(1867-03-15) Beware Gifts
Beware Gifts
Summary: Tristan and Elaida look through their early arrived wedding gifts, and one has a evil outcome for Elaida
Date: 1867-03-15
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Tristan (and Elaida)'s Suite - Sunsreach Castle - Sunsreach - Rivana

At first glance, it is apparent that Tristan's quarters consists of two separate rooms, a sitting room and the bedroom. The walls of Tristan's sitting room are decorated in an alternating pattern of two green colors. One darker, one lighter, each dotted with small golden dragons that symbolize House Tracano. The floor has been covered in an Alhazri carpet that is woven with the same two alternating green colors, though the colors are separated by golden thread. At the center of the carpet is a large section with a golden dragon. Along the walls, sconces that have been fashioned out of gold maintain lighted candles throughout the day and night. The ceiling of the room has been separated into several panels, though the panels currently do not have any decoration. Each of the doors in the room are made in a similar fashion, each made of solid oak containing panels that have gold trim surrounding each panel. Along the wall where one enters, several paintings of Sunsreach hang from the wall. In the center of the room is a large divan and near this, a table with four chairs.

The bedroom is larger than the sitting room, but it is also decorated similarly to the sitting room, in terms of the walls, floor and the ceiling, save for one major difference. In this room, the wooden panels of the ceiling have been painted to show dragons in flight with the sky as a backdrop. A small table with four chairs has been positioned towards the entrance side. Along a wall, a large canopy bed has been positioned in the center part of the wall. To one side, there is a large mirror. On the other side, an elaborately carved desk as well as a single chair, various papers and other items strewn about on the surface of the desk.

Marse 15, 1867

Back home in Sunsreach after the Venderosi tournament, Lady Elaida Toulan and her betrothed, Prince Tristan Tracano, are going through the presents that have already arrived for their impending wedding in a few days time. They are in the main room of their suite, a pitcher of wine and cups for them to drink from as they look over their new gifts that have come in for them. Elaida holds up a large silver serving platter and giggles. "You are an archer, perhaps one day this will serve a meal you've brought down with your bow?" she asks happily, letting Tristan look over the gift and rifle through others on his own.

Tristan glances over at Elaida and the silver serving platter and lets out a snort. "Really Elaida, do you ever see me going out and doing some hunting? I hardly think so. Besides, if I ever felt the urge to go hunting, I would see about having some of the Huntresses do it for me while I stood back and observed." He offers a slight little smile and then turns to the present that he has been observing, a well-made pair of matching be-jeweled daggers. It was a fine gift, and he was rather glad to have gotten something more decorative for them both.

Elaida looks at the daggers and frowns some— she wasn't a fan of violence, but… well, they seem more decorative than useful. She smiles quickly. They will suit well. She runs her fingers over a bolt of Alhazredi silk in a vibrant green. "We could have a doublet for you and a dress for me made out of this," she notes cheerily.

"Yes, we could do that." He glances over at the silk and reaches out to brush his fingertips against the fabrics. "We will have your dress made first, I think." He reaches up and brushes his hand lightly against her cheek before leaning over and kissing it. "I am sure we can find someone make you something very beautiful. Now then, let us see what else we have here." There was a box from the Charwins, the lock was, as usual, of high quality. When Tristan opens the lid, the top layer inside lifts as well and splits to move to the sides. "Oh this is nice, I believe it is a place for us to store jewelry and other valuables. It is well crafted."

Elaida looks over the box and makes an ooh of delight. "It's so pretty as well," she opines. She reaches for another box, and lifts the lid gently.

"Ohhhh…" she breathes in a whisper, looking at the two diadems within. Both golden and set with small emeralds, perfect for a prince and a princess. She lifts the princess tiara out of the box and looks at it, blushing deeply. "Should… should I try it on?" she asks hesistantly.

"Yes, of course." Tristan is only half paying attention to whatever it is Elaida is looking at. "Let me know so I can behold your beauty, dear." His attention right now is focused on the box from the Charwins. He's pretty certain there is a false bottom to the box to offer another place to hide things but he'll be damned if he can figure out what it is that triggers it. Damn Charwins, they were always coming up with clever little tricks like this, and they were quite good at it.

Elaida carefully places the tiara on her head, running her fingers through her hair to fluff it out a bit. "What do you think?" she asks Tristan shyly, straightening the tiara a bit. "Was this something you had commissioned, dear?"

Tristan pauses his study of the box to look at Elaida. He gives the tiara an appraising glance and smiles. "I think it looks wonderful on you, and no, I did not commission that for you… though I now wish I had. No I have something else for you, but I will give you that later. I will say you do look good wearing something like that, Elaida."

Elaida nods and smiles brightly, feeling a touch of dizziness. "It's so beautiful. Can you hand me the looking glass from the bedroom vanity, Tristan? I want to see it." She looks for another box to open, and does so, pulling it open and pulls out a large lump of salt. "Oh. Salt. That must be from…" she frowns. "From the… Howletts?" she ventures, trying to remember the house that handles the salt production for the nation.

Tristan nods and goes over to the vanity to fetch the looking glass, when he returns, he offers it over to Elaida. "Yes, the Howletts. That is very good, Elaida, you are becoming more and more Rivanan each and every day. I am so proud of you." He leans forward and kisses her cheek again and then surveys the remaining gifts, trying to determine what he should look at next.

Elaida holds up the looking glass and admires herself in it for a few moments. "Do you think so?" she blushes as she responds. But then she begins looking quite pale. "Mm. I think I've had too much wine," she murmurs, wobbling a bit. As if a single cup is too much.

Tristan frowns, and reaches a hand out to grab her arm, trying to steady her. "Are you not feeling well, Elaida?" Making sure is steady, he releases her arm and steps towards the door. "Lay down, let me have a servant bring something to help steady your stomach. Maybe something you ate is not sitting well with you, better you get off of your feet right now."

"I really am not sure… it's come on all of a sudden…" Elaida replies, leaning against him and letting him guide her to their bed. She is almost to the bed when she swoons, her eyes rolling into her head and she collapses.

<FS3> Tristan rolls Body+Body: Success. (1 5 1 2 5 8)

Seeing Elaida swoon and fall to the floor has Tristan all sorts of worried. There are several moments of indecision where he decides between going to her and going for help. Knowing well that he is not someone who has a lot of knowledge or experience of healing, he runs out of their rooms and orders Dixon to go and fetch a healer and quickly. Returning to the room, he returns to Elaida, and tries to lift her onto the bed, but only succeeds in bouncing her around a little. Her tiara rolls off and goes to the side while Tristan is left worriedly running a hand through Elaida's hair as her head rests on his lap.

Several moments later Dixon returns with a healer and with Dixon's help, they get Elaida onto the bed. Tristan begins to hover a bit as the healer begins his examination.

The healer examines Elaida, frowning. "She's burning up with fever…" she begins, then clucks to herself quietly as she checks everything else out. The tips of Elaida's fingers whiten and then begin to tinge green. "Has she drank anything— she… this looks like poisoning."

Fever certainly wasn't good. The other words cause Tristan to pale. "Poison? What…? No, well yes, she had a glass of wine, but I also had a glass of wine and I feel fine. How bad is it? What kind of poison is it? Do you know? Can she be treated or…?" No, he doesn't want to consider anything dire just yet.

"We're not sure yet…" the healer glances to Tristan. "Please, give me some space to work on her. Sir Dixon, if you can have the sevrants send for my aides… don't worry, your highness. I will get her right as rain as quickly as I can."

A faint nod and Tristan steps back and plops down in a chair, letting the healer do his work. His mind trying to make sense of what happened and why it happened. He really hoped Elaida was going to be okay.

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