady Alina sits with her husband and Antonia adds: "Who knows… if Sir Gabriel had not chosen not to compete in the joust, what teh outcome would have been. His brother, Sir Michael did very well." And here Antonia's glance wanders through the hall, in search of the older l'Corren twin, but failing to glimpse him among those currently present. "I would have liked to see him win." Antonia catches Elrick's glance then, and she returns his smile. "My brother could have done better, as well… But then again, what are we nagging about…? It has been a marvelous tournament, but only the first in the circuit of this year.", she continues towards Evelyn, lifting a brow then as she takes a sip from her goblet of wine.

Elaida smiles brightly at Tristan and continues to politely work on her own plate of food, letting him set the pace for what they will get up to minlge, if they will at all. She smiles at Dora and Symon off on Tristan's other side, who are both obviously quite taken with each other as they are ignoring their plates to simply talk to each other and stare into each other's eyes.

"True," agrees Evelyn, to the last point that Antonia had made. "And there is time of plenty to make up for missed opportunity." Her eyes find Raimond, and she gives him a nod, his due, for his victory before she returns to Antonia, "I would have liked to see your brother take the joust as well, if I could not have. He and I fought long, together. Along with Sir l'Corren. One does not lose friendships such as that easily. But it is as you say. Only the start." Another easy smile creases Evelyn's lips as she nods to Antonia. "And should we meet again, Highness, I do not think you shall find yourself the victor." A friendly boast of competition. Evelyn can't help herself.

Clarke casually flits around with a plate of food, otherwise quite content to sit and watch things going on and the interactions, lightly humming over to himself as he observes then.

Raimond always manages to cut a fairly dashing figure thanks to the white, blue, and gold that make up his family's colors. The downside being that of course you have to be quite careful not to spill anything on it, as it will certainly show! Thankfully, he's managed to avoid any such accidents tonight (no mean feat with all the feasting going on). In any case, he finally rises from his chair and moves to mingle with the crowd, and specifically towards Evelyn, whom he offers a faint smile, though it grows more bold as he approaches where Evelyn and Antonia speak, "Your Highness, Milady." He offers a slight bow by way of greeting, before his attention turns to Evelyn, "You know, Sir Evelyn, the bruises I've suffered can attest to having seen how well you fight, but I do not believe I have yet seen just how well you dance." He offers a hand towards the l'Faust Knight and grins, "If you would do me the honor?"

"Hmm," Antonia raises a brow at the challenge, the friendly competitiveness of it obviously a thing she appreciates. "I did best you when we met at this tourney's duels, did I not? Even so, I should be more than pleased to test my skills against yours again, Sir Evelyn." The l'Valdan princess's head turns when Raimond approaches, and there is a slight flicker in her grey eyes as she inclines her head towards the Giraldi knight. "My lord." Her lips twitch into a polite smile. "Congratulations on your win of the joust." Then her gaze flicks towards Evelyn beside her, curious as to whether the knight will accept this particular challenge of a dance, while Antonia's own talkativeness dims - more due to habit than actual displeasure.

Lydia smiles a little to her brother her eyes alight as he speaks to Evelyn, her attention caught as the drink in her hand is turned. She sips upon her glass lightly and she watches the nobles interact. Quiet for now, she sits looking at the wide dancefloor and those whom pair to join it.

There is an acknowledgement in Evelyn's nod, "As should I," she counters, "A fine test for both of us, I would say." Then, as Raimond approaches - something she'd not expected in the least, and makes his offer, she is caught off guard. Yet, she quickly smiles, and turns slightly to Antonia, "It would be rude of me to refuse such a challenge, Highness. Thank you for your company." She then offers her hand towards Raimond, "I would, Sir." If anything, Raimond's boldness has struck a chord with her.

Clarke continues to lightly take a seat then, plate full of food over on the table, ale in the other,and otherwise is content to drink and consume good food over until he has reached a contented buzz.

Tristan follows Elaida's gaze and he watches Symon and Dora for a few moments while smiling slightly. He puts his utensils down on his plate and glances over at Elaida. "How was your dinner, my dear? It is really quite good. I hope our wedding feast is as good."

Gabriel is half-eating and half-admiring his hand cannons. They were fine additions to the three he already had. The new lute would be a good replacement for the one that he had been using for the last several years. He glances over at Alina, and sees that she is still involved in that conversation about fashion. Really, all that mattered is that the clothes fit and looked nice and not worn out, right?

Watching Evelyn being led to the dance by the oh so charming Raimond Giraldi, whose main defect, in Antonia's eyes, may be his Rivanan origin, rather than the fact of his House being of upjumped status, the l'Valdan princess takes another sip from her goblet, inclining her head to the l'Faust with a slightly mischievous twinkle in her eyes, as if to wish her good luck, in this impending 'duel of grace'. "Indeed," Antonia agrees to Evelyn's remark. "Rude… and showing a hint of cowardice, which would be unacceptable." She then resumes her seat at Prince Silvio's side, to continue her meal and the conversation with her husband.

Elaida blushes and grins brightly. "I know it will be, Tristan," she replies happily. "It will be just this good, if not better. I know your family will do no less for our wedding." And it was happening so soon! They would barely be back through the faegates a few days before it happened!

Raimond inclines his head to Princess Antonia, smiling graciously before leading Evelyn out to the dance floor. "I'm fairly certain "cowardice" is not among the traits I would ascribe to you, Sir Evelyn." He waits for the next tune to start up, and moves smoothly into the rhythm of it. "Bold, beautiful, determined, talented, certainly…but no, nowhere approaching cowardice."

<FS3> Raimond rolls Dancing: Great Success. (1 7 2 2 8 2 7 7 1 5 6)

<FS3> Evelyn rolls Dancing: Failure. (3 1 4 3)

Lydia laughs a bit to herself, as she sips her drink. Her eyes flickering from one person to another, she watches a few of the ones she knows, her eyes follow Elrick a bit before moving back to her brother and she watches the way he moves. Unsure she could perform that well the younger of the siblings is fine staying seated.

Tristan nods, "Of course, how could I even think of questioning it? Come, let us share a dance. I should get in a practice dance or two now, yes?" He stands up and offers a hand to Elaida to help her up and onto the dance floor.

Evelyn can dance, but the entire event seems to have somehow wormed it's way into her mind, that, and Raimond is probably far more talented a dancer than she. She neither has the rhythm, or motion he does in the least. Yet. Perhaps she wasn't expecting him to have started. "One thing you will learn about me, Sir, is that I welcome a challenge. If we settle for what we are, there is no further room to shape or mold." Then, she's refocusing, and attempting to get back into some sort of rhythm with the man she's dancing with.

Evelyn spends 1 luck points on To Not Screw Up Again.
<FS3> Elaida rolls Dancing: Success. (4 2 3 6 1 6 6 4 7)
<FS3> Evelyn rolls Dancing+50: Good Success. (4 4 1 7 6 1 2 1 5 2 2 2 1 3 6 7 1 5 5 6 7 3 3 1 2)
Tristan spends 1 luck points on Need to dance gud..
<FS3> Tristan rolls Dancing+5: Amazing Success. (4 8 4 4 7 8 1 1 6 7 8 2 7 1)

Elaida allows Tristan to escort her to the dance floor, and she is sufficiently able to dance though nothing very astounding. Especially when compared to Tristan, who does incredibly well! Still, she is smiling and happy to be in the arms of her betrothed on the dance floor.

"A good outlook to have, Sir Evelyn." Raimond at least pretends not to notice Evelyn's difficulties with the dance. "One all knights could stand to follow. One only knows I've been training like a madman since the Rivanan tourney. Mostly thanks to my half-brother." Raimond briefly glances in Darren's direction, though he's otherwise occupied chatting with Prince Lucius' son on some matter. "But in either case I'll both look forward to and dread facing you in the next Tourney, for a certainty."

In between refills of the goblets of wine at his table, Elrick does glance over to where the nobles are dancing, going through the steps and graceful movements depending on the dancing couples' courage and skill. It truly reminds him of court back home, especially his time in the Circle. Once his glass of wine is refilled though, the t'Tremaine looks back to the knights, laughing at a joke that one of the other knights have made before offering his own addition to what is being shared, resulting in another round of chuckles around the small table.

While they are not the only couple on the dance floor, Tristan seems to be one drawing attention to himself for his ability to dance. He is able to lead Elaida through the different steps. When the first song ends, he leans in and murmurs, "One more song, Elaida?"

Luckily for Evelyn, she seems to recover from her initial misstep, and she begins to move well enough with the dance, though Raimond may still prove to clearly be the better of the two. "I do intend to make right many things," Evelyn agrees to Raimond, though her mood is cheerfull enough now that her feet seem to be doing what they need to. "I cannot tell you the number of times I returned from a Tourney and trained just as hard. This time it will be no different." A pause, "Perhaps slightly different. More obligations upon me, now that we are no longer at war. And my father wishes me to expand my horizons. But," she amends without any visible signs of rancor or distaste towards the change in her life, "I will find the time. I assure you. And should we meet next Tourney, it will be a formidable match, I'm certain."

Elaida nods happily. "One more," she agrees. It wasn't like they were doing and scandalous Rivanan dances, which she would disagree with doing at this time.

<FS3> Elaida rolls Dancing: Success. (3 2 8 2 1 2 1 5 5)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Dancing: Great Success. (8 5 3 6 7 7 7 4 4)

"Strange how Knights seem to find more work when not at war, isn't it?" Raimond replies, "And I suspect at times the work is almost enough to make us wish we were at war again…almost. And preferably against a common foe rather than each other." Raimond brings the dance to a halt as the songs shift once more, moving off to the side and plucking up a couple goblets of wine handing one to Evelyn, "Well then, here's to formidable matches."

Lydia smiles as she raises her goblet to those she knows, nodding her head a little before she stands from her seat, and slowly moves out of the ballroom.

Tristan leads them both around in another dance, at the end of which, he leads her back to their table. Leaning over he murmurs… "It seems that I am not the one that was in need of some practice." He laughs softly and kisses her cheek. "I am only teasing you Elaida." They return to their table, and Tristan gestures for a server to fill up his glass of wine.

"Strange indeed. But idle hands, and all that," quips Evelyn back. She tips her head in thanks for the goblet and toasts Raimond. "You rode well in the jousts. You'd have been a fine addition to the Lightning Brigade. Pray you ride so well again. You will need it," she assures the man, but this is as much friendly banter as it is a challenge. She adds, more warmly, "Thank you, for the dance. It was unexpected. And - pleasant, Sir."

"Well, thank you for accepting, Sir. And do enjoy the rest of the Ball. I'd best go see what the rest of my family has gotten up to." He inclines his head to Evelyn once more, "Until next time."

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