(1867-04-01) A Hard Task
A Hard Task
Summary: Raelyn summons Emilia to discuss the unrest amongst the Huntresses over Emilia being raised to Mistress of the Hunt
Date: 1867-04-01
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Master Suite - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Resting at the end of the hallway that comprises the Cassomir family's living quarters, the Master Suite of Roseguard Castle are actually comprised of a few different rooms. The first is something of a parlor, with a few tables and comfortable chairs. With a large hearth present it's clearly designed for entertaining visitors in a more private (or secure) setting than the Great Hall. The second room is an office space, with a large wooden desk and plenty of shelves present, most of which are laden with scrolls and missives, though everything does seem to be reasonably well-organized and kept as neat as possible even if there's an unavoidable bit of clutter. Aside from the desk, a couple of chairs are also present here for more business-oriented meetings.
Beyond the office lies the bedchamber, with an adjoining privy as well as a smaller room with space for both a squire and a servant to remain nearby at seemingly all times, though for the moment it seems that particular room is unoccupied and has been for some time. The decoration throughout the rooms is geared towards the colors and emblems of the Cassomir family, plus a couple of portraits…clearly smoke damaged…hanging in the office space, whom many might recognize as the late Baron Aric and Baroness Mathilda Cassomir. All the furnishings are quite new and of exceptionally high quality, much in keeping with the very "modern" feel of the castle as a whole.

Many preperations in Roseguard Castle were being made to head to Sunsreach for the wedding, and the servants had been scuffling back and forth with duties, while Raelyn had her own duties to attend to, she'd found the time to have one of the servants summon Emilia to her, while sending her own handmaiden away after picking out which dresses she'd be taking with her to wear at the balls and ceremonies. The Viscountess is seeing to the packing of some of her more personal items, however. Such as her recorder, the sacred Sidhe-steel blade, and a few other prized objects. The door, however, had been left open.

The younger Cassomir had been seeing to some preparations of her own for that return to Sunsreach. Packing of a few dresses, for the wedding, for Court apperances as needed. A light knock came at the door to announce her arrival, partially..cause well Emilia's general passage was quiet. And even if the door open, now that Raelyn shared quarters with another…Emilia didn't really just stop by as she once did. "You were of wishing to of see of me, mine-sister?"

"Mmmm. Yes." She lays out one of the arrow quivers she'd won in a Tourney long ago, made of snakeskin and shining. "You," she tells her sister without looking at her, "Have a hard task ahead of you, it seems. One that I wish I could help you resolve. But. In order to gainsay those who would oppose, I cannot, nor can Adrienne too much. As it would merely bolster." Raelyn turns, then, to look at Emilia, and exhales. "It would seem you have nay-sayers amongst the Huntresses. Those who have not worked with you, or know you, and think you are ill equipped." She frowns, "That, my sister, rankles me. That those I would have seen as friends, companions, sisters, would not trust my judgement so." This, she means. Deeply. She's both angry, and upset. "Adrienne knows who some of these are. But not all."

A brow rises just a little bit as Raelyn starts off as she does. But an understanding comes soon enough and Emilia gives a small nod of her head to what is said. "I am of aware that there are of many who are not of in agreement with your decision as it comes to of me. And as of you say, think of me as ill equipped in of skills and of in mind." Having stepped further into the room by now, the door becoming closed once the nature of the conversation became clear. "It does not of please of me, while I am of used to people of questioning mine of abilities, it is not of common to have people of question of you and your of decisions. I do not like to be of the cause for them to do of so now." Another faint nod comes,"Adrienne has spoken to me some on of the matter."

"Yes, but the ones I speak of are fellow Huntresses, Emilia. Not from peasants, or merchants, or gossips in taverns." And that rankles her, clearly. She realizes, suddenly, that her hand is in a fist and unclenches it, slowly. "Adrienne came to me with the news, and I've since done my own quiet inquires to verify. While it's not a number, it is enough." More than one, apparently, is enough for Raelyn. She frowns, "I didn't have time to speak with you before you'd left to the Tourney, after I'd found out. But I did ask Adrienne to make sure some attend Sunsreach with you - we weren't aware of this until after you'd left for Tourney. They're also of the opinion that Adrienne should've been chosen." To this, Raelyn frowns. "Adrienne would be capable, I'm certain. But you are heir." To Raelyn, no less than 'skipping' an heir to the throne when one sibling is lost for whatever reason.

"I'm sorry to put this on you, Emilia. But you need to know. So you act, plan, accordingly. Watch. Those whom you've known for awhile I wouldn't worry any about. It's those that are newer, or those who might seem still strange to you that you need to watch for, I think."

There is a small cant to Emilia's head watching as Raelyn clenches that fist. "Of aye, we of spoke before I of went, so I did make of sure to take of a mixed of group to Venderos like we of spoke. I think it of helped, least with a few. I was of trying to take of different of sorts of with me when of going of out. I doubt of enough to make of a great of difference in of those who think of." A small breathe was taken,"And of aye, I know it is fellow of Huntresses, not peasants or of merchants, or nobles about of Court who think such things of me."

Emilia finds a chair to settle into,"Adrienne and I spoke before returning to Ironhold," after the wedding was postponed…before it was rescheduled. Gastly poisoning attempt. " She told me of the fight that she had to be of dealing with." There is a faint corner tugging,"Of aye, Adrienne would be of capable. There are of areas she needs to yet of learn, but time will of fix that of well." She pauses slightly,"I am of working upon of a plan. Least to help show that I do not of lack of skills like some of think." Proving she was not insane…that was a whole different matter. "To have training exercises with of a take upon of our Harrowing. But of groups seeking and evading of each of other. It would allow of Huntresses to work of others they have of perhaps not spent of time of with, of course including of mine-self."

"A sound idea," agrees Raelyn, nodding her head slowly. "Perhaps force them to realize in some parts that they need to be of one mind, to be effective." Raelyn's mouth twists, thoughtful, and she nods again. "A very sound idea, at that." She looks nearly proud, turning a pleased smile onto her sister then. "You and your clever little mind," she praises, warmly. "It won't be an instant fix. But it will, certainly, get some thinking," she agrees. She exhales, admits, "I do miss it."

Dark eyes to watch Raelyn to take in her reaction to the the idea. "Of exactly. We do of patrols of together, but there is not as of much in the way of group of training. And with the expanded of lands, we will be of traveling of further and need to work more of together in of this." Emilia does give one of those corner tugging smiles,"Some of credit is to be given to Clara, I came to of the idea from something she suggested." Giving a small nod,"I do not expect of it to be an instant of fix, but something that will least of help. Allow some to of see of me for of themselves. I was thinking to try of this and see how it of goes, and perhaps make it of a regular of training of exercise. Of something that will help further of bonds as the Huntresses of grow," to cover the expanded lands of the County," as well as to keep of skills of fresh and of growing." A mild cant comes to her head,"Of given the situation, perhaps of not best right of away, but I do not of see why you could not of take of part in such of a exercise, as I was of thinking to perhaps include of some of the trainees that are further of along as well."

"Perhaps. But, the further I am away from this matter until it is expunged, or the few who refuse to be swayed removed like a tumor, it is better if I remain as far from it as I can," Raelyn says quietly. "It cannot be even percieved that I am aiding you in any fashion." She moves closer to her sister, squeezes Emilia's arm, gently. "Clara is an exceptional woman. Had she been born in Ironhold, she'd most certainly have made a fine Huntress. I'm quite fond of her, though I don't know her nearly as well as you, I think."

"Of aye, I am of knowing of that, Raelyn. Why I was of saying not of now, but perhaps in of time. Once thing have of settled." A mild quirk to Emilia's lips,"After all of all, in a couple of years…can you of imagine some of new of Huntress suddenly of finding the Viscountess upon of her team?" The squeeze to her arm has Emilia giving Raelyn one of those corner tugging smiles. "She is, and a very good of friend." There is a pause before she adds,"Perhaps we can of change of that some, have her for lunch once we are to Sunsreach? Though I do think you are of right, she has a wish for it, to be of a Huntress. But the One has of a different path for of her." Something about being a Tracano and all.

"Perhaps, as you say, in time, Clara could also join in one of these - teams," with her own return of mirth. "It would be something. Princess, Viscountess, and Mistress of the Hunt. Who would win?" Raelyn seems amused at the idea, even as she settles to move onto the bed, and sit. She makes room for Emilia as she does this. "But lunch with Clara would suit me well, absolutely," she agrees. "I'll send a letter ahead of us to arrange it."

"In of time, but before of then. I was thinking to start of these training of exercises after we are returned from Sunsreach and of the wedding." Emilia pauses,"Our of guests will not be of returning with of us will of they? As I was thinking to wait til of then in thinking their of visit would have come to an of end." Something about not wanting to let them witness that level of security execersises, and any discord that might errupt. Moving to settle beside her sister as room is made. "I am sure she will of like it of well. I know she is often wishing for excuses to be of away from the palace." Her lips quirk slightly,"And she is yet in awe of you."

"No, our guests shall not be returning. I think that our country, and our guests, are both enlightened for the experience. And, we've done our dilegence to the Crown, in sorts as well. Though unintended," Raelyn advises with a subtle sort of smile. "I wanted them to come here. Though I did not realize how much a benefit that would be to Her Majesty, and Jaren and the weight of responsibility that our guests hold. They've certainly kept us busy." Still, Raelyn doesn't seem to complain about them. "They are your Huntresses, Emilia. Training would be good, to sharpen skills," she agrees. "To bring them back together, in a manner of sorts. But as for Clara?" Raelyn smiles more warmly, "I'm aware of her perception of me. I don't think it will last much longer. But, it is endearing, isn't it? I only hope I've managed to live up to the expectations she holds me in. But yes, the One certainly has her own path set. And that path, we can never see. If you'd told me even a year or so ago I'd be here, I'd have laughed in your face."

"After of listening to of Clara deal of with much of the hosting of duties with of their arrival and of the wedding, I could have been of telling of you the weight of responsiblity of it all." A mild hint of tease there for Raelyn. "But I do not of doubt that it has been of benefit to of the Queen and of Jaren." Emilia never really did use her new good-sister's actual name. "Of aye, I know they are of mine Huntresses to see after and of lead. But in of the end, we serve of Ironhold and her of Viscountess. It is of mine job to ensure they are of ready to of serve, and not so of….distracted…as of they are now. " A small tug comes to the corner of Emilia's lips,"I think it has of waned of a little, though when I broke of the news to her about me becoming of the Mistress of the Hunt..I had to put of an end of her to trying to look at me like of that. And I have no of doubt you have well of lived up to of it." Emilia shakes her head a bit,"And I of you, with where I have come to be." Ok…perhaps not laughed, this is Emilia after all. "But I should of let you finish of your packing."

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