(1867-03-26) Tourney of Love and Beauty : Awards Ball
Tourney of Love and Beauty : Awards Ball
Summary: The awards banquet and ball for the tournament of Love and Beauty.
Date: 1867-03-26
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Stag Keep - Hart's Home - Couviere

Up a stone causeway from the town, Stag Keep stands like a stone sentinel over the woods and settlement. The causeway leads to a main gatehouse through which the courtyard is accessed past portcullises and murder holes. Within the yard there is a training ground for the household troops, a forge, a stable and the main doors to the keep and the stain glass of the chapel is visible to all.

Within the doors of the keep is a set of stairs leading up to the great hall which has a rustic charm with sturdy oaken beams, blazing hearths and heavy wooden tables set out for the high and low to dine at. The main table is set on a dias and behind the Baron and Baroness' chair is the black and white banner of House t'Tremaine.

Branching out from the hall are passages to other parts of the keep and behind the main table are stairs leading up to the higher floors and the chambers of the Baron and his family.


The great hall of Stag Keep is well decorted and food is spread out on the tables. The center between the tables is clear enough for dancing, should anyone wish to.

All have gathered for the banquet presentation of the prizes, which is not quite happened yet. The Baron and his wife sit at the high table accompanied by the Queen Louisa, Duke Cesare and his wife Duchess Florencia, and his children, Princess Antonia, Lord Sir Elrick (the winner of this tournament), and the young Lady Amara.

Lady Alina l'Saigner sits with her husband, Lord Sir Gabriel l'Saigner (who had almost won the tournament, something she's quite pleased with his showing indeed) above the salt and near the high table.

Quite a different display is what Antonia l'Valdan gives of herself today. While she was mostly clad in some variation of armor during the events of the tourney so far, on this eve she is appearing as befits her station as wife of a prince of Couviere. Her dress of midnight blue that contrasts nicely to the dark blonde hair, she wears in an elaborate hairdo of many braids kepping the rest of it in check, sports long sleeves with silver embroideries, even larger embroideries on the skirts, showing off the suns of Valdan. A necklace of silver with the pendant of a sun draws the eye above the neckline of her dress, and even a pair of earrings matching the design is worn by the l'Valdan princess on this occasion. She sits beside her husband, Prince Silvio, her demeanour apparently at ease, when she leans over and offers a few murmured words to him. But yes, Antonia seems inclined to celebrate here today, rather than bemourn her showing at the joust. The glance she shoots her brother Elrick, the winner of the tourney, is warm; and the smile that accompanies that glance, is as well. "I am so proud of you, little brother," she announces, raising her goblet of wine towards the t'Tremaine heir. "But overall, we can be quite content with how House t'Tremaine has presented itself in the tourney." Extending her praise to her father as well; and just a tiny bit to herself.

Clarke has been around at the tournament in the crowds, however not competing in any of the events. But, of course he is at the party. Food, drink, all the comforts that one could ever want have brought him out of whatever darkness he has been in then as he walks along then, clad in a formal outfit and quite happy to take along a cup with some wine in it as he goes along then to gaze about some of the others present, otherwise seeming quite content.

Amara had worn a deep green dress this evening with accents in white and black in that spin upon her House colors. The youngest of the t'Tremaine siblings quieter than the rest at that table. Really just trying to absorb everything that was going on and just who all had turned out for this grand affair. But when Antonia speaks up about the way they had all aquaited themselves, she to raises her goblet of wine to Elrick first,"You did so marvelous, Elrick, and you as well Antonia!" And her father as well, but he is allllll the way down there with the important guests.

One of those present that seems to be keeping the relatively low profile, Samuel is sipping some wine and watching the various people present. His expression might seem a bit distant, the gaze moving around at the various people present.

Seated at a remote table, Leander Giraldi does something that he isn't quite used to. Keeping a low profile. It was rather apparent his usual demeanor did not earn him any friends…so he remains quiet for once. Still…quiet doesn't mean he isn't paying attention, as he watches the hall from his seat.

Gabriel was dressed in the colors of House l'Saigner and he sits next to his wife, murmuring to her from time to time. He has generally remained quiet this evening as he has found it somewhat interesting to just sit and observe. Along with his obervations, he was thinking more about various applications of hand cannons. Perhaps he thought about them too much, but he couldn't help himself. It was likely Alina's fault.

A formal event like this is nothing new for Elrick who was bred for both war and court, so the proper attire is always readied and this time is no different. Instead of anything extravagent or outlandish, he chooses the usual formal outfit that has a more martial fashion, high stiff collared tunic that is buttomed up the middle. On his hip, brought out for this ocassion, is the Sidhe blade that is in his possession, no name as of yet, but it was the prize that he won two years ago at Vendros. Enjoying the wine but not overindulging… yet, the t'Tremaine Heir looks over to his sister, Antonia as she address him, the grin always present tonight as he raises his own goblet to both of his siblings, "Thank you, Sister, and I agree, not just our House but our people as well. Honored to have such extinguished guests to visit our Barony." There is a pause as he glances towards his father, the Baron, who is probably either deep in his cups or deep in conversation with the Duke, "Most surprisingly is our Father, who has shown everyone that he still possesses the skills of a formidable knight." However, Elrick does turn his attention to Amara, who had chosen to offer her favor to a southern knight, much to the family's dismay, "Amara, I trust you've enjoyed yourself, and the little bit of fun you have chosen?" It is easy to tell what little bit of fun the older brother is referring to, and the way he words it, temporary.

Joffrey t'Synclarre is a bit further away from the Baron's table, seated next to Nadine t'Cadri, chatting amiably with her as the meal goes along. He's already discussed his plans to depart almost as soon as the feast is over. Has to get back to Gwen and little Robert. But for now, he's just soaking up the cheerful atmosphere No sense not enjoying oneself a bit before departure.

Seeing the Giraldi brother sitting sullenly, Clarke t'Cauthone goes to cautiously approach him, drink over in hand then as he glances over at an empty seat then, gesturing over at him for permission tos it and join him then in a wordless gesture as his eyes went to dance along the room as well.

Antonia's head turns and she smiles to Amara, when her little sister joins her in her toast. Her grey eyes may linger as well on her father pensively for a moment, even so, they soon find Elrick when he speaks up. "It is good to see him like this," she says, referring to their father. "As much as it proves to everyone else - it proves as much to himself." The smile curving her lips dims somewhat, when Elrick addresses Amara, and she shoots their sister an assessing glance. Attentive. And so curious for her answer.

Amara had sent a warm smile or two Leander's way through the course of the meal even if for the moment her brother and sister drew her attention. "Father had done well to show his strength yet. " Not as pensive about the matter, being quite pleased to see their father with such life in him with the successful tournament. Her smile dims none at all with her brother's attention turned upon about /that/ topic,"Oh yes, I have quite enjoyed myself. It has been utterly delightful, especially with all the excitement about with everyone here." Temporary? So they shouldn't have agreed to write to one another?

Clarke only receives a shrug in response. The normally loquacious Leander seems to be holding fast to keeping himself out of trouble. After all, he is sitting in the lion's den…and he already riled the masters of the home enough.

Clarke takes the moment to sit down, locking his gaze over at Leander inquisitively - not mockingly, not daringly, but inquisitively then. Offering no barbs as he takes his seat.

The answer his younger sister provides does not satisfy Elrick, but it doesn't anger him either as he brings the goblet of wine to his lips, taking a long drink from it. His gaze does not stray from Amara though as he studies the young girl, "I am glad you enjoyed the experience, but that is all it is, Amara, an experience." It appears that the older brother is indeed putting down his foot on whatever antics transpired during this tourney, "I hope that is understood, dear sister." His tone remains calm and relaxed, eased by the wine, not choosing to make a scene of it as long as his sister agrees.

Samuel turns to watch Clarke and Leander now, raising an eyebrow momentarily as he sips his wine.

Antonia's brows twitch upwards, her gaze shifts from Amara to Elrick, when he makes that statement. She draws a breath, then addresses her younger sister as well. "Amara. You are a kind soul, we are aware of it. You've always been. But you are aware, that your choice of knight to carry your favor has been… a little curious." To put it diplomatically. Grey eyes flit towards where Leander sits, and noting Clarke sitting there in his vicinity, Antonia's features will soften into a smile. "Ah. See Sir Clarke t'Cauthone there? He is such a promising knight, and a Blue Cavalier.", she remarks, almost casually, were it not for the ominous glance she shoots Amara. "He's the kind you should have wear your favor, sister. A good family of Couvieri tradition."

Oh dear. What has he walked over into the middle of? From his position Clarke t'Cauthone rises, and cautiously bows, "Highness, Lady." He bows to Antonia and then over to Amara. "A pleasure to see you both. And congratulations Highness on your showings. You did grandly in the tournament." Amara is given a dipping of his head, and then Clarke glances over at Samuel, and the Garibaldi brother he had gone to approach.

Amara bobs her head at Elrick,"Yes, I know that is all that it has been." The young girl taking a few sips of her own wine. "And I do understand, brother. Afterall, I will be spending time with Antonia at Court now, which shall be a grand experience as well. Just like when you first went, I am certain." Her head turning towards her sister, a smile being sent Leander's way when her gaze goes to him along with her sister's. "I am aware, sister." No, it was not lost on Amara how her family dogpiled onto the young Giraldi knight who wore her favor. "But he was rather down about not being able to come and compete here. Surely you can understand not wishing to be the reason he would not be here?" Then her sister is bringing up another knight, having to take a look back at that table to take in the knight so mentioned. "Maybe…sometime, sister." Rather noncommital on the matter. But then the knight in question is showing up at their table!!! She bows her head to him and offers him a smile,"Sir Clarke, it is nice to meet you."

"Ahem ahem ahem." Baron Benjamin stands tapping his glass with his fork to call the room to attention.

Once the room quiets, he roars, "And now to present the prize for winning the Tournament of Love and Beauty! So many storied knights have comepeted and done damn fine, if I may say so!" He grins over towards the Queen and the Duke, "Including Her Majesty our Queen, and my old friend and liege, Duke Cesare!" There's a pause to allow for applause, and he himself applauds loudly.

"But there could be only one winner— sorry about that, Lord Gabriel!— and the winner of this tournament is my son and heir, Lord Sir Elrick t'Tremaine!" He pauses again. "I'm proud of you, boy."

Baroness Annaliese rises, carrying the large lightsilver serving platter.

As the baron goes up to speak, any further comments Clarke might have made for the moment then turns up to politely face the Baron, and he goes quiet, giving his full attention over after a quick look of apologies sent to the Princess and the Lady as he stands stiff and at full attention as he can.

Duke Cesare l'Corren listens a bit to the interplay between the t'Tremaine siblings, and chuckles a bit, shaking his head in amusement, "Youth is the time for such passing fancies. No harm has been done, and our foes lie in the North now, and across the western sea." He sips from his goblet, and gives his wife's hand a fond squeeze, before that cup is lifted towards the Lady Alina, "Old grudges can be a chain that holds us back. There comes a time they should be cast off so that we can meet the future unfettered." He nods to the Heiress of Lonnaire and then falls silent for Benjamin to begin the presentations.

Thaddeus has been spending time speaking with his sister and brother-in-law for the little while. Not being the most popular people in the keep, it makes some sense, though their conversation is interrupted when the baron announces his son's victory for the tournament. Thad takes a sip from his cup as he awaits Elrick's response.

Samuel raises his glass momentarily as he hears the Baron's words, but keeps silent as he keeps his attention on the front now.

Amara falls silent as well when her father starts the tapping on his glass. Her attention going to him with the presentation to be made. With the annonucement of her brother as the tournament winner, Amara does smile brightly and clap as he is presented with the prize. The young woman rather proud of her brother!

A slight smirk appears on the edge of Elrick's lips when Amara tries to incur sympathy from her older brother about how depressed a southern knight was about not being able to attend, "Amara, you have much more important duties to worry about than the some southern knight not being able to come and compete. You do not have time for all the lost, whining puppies in the world, despite your kind heart." Hearing the Duke add his comment though, Elrick immediately inclines his head to his Liege Lord, "Of course, Your Grace, we are indeed in a time of peace." When other nobles and knights begins to approach their table though from the lower section, the t'Tremaine Heir knows that now is not the time to have this conversation at lenghth, "We shall speak of this later, Sister." Then his attention turns to the Blue Cavalier, "Sir Clarke, I trust you enjoyed yourself this tourney? Quite a beautiful place, Hartwood, is it not?"

Any other words though are cut off when the Baron rises to his feet to make an announcement, Elrick turning his gaze to his his Lord Father. At the mention of th Queen and the Duke, the t'Tremaine Heir was one of those that was applauding loudly and with gusto. However, when his name announced as the Tourney Winner, he rises to his feet and raises his goblet towards his father in thanks for his words before doing the same for everyone that is in attendance. "Than you Father! And I want to thank everyone who was able to come to this tourney, whether to compete or watch. All of the knights that have competed in the events showed great skill and talent, as well as the honor befitting of our station. Thank you, all."

Alina catches Duke Cesare's glance, and nods back to him, her own hand coming to rest on her husband's and squeezing it fondly. She was glad that such grudges had been put aside, though perhaps a couple of years ago she was less so— Gabriel has grown on her. Like a fungus. Who seems to want to blame his unnatrual love of handcannons on her sweet and charming self.

Baroness Annaliese hands Erlick the platter as part of his prizes. The horses, of course, are in the stables and will be given to him later.

Out of the corner of his eye, Gabriel sees his father glance in his direction. Smiling, he lifts his wine in Cesare's direction and then takes a sip. After that he glances over at Alina, smiles faintly, and then squeezes her hand in return.

It is probably a good thing Leander is keeping to himself somewhat. Otherwise, he might have chuckled a little at Elrick's thanks for competing. As such, he does applaud, because he, unlike some, has no grudges. Though…Leander might be smiling a little more sardonically than before.

Clarke applauds up and over then as the winners are announced, giving a bow over to Elrick then. For now, the light sardonic glances back and forth amongst those he had been briefly conversing with are missed, and he raises his half empty goblet of wine up in a toast to the victors.

There is a momentary rolling of her eyes towards Amara, when Antonia hears her faintly rebellious reply in regards to Sir Leander Giraldi. "I said, we are aware of your compassionate side, sister. Just… be careful not to let it become more than mere charity offered to a guest of our kingdom.", she adds in a murmur, spelling it out. Before Clarke approaches and she offers him a smile, her own words getting cut off, when her father rises to speak to those assembled. "Hear, hear!", she calls, smiling when Elrick does his part in addressing the guests quite well. Then goes back to observing how the prize is handed to her brother by their mother, the baroness.

The presentation of the prizes is fine timing as far as Amara is concerned, since it rather neatly puts an end to any more conversation and questions about her chose in whom she bestoyed her favor upon. Her sister just getting one of those bright smiles before her attention is fully upon this whole manner of prize giving.

Joffrey applauds appropriately as the announcements are made and the prizes are awarded. He leans over and murmurs something to Nadine, which seems to both amuse her and bring a touch of color to her cheeks. As well as earning Joffrey a light sock on the arm from her that he takes in stride, grinning oh-so-innocently.

Samuel applauds at the announcement, placing his wine glass down on the table again. He doesn't say much more, as he continues applauding for Elrick.

Clarke dips his head over at Antonia, "And may you do better in future melees, Highness. I'm sure that you'll continue to make a name for yourself in them." This is spoken quietly then,an amused look on the face of the Blue Chevalier. A bow is given over to Elrick and to Amara then, even as Clarke's eyes sweep the room and he watches those present and on the stage.

"I did actually quite well," Antonia clarifies with a smile towards Clarke. "In the free-for-all. As for the joust, well…" She shrugs. "It was on my brother to win that. Which he did." Her grey eyes shift to Amara just in time to catch that bright smile, and Antonia's brows wrinkle just a touch. Knowing that look well enough to suspect her advice is not really headed.

Amara bows her head to the Blue Cavalier in return before she takes a few sips of her wine. Her gaze turning to the rest of the hall as people return to eating and talking with the presentation past. And a few brave souls actually taking up dancing at this point of the evening. So many people in Hart's Wood, making merry. It /was/ exciting!

Clarke dips his head over at Antonia, "I'm sure you'll improve, Highness. It's an acquired skill." And one that, by his own experiences, he has not yet managed to acquire. "Your swordplay acquits you extremely well highness." Then he glances over at Amara, dipping his head at her once more before turning to glance at Leander.

When the prize is offered to him, the Heir to House t'Tremaine bows respectfully to his mother but also offers a more intimate thanks as he leans in to give the Baroness a fond kiss on the cheek, "Thank you, mother." Then he looks over to the rest of family, looking quite proud of the victory and the prize. Of course, he does turn to the Duke and Duchess, bowing respectfully to them as well, "Thank you, Your Grace. The success of this event was in large part due to your generosity. Our House and our people will certainly never forget!" Such an event, with royalty in attendence, will no doubt be on the tongue of all the natives for quite some time.

With the prize delivered and the majority of the speech-making completed, the young Rivanan knight slowly rises to his feet. There is a moment of hesitation…as if there is a minor debate going on within him, but Leander then turns and starts walking. For the t'Tremaine table, no less. He is taking his own time, though, so it isn't anything near like a rush. Fortune does favor the bold most times and the foolish some. It would appear that Leander is both.

Speaking of exciting, there is that 'experience' making his way towards the table her family sits at. Amara's eyes flicker briefly towards her family but there is a warm and bright smile offered to the approaching knight.

The Duchess Florencia l'Corren briefly taps her husband's arm, directing his attention to where Leander is moving, and where he seems to be moving to. The Duke can't help but look a bit curious, a silver brow tilting at the site. He's not the only one to notice, either. The rather perceptive Queen Louisa, who has been humoring the Baroness with talk of the Court of Rovilon, studies the Southern Knight as he approaches the main table, as well.

As Leander approaches, Clarke dips his head then, moving to the side to let the Rivanan knight approach then otherwise, glancing back and forth as he takes note of that look in Amara's eyes then.

Thaddeus resumes speaking with his family when he notices the Giraldi making his way to the t'Tremaine table. He nods towards the Giraldi knight, so that Martyn and Johanna see it, and awaits to see what happens, this can only end well.

Still seated where he has been seated all of the time, Samuel leans forward a bit as he studies Leander's approach. Seems someone is being a bit brave out there, doesn't it? Draining the rest of his wine, he moves one hand to briefly run it through his beard.

So the Giraldi knight is bold enough to approach, despite doing so well keeping to himself and choosing to be unnoticed earlier. Elrick's attention shifts to the southern knight as well after retaking his seat, perhaps a touch annoyed as the other knight was the subject of the conversation with his sisters earlier, and now here he is. But the annoyance is hidden beneath the diplomatic visage that the Heir of Hartwood wears. For now, Amara's brother does nothing to impede the other man's approach, choosing to have his cup refilled.

There might have been a glance stolen towards a certain young lady as Leander walked by. However, he does not stop…as he walks, not to Amara, nor any other…but to the Baron himself. With the table between Leander and the Baron, of course. Bravery has its limits. With a short bow, he greets Benjamin. "Your lordship. It has been an honor to have shared the field of honor with you. I thank you for the opportunity to have seen the beauty of your land and home with my own eyes." Then, with a bow and a 'Your Grace' greeting to the Duke, Leander then turns…and faces Elrick, the champion for this tournament. "Congratulations on a superb display of skill and horsemanship. This day truly belongs to the t'Tremaine." There is a moment of lingering. Leander seems to be allowing the opportunity for a reply…for it is apparent that the knight does have one more order of business before he departs.

Amara does watch curiously as Leander approaches the table and takes that path to her father, speaking with him and her brother in turn. A smile getting hidden behind her goblet of wine in the act of taking a sip. It was well spoken!

Proper etiquette was followed, Elrick has to give respect to the southern knight for that. He would certainly have thought less of Leander if the other knight chose to saunter right up to his younger sister. When the Giraldi addresses him and offers the compliment, the t'Tremaine Heir inclines his head respectfully in turn and also speaks, "Thank you, Sir Leander. It was by the grace of the One and a bit of luck that I was able to wrest the victory from the Red Knight, Sir Gabriel. Your name is also in circulation around the tourneys, so I look forward to seeing you in the future events." Diplomatic words are offered though Elrick is still curious and wary of what the other noble wishes to do, surely his true purpose has yet to be revealed.

"Yes….I look forward to that as well." Leander offers a nod and a polite expression. "If any one of the future tournaments come close to the exhilaration of this one, then it will be quite a show indeed. May the One smile upon you." With that, another short bow is offered and Leander makes to leave. His destination? The end of the table, before Amara. This time, he steps around so that he is parallel to her, offering a deeper bow than he did the others. A truly respectful gesture. With his head bowed and eyes to the floor, Leander asks softly. "Lady Amara, would you do me the tremendous honor of granting me a dance?"

Clarke dips his head over then and moves to the side, out of the way then of the conversation then as he nods lightly over at the Baron of the Manor and the Victor of the tournament, and then he clasps his hands together and gives a light bow over to Leander and Amara. A slight incline of his head, almost not present, but at the show of courage and etiquette.

Amara does watch the exchange between Elrick and Leander. It ever bit of proper respect and politeness. To see where Leander then begins to head, well that smile brightens a bit as her goblet ends up placed back to the table. She shifts in her chair as he comes about the table to execute that rather respectful bow. "It would be my pleasure to dance with a knight and guest who has acquitted himself honorably, Sir Leander." The young woman moving to her feet with her acceptance of the offer to dance. There was a slight incline of her head to Sir Clarke as he moved off to the side.

When Leander moves down to request a dance with Amara, her brother is not surprised since he holds her favor, at least for this event. For now, Elrick pretends not to see the request, which means he would do nothing to voice any words about what he feels of it. Proper courtly etiquette has to be adhered to, of course, especially when both kingdoms are supposed to be at peace with each other. For now though, he chooses to enjoy his cup of wine, taking a long slow sip, gaze only looking towards Amara and Leander after they have moved off towards the dance floor. Eventually, he does wave over one of the House Guards, whispering particular orders to the man.

Benjamin t'Tremaine opens his mouth, then closes it with a brief flicker of his eyes towards Cesare and Louisa. You can practically hear his teeth grinding for a moment before he snatches up his goblet, spilling just a bit on the table by gripping it too tightly before taking a too-large gulp to try to quench that fiery rage. Whether it works or not, it's still definitely smoldering in his expression when the cup is lowered…but he does not intervene.

At their table above the salt (But not exactly befitting a Ducal heir, much less a Prince and heir), Martyn Tracano leans over and murmurs something to Thaddeus Greycen that he seems to assent to with a somewhat serious expression.

There isn't a second glance backwards to the table as Leander takes the hand of Amara and leads her gently to the dance floor. Not in passing, nor during the dance itself. The Giraldi's focus is upon the beautiful lady that is before him. The tension that he might have had…the apprehension of being in a foreign land, in a house of people certainly hostile to him…all that fades as the two dance. And it is just a dance…or perhaps more. For, it may be the t'Tremaine's day…but the night, for now, belongs to the Giraldi.

Thaddeus watches Leander's antics and nods to Martyn. However, behind his cup, Thad almost grins at what must be certainly irking Benjamin t'Tremaine. He shrugs to Martyn and gives a resigned nod.

His father's reaction is not missed and Elrick slowly rises to his feet, leaving his empty goblet of wine on the table, apparently finished for the time being. He does walk over to where his father is seated and leans in, whispering to the Baron, "Do not worry, Father. I have issued orders for a pair of guards to watch over Amara tonight, she will not leave their sight. Especially not with him." That should ease his father's fiery rage, allowing him to relax again to entertain the Queen, the Duke, and the Duchess, the most important guests in the Barony this night. Then the Heir to House t'Tremaine walks off, heading towards where the Couviere Knights are seated, searching for the lady that holds his favor and he hers.

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