(1867-03-13) A Favorable Arrangement
A Favorable Arrangement
Summary: Lillian and Samuel meet up again after not seeing each other for awhile. Lillian offers her aid in a less conventional way.
Date: 3/13/1867
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The Venderos tournament had concluded the night before with the ball and many knights had already moved on. Sir Lillian l'Valdan, however, had just arrived - too late to partake in the festivities, but happy to visit regardless. Upon catching news of the results she had sent a messenger to fetch Samuel, whom she suspected may still be within the city, hoping to catch a word with him before he left.

At a corner table she sits, absently sipping at wine and observing a nearby card game. She wasn't armored and wore her usual ensemble: a jacket, long shirt, leggings, and boots - comfortable for travel and not particularly eye-catching. The other patrons paid her little attention.

And Samuel hasn't left the city yet. He has packed his things, but not left, so when the messenger reaches him, he is ready to follow them to the person who sent the message. Stepping into the tavern, he looks around, then moves over towards the woman at the corner table, offering the occupant a grin. "Surprised you didn't participate in the events," he greets her.

Her green eyes rise to regard the man she invited to join her and her mouth curves into a wry smile. "Long time no see, Samuel." Those eyes shift away for a fleeting, thoughtful moment. "I would have, if I had the time. I heard you managed to win the melee." Lillian's gaze returns to him. "Congratulations. I haven't managed to do that quite yet, though not out of lack of trying. Perhaps the One is favoring you this year."

"Been far too long," Samuel replies as he takes a seat. "How have you been lately?" Nodding a little at the mention of that event. "I guess it was part skill and part luck," he replies, with another smile. "But thank you." A brief pause, before he adds, "Didn't do more than okay in the other events, though."

Lillian finishes off her wine before continuing; there wasn't much left when Samuel arrived. "I'm enjoying the peace and slowly returning to the humdrum of routine. I'm thinking about going on a world tour. Broadening my horizons and everything. Haven't quite worked out the details yet, though." She sets her glass gently on the table. "You… do seem to spread out your interests and skills. How many weapons do you know how to wield, again?"

Samuel grins, "Not that many weapons, really. Got various kinds of blades, mostly. And the lance, a bit of the spear. And I'm trying to get better at using a staff, in case it's needed." A brief pause, before he adds, "World tour, hmmm?"

"I think I prefer my fists to a glorified stick, but each to their own. It certainly results in less bruised knuckles." Lillian reclines in her seat. "Yes. Visit each country, see it's landmarks, stay for about a week… it sounds fun. I think I will stay here for a week. Have any recommendations?" It didn't hurt to ask, she thought. "Where are you headed to next?"

"Recommendations? Not that many. Been to a few of the taverns, and the tourney field, mostly," Samuel replies, with a shrug, before he shrugs once more. "Probably going home, or something. There's a tourney back in that general area soon, I think." A brief pause, as he considers. "So probably stopping by at home too."

Lillian scoffs. "Know any place with particularly good brews then, at the very least?" She doesn't pursue the topic, sensing teasing Samuel wasn't likely to be as amusing as it normally was. "An off-circuit tourney? Do you know where?"

"Now those are a few. One just by the marketplace, and one down by the docks, at least," Samuel offers with a grin. "You didn't think I hadn't checked out that, right?" A brief pause, before he adds, "It's that Tournament of Love and Beauty, hosted by the t'Tremaines. That means I should probably get hold of a favor from someone, so I'll be able to participate. Question is, who…"

Lillian frowns now. "Why am I wasting my time here, then?" She stays in place, however, making no attempt to move. "Ah well. I have time and this is a nice table. Mahogany." She knocks the wood beneath them. "Love and Beauty? Aren't they a backwater barony?" The l'Valdan looks mildly perplexed. "I guess I shouldn't judge. Love is a quaint thing." A pause, as she considers Samuel's dilemma. "Hmm. If you don't have any admirers, I can offer you something."

"I think my own house helps them with it," Samuel replies, before he pauses at the part about love being a quaint thing. "I'll take your word for that," he replies, before there's a pause again at the last part. "You would?"

"Sure, if it helps you out. It'd be a shame if you couldn't compete because you don't have one." She smiles more widely. "I don't intend to make you the subject of gossip, though, so I'd understand if you want to bear a family member's favor instead. I'm not sure how recognizeable anything I'd give you would actually be…" Festive and girly Lillian was not. Samuel has not seen her in a dress yet and she rarely styled her bobbed hair.

Samuel smiles, "Well, if people want to gossip about someone, they will do so no matter what one does to avoid it." A brief pause, as he glances around the room, before he grins, "Besides, if anyone asks me about who the favor is from, I'll just tell them it's from a mysterious pretty girl who is capable of kicking my ass if I revealed her name." That is offered quite lightly, as he leans back in his seat, in an attempt to stay out of the way of any incoming punches or anything.

"Very true," Lillian answers with a snicker at the wry remark. The compliment seems to be taken lightly, with no incoming punches. "Though just what I can give you may be a bit of a problem… I have no need for ribbons or handkerchiefs, so I don't carry them with me." She glances down at the locket hanging from her neck - the only piece of jewelry she wore. "I could give you my locket, a glove, or the choker I wear when I decide to dress up. What do you think will look less ridiculous on you?"

"I would not want you to part with the locket," Samuel replies, before he offers a quiet smile. "The glove would probably be the easiest, I think?" Another brief pause. "And you decide to dress up sometimes? One of these days, I will need to see that," he offers.

"It is not an expensive locket, but I am fond of it," Lillian admits as she looks at him again. "I have a pair of long gloves. I can gift you one, temporarily. It's back with my belongings, however, so I'll send it to you through the messenger once I retire for the night. Just a warning: I think your own hand may be a bit too big to wear it." She does smirk at the mind image of Samuel riding off to joust wearing lacy gloves. "Once in a blue moon I mingle with guests at a ball - I am still a l'Valdan. You might get lucky one day and see me struggle to breathe in a corset."

"You look forward to watching me suffocate? Such a romantic!" The lady knight taunts with a click of her tongue. "I will forgive you if you ruin it. Just make sure you do your best, Samuel. No heavy drinking beforehand." Her grin widens. "Perhaps I'll get a chance to watch you, we'll see. Now that's taken care of… do you want a drink?"

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