(1867-03-26) After the Banquet
After the Banquet
Summary: After the Banquet, Gabriel and Alina talk about their immediate plans.
Date: 1867-03-26
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Room at the White Hart Inn
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Marse 26, 1867

It is after the banquet, and Alina and Gabriel have returned to the room in the White Hart Inn they had rented for their stay. The keep wasn't that big, after all, and priority for the rooms were for people of this duchy.

Besides, Alina didn't really like the Baron or his wife. So a little space was a blessing.

Alina has already changed from her volumonous gown to a nightdress, looking wan and close to popping. She was due, according to the midwife, any time now, and Alina was still insisting on traveling and politicking instead of resting abed like she likely should be.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Gabriel asks as he steps into the room, his hands coming to the buttons at the front of his tunic to start undoing the buttons. "We should leave tomorrow, perhaps return to Lonnaire. You need to rest and take to your bed until the child is born." His fingers undo the last of the buttons and he grunts. "I am getting tired of hearing the midwife mention it."

"Yes, I do miss the boys," Alina replies with a small "oof" noise, her hand moving to her abdomen. "The baby is kicking a lot tonight," she grimaces. "As for enjoying myself… it was… a fair tournament. Whether you won or not makes no difference to me. We could easily purchase a platter like that and the horses… well, I don't care if we were to have another pair of them or not. But if we wished some, we could always purchase them." She shrugs. "How did you enjoy yourself, husband? Half of court was here, perhaps it was enough to keep the worst of it off both our backs for a time."

"We both miss the boys. Hopefully they are growing strong and handsome like their father." Gabriel smiles at that, shrugging off his doublet and putting it across the back of a chair. Next up… his boots. "I honestly did not care to try and win the tournament, I am surprised I did as well as I did. The last thing we need are more riding horses… though if they had been warhorses?" He chuckles, knowing Alina can finish that train of thought. He puts his boots to the side and begins undoing his belt. "I care little for how the court feels about things. I have more important things to think about. Did you hear about the hunt?"

"Only that both hunts were successful," Alina replies with a shrug. Hunting wasn't an interest of hers. "Did something happen on it I should know about?" She moves from the chair by the vanity and waddles to the bed, lowering herself down on it heavily, watching him disrobe.

"I took down one of the boars with a single shot to the head with one of my hand cannons. I think a few people took notice of it, or at least I suspect that they did… if they were not busy cringing from the sound of them." Gabriel chuckles, slipping out of his trousers and putting them on the chair. Now in an undershirt and some small clothes, he steps over a table and pours himself a glass of water and takes a long sip. "We will have to keep an eye out for any tournaments providing hand cannons as a reward I think. Perhaps long cannons as well. We can start to slowly gather a collection of these weapons without making people too suspicious."

"Suspicious of what?" Alina queries, peering at him with interest. "Do you intend on collecting more of these weapons? I had a fright at the Venderos tourney, seeing that poor man blow his hand off."

"Suspicious of some of my plans, but maybe I am overthinking it all." He shrugs, taking another sip of the water. "Why would I not intend to collect more of these weapons? With my winnings at Venderos, I can outfit one knight with a set of weapons without spending any coin. And so a man blew his hand off? Any weapon is dangerous, Alina. Look at some of the weapons that your Wraiths employ… anything can be dangerous without proper training and making sure your weapons stay in good condition."

Alina frowns. "Supposedly the archery prize for the tourney in Normont is another brace of these handcannons," she points out coolly. "That will be after the baby comes, though." She keeps a hand on her stomach. "Should I have bid on the pair at auction at the Venderos tournament? I did not realize you wished to outfit the knights in our Amethyst guard with such a kit."

"That might be useful then, perhaps I can ask Corvin to participate in that archery contest to try and win them then." Gabriel considers it for a moment, nodding. "Yes, I will do that… and no, you need not bid on any just yet. Let us worry about having people trained first and see what we have at the end of this year before we start spending any money."

Alina quirks a brow. "We have it to spend as long as we're careful," she says, "but I will wait to bid until next year." She smiles at him, then grimaces again. "This one is so much more active and… physical than the twins were. And I'm huge. This child will be a robust one according to the midwife." She scowls at Gabriel. "Your fault. But it will be good to have a strong healthy baby. I would be broken hearted if the babe came as sickly as the twins."

"Hrm. Maybe one child grows stronger than if there are two of them, but what do I know? The midwife probably knows more, but I never got around to asking her about such things." Gabriel chuckles, finishing his glass of water. "It is good to know it will be strong though. Maybe that one can be a knight like his father."

Alina chuckles. "Perhaps he will," she allows. "We will see what path fits him best." The midwife swore it would be another son, after all. "So back to Lonnaire in the morning?" she asks simply.

"I think it is for the best. You are about to have the child any day now and I think he should be born in Lonnaire. Then we can spend some time there while you recover and then we can return to court after that. What do you think?"

"I think if that is what will make you happiest," Alina replies, "Then that is what we'll do. You've tolerated court for some time now, and a break from it might be good for us both." She smiles. "Plus going home to birth our next child has a political undercurrent to it… it shows we're both dedicated to our family and our duchy."

"I think it is good for us both, and I don't even think about any political undercurrents, you know that." Gabriel leans back in the chair sighing. "I do think it will be nice to spend time with our children, that much I can say."

"I agree," Alina responds quietly. "I've missed the twins while we've been away. We can spend time at home for a bit while I recover and spend time with the twins.. and the new baby." She hmms. "The boys are almost a year."

"Ah yes, it has been nearly a year. Time seems to go so fast does it not? I hadn't even thought of that…" Gabriel trails off, a little saddened that his sons are nearly a year old. Before he knew it they would be two years than three. "I am sure they will be strong of body and look more and more just like me when we see them. Before we know it the will be running around and asking a thousand questions about everything."

"They are already walking," Alina says wistfully. "So it is no time at all until they will begin getting into trouble." She grins at Gabriel and gestures for him to join her in bed. "I hope we're both ready for this," she teases. "How long until you start training them with wooden swords?"

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