(1867-05-01) Very Un-Sisterly
Very Un-Sisterly
Summary: Emilia brings Adrienne up on the latest news concerning Nia, and the counter plan begins to take shape.
Date: 1867-05-01
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Guest Quarters - Tracano Manse - Normont - Rivana
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The Cassomirs had been assigned to various Guest Quarters within the Tracano Manse, having accepted Clara’s invitation to ‘crash’ there during the tournament in Normont. Even if many an outsider might assume it was the connection to the new King that saw them quartered there, or even that long standing connection between the loyal vassal House and the Royal House. Enough days had passed that most were well past whatever gatesickness had come in traveling, and many had taken to exploring Normont a bit, to see what changes had been going on (or simply never having been before given the frequent closed borders in recent times.) Or in the case of many a knight, preparing for the upcoming events, such as the opening parade to occur later this day.

It was yet early in the day, and the night before an informal invitation to break the days fast with Emilia had been sent along to her cousin Adrienne. Emilia had been up early herself to see to a bit of practice before washing up and reading to see to the morning meal. The guest quarters had that small sitting room upon it with a table set next to a window that offered a lovely view over the manse gardens. Dressed in the usual for her, a tunic and leggings. Though she had perhaps taken to slightly more tailored tunics with turns of embroidery upon them more often in the past month or so. Funny that.

The table had been set and a platters with a selection of sausages and ham, breads, and fruits as well as a tureen with porridge had already been delivered to the room. There was cream and honey for the later on the table, as well as for use with the tea.


Following the invitation Adrienne arrives at the appointed time, attired in a slightly more adequate version of Huntress tunic and leggings than what she had worn on their night out in Sunsreach half a month ago. Her dark brown tresses are worn in a braid, choosing practicality over fashion, and fashion and Cassomirs being quite another topic. Upon their arrival to Normont, the freckled Cassomir may have appeared a little withdrawn, but that may as well have been due to the effects of gatesickness. Today, she looks well enough, her cheeks sporting a healthy complexion which gives away she has had some early morning practice as well.

"Emilia," Adrienne greets, offering her cousin a hug. "This looks delicious," is added as her green eyes take in the table in a sweeping glance, "And I have to admit, I am hungry."

One of those corner tugging smiles is offered to Adrienne as she arrives, a hand raising in that fluttery way to silently extend the invitation to join Emilia at the table. “It has been of tempting to start since they of delivered it. But I knew you would be here if soon. And a Huntress must be of patient, else we are nothing but head strong of knights in of leathers, of aye?” A bit of lightness at the somewhat deadpan style joke.
“Hunger does seem to be of stronger the days after gate of travel, especially when of practicing soon of after.” Emilia moving to start serving a bit of food to get plate, with the informal meal at hand. “How have you been of finding of Normont so of far?”

As a bit of sausage makes way to her plate,”I was also of wishing to speak with of about Nia and some of the others. I know you have been keeping of her closer. How have you been finding of her to be?”

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting," Adrienne replies with a smile, following the invitation as she takes a seat. "And yes… patience is the key.", she replies with a chuckle. "As for headstrong… I believe I am occasionally guilty of such." She helps herself to a slice of bread and a sausage, while she lifts a brow at Emilia's question. "Normont… seems to be less crowded than Sunsreach, so I find it quite agreeable.", the freckled Cassomir opines. "I haven't seen much yet of the place. But I'm sure there will be plenty opportunity in the next days, no?"

With smalltalk more or less dealt with, the topic shifts to graver matters as can be easily seen from the slight frown that sneaks onto freckled features once Nia is mentioned. "She has been behaving herself mostly, of late," Adrienne remarks with a flicker in her gaze. "Even so, I'm not sure she is completely in line with what I've tried to convince her of. She's more… on her guard, if you know what I mean? Even if slightly grumbly at times. There have been glances to others when she thought I wasn't looking. But no further tirades against your skills, at least. I've kept an eye on her, and she's obviously been very much aware of that."

“No, you have not. I have only of been here a few of minutes myself.” And the warm foods were still steaming, so had likely just been delivered moments before. “I of think we can all be found to be of guilty of that at times.” Emilia gives a little nod,”It is seeming less of crowded, I am of imagining some have declined to of come given our of…former Arch of Duchesses. “ Recent wounds inflicted upon Rivana and all. “Others being curious of enough not to be kept of away. But of aye, there should be plenty of time, and I of believe Tiadora is much of wishing to have the chance to be showing off of her home.” There is a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”Though I do not if expect we will get of as much of a tour of the forests as we might of wish.” It would take a proper scout to probably come close to satisfy the Huntress in them.

As the topic moves to Nia, Emilia does listen attentively. Chewing rather slowly on a bite of sausage as she mulls the news over as well as what news she has herself in turn on the matter. A sip of tea is taken to clear her mouth before she gives a bit of a nod,”Of she, I m of knowing what you mean. I would say, I believe you are of correct. Yet it is not just of a belief for I am of knowing that is the way of it.” A slight breath is drawn before Emilia continues. “You are not the only of one to be of watching. While I have kept a bit of an eye out as of well, such is of expected. But I have also had our of cousin, Huntress Strongbow, keep of watch. The results…have been of disturbing.”

There is a bit of a pause, allowing the first bit of news to settle in for Adrienne before Emilia adds on,”She over of heard them discussing of a plan to see of me removed.. In of permanent fashion.” As only Emilia can, the news is delivered calmly in her ever stoic fashion.


"I shall very much like that," Adrienne opines with a smile, to the prospect of Tiadora showing them around a bit. "And to be honest, any tour of a forest, however brief and in lack of a proper scout, will be most welcome." She takes a bite from her slice of bread, when Emilia reacts to her assessment of Nia. The Problem Huntress. "I am certain she tries to make the best impression on me, while keeping her true motives hidden, after she had to realize I am not of her opinion."

It is then, that the freckled Cassomir falls silent, her green eyes widening before she cannot help but frown at the news. "Our cousin… My, that was a clever move, I hadn't thought of," Adrienne says after a moment with a grim smile. "True, in regards to sneakiness, she is quite skilled." And also less exposed in the view of the other Huntresses. Hearing what else Emilia has to say, Adrienne leans forward in her seat, depositing the rest of the bread on her plate, as her elbows come to rest on the table, her hands joining before her.

"Removed? Permanently?"

There is a flicker in her green eyes, the expression of which hardens as the meaning sinks in, and they meet the dark gaze of the touched cousin.

"Then we should seek a permanent solution to this problem!"

A shake of the head there. "What do we know? A plan infers there are others who intend to help her with this…?"

There is a small incline of Emilia’s head when Adrienne compliments the cleverness of the idea put into play. Probably a word Adrienne would have once never thought to use in regards to Emilia. “I of think many often of forget she shares of our Cassomir blood,” even if not the name. “She is well of skilled.” Truly befitting a daughter of a former Mistress of the Hunt. “And still keeping of watch given recent of news.”

With the questions that come, Emilia gives a nod in the affirmative. “Of aye, permanently.” Her dark eyes meeting her cousin's gaze once the meaning has set in, the realization to it.

“Of aye, there are of others,” this is said with a edge of quietness. It was not a pleasant thing for Emilia, being such a point of contention, and worse…to have Huntresses Sisters willing to go to such lengths against her. “The of details and just of how many are not of fully known. Fiona and Joy are of known to be with of her in of doing of this. Others that they wished to speak with. And they seek to use of the new training to cover up an of ‘accident’. “ Emilia takes a faint breath as her fingers lightly fidget with her fork,”I of mean to let them try at of it. To use of the time to see who would truly of go to such depths of treachery, and break of the bonds of our Sister-of-hood…..because of me.” Her lips twitch a little. “While there is of desire to deal with of this of now, I have spent much time thinking about of this…But I think simply to of call her of out will of settle of little. And she, those of supporting of her, would be just of likely to use it as proof that my of mind is not of stable to make up such a thing. “

Her fork stabs a sausage,”I would like of your help in of directing of their path in of the end. But also of your of thoughts in of turning their of plan into their own un-of-doing.”


"Right…", Adrienne nods, in agreement about their cousin, "either way, she has been out of focus mostly, while I…", and here she raises a brow, "have already been named contender for your spot by others" Her eyes flash darkly, and she listens attentively when Emilia continues. Keeping silent mostly as she takes in the information, the meal for now forgotten about. Waiting until her touched cousin has finished, before she lifts her gaze to meet Emilia Cassomirs dark eyes.

"So… you wish to lure them into a trap, and me to lead them there?", she asks in a matter-of-factly tone. There is no disagreement there, rather the intent to decide the road of action. "They'll probably plan to use their number to their advantage, and especially…" The corners of her lips twitch slightly with distaste, "they will seek to finish you off for real. So… my suggestion would be, that we leave them in the notion that they will pursue you alone. But in the end… they will see themselves confronted with other numbers than expected. Like… we can plan this, and where the chase will end. We know the terrain and are aware why they will pick that particular spot. I'll have some our trusted Huntresses waiting there, lurking in the trees. So when the time comes, and they corner you there… Just how far will we let them proceed…?"


There is a faint nod to Adrienne, “As you have of the Cassomir name, she does not.” That fine point between noble and ‘just’ recognized bastard. There is a faint twitch of Emilia’s lips,”Some of times there is of use in being over of looked.” Quite likely why Emilia had long ‘embraced’ that rather than fight to change views and opinions about her. Even if she must do just that now.

“Something of that…but perhaps not of so…hmm…direct. I wish for it to yet be of their plan they are acting upon. Allow them to think they have of that turn of surprise, and of numbers as you have of noted.” A finger lightly taps on her fork,”Else they may just of say it was your of idea all of along and that is getting nothing of resolved of either. More of leading…as we might of lead the deer or rabbit in of a hunt, subtle of turns.” A faint look to Adrienne to see if she follows this train of thought.

Mulling over her cousin's suggestion, the food forgotten, even if that fork gets toyed with a bit. “Strongbow has said they were planning to of check and watch of the training schedule. Let them of find a most of conveniently set of teams that are of like you are speaking, one of them and one of us, perhaps not so of obvious of a divide.” After all Emilia had been trying to mix the teams up in the monthly-ish exercises to promote people on either ‘side’ to get to know one another better, as well as herself the one time she had taken part. “But we yet of pick the of spot in of the end….which you do come to lead of them to, not in of person but of through of information. But allow of her to overhear what my of team plans, or a turn of trust to speak with her direct. The of how, I will leave of to you on that. There will be of time…as I have not wish to change up of the current schedule. It will give of time to get of more information on what they of plan to make cleared of plans in turn and see what of way to direct of them. Just in of ways they are not of knowing.“ Canting her head slightly as she studies her cousin,”Though…could also have you of seem to change of your mind on where you of stand, even if only with of her. But such does have its own of risks.” Like the already mentioned trying to pin everything on Adrienne.

There is a faint sigh when Emilia seeks to address that last question,”It must go far enough that her, their intent is of clear…and is so of witnessed by some of others. I have no wish to of die or become of injured,” she’d had enough of that with the last hunt,” but I of think the risk of it required to of a degree. And for there to be no of question when, in the end, an example is of made. By of me…and I do not of wish to think of what Raelyn may of do.” Adding after a moment,”I have spoke with of her and gotten her of leave,” for Emilia to risk her life,” with one of condition, which I will see of to when we return to Roseguard.”


Adrienne inclines her head in a nod, the flicker in the glance she gives her touched cousin showing she is quickly picking up the gist of the vague plan. "Of course, the subtle thing is to make them believe they are the architects of the plan. But we need to be sure, our Strongbow cousin can pick up the details. So it will be likewise us picking the setting by our general plans of how the training will go, and them singling out their course of action." Another nod comes. "Aye, like us driving and leading the prey in a hunt…" She smiles at that, her green eyes sparkling with the anticipation of a true Huntress. "I'd favor more the 'unintentional' eavesdropping route," she says then with a grim smile. "She knows I am wary of her, so me actually telling her… or even trying to pretend I am suddenly with them in their… despicable plan…" Adrienne's words trail off and she shakes her head.

An longer ominous look is given Emilia, as Adrienne considers the one crucial question as of how far to let them succeed in their plan. "So… you'd like to deal with them on your own, without any of us others interfering…?" This a point that seems the one thing where Adrienne has her doubts. "I shall at least try to be around, just in case…" She swallows. "This 'Hunting Practice' does not work out as planned."

There is a faint nod to see that Adrienne has picked up on Emilia’s train of thought for the plan. “Of aye, I will have others of set to of listen and keep of an eye out. Though I am of thinking it best to keep the number of limited on who is of aware. There will be of less chance of alerting of them that we, I am of aware of their plotting. “ The fork is left behind as her fingers give a faint flutter,”I am of agreeing, that seems of the better of route with of them. And will not give of others who might be of having similar of concerns about of me a reason to move from thought to of action.“ Emilia looks to Adrienne and there is a deep sincerity in her eyes and tone,”I am most of thankful and grateful that you are with me in of this. That you were and are willing to give me of a chance, willing to see of me…If you had not have been, I would have no of hope in of changing any of our Huntress sisters’ minds about of me.” They would have had their cousin to rally about and the ‘playing field’ would have been vastly different.

A shake of her head comes,”Not of alone in what confrontation is of possible, I will wish you and of others there. My of skills are not of lacking, but I am not of Jaren. “ Who could fend off a hundred foes, given some tales. “I am knowing details are of lacking, but once of had, we can plan of properly of who will be of there. “ Her look more solemn as she says,” For if it does not go as we come to if plan, of least there will be of witness to know it was not of some of accident and she will yet of be dealt with.”


"I agree," Adrienne says, lowering her gaze as to regard where her own fork is toying with a sausage, dissecting it, as if this were the Huntress problem at hand. "The fewer, the better." Referencing those that will keep their eyes and ears open for Emilia and Adrienne. But then the freckled Cassomir lifts her gaze, just in time when her touched cousin gives her that sincere look. Her earnest expression softens a tad, allowing a fine little smile to curl her lips.

"This has been about duty, first and foremost. I could not be sure of whether you'd be up to the task.", she explains with perhaps surprising candidness. "Had Raelyn asked me about my opinion, before she made the decision… I probably would have asked her to reconsider." Her lips twitch ever so slightly, as she extends her hand to take that of Emilia. "But… with all that has happened ever since… The talks we've had… This here." Her other hand she raises in a gesture that encompasses their shared breakfast. "I've come to realize that my doubts may have been unfounded. At least in regards to your ability. The rest…" She shrugs, rolling her eyes, as one corner of her mouth lifts in a daring lop-sided grin. "The rest we will figure out, I am sure."

A nod then. And a relieved sigh. "Yes. I would hate to leave you to deal with them on your own. Jaren or no. And besides… I'd love to contribute my part to dealing them a lesson, and catch them in the moment they openly try to kill their Mistress of the Hunt."

“Our lives are of always duty first and of foremost,” notes Emilia with a faint tugging at the corners of her lips. It was the Cassomir way, what they were well known for. “You are not of the only of one who might have done of so,” obvious perhaps given the situation at hand! Her fingers turning to give a faint squeeze to the one that has taken hers,”I am truly of glad of it..the of chance for of realizations, and to be of friends once of again. Especially of that.” A bit of a smile coming as Adrienne does eyeroll and give that grin. “Of aye, we will of get it figured of out.”

“It is up to me to face of this and deal with of it in the end, but I do not need to of deal with it upon of my own, even if it is upon mine of shoulders to make of the decisions. Together of though, we are of stronger, which is what they are forgotten…are of forsaking, the bonds of Sisterhood, what has come to be over of the years. Even if not always of agreeing with one of another, turning upon of a Sister in such a way.” Emilia shakes her head. It was just..unthinkable. “You will be able to of contribute…and see of their reactions when they of discover that their Mistress of the Hunt is not the dimwitted of fool they think her to be.”

Adrienne's eyes glance where Emilia's fingers catch hers for a light squeeze. "Yes," she replies with a faint smile. "To be friends again…" Her green eyes lift and meets the dark gaze of her touched cousin. "Even though all of this has changed the both of us." A nod then, as her smile shifts into a slightly grimmer cast. "This is about defending what we Huntresses stand for. There truly is not to be room for discord! And yes." An ominous glance she gives Emilia, as this freckled Cassomir inclines her head once again, with her own eyes taking on a darker shade of green. "I would kill, to see the looks on their faces."

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