(1867-04-08) The Prince's Wedding Feast
The Prince's Wedding Feast
Summary: The wedding feast celebrating the union of Prince Tristan Tracano and Lady Elaida Toulan.
Date: 08/04/2016 (Date of RP)
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Main Hall - Sunsreach Castle - Rivana
The Main Hall of Sunsreach Castle is a large, sprawling banquet hall setup for formal occasions and the business of the kingdom. Large spinnerets go up to the heavens, and intricate stained glass patterns are mixed over with numerous banners showing the houses and duchies of the kingdom. Large windows allow the sun to come in and shine off the stained glass, architecturally designed to have te sun focus upon various banners depending on the time of day to be moving clock that follows throughout the year. The main banquet table is long, with the rulers designed to sit at one end of it, and various other places set aside fo visiting nobles, knights, church officials, or those whom the rules do business with. It is setup quite efficiently so that the servants can move back and forth quickly with ease of access to the kitchens. The minarets are setup to use the high ceiling as almost an amphitheatre, and are designed to maximize the acoustics, and many a bard has fashioned a breathtaking performance within here.
Avril 8th, 1867

The Great Hall of the Sunsreach Palace is decorated for the occasion with banners of green with gold dragons (reused from Alysande's own wedding feast) and bunches of red roses with tiny sprigs of white baby's breath.

The high table has been set up with the bride and groom as the heads of it, the queen and king sitting to the side at the high table to allow the happy couple their moment to shine. Also at the high table is Prince Martyn and his wife Johanna, and Princess Clara.

There are two long tables stretched out at either end of the high table. There are places for those close to the couple or the other Royals above the salt, allowing for ease of conversation.

The meal is not to be outdone tonight, save by the royal wedding itself: a large roast boar; roasted and stuffed capons; tiny baked quail and boiled quail eggs; mashed turnips with cumin and rue; fresh green salad with butter, green, and romaine lettuce; with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers of several varieties, and sliced onions to add to it; baskets and baskets of freshly baked rolls; assorted jams, jellies, honey and crocks of sweet butter; honeyed carrots; sweet-and-sour lamb flavored with cinnamon and ginger; pork pies; pears in wine with cinnamon and ginger; apple compote with almonds… and of course, as much wine, wheat and barley beers, cool fresh water, and chilled milk as any could care to drink.

The feasting has begun! Each place setting has a golden charger under a porcelain plate (imported from the Pirate Isles through a middleman in Pacitta) and each setting also has a golden wine cup with the names of the couple: Tristan Tracano and Elaida Toulan, engraved on each one underneath an engraved masked dragon.

Now-Princess Elaida Tracano sits beside her husband, nibbling nervously at a roll as her first course has been helped to her plate. In her glass is milk— the bustle of the day has made her too queasy for wine or beer! She is still dressed in her wedding dress: a beautiful gown of white and black that bares her shoulders and layers of white chiffon flow down her curves to a small train on the floor behind her. Her hair is swept up and off her shoulders, a small tendril of hair artfully escaping and helping to frame her face. Her hair is pinned up with a rose tucked neatly in it.

Tristan is dressed in a doublet and trousers fashioned from green silk and artfully decorated with gold and silver threads to form shapes of dragons on his sleeves and chest. He sits beside his new wife, glancing in her direction as he organizes his plate, moving his generous portions of sweet-and-sour lamb to one half and his salad to the other half, slowly cutting small chunks of the lamb and shoveling them into the salad so he can combine meat with vegetables. As for his drink of choice this evening? It is, of course, wine.

Adrienne Cassomir sits with others of her family. The freckled Huntress is of course wearing courtly attire, a fine dress of soft silk, dyed in the pleasant tone of Cassomir blue. The dress has a little frills, particularly on the shoulders, with more of an open elbow-length sleeve design to allow for more freedom of movement. The bodice, which is tied at her back, offers a rather modest neckline. Apart from the frills there is little adornment that could distract from Adrienne's somewhat more earthy, freckled beauty that is certainly enhanced by her youth, the freshness of her expression. Her hair is worn openly, falling in dark brown waves about her shoulders, with a few strands pulled back and tied with a ribbon.

For now, Adrienne's green eyes linger curiously on the new Tracano Princess by marriage, and she smiles. "She does look lovely, doesn't she?", she offers to Emilia, Raelyn and Stephen - and Tiadora Gerrell, who happens to sit close to them. "I am glad she got over that… slight indispositon. The delay has certainly enhanced the anticipation of this great day."

Outside of the newly wed couple, few could be happier than Tiadora Gerrell. The plump girl wears lavender and pale green silk in a new gown that actually compliments her figure without the severe harshness of her usual squeezed silhouette. Clara's bribe/gift/apology gown -trimmed in silver with a little pin of the double-headed Gerrell eagle at her lapel. Her dark hair is worn swept back with a dainty jeweled headband and a few braids in ornate Normont style with green satin ribbons for color.

She sits with her Cassomir friends and oohs and Awwws and admires every tiny detail- especially the amazing food. A bit of -everything- finds its way to Tiadora's plate. "Praise the One. Together we are strong," she replies piously to Adrienne as she smiles. "I am so happy I can break my fast and celebrate their wedding AND her recovery at the same time."

Settled at one of the tables with her family and others so suited to sit there abouts, Emilia lightly turned one of the rolls about in her hand, fingers dancing here and there over it before it was held just so and a knife plunged into it before there was butter applied melt well upon the warm fluffeh insides. Dark eyes all the while paying little mind to the task. Her own dress this eve a dark golden color is rather simplistic on the grad scheme, but suitable enough for the event. And also suitable enough for her to simply blend in with the 'crowd. Emilia nods to her cousin,"Of aye, she does look of lovely. It is making of a fine of day for celebration." A mild nod going to Tiadora with the comment coming to echo her friends words.

A creature of the court Aidric's garb was at once chosen for particular effect and worn with a casualness that belies the expenditure of that much effort. In this case his doublet and trousers are a dark mirror of those worn by Tristan, black, with the Carling links picked out in thread of silver. The ceremony done, he wears his high colar open revealing a crisp white shirt beneath which peaks through at his cuffs as well, all of it clean and well kept as only a team of servants can manage. Sitting with the Gerrells he looks up from his wine when he hears Adrienne's comment amidst the Cassomirs "She does look lovely, Tristan is a lucky man."

"Quite so," agrees Raelyn to her cousin, in high spirits. She wears a courtly dress of verdant green with elegant gold embriodery. Hardly something that might be considered 'high fashion', but suits the occassion more than well enough. Her gaze drifts mildly over towards Aidric as he responds in kind, and she nods to him in friendly enough manner before asiding to those seated with her, "We ought to invite them for a visit and meal, ere we leave." And while this, mostly, is spoken towards Stephen she includes Emilia and Adrienne in it as well.

"Yes. What a good turn of events, indeed," Adrienne comments to Tia with a smile. Her eyes shift to Emilia and Rae, and she nods. "Maybe we should invite them to the Manse. Even if I can hardly recall us having such honoured guests there.", the freckled Cassomir continues. Green eyes flit to the Carling seated beside the Gerrells, and there is a tiny twitch of her brows. "They both are lucky, I daresay," she comments to Aidric's remark with a non-committal smile. All politeness.

Dark eyes slowly pull over to Raelyn, Emilia giving her sister ever stoic study before agreeing with the idea with a simple,"Of course." Before taking a bite of that now buttered roll, a thing that allows her to easily fall into a bit of silence for awhile, allowing that bit of conversation to flow on around her.

"Might be best we wait until after the tourney events and the Archducal election. They'll no doubt be highly in demand for a few days, best to let those that will have further to travel and more inclination to depart as soon as possible have their chance." Stephen mostly-agrees with his wife's sentiment, if tempering it with advice. He's in a red doublet, slashed with blue, but mostly red…providing a pleasing contrast to his wife's green for the moment. Otherwise he's his usual mostly-quiet self, at least until engaged in conversation. Watching and listening, certainly, but rarely interjecting of his own accord. He does, however, seem to be enjoying the meal and the atmosphere well enough, given the upturned corners of his mouth for much of the evening.

Tiadora closes her eyes as she smiles through a mouthful of pears. She pauses so she won't talk with her mouth full and states, "I should get this recipe. I want to do a food tasting showcase for our common folk so they can get used to 'foreign' things." Foreign being anything not from Normont. "And the lamb? Oh so good…." Her appetite has quickly returned once her prayer vigil was no longer required.

The combination of sweet-and-sour lamb and the vegetables are quite good, and quite filling, especially as Tristan had never been one to indulge in food. Glancing over to his wife, he smiles. "How are you finding dinner tonight?" He reaches over and grabs a roll and puts a healthy amount of honey butter on it before taking a bite. His eyes roam the room as he chews, giving faint nods to people he recognizes.

"If you say so," Aidric replies to Adrienne good-naturedly of Elaida making as good a match as Tristan has. All joking of course, she did marry a prince and one who seems taken with his new bride. Tiadora's suggestion gets a smile, "Digging our people out of their ignorance a spoonful at a time, hm?" he asks. "Not a bad notion even if our people are like to believe foreign food sinful or some such non-sense. Though, if the Abyss has some of this lamb on offer, damnation might be worth it," he says tucking into the dish with as much gusto as courtly manners allow.

Elaida breaks open one of the stuffed capons and cuts off the breast meat to start eating. "The cooks have really outdone themselves…" she murmurs back to Tristan. "And the ceremony was lovely. Everything I'd ever hoped for." She gives him a smile. "How about you?"

A bit of the lamb as well as some of the pears find way to Emilia's plate as the bite of roll is slowly partaken of. Her eyes slowly moving amongst those speaking as she follows the conversation, though they pause upon Aidric when his response comes about the food,"I would be of hoping they would not of consider that food served in celebration of a royal wedding to be of sinful." Though her eyes do drop back to the bit of lamb on her plate, perhaps with a faint considering look before taking up a piece. Well if it was that good.

The pious Gerrell gives Adric a 'not funny' reproachful look at mention of the Abyss. It would be more somber if there wasn't a spoon in her mouth at the time. She pulls it out and points it at him, wagging it a little. "If there is free food and drink, I am sure they will at least -try-. But blessed saints help us if someone gets the notion in their head that anything we bring through the Faegage somehow gets poi—-" She trails off. Bad choice of words in light of the recent events. She flushes bright red and jams and butters a roll to stick in her mouth literally as opposed to her foot figuratively.

"Foreign food…", Adrienne drawls, her brows knitting as she considers that rather unusual topic. "I'm not sure how the common folk will take to this experiment, Tiadora. As even some nobles may not be keen on trying things they don't know." Her eyes cut to Aidric. "I've never heard anyone labeling food as sinful, Sir.", Adrienne comments with a raised brow. "And I would hardly think anyone would decline it because of such reasons. The unusual taste, rather. The foreigness of it. There can be no fault in trying food. One above, we are not asking them to indulge in gluttony." Then there is Tia's remark, and Adrienne draws a sharp breath. "They beter not."

Aidric laughs as he pats his cousin's shoulder. "Fear not, I was jesting. I am sure they'd be willing to give it a try. After all it's the common people, anything they didn't grow or slaughter themselves is a treat, no?" he asks, knowing full well that is an overly broad statement. He takes a sip of wine. "I am sure your little experiment will be well received."

Thaddeus sits with his family as he observes the feast, thus far. Having eaten his fill, Thad takes a drink of his wine and turns to his wife to speak for a moment. After he is finished speaking, Thad resumes looking over the room for a few moments.

Tiadora frowns softly at Adrienne. Food as sinful? "You never met my mother, did you," Tiadora mumbles as she pushes her partially full plate away. She's filled it at least twice so it's not as if she didn't enjoy it. She's drifted into withdrawn mode, pushing bits of carrot around the plate with her knife and not saying much.

"Yes, the ceremony was quite nice, as I expected it would be." Tristan remarks with a small smile. "Her Majesty was not going to let us get married in poor fashion." He leans over and lightly kisses her cheek. "Enjoy the meal and enjoy the atmopshere for now. We will talk more later when we are in private."

Over at the high table, Jaren says something to Alysande that makes her laugh, though she quickly returns to enjoying the meal with visible gusto. Then again, she's eating for two, as they say, and between "the glow" and the ever-so-slight plumping of her cheeks it's quite visible now. The notable absence tonight, however, is any representative of the Alhazred delegation. In this, however, it was less "snub" and more borne of the bridal party's close ties to the Church of the One Faith. Best to avoid any unpleasant awkwardness in this case.

"I've often found the cuisine of Normont to be quite pleasing." Stephen opines, apparently deciding to join the conversation between Adrienne and Tiadora, looking a bit amused at the notion of arranging tastings for common folk, "It may be less a fear of foreign food and more that it doesn't measure up." He teases lightly, "Though I suppose it'd be interesting to see how they take to foods that used to be very rare growing more common once Faegate commerce really opens up." Because perishables are far more expensive to ship overland than via faegate, after all. What with all the purefrost containers and whatnot.

Emilia does slowly turn that bit of lamb abount in her mouth as she considers the taste before chewing it. And what the heck, she was already damned..so another bit is stabbed with her fork. Though Tiadora's quick color change and roll eatting as Emilia giving her friend a glance. The stoic Cassomir content to simply continue to listen to the conversation rather than offer much up. A slow sip of water taken to..and thank the One it was a slow sip, otherwise Emilia just might have choked upon it when Tiadora makes the comment about her mother. Her goblet makes a hastey retreat back to the table before a roll gets another rather artful turn of carving to it.

"Of course," agrees Raelyn towards Stephen, smiling faintly. "But, it's something we should do before we leave, at any rate." Then she comments towards Adrienne, "I found the Alhazred dishes that our cooks made to be pleasant for the most part, myself. It's good to break out of routine, sometimes." Still, she nods, "Still, more familiar dishes ought be provided as well," she agrees. "Not everyone is adventurous." She looks towards Stephen, with a humored smile.

Debating whether to comment on Aidric's remark towards Tiadora, Adrienne finally decides against it. Even moreso, when Tia herself addresses her with such an odd question. "Indeed, I have not," she says flatly, her gaze lingering on the Gerell lady so close to her own age. "I did not mean to give offense." A light shrug of her shoulders there, as the Cassomir turns her attention towards the food before her. "The Alhazred dishes were surprisingly tasty," she opines then towards Raelyn, "but that perhaps due to our cook adjusting the recipe to what we are used to." Even so, an amused chuckle comes to Stephen's words. "Faegate commerce? Is that really a plan?", Adrienne asks, lifting a brow, obviously taking his remark as a jest.

Stephen glances towards Raelyn, tilting a brow, "I don't recall ever turning my nose up at anything edible offered to me unless I simply wasn't hungry." He then glances past her towards Adrienne, frowning just a touch at her tone, "I would certainly imagine it's a primary focus for the Duke opening his Duchy's network. Transporting valuable and perishable goods via faegate is an immensely lucrative business. What it lacks in volume it makes up for in convenience and timeliness. With some of the items Normont traffics in it's a degree of opportunity that cuts both ways."

That roll does seem to keep Emilia's attention for a bit of time, well carved and in turn pieces buttered with more skill than is ever trully needed to apply butter to a bit of bread. But eventually a few pieces are actually eaten and that goblet taken back up to take another sip of water. The conversation seeming back on track to safer ground…least for her thoughts.

"Yes, the people of Normont still trade all their perishables by cart and boat, so, the gates, if they're used, will let them have a bigger range of choices when it comes to food," Aidric says glad he grew up on the border with civilization and it's treats just across the river from his family's county.

Pushing his plate away from him, Tristan leans back in his chair just a bit and reaches over to put his hand over Elaida's, to get her attention. Leaning over, he murmurs. "Let me know when you wish to depart, and we shall." Glancing out over the crowd, he meets Aidric's eyes and gives his cousin a wink and then swallows down the rest of his wine.

"Oh. I see," Adrienne replies with a slightly caught look, she tries to diminish with a faint roll of her eyes. "It could be an interesting opportunity. Yet… given the gatesickness it causes to the living… Can we be sure it would not affect food and drink?" Green eyes settle on Stephen with a slightly sceptical look. That will soon be extended to Aidric Carling.

"But such of gatesickness does not impact of everyone," comes an actual contribution from Emilia. Her dark eyes settled upon Adrienne. A slight pause before she continues,"The quite of young do not seem to be of impacted by of it. Nor do of animals, so what is to of say that food and of drink would not of fall into such of a category as of them? I am of thinking, if that were not of the case, people would have long ago of fallen of ill from such foods."

"If it does, then we're all surely affected, I would imagine at least a few of the items being served tonight made it here via faegate. As they would at most Royal or even Ducal-sponsored meals." Stephen notes, nodding to Aidric, and then Emilia, giving her a smile when she pipes up, "Indeed we would have. But reall I suppose the person to ask would be his Majesty King Jaren, given his position with the Order of the Vigil. Or perhaps Sir Destrian, who served as a Gatewarden for a time, as I recall."

Elaida blushes deeply, but looks up at Tristan through her eyelashes. "…we can… retire back to our rooms whenever you want." She turns her hand over slightly to squeeze his. "I'm looking forward to it."

Raelyn's eyes trail to Tristan and Elaida, watching the couple for a few long moments, and allowing the conversation to flow around her a little while. Still, she is listening. She remarks only, "Not to mention the packs and such that people carry with them through the gates. Still," she looks to Stephen again, "I will settle for our own trade as we have it. And leave others to the lucrative food trade."

Tristan spends 1 luck points on Brown Chicken Brown Cow.
<FS3> Tristan rolls Body+Body+5: Good Success. (7 1 6 2 2 7 2 8 2 5 3)

Nodding at his wife, Tristan stands up, grinning at her. He doubts that she is expecting what is to follow, as he bends down and picks her up in his arms, and then gives the crowd a triumphant grin as he begins to make his way out of the room and in the direction of their suite. He's just glad that she's not too heavy, or else this entire process would be far more of a chore.

Aidric was playing with his wine cup when Tristan at last takes his bride off to bed. He nearly spills it but recovers at the last second to lift it up as he stands. "To bed!" he shouts. Which as shouts go was pretty tame for such instances, but hey he already made the bride cry once in their acquaintance.

Emilia inclines her head just a little to Stephen's comment,"Of aye, Destrian was of a Gatewarden for some of time before becoming of Gatefinder. He has never of spoken about of issue with of food that has come through of a gate." Her eyes drifting towards Adrienne,"But I am of sure he would be of glad to of discuss of such with you if you wished to be of asking." A brow raises just a small fraction to catch sight of Tristan scooping up his bride and making from the room with her. Which unsurprisingly is about all the reaction that comes from the rather stoic Cassomir at the particular display.

"Oh well…" Adrienne rolls her eyes, her brows furrowing just so, despite the awkward smile curving her lips. "What do I know of food imports via faegate travel? I'm a Huntress, used to roam the woods. What did you expect? Elaborate speeches on the nature of commerce?" A low snort there, her slight discomfort soon drowned with a good sip from her goblet of Tracano Red. Still. Aidric's shout towards the happy couple brings a blush to her cheeks, and the freckled Cassomir rises to her feet as well, even if not joining in with the others in regards to bawdy comments and encouragement.

Stephen Cassomir doesn't cheer anything specific, but he does lift his winecup and give a happy shout as Prince Tristan makes to depart with his bride. When the din and the applause and cheers die down, he does look back to Raelyn, "Well, thankfully Iron keeps." He notes with a touch of humor, "And pelts can be cured."

Fluttering in the wings, on the edge of crowd, Clara has been doing her due diligence in ensuring that everything was running smoothly. Despite the eye-catching red silken gown she was wearing, with black trim and a black front skirt panel, she had done a rather fine job of being nearly invisible to the proceedings. But, now that the bride and groom are making their exit, in grand style as befitting Tristan, she is venturing forward from the sidelines.

"And of wood as of well," Emilia adding that on to Stephen's list. It gave them a great deal of flexiblity on not just method of shipping but when. But thee was a fluttering red butterfly along the endges of the ground that seems able to perhaps land after all that activity, and thus a hand gives a little turn in the air to invite Clara over towards the table, and all the odd turns of conversation.

Raelyn lifts her wine goblet in toast, cheering of her own accord as Tristan carries Elaida out, suggesting to Stephen, "Pelts will soon not be in such high demand. Still. The evenings can be somewhat chilly, yet." Her smile curves, and she gives him a look before glancing towards Clara, offering her a smile and then suggesting to Emilia and Adrienne, "Our world is changing, Adrienne. Slowly. But surely. Getting smaller. Perhaps it's time we broadened at least some of our horizons beyond the woods. Education is not so bad a thing to have, mm?"

"Your Highness." Stephen greets Clara as she arrives, giving her a smile and a bow before reclaiming his seat and leaning over to give Raelyn a peck on the cheek, "Iron is always in demand, and wood. And our vassals have goods that will more than make up the lack." He laughs, "But you know all this."

Emilia sends a faint glance towards Raelyn,"Just of because you are of so of enjoying of your time with the Master of Steward does not of mean you need to ensure everyone has of such time." Sending her cousin a slight knowing look on the matter. Though with Clara making her way over, Emilia does offer a bow of her head,"Your of Highness, a most successful of event once of again. I believe Lady of Tiadora was wishing to see about a few of the recipes from tonights of feast."

A slight curtsey is offered to Stephen in return, as Clara returns the formal greeting. "Your Excellency." Though, for the sharp-eyed, there is a bit of a sly twist to the pleasant demeanor offered….possible amusement at the address to her? The quirky grin is quickly masked as Clara returns to an upright position. Less formal smiles and nods are given to her growing collection of Cassomir females, proceeding down the line to Adrienne, Raelyn and Emilia. It is to Emilia that Clara's words go to next, as she responds to the compliment. "Thank you, Emilia. I do have to admit, after the practice I had before, it certainly does seem to make this little event flow rather smoothly. I will be sure to have the head chef made available for Tiadora at her leisure."

"I am of imagine the practice was of much of help, and of this being smaller as you of noted," agrees Emilia. A small nod coming,"I am of sure she would be most of appreciating of that." The flow of conversation continuing on about the table, ebbing and flowing as people move to take advantage of the entertainment with a turn upon the dance floor. Before the evening eventually winds it way down many hours later.

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