(1867-04-05) Knowing of Secrets
Knowing of Secrets
Summary: The Cassomir Sisters have lunch with a certain Tracano Princess.
Date: 1867-04-05
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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With Prince Tristan's wedding rescheduled, and the One willing it would happen without incident this time, the Cassomirs had returned to Sunsreach for the event and would linger on yet with the Archducal matters that would likely follow. Oh and the Alzarhed returned to the city with them. But preceeding the arrival, an invitation had been sent to Clara by the Viscountess herself to join her and Emilia for lunch (a thing sent for a day or so after they arrived to allow for that recovery from gatesickness). An informal affair by alrights. And upon arriving, well Clara had visited the Cassomir Manse plenty of times by now…She was greeted and shown the way to a sitting room that had been setup for the small luncheon.

A table was set with three chairs and servants had already seen to laying out a simple but varied meal for the Cassomir Ladies and Tracano Princesses. The former two already present in the room. Emilia was lightly peering out a window,"It does seem that spring is of trying to be of here. It is always of a touch warmer of in Sunsreach then of home. Do you think we will have to stay much of long with the Archducal of matters?" A glance towards Raelyn,"Or is it only of you and Stephen who will need to be of staying of on for such of Courtly matters?" She could be hopeful! And of course, she is wearing the usual tunic and leggings combo, even if it is a well tailored tunic!

"Whether or not you will need to stay for Archducal matters depends on many things. Including how they begin," Raelyn suggests, watching her sister look through the window. She half-smiles, then, "I will not ask you to stay longer than you need, though," she assures. "I know that such affairs are not your preference. But, I also may need your - ability to percieve situations. On that topic, we will discuss further, when we return."

Raelyn then rises to look out the window as well. "Besides, that will merely mean home will be more pleasent for evening walks and less chilled when we return."

A visit to the Cassomir manse, at least for Clara, is a semi-regular occurrence. However, when it is Raelyn doing the inviting, that is a rarity…one that warrants more attention than the princess normally would. It may be just a touch of that fangirl within Clara, receiving the invite from the Viscountess…but it is also an indication of something perhaps a little more, since it didn't come from Emilia. In either case, the princess does not keep the two Cassomir sisters waiting. The door to the sitting room is opened by the servant escorting Clara at nearly precisely the set time upon the invite, allowing Clara to enter as the two peer out of the window. A flutter of fingers waves off the servant from performing the traditional greeting, though there is a polite murmur of gratitude before Clara herself closes the door.

Emilia turns from the window to give a nod to her sister,"Of aye, they are of not. But then nor are they being of your preference either. We do what we of must, and if it is of help for me to of remain, then it is as I will do." A simple incline of her head given to acknowledge it is a matter they would discuss more on later. "Of true, walks shall be more of pleasant." But there is that door opening announcing the arrival of their guest, whom Emilia might guess had a bit of a fangirl moment when the invitation was received. "Clara," a corner tuggin smile offerd, those formalities cast along with just the three present,"I am glad you could be of coming." Ethereal steps carrying her over to greet Clara with an easy hug.

Following her sister, Raelyn greets Clara with a warm clasp to the arm - not quite on the same terms with Clara that her younger sister is. "I thought it would be nice," Raelyn tells Clara warmly, "If we all had a quiet, enjoyable lunch together 'ere the full brunt of Court is upon us. One knows we shall have little peace for a little while. And you and I have not had as much time together as I would have liked," she admits to the Princess. "I've had some traditional Ironhold food prepared for our lunch. The Alhazredi contingent seemed to enjoy then, well enough." Her own smile shows, "They were wonderful guests. But I happily return them to you now. The people found them endearing, for the most part. And they, likewise. It was a good exchange, I think."

The hug is gladly returned to Emilia. The hug is almost extended to Raelyn….almost…but that respect for the Viscountess intervenes, as Clara settles for a bright smile and a similar greeting. But, oh…so close to hugging. "An excuse to leave the Palace walls? Of course I am going to come." Shifting from Emilia to Raelyn, Clara chuckles softly a bit at the concept of lack of peace. "And you wondered why Alysande was so willing to have the Alhazredi in Ironhold. You were doing the Queen a favor in offering to host them for a while. I trust you didn't have any trouble with them…." For certainly, better than most, Clara may know the nuances of the Alhazredi visitors. "I daresay that you have made an impression. Even Mirza Khare seemed to have enjoyed herself. At least, as far as I am aware. That is very telling, indeed."

With a grin, Clara starts to move towards one of the chairs, albeit slowly. "I am always willing to spend as much time outside of Court as possible. And….perfectly willing to spend time with the two of you. Though, soon, I won't need a servant to be showing me around the manse. I am almost a resident with the number of visits here." A slight embelishment…one that is punctuated with a giggle from the Tracano.

"I'm pleased to have made an impression on them. And no," Raelyn assures Clara, shaking her head, "No trouble. They were greatly respectful, genuinely inquisitive, and eager to be shown both villages and countryside. And yes, I'd guessed somewhat. The Queen asked us to try and retain them when I'd asked consent to recieve them until the wedding, I had a hunch." She laughs, then, just a little, and lightly before she sits to join the meal. Clara is assured, "Be it Manse in Sunsreach or Roseguard Castle in Ironhold, you are always a welcomed guest, Clara, in our home. Wherever it may be. You have the spirit of a Huntress, a warm heart, a desire for justice, skill with a bow, and the ability to set others off guard." Raelyn then exchanges a glance with Emilia, as if to imply her sister and perhaps the wedding dress that Clara got Emilia in for Jaren's wedding. That, afterall, would have been no easy feat.

Emilia does give a little nod at Raelyn's admission,"She was of thinking it was of time that she was of getting to know you of better." Affirming that tidbit for Clara (to surely help further the fangirl-ness). A knowing look sent to Raelyn, see Clara wants to escape the palace! Emilia shakes her head,"Of no, there was no of trouble with having of them there. " ALlowing her sisters words to stand more on the matter though, having been away at various points in their visit.

Moving as well to take a seat at the table,"Of see, Raelyn, she is having much of the same preference of us in of that." Emilia's lips quirk just a little,"This is being of true. You do of come here oft of enough." A small nod at her sister's words about Clara's ability, especially about getting one off their guard. Adding as she does settle into a chair,"And that is why she is a dear and of trusted friend to of me, knowing of secrets like of mine-sister." Oh yes, she just put that right there..so casually.

"Time to get to know me better?" The brown eyes shift to Emilia…then to Raelyn….then to both together. "Well…I am honored." Clara's exclamation is further reinforced with the flushing of rouge upon her cheeks, as Raelyn speaks to Clara's attributes. She certainly wasn't expecting that! "Hmm….thank you." The gratitude is given as Clara struggles to come up with something to move the focus along, away from her. She latches onto the topic of Court….of the shared sentiment. "I do admit, I may be more suited to Courtly intrigue…but I would rather be honest to others than not. And some of the old guard do not agree with my views on certain issues…but will not challenge me so openly when it is painfully obvious they speak ill behind close doors. I much rather prefer directness." Something that Emilia is rather aware of.

And speaking of directness, Emilia's declaration is laid out there, bare for all to witness. A casual shift to the younger Cassomir is given by Clara, with a grin and an ever-so-slight shake of the head. "Yes. Those secrets….ones that only a select few know. I seem to have a knack for making others feel comfortable enough to share such things."

"Directness is one of my favorite attributes." Raelyn's smile sharpens, briefly. "My brothers and my sister know this well enough. I've always spoken my mind." Still, Emilia's words, then Clara's reinforcement of such words only lead Raelyn to frown in thoughtful consideration. She is no longer grinning. But Emilia may be relieved to realize Raelyn isn't exactly perturbed, either. Still, the silence that follows is one of those odd silences where you don't know if what the other person will say next will bode for good, or ill.

Finally, Raelyn exhales and tells Emilia, "It is, afterall, your burden." She looks then between the two, "Might I inquire as to what brought this revelation forwards?"

Clara gets a nod from Emilia when it comes to those matters of courtly intigue, and people speaking ill behind closed doors. It was a thing Emilia knew to well. But there was that fine display of directness in good order, to two who liked directness. A shoulder rises in a half shrug when Clara looks round her way afterwards. A bit of food is moved to her plate as that silence reisn for a time as Raelyn disgests the bit of information that was dumped in her lap just so. Though it would be wrong to say that Emilia is not keeping a bit of an eye on her sister to gage the reaction in process.

A small nod comes when Raelyn does finally speak,"Of aye, it is. And a burden of shared, with those most of trusted, is one being of shared." Emilia purses her lips just slightly at the question, deciding on the best way to answer. "She was of discovering of the of truth after of the Battle of Sunsreach…while I was of recovering…there was of talking, about what of happened between me and of Victor." A matter Raelyn would well know Emilia has been fairly tightlipped about to say the least. "But was of figuring it was of time for you to be of knowing she was of aware…so she might of have someone to speak with if there were of questions…or of issues."

There is a quiet nod from Clara, even as the food upon her plate is prodded. "We were held at the Palace for a while, so there was time to grow closer. And…I may not be a Huntress, but I tend to have fairly good intuition." Perhaps a bit of an understatement, but Clara doesn't dwell on it. "From what I heard of the false prince and what I know from being within the palace, it was a matter of putting two and two together." Clara flicks her eyes up from her plate…to first Emilia, then to Raelyn. "From there, it was conjecture and probing, albeit very carefully." There is a slight smile with the next sentiment. "I…can be very persuasive when I wish to be."

"Mmhmm," is all Raelyn states towards Clara about how she figured it out. "I know you two are close, but Emilia is well guarded." So, while she might believe most of what Clara says, there is clear and almost open suggestion she knows something else might've aided the disclosure in coming out - afterall she's not speaking to the way the Huntresses guard her sister. She looks to Emilia then, lips twisting and though she still doesn't look happy that someone outside the family knows she isn't upset. So, one might suspect she's taking it as well as really could be expected. She forks a bit of meat, chews while other thoughts come to her. "But I do trust you, Clara. As does Emilia. She's a very good judge of character."

That's when the next query comes, "And just how much do you know, Clara?" Some things were obvious. Some, not so much.

Emilia nods slightly to what Clara says, adding to what is said,"And of you and of Jaren had gone of north to of aid of there, while I was of remaining to of recover." From being flung into a wall by a chaos infused beserker man. There is a faint shrug to Raelyn. It wasn't like Clara was the first outside of the family to know…just perhaps the first non-Vigilant and non-ancient-near-immortal being. "If I wa snot of trusting her, she would not be of knowing." Though Emilia does see about eating some of her food, allowing Clara to tackle that question from Raelyn. It would likely do little good for Emilia to be the one to answer. Right?

Clara's eyes drop back down to the plate…and the princess actually takes a bite of food…as Emilia is speaking. It isn't to buy her some time to field Raelyn's question…no, not at all! Of course, it isn't Clara's fault that it does give her a few precious moments to formulate an appropriate response. "I know that there is a malevolent force within Emilia….and that she is exceptionally strong-willed, to be able to resist it as she does. I…know that the presence is old…older than we could possibly imagine. And….that the source is somehow held in check now, but not before it touched Emilia." It is all true…and Clara speaks of it with reverence. She clearly isn't used to just talking about it with others outside of Emilia.

Raelyn can't help but shake the feeling that not all is being shared with her, but she accepts what is given without forcing the issue further. And she learns other things, too, between Clara's answer, and Emilia's own. "Well," she nods, "I'm glad Emilia has someone else to speak of these things with, since Jaren is not around any longer, and I am now as busy as he was." She half-smiles to Clara, "She is lucky to have such a respectful, and honorable friend. I'm pleased the One brought you to us," she says, her smile genuine.

A faint nod here or there comes as Clara offers up her answer. There may be a few winces as well. And sure…there were always things Emilia wasn't offering up, it did take her a few years to even fess up about that little malevolent force. Emilia nods a touch,"You of are busy and do not have of someone like of Jaren did to keep of an eye after," after all Jaren did have Raelyn to help keep an eye on Emilia. "Of aye, I am of lucky to have found such of a friend, just as I am of lucky to have of such of a family as I am of having."

"It is I who is the lucky one, Raelyn." The Tracano focuses her attention to the viscountess. "If it wasn't for Emilia, I would not have found myself after discovering I wasn't who I thought I was." A confusing statement, perhaps…but a true one, nonetheless. "Because of that, I am eternally grateful. This…" A hand indicates the space between Emilia and herself. "…is simply one of the myriad of ways I can offer my gratitude. And my support."

"Mmm. Well. Emilia and I are considering something for the future. A contest, of sorts. And if it comes to fruition, you would be welcome to join us as a guest of honor, in Ironhold. A game, so to speak, for the Huntresses. A game hunting, and evading," Raelyn suggests to Clara, smoothly moving away from the subject, at least for now. "For now, however, would both of you like to join me, after we finish our meal, for an afternoon ride?"

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