(1867-04-11) Tristan's First Bastard
Tristan's First Bastard
Summary: Annabeth presents herself to the crown. Tristan meets one of his bastards for the first time.
Date: 1867-04-11
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Throne Room - Sunsreach Palace - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Avril 11, 1867

The Queen had been notified by the house guard that there was a particular petitioner there to see her this day, and so she made her way to the Throne Room with her husband the King to see her. She also sent for Tristan, given the nature of this particular petitioner, supposedly.

Alysande takes her seat on her throne, Jaren beside her on his. A chair is brought for Tristan to sit at Alysande's other side.

Guards and Lancers stand circling the room, wary for any funny business. A young woman, in her early twenties, carrying a little girl of two or three years,is welcomed into the throne room where then three are arrived and seated, and kneels before the throne.

Alysande watches her with a compassionate look on her face.

Tristan had no idea why he was being summoned to the Throne Room to sit on a petitioner. He had other things to do, like try and make a baby with Elaida, or if he was actually feeling responsible… his actual duties. Still, he has come and he sits at Alysande's side. When the young woman enters, his demeanor changes from an uncaring indifferance to slightly on-edge. Oh yes, he recognized the woman as being someone that he had spend a night or two with. The fact that she was here and carrying a child in her arm could only mean a handful of things.

Jaren is his usual mask of stoicism, not exactly forbidding, but watching closely from his throne beside Alysande. Of course, for the moment his attention is mostly on the child, studying it for obvious resemblance to the fellow on that other chair over there.

"Rise," Alysande intones. "And speak your name and business to the Crown."

The young woman rises to her feet, shushing her daughter then responds with a slightly wavering tone, "I am Annabeth Ashedown. Ahh…. almost 4 years ago, His Highness and I… we… ahh…" she flushes deeply. "Were together. This… this is little Cassandra. She is his, she just turned three this past winter…" Annabeth shrinks some. "The Crown put out notice that we would be protected. So many women been killed, Your Majesty, all of them supposedly had been with…" and she looks at Tristan, her face white.

"We did," Alysande replies gently. "We offer amnesty and protection for all those that may be targeted."

"I'm not asking for me," Annabeth says. "I just… it's my daughter. Our daughter. I couldn't sleep nights, fearing they'd get her and hurt her…"

Tristan leans forward, squinting slightly at the young girl. "I have two questions, if it please Your Majesty." Tristan waits for Alysande to nod her approval before he asks, "First and foremost, I would like to know why, if she is my daughter, you did not inform me of her existence earlier." His tone isn't unkind, it's just inquisitive. "Second, are you certain that she is mine?" Again, his tone is without malice or scorn.

Annabeth takes a half step back. "I'm sorry I did not speak sooner, but all know that Your Highness is only interested in a few tumbles…" she awkwardly tries to curtsey as an apology. "There are others… I've begged them to come forward too, but I know Carla Rennell. She also has your babe, but we all knew what we were doing when we… were with you." She winces. "Begging your pardon, Highness, but no one believed you'd want a thing to do with a child."

As for tthe second question, she blushes darkly. "And I've been with no other man since you, Your Highness."

Tristan's expression is amused for a moment, it was partly true, there had been a lengthy period where he was only interested in a few tumbles. The expression vanishes and he blinks. "I am sorry, what did you say about a Carla Rennell? She has what?" He thought she had said something about another babe but that certainly couldn't have been true. "I am sorry, my dear lady, but you should have explored other options. I know others would be a disappointment compared to me though. Please, let me see the girl." His face and tone remain absolutely serious as he says that last little bit.

As the other three talk, Jaren beckons Sir Donal Cassomir, who stands beside the thrones over, murmuring something ever-so-quietly in his ear. Whatever it is Jaren says, Donal nods emphatically to it, before returning to his original position. He does pay attention to the rest of the conversation, but seems quite content to let Alysande and Tristan handle it for now.

Annabeth looks for a moment as if she might not comply, but she takes two steps forward towards Tristan, and holds Cassandra out to him.

"Maamaaaaa!" the little girl wriggles, not liking being the cnter of so much attention.

There is a moment of hestitation as Tristan's eyes glance over the girl's features. Slowly he reaches his arms out and takes the girl into his arms, his eyes staring at her face, examining all of her features. "Be still a moment please." He murmurs to the girl, his voice calming enough to make her stare back at him. "She does seem to share some of my features, especially the hair." He says to Alysande. "What do you think, Your Majesty?"

Alysande looks to Tristan. "It is your call if you recognize her or not," she says calmly, but with a hint of 'but you will because I desire it'. "As for you both, regardless of Tristan's choice, you will be under the protection of this house until things have been resolved. We will find suitable quarters for you and find a job for you in the household staff." She would make good on her promise to protect Tristan's former lovers.

A small nod, and Tristan turns to Cassandra and looks at her a moment. "Cassandra, I am your father. You are going to come live here at the palace. Would you like that?" He's not entirely sure what else to say or do at this point, as he doesn't want to frighten the girl half to death.

Jaren watches the interplay between Cassandra and Tristan for a moment, but instead looks to the woman who brought her here, studying Annabeth intently for a few moments, the well-ingrained caution of a former Royal Lancer well and truly in place.

"Mama!" Cassandra wiggle and squirms. "Mamaaaa!"

<FS3> Jaren rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 7 2 5 4 3 4 6 6 5 6 4 3 5 4 6)

Annabeth moves forward and retrieves her daughter after offering the queen a low curtsey. "Thank you, your Majesty." and when Tristan tells Cassandra he is her father, she thanks him as well, "Thank you, Highness."

Tristan frowns slightly at his daughter. "Is she going to be okay with all of this?" He asks this of Annabeth as she comes and retrieves the girl. "I will happily spend time with her, but I do not want to make her feel uncomfortable about all of this."

While Tristan speaks with Annabeth and Cassandra, Jaren leans over to Alysande and once again speaks quietly to her.

Alysande smiles at Tristan. "It may take time for her to get used to you, Tristan. But we will arrange for such… after they are settled in."

Annabeth awkwardly curtseys again, Cassandra in her arms. "Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you, Your Majesty."

Tristan nods slightly, leaning back in his chair. He's already trying to decide how he's going to tell Elaida about this. Hopefully that conversation would go well, after all it wasn't like he cheated on her, this had all happened well before he had met his wife.

From afar, Jaren (J) whispers to Alysande, "I suggested to Donal we quarter her on the opposite side of the palace from Tristan and Elaida, to avoid unnecessary awkwardness. And to make sure she's closely watched for hte time being."

"You are dismissed." Alysande gestures to Annabeth. "The household guard will take you to the head of housing who will set you up with your quarters. Please settle in nd make yourself comfortable."

Annabeth curtsies once more and departs with the guards.

When Annabeth is gone, Tristan glances over at Alysande and Jaren. "Well, I have a bastard. Another somewhere if what she says is true. Aidric and Symon will really love to hear about this." He shakes his head. "We can use them to build relations with larger merchant families in the future, I think."

"Perhaps." Jaren replies, nodding to Donal as he moves out of the room behind Annabeth and the guards escorting her. And once the doors are shut behind them, he notes, "I have no reason in particular to suspect anything is amiss, but I counsel caution nevertheless. The timing is…convenient Hopefully just a coincidence, but we'll not take any chances." Jaren glances to Tristan, "I'd suggest sparing an eye and ear or two from among those you have in the palace for watching her, for now. But the choice is yours."

"Better cautious than not," Alysande agrees, "But for what its worth I believe her. I believe that child is Tristan's and she came forward because we offered asylum. If she's hoping to have a comfortable life as well, raising a Tracano bastard…" she shrugs. "There are worse things."

"Oh, I shall." Tristan says, nodding as he responds to Jaren. "I will need to check up on the other woman that she mentioned as well." He muses on the idea of having a bastard for several moments and then sighs. "I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, the whole bastard thing. I am living up to the Tracano name finally."

"Heh. I think you were doing that long before this particular moment." Jaren rises from the Throne, placing a hand on Tristan's shoulder in passing, "But not only in the lurid ways." He gives Tristan a brief flicker of a smile, before looking to Alysande, giving her a nod and a slightly warmer smile, "I told Raelyn I'd visit for a short while this afternoon. I should be back in time for dinner." He beckons to the young man standing unobtrusively a short distance away, "Liam, go ready the horses." Another brief nod to the pair of Tracanos, "Until later." And then he's off for the time being.

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