(1867-04-27) It Is Your Burden
It Is Your Burden
Summary: Having learned from about potential plans of action, Emilia approaches her sister Raelyn to discuss the matter.
Date: 1867-04-27
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Guest Room - Tracano Manse - Normont - Rivana
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The next tournament was soon to kick off, and with Normont opened and hosting this next, people had already taken to arriving in the Ducal Seat. The Cassomirs were no exception to this, even if somehad come from Sunsreach, others from Roseguard. An invitation to take up rooms in the Tracano manse located there (so extended by Clara), and of course accepted. It was within that first day of their arrival that Emilia had sought out her sister, afterall, it was less likely to be bothered when resting and working through the ever fun after effects of the gate travel. A mild knock occuring upon the door where Raelyn was convalessing from said travel,"Raelyn, are you of having a moment to talk?" There wa that mild paleness to Emilia, dealing with her own turn of the gatesickness, as it were. Honestly!

Raelyn, certainly, had been resting. Gatesickness was the worst. Well. Almost the worst. She's had worse, but doesn't like to think about it. She is sipping tea, trying to quell her stomach some, and she nods, "Come, sit," she invites, gently. She manages a weak sort of smile, shaking her head, wondering, "Sometimes I wonder if the extra days of riding wouldn't be worth it, to avoid all this."

Emilia glides in and settles into a seat with the invitation to do so. Gatesickness…well least they knew it was coming. "Sometimes, likely of so. And of really, between of Sunsreach and of Roseguard, more of possible." It was a toss up really on that one, with how close they were to Sunsreach. "But would have perhaps been of rude not to of travel by of gate this of time, with Duke of Symon having just gotten of the gate of ready for of this." A hand faintly smooths out her tunic a bit. "Nothing of much further of happened in of Sunsreach, I am of assuming?" Having bounced home to Roseguard after attending Tiadora's Birthday party.

Raelyn smiles, dryly. "Nothing worth mentioning. You already know the news of the Archduchess. Though given her cunning, I am not surprised that she achieved so many votes." The fact, of course, the only 'price' that she'd required was Raelyn's vote for her spoke much to the once-Huntress. She exhales, then, "But no. Beyond the tumolt that erupted around that, very little else. And you? Have you anything of interest, since your parting?"

There is a nod, for indeed, Emilia had been present for the vote…and Clara had come and stayed at the Cassomir mnase while Raelyn had to endure that state dinner. "Of true, though it was of surprising that she of managed to of get them in that firt of vote. The Dukes have of risked some of disgruntlement from their of vassels for of it. But it does of earn of them favor with the Queen, I would of think, to have shown such of a front as she of wished for in the vote. Even if unsurprising she could of pull it of off, it is a much unprecidented." There is a faint twitch of Emilia's lips at the return question. Before there is just a slight nod,"There is of something, of aye. You have of said of before, that you wished for me to of handle of the matter of the Huntresses, the dischord because of me. Does this remain of true, that you will allow of me to handle of it?"

"I did," agrees Raelyn, "Despite my - desire to see things settled there, for obvious reasons. It is your burden, now." She tilts her head, curiously before sipping some tea and watches her sister with an almost heightened awareness now. "You have something in mind, then?"

"It is my desire as of well, but you know as well of as of me, simply of telling mine of detractors that I am indead not of dimwitted is not going to put to of rest their of concerns. It must be of shown, and that takes of time. But I do of think the path begun has been of helping." Having the Huntresses go with her, as well as the new training practice routines, with groups. Emilia gives a faint nod,"I have of a further of idea. Or more of so of an idea to of deal with the…worst of them." It was not exactly a word Emilia seemed to like using, not in relation to fellow Huntresses. "Those are not of willing to of consider anything but what they have long of thought and are of keeping their of eyes of closed." There is a faint breath,"And in of this case, planning of a course to see I am of removed….permanatly." A pause comes as Emilia looks to Raelyn, it clear just what permanent means. "And I mean to let them of try."

The latter gives Raelyn cause to pause, stare at her sister. "Pardon?" Apparently she had, true enough, been letting Emilia deal with it in -whole-, not even seeking information from her friends within the Huntresses, lest the temptation cause her to buckle. This? This is entirely news to her. Her features sharpen, her eyes narrow, briefly after she gets over the shock. "You are stating to me, Emilia, that - Huntresses mean harm to you?" She looks further at her sister, "If this were coming from anyone other than you, I would tell them they were sick in the head." She leans back, the tea now long forgotten. It takes her several further moments to reply, "Go on."

It was not news that would be easy to come by…this plan. Those outside of the group plotting who were aware, were not many. Most of them were in the room now. Emilia gives a simple nod of her head,"Of aye, I am of stating of such. " There is a mild twitch of Emilia's lips, after all…was that not what these Huntresses did think Emilia was? Sick in the head. "As you are bieng of aware, Nia has been most of vocal on her opinion of about me, and of Adrienne's encounter with of her upon of this. Adrienne has been of keeping her of near, but I have also had of our Strongbow cousin keeping watch….from the shadows. This is of how we come by of this….news." There is a momentary pause,"I know they plan to of use of the new group of training, I have idea of how…But our cousin is continuing her watch to see what of further might be of gleamed." She takes a faint breath,"ANd as I of said…I mean to of let them try and what ever of plan they aim to put of forth. As I do not of think simply of calling them upon of it will put of the matter to of rest. With of how in of trenched they are in of their thoughts, I would see them of using that to prove I am of making of things of up simply to remove such of detractors. Proof that I am of 'touched' as they of say. Thus I am of wishing for them to be caught in of the act, there will be no of question of then. There is of risk in of this, I am knowing. "

Raelyn's countenance does not show any lessening of the frown that sits upon her features. Not in the least. "If she does this thing, it will be among the first of such actions. A Huntress, vetted, and having earned -my- trust, betraying a Casomir. And Ironhold." No. Raelyn — is not happy. There is quiet, hurt anger in her, now. Different than that she might hold for the Thorns, because this cut hurts more deeply. And in ways, it is even more personal because she'd been one to approve of Nia. She looks to her sister, "-If- I agree to this," she warns, "It will be on the condition that you can persuade Lon to keep an eye on you. I will not lose you, Emilia. Not to this - treachery." She knows Adrienne will do what she can - but she also knows that Lon can be hidden when he wants to be, and he will do his utmost to keep her sister safe.

"Of aye, I am of knowing. But I am of also the first Mistress of Hunt to be causing such of dischord amongst her of sisters." A thing Emilia is not particularly happy about herself, since she was the source of it all. It is a thing that has plagued her from the start. Even if she stoically soilders on. She is a Cassomir afterall. She nods,"I will speak of with him about of it. But I have no intention of getting of lost, or allowing of her and those who stand of with her to succeed in of this. I do of mean to see just who is all willing to of take such of action and remain of blind." Which rather went against Huntress training it and of itself. Is that not when one got hurt, when they closed their eyes to all but a single focus? "To of allow their of actions to speak for of them, not just of words…And to turn of their plan upon them in of the end. I know it will take of some time to see what is fully of planned and counter of it. But she is of watched, and you know I will not of act hastily in of this either. I do not of consider this of lightly."

"And when she is of caught? What will you do then, sister-mine?" Raelyn cannot help but wonder. Still, though, she herself soliders on. Letting Emilia handle matters, when her own inner heart is invariably screaming at her to interfere, to protect her sister - even with the full knowledge that Emilia can well protect herself. Nor does she make demands of Emilia in this, beyond the one caveat, even in dealing with Nia and the others who might plot against her family.

There is a faint look at Raelyn with the question that comes,"With of her treachery of revealed to of all, she and those who act of with her will be stripped of their of position for betraying of the sister-of-hood of so, and then I shall be handing of them over to mine-Vicountess to review of their infactions against of Ironhold and met out what justice she feels is of deserved." Emilia is not blind to how protective her sister can be, and how it is not easy for her to let Emilia handle things…especially with that one caveat that has been thrown in.

Raelyn seems at least sated enough with that news, nodding her head, though the frown remains yet on her features. Finally, she says quietly, "I am sorry that you must go through this. An unfortunate, and unwanted harrowing of the heart and mind. And one that may work harm upon our Huntresses and their reputation. Still. We will move through this, as we have with all our trials. The One will see to it, as long as we perservere and do not lose hope." She exhales, and moves to take Emilia's hand. "Would that I could make this burden easier on you."

"I am of knowing you would of make of this easier if you of could, but I am of knowing as of well that if you of act that it will not of help in of the long run. Even if it might releave of the moment of the matter. And I know I must deal with of this, just like you would have done of so in my place and not of gone to Jaren to see of it fixed for of you." Emilia sighs faintly,"Of hopefully, it will not do much of harm in of the end to our reptuation as of a whole. A few of bad of apples does not make of the entire of tree rotten. "

"And," Raelyn assures, with a measure of absolute certainty, "I will be certain to make an example of those that would think themselves just in treachery." Her hand pulls away then, gently and she pounds a fist into her hand, hard. She exhales again, finding calm once more. "I trust your judgement, Emilia. But you will forgive me, I trust, if I am impatient for this rabble to be at an end. You, safe."

"Of that, I have no of doubt." When it comes to example making. Emilia nodding slightly, a faint corner tugging occuring,"I kow you trust in of me, you would not have allowed me of this position if you did not. Just not of everyone shares of your faith in of me." Obviously. "I will of forgive of such, but also remind of you your own of training, sometimes to of hunt of our prey, to of discover the true of path and clues of a matter, we must be of patient and still, to find of our calm when our hearts scream for of action. "

"Thank the One for Adrienne," Raelyn murmurs, then. Again she places her hand over her sisters, "But, at least let us while we remain here, enjoy what time we have. Yes?" Her smile is faint, but honest enough. "Brooding thoughts will not fit well here, and we must cheer for our brother to take it all."

And the Strongbow Cousin too!! Emilia nods, giving her sisters hand a light squeeze. "I will be of speaking with of her on of this of soon as well, I had wished to speak with you of first." There is a faint tugging at the corners of her lips,"Of aye, let of us. Tiadora is much of excited about having of a chance to show off of her home. And of perhaps this will be of Devlin's tournamnet." Beides, if there was a little brooding, it would not seem out of place right after gate travel. Timing was everything!

"Very well. And I will be happy to see Tiadora's home, and give the poor girl some company, if our brother does not embarass her too much." Raelyn is not blind, there. And she is quite amused at poor Tiadora's plight. She exhales, trying to push some of the stress out of her system. "Perhaps we should break out the wine, instead of tea. Just this once." She laughs, just a little.

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