(1867-03-29) Discussions over Dinner
Discussions over Dinner
Summary: the l'Saigner discuss the plans to acquire more hand cannons
Date: 1867-03-29
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Family Tower - Highwater Castle - Lonnaire - Lonnaire - Couviere
The small dining and sitting area in the family tower of Highwater Castle is quite well-furnished. The mid-sized room on the second floor hosts a carved oaken table that can seat eight comfortably, twelve if pushed; a pair of butler tables to hold whatever has come up from the kitchens on, and a large carved hutch that matches the table and chairs elegantly that holds a variety of dishes to make serving and eating food a quicker process when needed, on the half of the room nearest the heavy doubled doors.
The back half of the room held a large stone fireplace with a large stone mantle, a set of fainting couches, three comfortable chairs, and a smattering of small side tables for ease of setting a wineglass down. A small table with a well-worn chess board is flanked by two chairs like the ones at the dining table, the chessboard set for a new game, one side's pieces lapis lazuli with gold and silver sunbursts, the other side onyx with golden wyverns.
Outside the main sitting area, there are stairs leading up to the family suites and bedrooms.

It is dinner time, but it is rarely a sit-down occasion for the l'Saigner family. Dinner has been plattered and brought up the family dining room on the second floor, set up for the members of the family to come in and graze as they need. A plate had been fixed and brought up to Duke James by his wife Mina, as James has been busy in his office.

Lord Enrique, James's older brother, sits in the room, eating dinner quietly. As does the heir to the duchy, sitting across from her uncle and slowly working on a small plate of food— lingering gatesickness doesn't make for a large appetite.

The children are in their nursery with their nurses, though Alina had made a point to spend time with them before she came down to dinner.

Corvin Fremont weathers gatesickness better than some, but there's still no hiding a bit of the haggard appearance as he makes his way into the room, giving a bit of a bow towards Enrique and Alina, "Sister. Lord Uncle." He intones, moving over to pour himself a goblet of cool water that he sips at for the time being. Blasted gatesickness, "I hope the evening finds you both as well as can be expected?" He does move over and lightly peck Alina's cheek, though, before taking a seat nearby.

"Corvin," Enrique intones, giving a nod to his bastard nephew.

Alina returns the perk on the cheek before returning to her dinner. "Hey Corvin," she greets him. "I'm doing well enough. The boys were happy to see me, you should stop by and see them later this evening, brother." She gestures to the food. "Are you taking dinner with us tonight, or just drinking water?"

"Just water for now I think. I managed some wine soaked bread earlier, but my stomach's still in Hartswood, I think." Corvin replies with a hint of a smile, even if it's a touch queasy around the edges. "I'll pay them a visit before I retire tonight." He sets his goblet down and considers, "The scouting reports from the group I tasked to Rovilon are promising. I believe we're close to tracking those bandits down."

"That's good to hear," Alina replies. "What is the plan once we track them down? Will we involve the crown or handle it ourselves?" she queries.

"Only fair we give the Crown right of first refusal. It is their lands, after all. But I suspect we can make a persuasive case to let us handle it mostly ourselves. Perhaps with a Cavalier or two or three along to observe and make any arrests." Corvin sips his water again and adds, "You know…of any we choose to allow to still draw breath." He smiles oh-so-pleasantly as the cup is lowered once more, "Unless you or father would prefer otherwise. We could simply hand the location off to the Cavaliers or the l'Valdan and let them deal with it."

"That plan sounds fine with me." Alina shrugs. "I would prefer we handle it… not to disparage the Crown, but they tend more towards mercy than I like personally." She takes a drink of her watered wine. "We've sent for Lord Gavin t'Andalucci, he should be here within a couple of days," she says simply.

"True, but better to allow a touch of mercy than get on the Crown's bad side." Corvin shrugs, "I doubt they'll have any issues with us handling the matter for them. They'll know there's a touch of a personal stake in it." Hardly a secret, the condition Alina and Gabriel's retinue arrived to court in. At the mention of Gavin t'Andalucci, Corvin nods, "I'll have the guards informed so they can see him to you straightaway."

"We'll give him and his assistant some time at least to cope with their Gatesickness." Alina's hand comes to rest on her swollen belly. "Though I admit I am looking forward to being done with this pregnancy. I feel like I'm to burst any moment." She takes another drink from her goblet.

Enrique lifts a brow. "I recieved your note this morning, Alina, regarding the potential acquisition of additional firearms for your new household guard." He frowns. "Expensive, if we are to be acquiring the masterwork weapons as you seem to desire."

"Gabriel does, and he thinks we can win all the weapons at tournaments," Alina replies. "I'm more pragmatic. We will likely have to buy some."

Enrique does not look very pleased, but he rarely did at potential large expenditures.

"We're really going to completely lose our reputation for stealth, aren't we?" Corvin teases lightly, sipping once more, "Deadly enough to be sure, in the right hands, but noisy and smoky as all be damned." He shrugs a shoulder, glancing towards Alina, "The household guard isn't going to be that many is it?"

"A dozen members to the Amethyst Guard at most. For now, five." Alina shrugs. "He currently has the kit for himself and one other. We will see how well he does acquiring tourney prizes…"

"And how long he's willing to wait. That's many years of tourneys. Only Venderos seems to give them out with any regularity." Corvin notes, "But still, not a bad plan for saving a bit of coin."

Alina grimaces. "It's not just the time to acquire them. Time for training as well. I'd say it would be worth it to hire a trainer from Venderos… but only if we were training multiple knights at once." She shrugs and finishes her drink.

Enrique nods in agreement. "That would save on training costs."

"I'm sure Venderos would be more than willing to hire one or two out." Corvin shrugs a shoulder, "Certainly they're always trying to expand their market for those things." He glances towards Alina, "Does Sir Gabriel have some candidates in mind?"

"He is entertaining several different knights," Alina replies. "But he is, rightfully, being fairly finicky about them. They'll need to be not only knights, but need to not be wrapped up in the need for tradition."

"I could see how that would be difficult." Corvin admits honestly, finishing off his goblet of water and letting it rest for now. "But I would imagine easier to find among the Mercenary companies. They tend to have a more pragmatic streak." Sadly they can't just take all of the Black Foxes Hedge Knights to fill out this group. Well, they could but it'd be damaging to the company.

"Ah." Alina shrugs. "But he seems to have a disdain for mercenaries… men whose loyalty is bought by coin. So he truly has a task set before him," she shrugs. "But that is his task and one of his own devising. If it makes him happy and keeps him busy…" she clucks her tongue.

"Perhaps busier than he imagined, if he's only seeking house Knights." Corvin opines, smiling just a touch, "But yes…it's good that he's finding something to focus on." He adds, "Adjusting to a more overt personal security presence will take some getting used to, but shouldn't be overly difficult."

"I truly am not entirely sure," Alina replies to her brother.

Enrique lifts a brow. "That does explain the notice I recieved from the Duke to release funds for an addition of several household knights…" he muses. "They do take a fair amount of coin to upkeep. And this may mean we'll need to look into expanding the stables… we've never really had knights around before, so I believe our housing for such is not yet adequate."

"I assume then that I am the subject of this conversation." Gabriel remarks as he steps into the room wearing fresh clothes and looking as if he had just bathed, which he had since he had been out and about most of the day and had worked up quite a sweat because of it. By now he had to know how much Alina preferred clean-smelling things as opposed to things that smelled sweaty. He moves over to a chair near Alina and takes a seat, leaning back and letting out a small sigh.

"Indirectly. More so your plans for the House Guard." Corvin replies, giving a nod towards Gabriel, then looking towards Enrique, "I'm sure Sir Gabriel would know the general requirements, if not the specifics. Or the t'Maren." No sarcasm in it, simply matter-of-fact.

"Though from what I can recall of the l'Corren's stables in Murnord, they were virtually a fortress in and of themselves." Corvin does add, this time with a touch of amusement.

Alina leans over and kisses her husband's cheek. "Yes dear, talking terrible things about you," she teases. "And your new Amethyst Guard," she says. She looks to Enrique. "Really? An expansion of the stables? Do you really think that would be needed?" She wrinkles her nose.

"Oh, yes. Perhaps not a large one," Enrique says, "but needed for the warhorses and tack that will come with having knights around. And good evening, Lord Gabriel, I trust the evening finds you well?"

Gabriel smiles at Alina's kiss while nodding at Corvin. "The stables are indeed built for defense. Those animals are incredibly valuable. I do not think such measures wil be needed here, after all the threat from the north dictates what Murnord must do." He settles into the chair some more and nods at Enrique. "I am fine and everything is well, thank you."

"You know…when I was tying up loose ends with the Blue Cavaliers after the Battle of Three Crowns, one of them mentioned several of the things that were confiscated from the Cardinal's Guard barracks after the Liberation of Rovilon. I am fairly certain I remember him mentioning Hand Cannons. If the Cavaliers aren't doing anything with them and the l'Valdan don't object, we might be able to peruse the lot and see if there are any of good enough quality to request. We may have to pay but I would imagine we could get any we were interested in at a significant discount." Corvin shrugs, "Again, if they're not already being used. Never know what fancy might strike the Cavaliers at any given time."

Alina perks up at that. "What do you think, Gabriel? I am sure we could acquire at least one set that way— the King has a bit of a soft spot for you and I, after all." She grins.

"I think that idea has merit, although if we could do it quietly that might be for the best. I do not want people to know what it is I am doing here if I can help it. It's one thing for me to have a new hobby to practice and show off in a place like Venderos…" Gabriel trails off, his head nodding. "I think it is a good idea, and might be easier than trying to win them at tournaments."

"They might all be the shite versions, but it may be worth a look." Corvin notes, then glances towards Gabriel, "I'm sure either Alina or I could make discreet inquiries. And the nice part of the Hand Cannon Prizes it that when they're available, they're usually for shooting events, which you can either pass off as polishing your hobby, or in the case of archery would probably want to enter someone better skilled at the weapon being used." The Wraith adds after a moment, "No offense. But yes, someone fairly astute might put the pattern together if you solely compete in events offering them as a prize, particularly if you start winning them all."

"Maybe. Maybe not. The way that I look at it… if there's an event that involves shooting, like in Venderos, I can easily point to the year of personal training I received from one of the Prince's men to explain my skill, and the more I use them out in the open… well, any knight is going to have a sizeable weapon collection. I am just more interested in weapons that are a little more expensive than the others. Besides, I think I gave a good show of my new hobby when we went on that hunt. I think I offended people's sensibilities with how loud the things are." Gabriel chuckles at that, recalling the reactions of some. Oh yes, they were weapons that would certainly attract attention when fired, very useful as both a weapon and a warning system. "But maybe you are right… question is… how often are they going to be offered up as prizes? Not all that often I would think.""

<FS3> Alina rolls Intrigue: Good Success. (1 3 8 5 8 2 3 1 1 1 1 6 4 2 2 2)
<FS3> Alina rolls Stewardship: Good Success. (6 4 1 5 6 1 5 1 8 2 8 6 6)

"Venderos usually seems good for at least one set if not two." Corvin notes, finally getting a refill on his goblet of water and sipping once more, "And the Prince's Bastard seems to be entering sets into every artistic competition, though that's likely no good if we're trying to save coin. I don't know what the bids are on those but it's probably fairly expensive."

"Likely enough those sorts of weapons will be rare if for not other reason than a brace of the good ones is as much or more than a well-bred warhorse," Alina replies with a shrug. "More, if you want a set that won't blow your hand off when you fire it." She frowns some. "So as tourney prizes, they are quite expensive. Venderos would be the only place I would suspect we'd see them with any regularity; though there are rumors that the young southern Duke has a liking for them… so perhaps at his tournament we might see a set?" She purses her lips together. "But the prize list hasn't been released yet for the tourney in Normont, only rumors."

Alina winces. "Yes, I did look over them because I thought Gabriel might like a spare set… but the starting bids were fairly high. However, they are well-made, which is what matters, I think. Better to spend the coin on the masterwork in the item than to risk losing a hand or worse."

"I do not think the weapons that the Prince's Bastard crafts are weapons that we should be looking at. Far too expensive and while exquisitely made, I do not think they should be used for combat, they are way to fine for that." Gabriel looks at Corvin's glass a moment and then looks at Alina. "Finely made items are one thing, Alina, items made with that level of craftsmanship… well, I would use them very rarely. I already think it is a little bit much to be using my lightsilver ones as it is, even if such things are fitting for a future Duke."

"Well, I suppose we can just keep our eyes and ears open." Corvin replies, "Seize the opportunities when they arise." He glances to Alina, "Would you like me to contact one of my Cavalier contacts or would you prefer to simply inquire of his Majesty directly?"

"Try your contacts first," Alina says. "Discreetly, of course. If they say it is a matter for His Majesty, then I will bring the subject up with him when next we are in Rovilon," she nods.

Gabriel nods, "I appreciate the help. It will be good to work on this little project of mine, much as I am sure Alina is glad I have something to occupy my time, yes?" He smiles at his wife, reaching over to take her hand and giving it a little squeeze.

"I'll see to it, then. I can easily make excuses for a quick trip to Rovilon. Inspection of the on-site Security or whatnot for when we return." Corvin replies, "I'll take some extra coin with me. If a good set can be had for a reasonable price I'll make sure it returns with me."

"That sounds good to me, does it sound good to you, Gabriel?" Alina glances to her husband, returning the squeeze of his hand.

"It does, thank you, Corvin." Gabriel gives the man a nod and then stands. "I think it's time for me to start getting ready for bed. Come Alina, I will help you up to our rooms." He offers an arm to help her up.

Corvin nods once more, and rises himself, "And as promised, I'll go peek in on the twins before I retire." He grins just a touch towards Alina, "I promise I won't let them play with anything sharp. Yet." Yes, he's teasing. Mostly. Maybe. But seriously, he's doted on the kids like everyone else, when given opportunity. In any case, he gives a bow to his sister, brother-in-law, and uncle, and moves to depart the room as the little gathering breaks up.

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