(1867-04-22) A Brief Reunion
A Brief Reunion
Summary: Emilia and Graham have a brief reunion in Roseguard when the wayward lily Knight returns.
Date: 1867-04-22
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Living Quarters - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Up the stairs from the Great Hall lies a large sitting area laden with comfortable furniture, a large fireplace, and usually plenty of refreshments on-hand. Judging from the game boards, playing cards, and other such items of leisure that are arranged on shelves to the sides of the room, this appears to be a common area for the family to relax within, or to entertain small parties of guests in a more intimate environment than the Great Hall. Alhazred rugs decorate the floor, with paintings hanging on the walls celebrating acts of great valor and glory (many of which involved members of the Cassomir family). A large sidebar often holds various fruits and finger-foods, as well as decanters of wine, or fruit juice. Tea is also available, and for less "refined" palates a keg of ale is usually available as well.
This room can however, serve another purpose. With the work of but a few minutes and a team of servants well-trained in the task, the room can be converted into a more formal "council chamber" for the head of the family and their trusted friends and advisors to confer on matters of warfare and state. Most of the time, though, it remains in its' far less formal configuration. Usually at least 2-4 Iron Guard members are on duty here, guarding the hallway that leads to the Cassomir family's living quarters, whereas another hallway leads to guest rooms.

The world seemed to be more positive these days, the prospect of peace, Rivana had a King, the Queen was with child so succession might soon be secured as well, Rivana had actually achieved an ArchDuchess in a single vote…utterly unheard of…and the two fueding Duchy's also seemed to be taking a step towards peace with a recent betrothal there….Yet that had not changed that duties needed to yet be seen to, patrols made, and people had to remain in Roseguard to see to these things or to simply be on hand should something come up that needed to be dealt with. Thankfully…a rareity these days, least in a martial sense…Least beyond the occasional bar fight or would be bandit, though they always quckly learned their lesson given the forests of Ironhold.

While Emilia had gone to Sunsreach with Raelyn and her new husband, she had returned the day or so prior. With the gatesickness passed, she was settled in the main living quarters for the evening. A small plate of food rested near, but her focuse was upon Naois who was trying to reach up to the bit of meat she had in her fingers just out of his reach.

The gates open and admit one long unseen but well liked given the smiles that come to the faces of those who hadnt seen the Lilly Knight in a time. Graham is indeed home safe and while he is there isnt time to relax he dismounts and is seen to before moving after hearing word of the one he sought. A chuckle light as the breeze breaks the silence. "It's almost as if I hadnt left." he says moving over towards his cousin.

Stablehands had easily moved to take up Graham's horse after he had appeared, as well as to see to the mounts of the others who had been with him on the long patrol of the County. Many break off to head to their quarters, others to the kitchens for something to eat. Graham is greeted by the staff when he gets to the castle, and is pointed along towards Emilia can be found when he inquires after her. There is an inquiry if he'd like refreshments brought for him to that main living area as well, or a bath prepared to refreshen from the road. Hearing his voice after he enters the room, Emilia does look up from that game with Naois. A thing that has her hand dropping and the ferret getting that bit of meat. Only in time to be pushed along as Emilia moves to rise from the chair,"Gram, I did not of know you were expected of back."

Graham smirks a bit he will accept a bite of food and drink but other things may wait for now. "I had not signaled back, you taught me too well." he chuckles moving over to embrace her briefly but a squeeze "I've missed you Em, I am glad your here."

The servant nods and goes to fetch up some refreshments for the returning knight. A brow rises just a little,"That is only of for when wishing to be of sneaky. Patrols of knights are not of sneaky." Emilia returning the quick embrace. "You have been of missed as of well, Graham." There is just a faint wrinkling of the nose as she teases a touch,"Though could have bathed first."

"And miss sharing the smell of adventure with you Em? I wouldnt dream of it." Graham says with a chuckle though he will indeed take a look around "Food is being delivered so perhaps we can share a bite of food and a drink, would it be too much to ask you to catch me up on the goings on since I left?"

"I am of sure you were having of plenty of adventure without of me," shaking her head a little bit. Emilia nods a bit concerning the food. Canting her head a little,"There is much that has been of occuring. I am of assuming the major of events were of heard upon of the road, of aye?"

Graham shakes his head "You say that as if I were on vacation, i'd much rather have had you there. Someone needs to keep an eye out after all." He looks over and considers "Many notes have reached me so probably the major news, but I dont mind hearing more detail from you."

"I am of sure the scouts that went of with were well of skilled to the task of keeping of an eye of out. And it is not of like having to of stay of at Court is of great fun." Emilia dropping back into her chair a bit. "You know of Raelyn needed me to of remain, especially after naming me of Mistress of the Hunt." There is a pause,"Though she did fully of announce that after you were of leaving. Not everyone is entirely of pleased on that of accord." A hand faintly fluttering in the area. "You missed of the tournaments, of which you were being missed of from. There were of many who were of asking after of you, especially with the Rivana of Knights not performing of the best. Though you have also of missed the Alhazred contingent having spent quite of some time of here at Roseguard. It was quite of interesting, but also playing of host for so of long..is just of tiring. And you have missed Prince of Tristans's of wedding, both of attempts. Least of his bride recovered after the illness that came of the first time."

Graham listens to the news as Emilia speaks. But is soon hiding a yawn behind his hand. "Maybe I ought to see to that bath and hear more about the news later. I find I am more tired from the road than I thought. " Moving to give Emilia another squeeze,"But I will have you catch me up after some rest."

Emillia returns the hug, giving a faint corner tugging smile,"Get of a bath and some of rest. And of aye, we can of catch up of later. Though I have of patrol of tomorrow. SO it may of wait of a bit, though I am of sure plenty of others can of catch you of up as of well. But for of now, off of with you." Giving him a slight nudge to send him on to his quarters.

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