(1867-04-11) Sets of Tidings
Sets of Tidings
Summary: Jaren pays his sisters a visit and brings with him news and decisions concerning the banshee known as the Widow. Reactions are perhaps not as expected.
Date: 1867-04-11
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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"I'll be by this afternoon. Don't worry over ceremony and such, just catching up with my sisters. —Jaren." A short, simple message delivered this morning after a verbal possibility offered the evening prior. Of course, being Cassomir servants, they quickly went into stoic-panic mode, working feverishly to make the already clean and well-organized premises even more so. Hardly necessary, but it makes them feel better.

Jaren certainly doesn't make a show of his arrival, approaching the Manse with only a pair of Lancers and his squire Liam in tow. And yet, that trio is, after greetings are made, sent to languish in one of the other parlors while Jaren speaks privately with his sister. Raelyn, it seems, is temporarily occupied elsewhere, though Jaren doesn't seem overly perturbed by this.

Once servants and bodyguards alike are out of the room, Jaren moves over to fold Emilia into a brief, warm embrace, giving her a kiss on the top of her head. "It's good to see you, Emi. You are well, I hope?" He steps back, studying her from head to toe as though he could ascertain the answer with just a glance.

It was the return of the King, as it were, so of course the servant scurried about! Stoically. No doubt, the Lancers and Liam were used to being shifted along upon arriving somewhere, much like Clara's were when the Princess visited. Even if the not had said to not worry over ceremony, Emilia had least chosen one of her better tunic, meaning there was a lovely turn of embroidery upon the edges and not quite something she would wear under her leathers. And there were some manner of snacks yet out for the visit, standard fair really.

The embrace is returned warmly, a faint corner tugging smile given after that kiss to the top of her head. "It is good to be of seeing as of well, Jaren." Emilia gave a slight nod,"Of aye, I am of being of well enough." With the stoic bent to her, it was ever hard to tell for certain. Though Jaren was likely one of the few who might pick up the exceedingly subtle hints of some edge of tiredness. "You are of well, I am hoping? Even if of busier?"

"Always hovering on the border of exhaustion, but…yes, well enough, I suppose. As long as I remind myself that it's not all that much different from being Viscount, just…larger in scope." Jaren notes, smiling a bit ruefully and moving to pour himself a bit of wine and helping himself to at least a bite of the bread and cheese, as is only polite when such hospitality is offered. "Lyssa is due in just a few months now." There's a glimmer of real joy at Jaren's expression at that, before he moves to seat himself, "I haven't a great deal of time, but we'll wait to see if Raelyn happens upon us before I go into any…family business." There's a tone to that that speaks of secrecy, which likely means Vigilant business. "Besides, it gives me a welcome excuse to see my sisters. You'd be amazed at how little of my schedule I truly get to decide for myself." He pauses, then chuckles, "Well perhaps not amazed but it certainly surprised me."

"He'd best be well," Raelyn calls, coming into the room, and immediately giving Jaren an intense hug. Then, she moves around to find a place to sit, smiling widely. "Welcome. If only for a little while. You just tell Lyssa that I will demand to see my niece as oft as possible, and I shan't take no for an answer," she decrees, with a measure of certainty. Then, "I think we did well with our Alhazredi guests, too. We even made amends to the dishonored ancestors. I think that bridge, or will bridge, much disdain. And perhaps that blemish on our past can now be left on the wayside." She seems pleased by all of this. "But I gladly return them to you now." She laughs, "They were polite, though. Friendly. Inquisitive. And did not demand too much attention. I think they, for the most part, enjoyed themselves."

"I would of imagine, the scope is of larger." A small turn of agreement from Emilia, moving to pour a bit of fruited water for herself. There is a faint nod from her concerning the matter of the Queen's pregnancy. "I am guessing you will be even more of busy then. But Her of Majesty is of doing of well with of the pregnancy?" Drifting to settle into a seat herself. he of all of them would of course yet be formal with her references to Alysande. "Of aye, I would not of think you to have much of free time. I of admit to being somewhat of surprised in of receiving your note." For while there had been some turn of seeing her brother…from a distance..since the wedding. There had not been time for any type of visiting really. Though when he speaks of 'family business' a brow raises just a little,"I of see." That did explain his visit, anything else she might say is quickly forestalled with the arrival of her sister and the energy she carries with her into the room.

Jaren chuckles, returning Raelyn's hug, "I would like to visit more, but there always seems to be some matter or another." He sighs, shaking his head a bit at the thought, but the smile returns at Raelyn's words, "Good. They seemed in reasonably good spirits upon their return." He returns to his seat and nods to Raelyn, "She has all the finest healers and midwives fussing over her near constantly. If she's having any trouble with the Pregnancy, it stems from disliking the strictures they place upon her, but she follows them nonetheless." She's not taking any chances, in other words.

After everyone seems settled in, Jaren sits up straighter, and notes, "So I have two different sets of tidings. One of which you may not like, and the other which…may bring some hope." He smirks just a bit, "Which would you care to hear first?"

Raelyn shakes her head and exchanges a look with Emilia, then looks back to her brother. "I see," she says, a measure of dry humor touching her tone. "Is that how it's going to be? You only visit when we're in Sunsreach, and when you are the bearer of tidings, ill and good?" She takes a goblet of wine, sips from it, and then exhales. "Tell the worst of it first, that way, our gathering can end on a better note than sourness, yes?"

Dark eyes quietly watch the exchange between her siblings, Emilia taking a small sip from her goblet. A small nod given about how Alysande was doing, noting of simply,"Of aye, I would of imagine she is not much of caring for any of restrictions placed upon of her." When Raelyn looks her way, Emilia simply gives a small shrug. "He is much of busy." It was as she expected. Nodding to Raelyn's choice, allowing it to stand as her fingers give that turn and mild flutter in the air before settling back to her lap.

"This isn't a joking matter, Rae." Jaren says soberly "And you well know that I would visit more often were I able." Ouch, seems like a bit of a nerve touched there, but in typical Jaren fashion it fades quickly, "Alysande has decided that the Widow is a matter of import to the Crown and Kingdom as a whole, and not just Ironhold and our family." Jaren drums his fingers on the arm of the table, "Which is to say that if anything is to be enacted in terms of…dealing with her…the decision will come from her. And it will be no exaggeration when I say that her mind is all but made up already. The only question remaining is…gathering the necessary resources." He pauses, "The necessary people. Damn it…I won't hide from that truth." He shakes his head, clearly still quite discomfited by the idea. "Regardless…you are welcome to offer advice on the matter, but in this case…it is now a matter for the crown to ultimately decide."

Raelyn leans forward to squeeze her brothers arm, offering him a half-apologetic, and mostly understanding smile. "You are missed," is all she says in return to the raw nerves being rubbed. She then leans back, schooling her own expression as she listens to the worst of it. A slight frown touches her features at what Jaren says, and again Raelyn looks to Emilia, but says nothing. Instead, she looks back towards Jaren. "If the Queen so deems it," is her commitment to that particular decree. "We had considered animals, and the like. But deemed it too uncertain and improbable. Then, we had considered the lawless and criminal element." She shakes her head, thoughtfully. "I will give it much thought."

The first words have that goblet forgotten as Emilia's dark eyes lock onto Jaren. As he continues on, there is a tightening at the corners of her eyes. A 'conversation' occurring within her head…with more than a bit of energy. By the end, the ever stoic Emilia is /frowning/. Deeply. Raelyn's word have her eyes flickering over towards her sister and a rather quick correction being given,"/You/ of considered." Emilia knew as well, these two were not the only ones who had considered it…so had Clara. And now…Alysande. She looks back to Jaren,"For all of those she will be of damning to such of a death, shall she witness them being fed of to the Widow? To of truly of understand the the decision she has of made on of this?" The idea did not seem to please Emilia in the least, but then he had witnessed such deaths. And then some.

"Alysande's thoughts veer to the latter option." Jaren notes to Raelyn, before looking to Emilia, "Likely not, but I will, should it come to pass. Make no mistake, though, this isn't about any one person or even one family. It is about the possibility of preventing what happened to our own…and to you…from happening to any other in the future." Jaren shakes his head, "I make no excuses. I cannot fault her logic, no matter how uncomfortable I find it." He sighs, "But nothing is being done just yet. I merely inform you as a courtesy, and to forestall any action you might take up on your own volition." Jaren adds, "The further tidings are…related…but more hopeful."

"Thank you for that," replies Raelyn towards her brother, then. She frowns again, thoughtful, and having nodded, slightly to Emilia to indicate the acceptance of the correction and the truthfulness of it, she concurs, "To prevent something like this in the future from occurring again? Quite so. Afterall," she says quietly, "What if you had not been there, and she'd been freed from her prison? What if some soul as the man who attempted to tear our countries apart seeks to free her for the purposes of chaos and his own power? Or hers?" She frowns, more. "I, too, see the logic. And the need. It is a sordid affair, however. And I am worried of wind and word getting out over it. If this order comes from the Queen, or us, it could - do irrepairable harm." She appears less concerned over the loss of life than her siblings, especially criminals, more of the ramifications to the order of society. "What other news do you bring, then?"

The answer was no unexpected, but it certainly doesn't do anything to improve the nature of the frown that has seemed to take over Emilia's lips. It was not an improvement to her usual stoic mien. The tightness about her eyes remained as she faintly turned her head, a brief closing of her eyes as the movement was made before opening again. With her own objections not over the logic of it, but otherwise, there seems no further counter coming from Emilia. Though it may also be due to the other…objections…going on. "How is..the of other of news being of related?" There is just a hint of wariness touching Emilia's tone.

"Sirrah believes she may have found a way to remove the…fragment…or whatever we might call it…that the Widow left within you. Or at least something that could lead to a method for such." Jaren looks to Emilia now, "An ancient ritual known as an Exorcism. By accounts, it was once used to remove the influence of Demons and Abominations from victims touched by them." Jaren notes, "She believes some aspects may need to be altered given the nature of things…but she seems quite hopeful that it has very real chance of success."

"That is excellent," Raelyn agrees, surprised, perhaps. She yet again glances to Emilia, this time moving to settle her hand atop her sisters own. "Let us know if there is anything we can do. Or, need to do for the preparations?" She knows Emilia's sensitivity on the other subject and for now is glad to have something of this nature to move past the other conversation, if only for a brief amount of time. "I'm certain this is already understood, but Ironhold's resources are open to her."

The mention of Sirrah's name does have Emilia raising an eyebrow slightly. But what comes after has her expression becoming fully stoic again, save for that tightness about her eyes. Her eyes dropping to that hand that settles upon hers. It is some time before she actually responds to the news. Her hand slowly pulled out from under her sisters before Emilia does speak. What does come, is said softly,"Shadow. It is the Shadow of ElK'a'athren that is of within me." Certainly not a name either of them had heard before. "What is this ritual of entailing, the cost of it? Or has the Sirrah been of saying telling of yet?" There is a slight pause as she does look to Jaren,"How is of this…ritual..being of related to of killing of Her?" It would seem, Emilia does not share her sister's enthusiasm for the news, nor her brother's hope.

"Only be prepared for a visit from Sirrah. She's going to want to speak with Lon on ways to tailor the ritual more for the Banshee's influence." Jaren notes to Raelyn, "But I'm sure she'll give you advance notice on that." He looks back to Emilia, shaking his head slightly, "Related in the sense of pertaining to…ElK''a'athren?" He studies Emilia a bit intently for a few moments on that, "That sounds like something we might need to discuss more later, but as to the ritual…it is said to be…harrowing. I don't know the details but Sirrah made it clear there is certainly a risk of harm or even possibly death, though she did not think the latter a common outcome. She is still researching, however, and will likely be speaking with the Prophet Hashim. I would imagine she will explain more of the specifics when she is more certain of the details herself."

Raelyn frowns at the implications of Jaren's words, but seems at least put at some ease when the Prophet is mentioned. The man, certainly, made an impression on Raelyn for his gentle humor and his wisdom during his stay. "Why is nothing ever simple. Easy." It's not a question she expects, or even wants answered. The wine in her goblet is drunk again, and she nods to Jaren, "Thank you for coming and telling us this in person, Jaren. We -do- know how busy you are. And it is good to see you. Always." She looks over towards Emilia, "Ultimately, it -will- be your decision if you wish to go through with it or not," she assures her sister, however. "And what I -am- certain of is Sirrah will disclose all, when she herself has the answers she's looking for. The fact she has found anything, though, lends some hope."

There is a faint nod,"Lon has spoken of what was of done being of similar to of the singers, the Si'eh'ren. But..of reversing, not being without much of risk..rarely of successful." Emilia remains rather stoic under that intent look from Jaren, noting simply,"If you are going to kill of Her, you might as well know of Her name." A nod given on that matter of needing to perhaps talk further about that bit later. Perhaps glad that Raelyn doesn't quite center upon it also. "The…of risk, is not of surprising." Nor was the matter of Sirrah consulting with Lon and Hashim. "I will then of wait to be of hearing from Sirrah before of raising more of questions, for it is of seeming that of the answers may of yet be of unknown." The assurance from her sister does have Emilia returning her hand to touch her sister's,"Of thanking." Though her eyes do seem to look to Jaren, perhaps to see whether he seems in agreement with Raelyn's words that it will be Emilia's decision in the end. In the end he does get an,"OF thanking, I am knowing you are much of busy. It is of appreciated to be of hearing of these things from of you first and not of another." Whether or not Emilia is actually hopeful on the matter…is not clear.

There's nothing in Jaren's expression or posture that speaks of Emilia lacking agency in the matter. He does nod slightly to Raelyn's words, and smile a bit ruefully at her rhetorical question, but offers no answers. "Good. With that done, let's spend the remainder of my time here discussing something more pleasant. Like when I'm going to become an uncle, for example." A gaze affixed on Raelyn at that, though there's a touch of humor to his eyes.

"You really wish to discuss that?" Inquires Raelyn, towards her brother, some humor touching her own words as well. "Trust me when I say that Stephen and I are trying." She can't keep the smile, or the humor out of her tone. She, perhaps thankfully, does not espouse further. Instead, she pours wine for her brother, moving the topic back to him. "And what will my niece's name be, then? Have you discussed names?"

Emilia gives a little nod when Jaren seeks to turn the conversation to other matters for what time remains yet for him to visit. Taking a moment to take up that goblet again and take a few sips, perhaps wishing she had chosen wine instead of the flavored water now. There is a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips as Jaren does bring up becoming an uncle. With the lingering tightness about her eyes, it is perhaps understandable that Emilia doesn't offer up much for the remainder of the visit. Especially considering the topic!

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