(1867-03-19) Dresses and Rifts
Dresses and Rifts
Summary: A few days after their conversation with Princess Clara, it is Emilia's turn to present a dress to her cousin Adrienne: the dress she wore at the Venderos Ball! Conversation is had about the postponed wedding, the murders and the Alhazredi delegation. And while a former rift is slowly healing, the threat of a new rift poses a challenge for the future.
Date: 30/03-05/04/2016 (Date of RP)
Related: Happens a few days after Preparing for Battle, and especially after Beware Gifts
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Marse 19th, 1867

There was a hint of a somber mood to Sunsreach with the Prince’s wedding having been postponed, and while details were short word was that an attempt had been made on his betrothed, poisoning. What should have been a happy few days of celebrations and games instead left people wondering what had happened, was the Lady Elaida going to be ok and if the wedding would yet proceed. In turn, it also had many in Sunsreach and lingering to hear some news.

It did no good to sit idly by just waiting for news to arrive and there were other matters to see to as well. With a offer yet to be followed up on, Emilia had invited Adrienne to join her for tea in order to see the dress that had been worn for the Venderos Banquet and Ball. And perhaps also to discuss Huntress matters, as Emilia had spent the catching up on reports since returning and taking up those duties that came with her position.

Even has spring had started to bring warmer weather, there was a small fire in the sitting room hearth to help warf away the slight chill that spring had not yet fully banished. The table held a tray with a fresh pot of tea, a small bowl of sugar cubes, a small pitcher of cream and a few plates with small sandwiches and tarts, the later of which were a mix of meat or fruit within them. One of which had already been put on a small plate and had a certain ferret busy trying to devour it. Emilia just shook her head at the sight as a hand absently smoothed out an edge of the tunic she wore today.


It would be quite a daring assumption to say Adrienne Cassomir were much of a fashion enthusiast. Mostly content to wear comfortable Huntress attire of tunic and leggings, she is usually happy if she is spared from the more courtly events, as such require her indeed to wear dresses! Even so, with her and Emilia having been taken under the wing of Princess Clara Tracano, to handle their dressing dilemmas, the freckled young lady has at least discovered a slight curiosity for gowns, and the discomfort of wearing those had decreased at least to some extent through the princess's skilled guidance.

Even so, when Adrienne follows the invitation on this afternoon, she enters in tunic and leggings, even if her hair is given more freedom today, with only a few braids at the sides having been gathered and bound at the back of her head with a ribbon, whilst allowing the rest of her tresses to fall freely about her shoulders. "Emilia," the freckled one greets with a smile. "Thank you for the invitation." Her own demeanor shows that faint shadow to be encountered in so many faces these days, with the uncertainty about Lady Elaida's health, and the questions, if and when the wedding would be held. Her gaze falls to the pot of tea and the refreshments and she smiles when she glimpses the ferret. "Hungry Naois…" With her gaze still lingering on the animal, Adrienne inquires thoughtfully: "Any news from the Palace?" before her eyes lift to meet Emilia's dark gaze.

While Adrienne has found some appreciation for wearing gowns, one might be hard pressed to find a similar change within Emilia. While there have been glimmers perhaps of interest, after the gathering days prior…it does seem the young woman has sworn them off, save for as required for those Courtly functions. Things, Emilia could do well without too, but it would seem life has increased the need for attendance in recent times. Needless to say, Emilia was likely Clara’s greater challenge in transforming into a more fashion forward Huntress.

Emilia’s dark brown eyes pull up from Naois as Adrienne arriving, inclining her head,”Quite of welcome. “ Offering one of those odd corner tugging smiles before her face smoothed back to the usual hard to read stoicism. Her eyes drifting back towards the ferret,”For such of a little of thing, he eats so of much. Always of hungry.” There was some hint of warmth in that, as she was fond of her little pet. The questions has Emilia shaking her head,”I have heard nothing of more. It is seeming that they are not offering up much of further about what of happened, or are perhaps not of knowing.” There is a slight pause before Emilia adds,”With of Prince of Tristan’s lovers having been of targetted’ of before…I cannot help but if wonder if this is of related..” It was common knowledge the Lady Elaida had moved into Tristan’s quarters already! “But I of suppose we may not of learn of that, and all we can of do is offer of our help as has been of done.”

A hand motions to the other chair at the table in silent invitation to sit and join her. “Which is of why I figured some of distraction might be of in order. And I had of promised to show you of the dress that Clara and Tiadora saw fit to see me into…though I fear it was my own of fault that.” Emilia shakes her head just a touch, still rather certain she is not going to do that again any time soon. “ I of think Clara was most of giddy and beside herself with the opening. I am thinking she quite of enjoys having chances to put of us into dresses.”


Stoicism is a discipline Adrienne masters as well, occasionally. But for now, she does not feel the need to do so, a moderate smile adorns her freckled features as she lifts her gaze from Naois to Emilia. She nods, the expression then dimming a little into an attitude of concerned curiosity, when talk turns to the delayed wedding. "Lady Elaida's sudden illness does seem odd indeed," the green-eyed Cassomir agrees, as she takes a seat, following the invitation of Emilia's gesture. "If this is related to the matter of the murders…" Adrienne pauses, considering. "And this 'illness' has been caused by the same people who murdered those women…" And the child "I can hardly imagine Prince Tristan will shy away from taking measures against them. You are aware I suggested to Raelyn back then that she should offer the assistance of the Huntresses? So far, our help has not been called upon." A hand lifts and brushes a few strands of dark brown hair back over her shoulder. "You will perhaps approach the Prince and offer such assistance a second time? Just to assure him of our support and willingness to help, if we can? There was an idea I had back then… but I fear as no further murders have occurred, it will no longer be applicable. But… there will be the need to lay out a trap of sorts… a scheme to gather the evidence we need to identify them, for once and for all…" Her words trail off, and green eyes are lowered, when Adrienne Cassomir considers options of actions that so far are only hypothetical, as nothing has been confirmed.

A faint smile plays across Adrienne's features then, at the offer of distraction. "I don't feel the need to be distracted from anything, but this tedious waiting and lingering." The smile deepens. "And yes, I'd like to see what kind of garment Clara has chosen for you to wear in Venderos." A brow lifts, at Emilia's particular wording. "Your own fault? What do you mean?"

Stoicism was simply a way of life for Emilia, a necessity. A nod comes,”Of aye, I am of aware that you of spoke to Raelyn and she did of extend such of an offer of aid to of the Queen and Prince of Tristan of then. Though I am not of sure if the idea of had was also of presented, but I am of agreeing since there have not been of further of murders such might no longer be of relevant to of attempt. “ There is a small cant of Emilia’s head as she studies Adrienne a moment,”I am of sure that Prince of Tristan knows House of Cassomir is more than of willing to of help if there is wish of it. As I am of certain if there was of need Jaren would of remind as well, since such an of attack is not just of against Prince of Tristan but of also against the House of Tracano as of a whole. “ There was a fine line to dance upon between being helpful and being pestersome, and…politics. “But I will of ensure that in of expressing our prayers for a swift recovery, that should there be of anything that can be of done to of help that we are of willing.”

“But of see, you need of distracting from the tedious of waiting,” a mild tugging occurring at the corners of her lips as that mildly teasing counter is offered with the lighter subject taken up. Emilia lets out a faint breath at that question. “It is of my fault, cause I of asked to be of getting a dress..” a pause comes before she adds in something of an admission..”One that would of draw of attention.” Her fingers faintly fidget on the table a moment before she explains,”As I of promised Lonar I would seek to wear of something that would do of such….as he said he found of it entertaining to see of those who trip over themselves when I make of such an effort.” Which really those efforts have been rare, namely Jaren and Raelyn’s weddings. “So I said I would of try to find of something so he might be of entertained.”


Adrienne inclines her head in a nod, her gaze flitting down for a moment. "That is all I ask," she remarks to Emilia's statement regarding the offer of help to Prince Tristan. "In case, this suspicion proves to be true. After all, we can't be sure yet." No danger of her wishing to become pestersome! When she lifts her green eyes again, the smile has returned, softening that dutiful cast of her freckled features.

"You asked for a dress…?", Adrienne echoes then with a slightly astonished chuckle. Her brows twitch even further upwards. "To draw attention? One above… this reminds me…" Her lips curl, green eyes glinting as their gaze becomes distant for a moment, focusing once again then on her touched cousin when she continues, about Lonar's wish to witness the reaction. "He was entertained, I'd wager? Could you… show me the dress? Did it cause much of a stir? Either way, I'd like to see it."

The matter of offering help to Tristan and the Royals is let pass with a nod by Emilia. She could understand the wish and eagerness to help, but she also knew that there was a line to dance about and toes to avoid stepping upon, the Tracano's and Sunsreach had their own people for such matters, and no doubt offers of aid were extended by the Greycen Wardens also.

“Of aye… I asked for a dress,”, Emilia reaffirms, not at all surprised by..well…Adrienne’s surprise on the matter. “You should have seen of Clara’s eye light up and how of giddy she became.” Sighing with a shake of her head, but at least it had brought Clara delight, and that was important as well. Canting her head a little,”Reminds you of what?” Some sense of curiosity to what thoughts it has roused within her cousin. There is a slight pause,”I am not of sure, though I believe he of was.” But honestly, Emilia didn’t know. He wasn’t her consort, so he had not accompanied her to the banquet…now /that/ would have caused a stir, brining s common woodsman to escort her. “But of aye, it did cause of some of attention.” Too much for her tastes. Fingers retrieve another tart to keep Naois occupied,”I will go of put it of on for you to of see.” Giving a mild incline of her head before she slips from her seat and goes to see to just that.

It is not to long before Emilia returns to the room. And wearing something quite different than her tunic and leggings. The gown is deep green with golden trim in the design of leaves. The green gives way to a rust color within the front panels as well as hints of rust accents having been used within the bodice to draw out the curves of her figure. The sleeves of the gown show off a bit of her shoulder before ending, with long green gloves completing the rather wood nymph-like look. The stylings to the dress, the choice of fabrics all working to play upon the unearthly ethereal grace that Emilia possessed. Dark eyes looking to her cousin to take in her reaction to the piece….”What do you of think?”


"Oh, I can imagine!", Adrienne chuckles, when Clara's delight is mentioned by her touched cousin, the freckled young woman leaning back in her seat, as she runs a hand through the hair that falls about her right shoulder. A sensation she is not used to. The question regarding her unfinished sentence elicits a reply from Adrienne. "The red dress I wore to Jaren's wedding," she admits, in a matter-of-factly tone. "The color of which I chose in the stubborn acknowledgement of my new position and its perils. Cousin to the King." Her shoulders lift in a shrug. "And that I wouldn't flee the inevitable attention." Blessed be Cassomir stoic stubbornness! Green eyes focus on Emilia, one brow lifting. "I trust you've shown him the dress prior to the event…?", the freckled Cassomir muses, words trailing off as her gaze follows the departing Emilia.

When Emilia returns, she will find her cousin has meanwhile poured them both some of the hot tea, and a bit of bread and a tart has found its way onto Adrienne's plate. The sound of the opening door prompts the freckled Cassomir to rise from her seat, discarding her meal for a moment to give Emilia's look the fullest attention. An impressed whistle leaving Adrienne, as she takes in the changed appearance, circling about Emilia at a slow pace. "One above!" A hand reaches tentatively to touch the fabric, "this dress… I believe Clara has outdone herself. It was… made according to her directions? Her ideas?", Adrienne asks, the tone of her voice giving away her admiration of the design. "It is… so you. In a way I have rarely seen." Her lips twitch into a bewildered smile. "Do I make sense?" With her turn completed, Adrienne comes to stand right in front of her cousin. "You look so lovely in that dress. I bet, Lonar must have been out of words when you showed it to him." Continuing her assumption from earlier, that Emilia certainly would not have withheld such a sight from the man she was infatuated with.

“Of aye, I showed it to of him before if the banquet, since he could not of attend with me.” There was need to observe the social ranks that divided them. Even if there was something ironic about it. The answer being given before Emilia departs.

Upon returning, Emilia does does pause, giving that faint bit of a pose as one might expect to allow Adrienne to take in the dress. A mild glance down given with the whistle that comes in way of a reaction. The fabric when touched had a softness to it, a type of velvet. “Of aye, it was made by of her direction. Being of her ideas, and of some from Tiadora. But Clara sketched of the concept for the shop to make of it.” A small turn of hesitation is there before Emilia nods,”Of aye…it makes of sense. “ Going in to explain in a way,”Lonar has spoken of it…of how I do not left of myself be truly of seen often. And like with of this dress, and of the one she designed that I wore for Raelyn’s of wedding..of how she likes to make of things flow and be of fae-like as she….well..she sometimes of sees me as of such.” Which was not entirely wrong either.

Her lips twitch slightly before there is something of an admission, “He saw of the dress when it was of delivered once of finished…but I am not of knowing if he actually ever of saw me within of it…He and some of the Huntresses had gone of out before Devlin and I were of going to of the banquet.” Not uncommon for that to happen, going off to their own celebrations and night out. “But it….I did get much of attention for of wearing it. I am not of sure I have been of asked to of dance by so many different of people before of then….” A hand smoothing out the other glove as Emilia adds in some way of clarification,”And actually wishing to of dance with of me…not because I am being of Jaren or of Raelyn’s sister….or out of some of obligation or of pity.” There had been plenty of that at times…pity upon the poor ‘touched’ Cassomir girl.


Oh yes, those social ranks. How could Adrienne not be aware of that particular topic, especially since the turn the conversation had taken on the meeting of Clara, Emilia and herself a few days ago, the meeting itself the occasion of another dress to be viewed upon a Cassomir. "Clara is so creative in that area," Adrienne comments with a smile that shows her admiration of the design. "As if she could liberate herself from the restraints of court, by considering such daring concepts of fashion." Oh yes, this Cassomir can hold her own as well, when it comes to analyzing others. Her fingers brush over the fabric. "And yes… she seems to have a hand for matching a dress to a vision. You look so beautiful in it. Why, I can imagine many must have been enchanted by the view you provided at the ball. Too bad, I missed that.", Adrienne continues then in a pensive drawl. "And you should make sure to present it to Lonar wearing it, if you haven't done so already. I suppose, such will only enhance his admiration of you." A nod then, as her lips curve in a smile, green eyes seeking Emilia's darker ones. "I can imagine you got more requests for dances; and for the right reasons." A temporary considering downward flit of her gaze. "After all, this dress stresses your personality quite openly. A daring move that ensures you'll attract only those that appreciate it. A pity, you can't wear it at the wedding. But then again… it would draw too much attention, and distract from the lovely bride and her groom."

The freckled Cassomir steps away from Emilia, as her thoughts proceed in a different direction. "With the wedding postponed… we should consider perhaps to return to Ironhold for a while, until Lady Elaida has recovered and a new wedding date is named. That is, if our presence isn't required here. It is not like, we haven't been able to handle things there, in your absence. But to be honest…", and here Adrienne turns, to face her cousin. "I fear the Huntress problem might be much graver than we imagined. It wasn't a coincidence I brought Nia along, but the need to keep an eye on her. She was openly speaking up against you, she actually got into a fight with Hannah as she questioned the rightfulness of Raelyn's decision to make you Mistress of the Hunt. All of this happened in the Huntress quarters, and apart from Pella and I there were no witnesses." She exhales. "I… made my point by backing the decision. And Nia apologized. But even so… I believe we will have to take some measures, to make the Huntresses grow together as a union that supports you." She pauses. "How did things go with the Huntress delegation that accompanied you to Venderos?"

The meeting had taken a particular bent in that direction, and rightly one of the few times such frustrations have been heard out of Emilia. “Of aye, she is quite of creative in of that area, even if she does not of see it so of much. I of know she is not perhaps on the scale of some of the most of sought after of designers, but I do of think with her of sense and ability, she could of be if she wished.” Those gloved hands faintly smooth the dress a bit,”I know she of started designing and of making more because she was of having of to,” that past life she was ‘rescued’ from,” but of now…there is more of options if she of wished.” Emilia pauses as she gives a glance over to Adrienne,”Though I of think she mostly of wishes to see of us dressed more of fashionably. “ She gives a small nod,”There were of many who were of appreciative of mine wearing of it. And…” there just might be a hint of pink that touches her cheeks with the brief talk of Lonar and his potential admiration,”I will of see to him getting a proper of showing of me wearing of the dress.” Those dark eyes do meet Adrienne’s gaze, a small tugging at the corners of her lips,”It was more for of the right of reasons, the of dances. I of admit…I was more of willing to of try this of there…in Venderos where there would be of less who knew of me, of the story to of me.” After all outside of Rivana that turn and Emilia inparticular is not ‘common’ knowledge. At most, she is simply Jaren’s sister. “Of exactly, it would of distract from of the bride, plus they were of being at Venderos, I would not of wish to be uncouth and wear of it at two of functions within of a row like of that.”

Emilia is already nodding at the words,”There is nothing that is of requiring us to of remain, and should they of wish our of help, we can return of easily. As I would like to of return and would be of returning within of a day if the wedding had of occurred as of planned.” Emilia had after all not been back to Ironhold since leaving for Venderos. But as Adrienne turns and speaks of a graver reason for returning, Emilia’s brows do rise a little. A slightly pensive turn coming to that stoic mien of hers. Drifting to retake her seat, after all there wa snot need to worry about keeping the dress ‘perfect’ with it worn once already. “I of knew Nia was disgruntled, more than of some. Of honestly, it was why she was not of amongst those I took of with.” The ‘worst’ were not ones Emilia risked to take with, after all they would not be so easily swayed to change their minds. “But that it has come to of blows between of Sisters…is not of good. I am of glad you were of there to of handle of the matter, and it sounds as if you have of handled it of well. Of thanking.” The comment was sincere. Emilia did think well of her cousin and what she was capable of. “It went of well…I did of ensure to rotate of whom was going of out with me at of times, and I of think that it has of helped. That some of minds are of changing, least more of open to accepting me and seeing me for..well of me.”

Fingers mildly tap at the table as she thinks for a few moments,”There is something that Clara of suggested that…is perhaps a place to be of starting with of this. I know my of skills are of questioned at of times as much as my of mind.” Emilia manages one of those odd smiles of hers,”I am not of sure we can of exactly prove my of mind is of….stable…any of more than such can be of proved for any one of else. That I of fear will just take of time. But of skill….to the idea Clara of had, it was to of do a Harrowing of again. Which…I do not think should be done like of that, as I do not of wish to set of a precedent where a Huntress, let of alone the Mistress of the Hunt, can be of questioned and forced to go through such of again to of retain the position and respect of earned of already. But what if we do of something of similar, for of everyone?” Turning her gaze back to Adrienne as she explains further,”Something in of a way of training and continued testing of skills. Like of a Harrowing but of different, in that the groups could be of small and could be of groups seeking each of other of really. Tagging of out a person when being of found and of caught until there was of one of left. It would of allow more of bonding between of Sisters as they are of working of together and a chance for of skills to be of shown of off for of all, not just of mine self. I am not of thinking it will be of a fix for of everything, but perhaps being of a start.” Taking in what reaction Adrienne might have to the idea before actually asking,”What do you of think of it?”


The smile curving Adrienne's lips may not be that pronounced - it has more of an inward, reflective quality. Her green eyes glint where the light of day touches them, her gaze lingering on her touched cousin, seeing her open up, beyond her usual stoicness, when she speaks of the dress, and how wearing it far away from the Rivanan court had felt easier. "As you requested the dress to please Lonar in the first place, there can be no question about it. Even if he was not able to witness the impression you must have made at the ball… you owe him at least that glimpse of how well this dress fits you.", she muses, slightly amused.

Her features shift into a more stoic cast when talk turns to Nia, and Adrienne nods gravely. "A troublemaker, indeed. And one I felt I couldn't leave behind at Ironhold. But perhaps it is better, if we return together as soon as possible." A bit of uncertainty flickering in her gaze, as she considers. "You won't be surprised, I suppose, if I tell you she said she'd prefer me to hold your position.", the freckled Cassomir admits then, a faint line appearing between her brows. "I can only hope, my counter assured her not to hold on to such destructive position."

Even so, her demeanor lightens up, brows lifting in cautious optimism, when Adrienne hears of Clara's thoughts on the matter. A moment of silence passes, before the Cassomir Huntress gives her comment. "I approve of this idea, to give our Huntress sisters the opportunity to see for themselves. The idea of teams brings up the question though, as how to compose them. Supporters and those who doubt, in equal numbers. Yes…" Her gaze goes distant for a brief spell as Adrienne considers. "I agree. It is a good suggestion, and one we should perhaps try out shortly after our return to Ironhold…?"

It was perhaps a sign of that fledgling change occurring in their relationship, Emilia actually opening up that little bit for Adrienne to see beyond the stoicism. The logic that her cousin lays out does have Emilia canting her head a little bit,”Of true…I would not have sought such of a thing without of him and his of comments.” Fingers lightly tap on the table before drifting to cut Naois off from trying to invade the platter of tarts. “I will find some of time to show of him the dress,” a faint upwards tugging at the corners of her mouth,”while of wearing it of properly this of time.” Some faint thought to just how…but that was a thing to dwell upon later with the other topic at hand.

There is a shake of her head,”You are of correct, it does not of surprise me. And I know she is not of the only of one who has such of thoughts. “ It seems that Emilia was not as blind to it as some might like to think. Namely the ones who think she shouldn’t hold the position. “It is good you have brought her along, give of her something else to focus on. And keep of a closer eye of upon her. I would of hope as well what words you had for her did of give her something to think upon and re-of -consider her position on of it all.” Though the faint look that comes after a moment, Emilia doesn’t believe that is likely to be the case.

Emilia nods as Adrienne takes to the idea, and the matter of teams,”Of aye, I was of thinking of similar in how to of form of the teams. And could perhaps of include some of the trainees that at are of further along, to of help keep to of mind that it is of for training.” Her fingers flutter slightly in the air after having seen Naois distracted with another tart of his own, even if he yet eyes that platter with alllll the tarts. “We should of return, of aye. But planning of first after of returning, as I would not wish to go through such of exercises with the Alhazred of yet at Ironhold.” For various reasons. “Perhaps of aim for the first of rounds to be shortly after they have been of departing from of Ironhold, I am thinking would be of best.”


The matter of the dress - and Lonar - seems to be settled then, a light incline of her head given in reaction to Emilia's words. There is a flicker in a pair of green eyes, a pensive tinge to the smile curving Adrienne's lips when she lets the topic rest then and there. They were after all exploring new ground here, after years of distant coexistence; and these talks with only the two of them present were a novelty, the relation and its potential a delicate thing that needed to be reconnoitered with care. It had already affected other, more public interactions; most of all, recent meetings of the two with Princess Clara Tracano, which had taken on more of a lightness, so suitable of young ladies in their late teens.

Such lightness is not to be encountered now, when the conversation shifts to the current discord among the Huntresses and one trouble maker in particular. A sigh escapes Adrienne Cassomir in the moment she meets Emilia's dark gaze. "We'll see about that," she remarks on Nia's possible reconsiderations, looking hardly convinced herself. Her gaze flits to Naois as he claims another tart, the impression enough to distract Adrienne for a moment and elicit an amused smile. Emilia's statement on when to start with the new training rounds draws a curious glance from Adrienne, but maybe that has to do with the mention of the Alhazred delegation. "Do we know when they will depart? After all, I find their rather prolonged stay at Ironhold rather curious…"

It was a delicate balance, but also a calculated risk in some ways for Emilia as she had to let down that guard and facade to allow Adrienne to see more of her. A certain trust being given to her cousin once more, as had once existed when they were children…and well life was simpler then. And it did allow for more lightness and discussion about suitors and those who may (or may not) hold affection for.

Yet, there were duties and serious matters to cover as well. Some added thoughts had about just how to plan out the new spin on training with an idle stroke along Naois’s back. But the question about the Alhazred does draw Emilia’s dark gaze back to Adrienne,”I was of thinking they would be of returning to Sunsreach for of Prince of Tristan's wedding. But it is of seeming the delay of there is of causing a delay in of their return as of well.” She cants her head a little,”It is of curious in of ways…but it is of also allowing the Queen to focus of more to of the politicking about the Archducal of election that is of approaching.” There is a small twitch of Emilia’s lips, “And perhaps not of entirely of curious, after of all, it was of a matter that of involved some of Alhazred that saw the of formation of the Huntresses. Perhaps of appropriate to be having a more…peaceful of visit to of Ironhold.” There is a small tug at the corner of her lips, finding just a little amusement to that turn. Though it was likely that most Huntresses weren’t as up on that bit of history.


"Of course!", Adrienne cannot help but interject. "They will of course attend the wedding." As not doing so would naturally be seen as an affront against the Crown of Rivana. Even so, she frowns; it is more a ghost of a frown really, when her chin dips down in yet another nod. "One can only hope Lady Elaida will recover swiftly then… Visitors bring joy twice, usually. When they arrive - and when they leave. As interesting as the exchange may have been, and vital for House Cassomir to demonstrate support for our Queen and King…" A faint smile curls her lips when the freckled Cassomir references her cousin in such a manner. Still, Emilia's remark about the past of the Huntresses elicits a knowing glint in Adrienne's eyes. "Of course. The… attempted Alhazredi invasion, more than two hundred years ago.", she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "One of the three Alhazredi Princes was defeated in Ironhold. The others… hmm… One at Seagard and another in Sunsreach." Recalling a span in time that because of its relevance to their Huntress past, and Adrienne as a lady of House Cassomir requiring her to know at least a good deal about local Ironhold history she should actually be very much aware of.

Adrienne's gaze shifts to meet Emilia's dark eyes, and one corner of her mouth lifts just so, in a faint wry grin. "It seems only fair, to add a new chapter to the story… That of a visit in peace, and late reconciliation. Though… two hundred years do not appear awfully long ago. I'd feel definitely more at ease when those foreigners will finally depart, leaving us to our duties." The long overdue task of dealing with the growing discord among the Huntresses being only one of them.

Or perhaps more so because the Cassomirs were not about to leave the Alhazred ‘alone’ in Ironhold whilst they attended the wedding. “I do of hope as well she is of swift to recover.” There is a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips, “Though I am thinking we are of amongst the of last to need to worry about showing our support for the Queen and of King.” History had proven time and again the support the Cassomirs could be counted on to give the Tracanos. The greater worry likely for Jaren not to seem to give too much favor to his birth House.

A small nod is given as Adrienne recent the bit of history. It was a thing Emilia knew well enough, part of her own history lessons as a child. Though a brow raises just a touch, “It does not seem so long of ago? I would of think it to seem long of enough, after of all it is of Wraiths and of Thorns,” double Thorns even, “that are of much of closer in of time.” Events and wars that are far fresher in the minds of most Rivanan, having actually lived through least one of the events. “Though it is of seeming that new of chapters are of coming to of all. I am of agreeing, it would be if nice to be left to see to of our duties.” A mild breathe drawn, such duties as they were. Emilia really did not want history to speak of her as the one who was cause to a Huntress ‘civil war’. “But if we are not of careful, Naois is going to try and finish of all of the food before of we are getting of much.” Her dark brown eyes drifting to the ferret who is trying to inch his way along to thief something more.


"Oh. Yes. You are right," comes the hesitant admission of Adrienne Cassomir, when Emilia sums up more recent enemies of Rivana in general and Ironhold in particular. A slight roll of her green eyes there. Which brings a certain former Thorn to mind. But the freckled lady does not seem inclined to add anything on the matter, remarking instead: "Right. I am starving." And a glare is given the sneaky Naois, as if that would suffice to keep him at bay, before Adrienne sits down to have some tea and tarts, as long as there are still some left.

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