(1867-03-27) A Courtyard Meeting
A Courtyard Meeting
Summary: A disparate group of people meet int he Sunsreach castle courtyard and chat
Date: 1867-03-27
Related: those relating to Lady Elaida's illness
Liam  Quentyn  Tiadora  Malcolm  Jaren  Tristan  

Courtyard - Sunsreach Palace - Sunsreach - Rivana
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It is midday and many of the knights and squires of the castle are working in the yard. Among those is Lord Liam Haldis, squire to the king, who is just finishing up a spar with Lord Sir Quentyn Bazan, a Royal Lancer and formerly a squire to King Jaren. Quentyn was taking out his frustrations that his charge, Lady Elaida Toulan, had fallen to an assassination attempt— one that he felt, as her bodyguard, he was at fault for allowing to occur in the first place.

They are fairly evenly matched in the spar, the young squire testing the older knight fairly well. But then again, he was a rather gifted young man when it came ot swordplay, and had been trained by the best: King Jaren Tracano, formerly Jaren Cassomir, the Queen's Champion.

As they finish their spar, Liam clasps hands with Quentyn and then steps aside to grab a towel to dry off his face and neck of sweat.

Tiadora looks -tired-. And gaunt for a given value of gaunt. The girl is naturally larger than most teens and adults but her plump cheeks look a bit thinner and bags are under her eyes. She wears simple navy blue with minimal adornments but still - every inch of her is noble. She's turned away by the Lancers when she begs audience with her dear friend Eladia, and she doesn't look surprised at all. Still heartbroken, but unsurprised. She seems a touch unsteady as she walks over to watch the knights sparring and claps a little for Liam and Quentyn, giving them a weak smile. "I was hoping they'd let me pray with her instead of just for her," she says quietly.

There are also some that are neither squires nor knights that tend to do some of their training out here. One of those would be Lord Malcolm Howlett, grandson of the Baron, who is currently doing some work with the warhammer he prefers to be using as a weapon. He's moving slowly now, at the end of his little work out. Finally stopping, he turns to look around, while catching his breath.

"Lady Tiadora," Liam greets the plump Gerrell scion, sketching a half-bow in his maile. "Come to see the Lady Elaida again? I hear she's doing better," he gestures towards Quentyn, who is also toweling off and putting away his weapons. "At least they've rescheduled the wedding, so that's a good thing, right?"

Tiadora nods slowly. "So I'm told. I'm not told much," she adds. "I've been praying for her and I am doing everything I can to ensure the One Above hears me. I don't know much medicine but I do have faith enough to spare." She sighs and wobbles, taking a quick step to steady herself. "I'm guessing she's feeling well enough to have the ceremony and the celebrations?" A worried look on her features says it might be the opposite but she doesn't voice that.

Malcolm has caught his breath again, and gotten hold of a towel and some water, still looking around the area rather carefully. Nodding to the various people nearby, he seems to be focused on getting the water into his system again so far.

<FS3> Jaren rolls Perception: Great Success. (7 6 1 4 2 8 3 2 2 7 6 7 5 4 1 1)

Jaren Cassomir has long since had a reputation for being a fairly quiet man, but it's impossible to avoid a bit of a stirk when you've got anywhere from two to four Royal Lancers following you around at all times, to say nothing of anyone else that might be in the retinue at any given moment. That's one of the things he's had some difficulty getting used to. Genuine time to himself is…exceedingly rare, short of holing himself up in an office and shooing everyone out. In this case, it's two Royal Lancers and the Captain of the Lances, who happens to also be his Uncle, Sir Donal Cassomir. They're speaking quietly as they enter the courtyard, and only a few paces in, Jaren reaches over and briefly clasps his Uncle's upper arm before they part, the elder man giving an emphatic nod to…something or other before moving off to attend to his own duties. That done, the King makes his way towards where his squire and Lady Tiadora speak, a touch of concern painting his features at his approach.

"Lady Tiadora, are you all right? You look a bit pale." He lifts a hand, "No need for courtesies right now. It starts to make me dizzy seeing nearly everyone around me bobbing like apples in a Harvest festival barrel." There's both humor and a touch of weariness in his voice at that. He's getting used to it, but that doesn't mean he'll every be quite comfortable with it. Which is probably a good thing, all told. "Did Quentyn push you hard enough, Liam?"

"Aye, your majesty," Liam replies with a bow (propriety is always observed by this young man!). "He almost had me a couple of times there."

Quentyn gives Jaren a half bow as he moves over to the knot of nobles. "I think next time Liam here needs to spar against myself and Devlin at the same time. Keep the kid humble," he jokes.

"Have I been prideful?" Liam asks suddenly with a touch of worry etching his features. "If so, I apologize, Sir Quentyn."

Tiadora nods over to Malcom in recognition as reply to his greeting and gives a tiny smile. Polite but not too familiar. And then, to her eye-widening alarm, Jaren and his entourage make their way in. She's almost relieved when he cuts her off before she has time to curtsey. "Prayer fast for the Lady Elaida, Your Majesty." She gives Jaren a shy smile and a duck of her head in lieu of the bob - courtsey still needs to be maintained SOMEHOW. The notion of Liam as prideful makes her chuckle a little.

Tristan enters the courtyard in a rather somber mood, the time since Elaida was poisoned has been long and hard on him and he has been at Elaida's side the entire time, deciding to work from there when he could. His clothes are neat and his appearance has been cleaned up quite a bit… had anyone seen him a couple of das ago they would have been surprised at his appearance. Still, his eyes do indicate that he hasn't been sleeping as well as he should and that he is tired. Hearing voices, he halts and squints over at those who are gathered in the distance. The sunlight did hurt a little, perhaps he had been inside for too long.

Offering a brief smile in return to Tiadora, Malcolm adds a polite nod as he sees the King. Keeping silent, as he picks up his warhammer and steps over in the general direction of the bigger group, pausing as his steps pass by near where Tristan is. "You'll get used to the light again soon, Your Highness," he offers to the man, rather quietly. "It is good to see you out and about."

"No Liam, I suspect Sir Quentyn is being his usual self. Pridefulness is rarely a trait I would ascribe to you." Jaren reassures his squire before noting, "But two against one is always a valuable test." Because it's not always about winning, but rather how hard you can fight before you lose. In any case, Jaren's gaze turns to Tiadora once more, and he nods slightly.

"I'm sure the Lady Elaida will be grateful to hear of your prayers and fasting when next you see her, Lady Tiadora. From what the healers tell me, she is through the worst of it and should recover, but she'll need a great deal of rest over the next few days." Jaren reassures Tiadora and provides a bit of an update all in one, a glimmer of a smile crossing his face now, "So it would seem that we have been blessed with a favorable boon for our prayers." He does briefly glance Malcolm's way, giving the man a slight nod in return, as well as one for Tristan as he spots him alongside.

Liam nods. "I will be ready whenever you wish to have me tested, Your Majesty," he says seriously. He looks to Tiadora. "See, my lady, it is as sir Quentyn told me earlier. Lady Elaida is recovering well and the wedding date is rescheduled." Then he spies Malcolm and Tristan. "My lord. Your Highness… it is good to see you out of your rooms."

Tiadora utters a prayer of thanks before she even sees Tristan out and about - a futher good sign. She raises her hand to greet him and smiles a bit more comfortably than before. "I will continue to offer my prayers and thanksgivings, Your Majesty. No doubt everyone is relieved she's recovering. Him most of all." She falls silent and folds her hands over her corseted waist and quietly comments to Liam, "You did so well at the last tourney, I wouldn't be surprised if you tested for your knighthood soon."

Tristan glances around at those gathered and nods. "Yes, Lady Elaida is recovering well enough." He gives another nod at Jaren. "Majesty." Tiadora recives a tired smile after hearing about her prayers. He would trust the healers more than any praying but there was no need to tell her that. "Let us see how Liam performs in the next tourney, Tiadora. Perhaps a Rivanan will win in Rivana. I think that would be a nice thing to behold.

"Well, we can take solace in that Sir Thaddeus won the Circuit last year. And Sir Graham the Couviere tourney." Jaren notes, then smiles just a touch, "But yes, it would be good to see a Rivanan victory, and Liam will no doubt be participating in those events he is permitted, barring some unforseen circumstance. As for knighthood…" He glances between Liam, Tiadora, and Tristan, "I keep my own counsel on that, but there is little denying that Liam is a skilled and dutiful squire." He reaches over and lightly nudges Quentyn's shoulder without actually looking directly at him, "Whom some here could have taken lessons from in their day."

Liam flushes some at the praise and suggestions for the next tourney being lobbed his way. He does not yet think he's of knightly quality, though he says nothing, and simply nods a 'thank you' to both Tiadora and Tristan. When Jaren speaks his piece, the flush deepens slightly, and Liam bows. "Thank you, Your Majesty," he murmurs. "I strive to be such."

Quentyn laughs. "Point taken, Your Majesty," he chuckles. He looks to Tristan, sobering. "If you and Lady Elaida choose to go to Normont for the tournament, I won't be participating in any of the events. I cannot apologize enough for what happened to her." Though that sort of assassination attempt isn't the sort the Royal Lancers are trained to spot and stop. Quentyn still feels guilty it happened on his watch.

The Gerrell girl looks mildly pleased they are discussing the tourney In her homelands. After all, Symon opening the Faegate to their reclusive Duchy is no small thing. But she can't really add much to news of knighthoods or the assassination other than to offer to Tristan, "I'd be happy to sit with Ela and sing Matins or Evensong with her sometime, if that'd be okay? I know I miss it when I don't get to go to the services… Oh! Did they give my gift to you or did it get caught up with all the other presents?"

Malcolm finishes his water, nodding a bit as he listens, but doesn't add something himself. Just listening in quiet to what's being said now.

Tristan gives Quentyn a faint nod. "You need not apologize, Sir Quentyn, there is nothing that you could have done save open all of our presents yourself, and touch them all, and I do not think anyone would have expected you to do such a thing. Know that neither of us blames you, though I would ask that you be a little more vigilant during times when she leaves the palace. I do not wish to lose her." To Tiadora he nods, "Yes, you can come by in a day or two, that should be fine. I am sure we did get your gift, but from everything that has happened I cannot recall who gave us what, please accept my apologies for that."

Jaren doesn't contradict or interrupt Quentyn's apologies to Tristan, likely the most recent of many. While he knows Quentyn did his duty, he also knows how much he would be beating himself up if something like that had happened to Alysande. "Liam, I won't have need of you until afternoon tea is done." Jaren informs his squire simply enough, before inclining his head to those assembled, "And unfortunately I do have other things I need attend to between now and then, so I must bid you all good day for now. If you will all excuse me?" Well technically the King doesn't really need to excuse himself, but Jaren's too polite to just walk off.

"Understood, Your Majesty." Liam was slightly relieved, that left him ample time to get bathed and into more suitable clothing for court. In fact… "And if you all will excuse me as well? I should get out of my maile."

Tiadora does curtsey this time whether Jaren likes it or not, as she is also nodding to Liam. Together, we are strong," the girl says by way for farewell.

Malcolm nods politely to those leaving, taking a few moments to inspect his warhammer. That done, he looks between those that hasn't left yet, offering them another polite nod.

Tiadora gives Tris and Malcom a weary smile. She hasn't slept much herself either. "I'll be back at the Cathedral then. Give Ela my love and tell her I will come by soon enough."

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