(1867-05-03) A Brief Tour
A Brief Tour
Summary: Aidric and Adrienne meet in the market at Falconhome and Aidric gives her a brief tour as they walk.
Date: 1867-05-03
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Falconhome Market
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Mai 3rd 1867

OOC Note: Some of these tales are as Aidric remembers them and do not necessary reflect the official line.

The day after the Free For All, Aidric Carling is about in Falconhome and a great deal less muddy than he’d been after being the day before. Still, the ground was muddy but the weather at least was not pouring more rain on in, instead, giving them a heavy bank of grey clouds that hung low over the castle and the cathedral’s spire. Not the greatest of days to be out in the market, but then beggars can’t be choosers. Aidric and his two men wander through the market stalls, looking at this thing or that thing as they pass, those things seeming to be more fitting for a women than man, a gift perhaps?

Shopping. It is one of those things ladies do, now and then? Even if this lady does not look ladylike at all, dressed in a Huntress tunic and leggings, even if of admittedly excellent quality. Her dark brown tresses are worn in that rather unspectacular braid, as her green eyes sweep about, lingering for a moment on what one trader has on display, before they find her trusted Cassomir guard Deidre, who is following her along unobtrusively.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 2 8 4 1 4 6 3 5 3 1 2 1 8 2)

It is then that Adrienne Cassomir spots a certain Carling wandering about the stands, and her demeanor lightens up. Even if there may be that brief moment of hesitation, it is soon shrugged off, as the freckled lady approaches, not in that direct manner, but more in that casual circling strategy. "Aidric! Is that you?", she smiles.

Aidric is looking over pendants at a jeweler’s stall. Ones that seem to be of a religious bent, holy sunbursts and the images of saints. He holds up one of Saint Martha studying it for a moment before putting it down. As he moves onto the next, he catches sight of a familiar face cutting a circumspect path towards him. He smiles to himself and lifts one of the sunbursts adorned with glittering yellow gemstones.

<FS3> Aidric rolls Perception: Great Success. (4 7 8 4 5 3 2 8 6 8 8 3)

“Tourmaline,” the jeweler volunteers to the unspoken question.

“Ah,” Aidric says before Adrienne makes his way to him. He turns, pendant still in hand. “Lady Adrienne, It is me. How does the day find you?” His men standing nearby offer friendly and familiar nods with Deidre. Goat even offers a ‘here we go again’ roll of his eyes.

Adrienne's brows lift when she sees herself thusly spotted. It will not keep her freckled features from offering Aidric a smile of outward politeness, were it not for the faint glint in her green eyes. "Sir Aidric. What a coincidence," she greets, inclining her head to him. "The day finds me with lots of leisure time, so I thought I'd use the opportunity to take a stroll about the market." Her gaze falls onto the piece of jewelry in Aidric's hands, and she asks lightly: "What about you? Are you looking for some regal gift to impress someone?"

Deidre's lips twitch into a faint smile, echoing the eyeroll of Goat with a fainter one.

"Indeed it is," Aidric remarks before Adrienne's remark reminds him he is holding the pendant. "Not quite that," he remarks of her guess. "A gift for my good-sister, there is the chance she is with child, so I hope to buy a little good will from the One to make sure itis a boy." Thus taking Aidric out of the running as his brother's heir. The jeweler frowns at the idea of buying the One's favor but keeps quiet, lordly coin is lordly coin. Aidric continues. "Though if I thought a regal gift might sway some lady or another I might consider it, all the ones I know have told me they dislike luxury," he says giving her a significant look coupled with the faintest of smirks.

"Ah," Adrienne makes when the Carling explains, and her smile deepens ever so slightly. "Your good-sister, that would be the wife of your brother, Lord Kennon? This will be their first child?" The inquiry, casual as she uses the opportunity to approach the stand of the jeweler further, letting her own gaze drift over what he has on offer as she comes to stand beside Aidric. "And here you surprise me," she remarks then, to his next words. "For someone who is such a regular presence at court, to hear the ladies of your acquaintance should be so unladylike is quite a revelation."

Ignoring the smirk. And maybe the significant look as well, even if there is a brief sideways glance on her part.

Aidric nods in confirmation. “That is she but it is their third child, just in Normont a girl cannot inherit,” he explains. “So they are,” as was Aidric on their behalf. “Eager for a son. So I thought a pendant might help, or at least express my good wishes. Which looks looks good?” he inquires waving his hand and the jeweler’s display. “As to the other thing, I know I was surprised by it, but apparently it’s true,” he says the smile returning just a tad as he sets down the pendant and begins looking at the others.

Adrienne lifts her eyes from the various pieces of jewelry on display, only to focus on the particular pendant Aidric holds in his hand. “It is lovely, and it should serve the purpose.”, she remarks with a faint smile curving her lips. The information about Carling heirs being required to be of the male gender has her frown slightly. “A quite outdated view, that.”, she dares to opine, “Which will doom these sisters of this presumed heir in the making to be married out?” It is when Aidric references the tastes of his current ladies, that this freckled Cassomir shoots him a glance. “I know I have no need for trinkets. But I would have never assumed I’m your only… I mean… That other ladies of court seem to be of a similar opinion.”, she says, barely managing to cover up her slip in keeping the facade of them being only loosely acquainted.

“So this one is good then?” Aidric asks holding up that first pendant. He nods to it having purpose. “Definitely more sensible that way.” The jeweler stifles a remark when Adrienne calls Normont’s customs ‘outdated’ his cheeks flushing an impressive shade of red. Aidric spots it, and gives the man a poison smile as he replies, “There is much that’s needs to be changed,” he says half to her and half to the merchant.

He puts the first pendant down on the stall. “This one I think.”

The jeweler nods and through gritted teeth replies “As you say my lord.”

Aidric turns to Adrienne after that. “Well it turns out to be true,” he remarks of her hastily covered sentiment. “Anyhow as my business seems to be done here, care to join me for walk? I can show you the sights.”

Adrienne notices her misstep too late, green eyes shifting to the jeweller, and then to Aidric, and her brows twitch upwards apologetically. "Oh… well… It's just that I'm not used to this," she clarifies in a rather meek attempt to excuse her candidness. Then a soft sigh leaves her lips, and her gaze drifts away as she turns, still standing beside the stand, and her shoulders lift in a light shrug.

"It seems my skill of appearing agreeable outside of Ironhold is lacking," she murmurs, before her eyes lift to meet the Carling's gaze and she nods almost too quickly when he offers to show her around. "I'd very much like that, Sir Aidric." Keeping the address formal, even if she may take his arm, if offered.

The jeweller makes no remark on the misstep and quickly takes Aidric’s purchase to be wrapped in velvet. “Scarecrow,” Aidric says to his towheaded man-at-arms. “Pay the man and catch up.”

There is a nod of acquiesces and the man-at-arms steps forward to take Aidric’s place at the stall while Aidric offers his arm to Adrienne. “It will be a bit of an adventure for me as well, it’s been some time since I’ve been back here but I will do my best,” he nods to his other man-at-arms, Goat, who slips on ahead of them ensuring their way is clear. “So how have you been? Any new trouble you’ve managed for yourself since we last saw each other?”

A glance is given Scarecrow, when Aidric asks him to take care of the purchase, but even so, this will make the Carling himself offering her his arm indeed. "Showing me around…?", Adrienne inquires, lifting a brow. "I mean… it would be an adventure to show me around Normont?", she corrects herself after a moment, noting perhaps a slightly odd wording there that could be misinterpreted.

Her own Cassomir guard Deidre slips in behind them, following along unobtrusively but no less attentive.

The question Aidric poses to her next, has Adrienne shoot him an odd glance. "Why do you ask?"

“Are we being overly specific again?” Aidric asks. “Like the ball in Pacitta?” where they had that chat on the sidelines. He smiles. “I just meant that showing you around would be interesting, being as I’ve been away for awhile and may encounter a few surprises as well.” The odd glance that follows her first question is met with a look and a raised eyebrow. “Just a way of asking what you’d been up to since we last talked,” he explains.

"Only if you want me to," Adrienne quips back with the slightest roll of her green eyes, before a chuckle escapes her, which somehow manages to take the momentary awkwardness from her freckled features. "Of course," she smiles, "and yes… even if I might get more tours of the city than just this one… It could be interesting and of course quite informative to see and hear about different angles of Normont history." Her eyes find Aidric's and she adds, in brief explanation: "Tiadora. She has offered to give us Cassomirs a tour. She is a nice person. I almost regret what Clara put her through by inviting Devlin to attend Tia's birthday party."

As for his clarification about his question, it has the freckled Cassomir blink a little. Her lips curl in a smile, but for a moment Adrienne turns her gaze to the side, studying what is on display in the stands they are passing in their leisurely stroll. "There has been some… disquiet, yes.", she admits then. "Some of what I have already hinted to you about." Her smile dimming somewhat. "But this will be dealt with." Green eyes meet Aidric's, and her expression shifts again ever so slightly. "And I have been on a little adventure myself.", she confesses with a hint of mischief glinting in her eyes. "In Sunsreach."

"Perhaps another time, that could get tiresome with tour and all," Aidric replies with an amused glint in his eyes, one that dims but does not fade when Tia is mentioned. "Ah, yes. I do feel a little bad for pushing her to dance with your cousin. In my defense I did not know she would take it like she did. I mean what girl does not wish to dance with her crush?" he asks as they walk. His eyes scan the market square as he does so.

"The disquiet, hmm, anything of signifigant danger there?" he asks before he turns from surveying the market to his companion brows raising as his smile grows more broad. "Oh? What sort of adventure?"

"I believe it was for the best," Adrienne replies to Aidric's regret at having pushed Tiadora to dance with Devlin Cassomir. "Sometimes it can have a sobering effect to encounter the object of one's admiration," she opines dryly, "but in the case of my cousin… He's one of the sort I call charmers. I'm afraid that dancing with him may have had quite the opposite effect." Absolution, dispensed by a freckled Huntress. "As for… a rather particular crush… and dances… Again, I'm sorry that my feet failed me." Referring to her blunder when dancing with Aidric Carling. Even so, her demeanor will take on a slightly more stoic cast when he asks about the disquiet. "No danger is there, not to my person. We shall deal with it. That is all I can say on the matter.", Adrienne confides with a hint of iciness to her gaze. As for the adventure, she just lifts her shoulders in a light shrug. "Some of the… sneaking out, having an ale incognito at a tavern sort of adventure. Including a tavern brawl."

Aidric nods, grateful for the absolution. "I suppose the true blame lies with her mother who made Tiadora that way," he mutters. "Still, I would hope Tia'd find some joy in it." He shakes his head.

The news of the disquiet is met with a nod and a glance in Adrienne's direction. "I do not envy those who've made your eyes so cold," he remarks. "Anyhow I will not pry." Aidric's face which had grown into a frown returns to smiling at the latter part, "A tavern brawl? That must have been amusing," he nods to one of the buildings at the edge of the market. "Was in my first just over there after doing a little bit of sneaking out myself," he says with a smile. "Though that was some time ago."

"I am not allowed to speak of it… and indeed.", Adrienne says, lowering her gaze for a moment. "Perhaps, when this has been dealt with, I might tell you a thing or two.", she adds, a bit hesitantly. The other topic seems to be less grave of a matter, at least her smile returns, even if in a slightly wry version. "Oh… There was a tavern brawl, but I was mostly keeping out of it." Her green eyes follows his with their gaze as the Carling indicates his own location of a brawl, and again she shakes her head. "Not quite amusing. I wasn't there alone and had to take care none of them got dragged in." Keeping it vague there. "The amusing part was earlier, really. To dress in particularly plain Huntress attire and pretend I wasn't as noble born… We even came up with nicknames." She chuckles, her steps slowing down as she turns to face Aidric to inquire with one brow lifted in amused challenge: "Guess, what mine ended up to be."

Aidric gives the matter at Iron Hold a desultory nod. She would tell him if she could. “What’s the fun of keeping people out of a tavern brawl? The fun is watching them get into and try to get out again,” Aidric admonishes as they change topics. He smiles to reduce any sting. The mention of nicknames brings an amused twinkle to his eye as he turns and looks at her meeting her challenge and her look all at once.

<FS3> Aidric rolls Mind+mind: Good Success. (2 7 5 7 3 3 1 1)

He taps his chin with his finger. “None of the descriptors that jump to mind would be likely ones,” all of them being far too intimate. “Though without seeing your disguise I feel at a disadvantage. So you dressed as a common huntress?”

Adrienne's lips twist into a wry smile. "Depends on the people, I'd say," she remarks, considering Aidric for a moment. But then he seems to accept her little riddle, and she chuckles. "Oh… I disagree, this one is quite obvious." Her smile dims ever so slightly. "And it didn't have to do with the 'disguise' as you call it. And the answer is, 'yes', I did dress as a common huntress."

She lifts a brow. "You are not guessing it, then…?"

“Hmm,” Aidric says taking the excuse to let his eyes roam over her. “Well since you say it’s obvious and it’s not something you wore as your disguise… I’ d say, Mistress Green, for your eyes,” he guesses as his eyes reach that feature. They did stand out.

Those remarkable green eyes glint with amusement, even if Adrienne cannot help but look a little gratified that he thought the color of her eyes worth mentioning. "Nope," she shakes her head with a chuckle. "No. Mine turned out to be 'Freckles', in fact. Not that far-fetched, is it?"

Aidric chuckles as well, “Freckles? Hmm, I liked mine better,” he remarks with an amused shake of his head, “Though it does work. What were your companions names, if you can share?” He asked before starting them going through the market again.

Brows jump up, when Adrienne hears his reply. "You don't like 'Freckles'?", she asks after her own chuckle has dimmed down. Her green eyes glint, as she considers the Carling, catching her lower lip as she hesitates for a moment to give her reply. "Slug. And Cricket," she finally admits with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

Aidric chuckles. “It’s not the first thing I think of when I imagine you,” he counters diplomatically before tapping his chin again considering those other nicknames. “I actually have no idea whom the others might be. I won’t pry though,” a smile forms. “Unless you want me to.”

"Not the first thing…?", echoes Adrienne with a smirk. "Why, I can remember you referring to me as "freckled one" sometime ago, Even so there is a glint in the look she gives him. As to what Aidric adds then, she shakes her head, the smile dimming a little. "No. Don't.", she tells him, as her gaze sweeps the market place, giving their interaction that casual note. "What do you think of the tournament so far…?", she asks then, changing the topic.

“Well that is when you were annoying,” Aidric replies off-handedly as he smirks back at her. “I’ve grown to appreciate you better since then.” He shakes his head and listens to the rest with a more sober expression writ upon his face. “The tourney? Quiet as these things go but then there’s never been that strong of a knightly tradition here, still I think my cousin Symon will be pleased, even this meagre turnout is quite the crowd for the duchy. It also forces the faegate to be used, which I am sure pleases him.”

"When I was annoying?" It seems the echoing game is something, this Cassomir lady is quite fond of. But then she nods, that almost glare fading at once before it could become pronounced enough for him to catch. "I'm glad though. And yes. The annoyance was mutual, and so is the slight shift in our relation, the appreciation…" Her hand she runs over her head, smoothing stray strands back where there aren't really many. "I appreciate the tourney being a bit more low-key," Adrienne tells him then. "I got to see you getting beat up in the mud." A faint teasing twinkle in her eyes there. "And I will compete in the archery contest." As for the remark about Symon and faegates, she lifts a brow and casts the Carling an inquiring glance. "These are rarely used in Normont…?"

There is a further smirk from the Carling at Adrienne’s question, but no answer. He does however nod his head in a direction and start walking to continue their ‘tour’. “It is less hectic to be sure,” he says of the tourney. “Quite different from the Queen’s tourney in Sunsreach.” A slight pause as a narrow eyed look is thrown in Adrienne’s direction. “I held my own quite well,” he says more amused than annoyed. “Had to show the people of Normont some of Symon’s allies could fight. As for the gates, they were all closed here until Symon was Duke. The people believed they were evil and can steal your soul or some such.”

Adrienne smiles, once again allowing her gaze to drift in the direction they are going, now that they are moving on once again in their leisurely stroll. "Yes, you did well.", she acknowledges his effort in the free-for-all. "I might actually consider to…" And here she turns, shooting him a glance. "Take part in the bareknuckle contest." A shrug then. "I haven't made up my mind yet, but… why not? I'm sure I could hold my own, at least to some extent. It's not that I'm afraid to endure a few punches…" The information about the faegates she receives with a curious flicker in her eyes. "Oh…well… considering the gate sickness, I can hardly blame the Gerrells for such an opinion, but…" The corners of her mouth lift once again in a half-smile. "It seems the new Duke is in favor of innovations. Which can only be a good thing."

“Have you had much training in fighting with your fists?” Aidric asks, more curious than skeptical. “Either way it could be some fun. At least for those of us watching. I will give it a pass though, too much on my mind to risk distraction by a swollen jaw or blackened eye.” Nodding of the faegates he says “The sickness yes and also because it is strange and inhuman magic. They seem certain that the gates both steal your soul and could at any moment belch forth an army of demons.” There is a snicker at that last thought. “But yes, Symon is a reformer, I credit the influence Tristan and I had on him as boys. We did our best to counter his mother’s influence.” The statement is glibly given after all it was Aidric’s own mentor Paul who had the greatest impact.

"Enough to hold my own in a tavern brawl," Adrienne replies, lifting a brow in Aidric's direction. "Okay… I'll admit that to show up at the ball with obvious bruises may lessen my chances at getting asked to dance by this and that nobleman… But then, on the other hand this makes it worth considering even more." Her hand moves to the hilt of her dagger, she wears at her belt. "I've received more training with smaller blades and the bow, of course. But given, a Huntress must be prepared to defend herself even in the rare case she finds her stripped of her weapons…" A smile blossoms on freckled features. "We need to be prepared."

She nods then, when Aidric explains about the superstitions about the faegates, a bit of amusement showing in her eyes. "So you and Prince Tristan were actually useful in open His Grace's mind to reconsider old beliefs and traditions…? You see me surprised." Considering the slightly tarnished reputation of the both of them at that time. "And… his mother did not object, against you taking such influence on young Symon?"

“It makes sense, can’t always count on a weapon being close at hand. Well, if you do decide to take part, I’ll make a point of attending the fisticuffs,” a smile then at the mention of the ‘perks’ of a few visible wounds. “Yes, I could see why you’d think that a boon. You may be in luck anyhow, this is Normont after all, I am not sure most of the men at the ball would know what to do with a woman who might be a better fighter than they are.”

“The Duchess hated our influence on Symon, but there was a war going on so she was often busy with matters of state, so we made use of her negligence, and we were quite useful. If it wasn’t for us, I doubt that Symon would have kissed a girl before his betrothal to the Princess. Or perhaps he would have. It’s hard to say with Symon, he’s strong willed and secretive, so one can never predict what he might actually do let alone what he might have done if things had been different.”

"It may be your one time chance to see me with a bloodied nose," Adrienne quips with a slightly daring glint in her eyes, but even so, she seems to be pleased with the Carling's promise to attend the bareknuckle competition should she take part. A chuckle then, at his next comment. "You mean courtiers of Normont would actually be too scared to ask me to dance? Seems my feet are about to be spared this time. And those of others, too." Her mirth dims somewhat, remembering her poor performance at Tiadora's birthday party.

Green eyes flick this way and that, before they focus on Aidric again, the freckled Cassomir lifting a brow as her gaze lingers curiously on the former Thorn. "Symon did kiss a girl before his betrothal. So you were a good influence? Or should I say, a bad one?", Adrienne quips with a hint of teasing fondness in her tone. "Or perhaps… it was even his own decision to actually experience that kiss - and Tristan and you were only vain enough to fancy yourself the catalysts for such behaviour?" Oh how she has missed these exchanges, and even if she keeps a proper distance to Aidric, one can tell she enjoys their conversation.

“Is that so? I suspect if I had not been so quick to catch you on the dance floor you might have had one then” Aidric counters with a touch of a smirk as they walk. “And it’s not so much fear as distaste. They feel that women fighting is crude and off-putting. Somewhat a kin to showing up in peasant rags and belching your way through dinner.” The smirk does not go away at that image. “As for Tia’s party you did no worse than I did at Tristan’s party in Pacitta. So we’re even when it comes to that score.”

Having spoken of the gate Aidric leads them from the market through the arch to the church grounds where plain robed lay brothers and sisters mill about on church business, rubbing shoulders with those who’ve come to pray at the towering edifice of the Cathedral of Saint Sandoval. “Well I certainly don’t doubt we are vain enough to take credit regardless of the truth of the situation. As to what might have happened without our positive influence, who can say.”

"A bloodied nose?" Adrienne chuckles, more amused than embarrassed at the memory. "After all, you were quick to catch me." Which had caused a brief awkward moment. "So I owe you my thanks. As I was spared from further harm than just making a show of my incompetence." The mirth in her eyes dims by a few degrees. "Well. I am not telling them to change their views. As long as they don't forbid me to compete in my Huntress leathers. Or even keep me from taking part at all…" Green eyes meet Aidric's gaze briefly, a faint smile curling her lips when Adrienne rolls her eyes ever so slightly. "As much as I don't doubt your vanity - yours and that of the Prince - it seems indeed of more importance that the Duke is reflecting over the relevance of traditions and the validity of outdated views." She falls silent, her attention claimed then by the building of the cathedral looming over them, as they pass the archway. "One above," the freckled Cassomir murmurs, "such divine beauty expressed in the ways of architecture." A quick sideways glance towards Aidric, then. "What can you tell me about it?" He is giving her a tour, is he not?

Aidric mock bows as best he can with only the one arm unencumbered. “You’re most welcome,” he says of his quick catch. “And I doubt you would have bloodied yourself for what it’s worth.” The rest is met with a hmm, of consideration. “They won’t bar you from fighting in what you wish, if they let the t’Artan woman wear what she wills to the free-for-all they’d hardly ban the king’s cousin from wearing leathers to the archery. Or was it the fisticuffs you spoke of?” he asks.

“I suspect Symon’s reflection is already long since done and he now moves his plans forward as the duchy is now his,” Aidric explains, a touch of jealousy in his tone. Who wouldn’t want that kind of power? The towering edifice of the Cathedral does earn a look, but not a long one. He’d seen it often enough. “Yes, it is rather magnificent isn’t it?” he says as a trio of black robed inquisitors walk past. The hard eyed men don’t give them more than a passing glance as they carry on with their dark business. “A shame all that work is wasted on ones like them,” he says with a nod towards the inquisitor's backs, his voice pitched low so as not to carry. “Anyhow, the Cathedral is almost as old as Rivana. Duke Rickard the First ordered it built after Sandoval’s miracle,” he glances to Adrienne. “Do you know the tale?”

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Perception: Great Success. (8 1 5 7 4 4 4 3 8 2 4 6 1 2 7)

"Both," Adrienne replies. "Probably. As I said, I've not made a final decision yet." She nods then, shooting Aidric a glance when he comments on Symon, and the Duchy being his, her brows furrowing slightly when she notes that undertone. Her lips part as if she were to say something, when the Carling speaks about the Cathedral, her expression shifting into that of attentive curiosity. She gives the building a longer look, admiring the architecture, offering the three dark figures that pass them a nod. Belatedly registering what they are, she turns her head, shooting Aidric an inquiring glance. Reply she does to his mention of the miracle of Sandoval. "Indeed, I do not. But I'm sure you can tell me…?" Her lips curl in a smile, aware as the freckled Cassomir is of Aidric's skill at telling stories.

Aidric nods. “I wouldn’t worry about what you wear for the events,” he says before he moves on to the story of the Cathedral. He pauses a moment gathering his thoughts. “Well I am sure you know that the Gerrell and the other great families of Normont were Kherzari invaders once. Ones that made peace with the rest of Rivana and in exchange the Gerrell chieftain, their nominal leader, was named Duke,” he pauses his gaze turning in Adrienne’s direction, clearly enjoying the role of storyteller.

“Now these were odd Kherzari, unlike the rest of the hordes they didn’t follow the Many but worshiped their ancestors and when they became Rivanan that continued which put them at odds with the other Duchies. I do not know if the Many worshipers in the south tried to claim them, likely not, since that doesn’t seem to be their way, but the One Faith did. They sent missionaries to convert them and the most ardent of those was Bishop Sandoval. He had some success in converting the lesser houses and was soon called before the duke, who did not appreciate his efforts and asked the bishop why he should be spared.”

A pair of Goodbrothers pass, giving the couple a nod. Aidric ignores them as he carries on with the story.

“Faced with the prospect of death, Bishop Sandoval dropped to his knees and prayed and the One gave him the power to summon the spirits of the Gerrell ancestors back from the dead and they pleaded Sandoval’s case and revealed to the Duke the truth of the One Faith. The Duke was converted but there was a price for the miracle and Sandoval died from the strain of channelling so much divine power, his soul carried up by the other saints to sit among them at the One’s right hand. The Duke, so struck by the miracle he witnessed, not only converted to the One Faith himself but demanded all his subjects do the same. As for the Sandoval, the Duke had his bones interred here,” Aidric gestures towards the Cathedral. “And built one of the grandest Cathedrals in Rivana around him in the sainted Bishop’s honour.”

The Carling knight pauses his story then and turns back to Adrienne. “And that is the tale, or at least one version of it.”

Her arms cross before her, as Adrienne listens to the tale, her green eyes lingering for a moment on Aidric Carling. She nods, "Yes, I'm aware of the origins of House Gerrell." Her lips curling in a smile, that even if faint, manages to reach to her eyes when they meet his. Her gaze going distant then as she listens. A nod offered to the two goodbrothers that pass, before she comments: "So… Sandoval became a martyr, but not in the usual sense. A vessel of the One…?" A brow lifts. "What are the other versions? Less pious explanations, that Sandoval managed to convert the Duke through his conviction and oratory skills?" The question comes in a matter-of-factly tone, devoid of any mockery.

“That’s right,” Aidric says of Sandoval’s fate. “A martyr said to have channeled the One’s own power. As for the other tale, they say the duke had Sandoval killed, perhaps in a fit of rage and when he realized what he did would doom his duchy to holy war created the other tale and quickly converted to the One Faith. He was not alone in that era for making changes to the legends of their house. The Carlings prior to the conversion of Normont worshiped the goddess Sky and even claimed descent from her, After the conversion, the tale of the house’s founder meeting the goddess became his meeting with Saint Martha and his own miraculous conversion.” Aidric smirks. “You can see where I got my ideas about the power of a good story, hm?” he asks.

"Oh, I see," Adrienne responds with a chuckle, "the power of words. I didn't know about the Carling legend." Her brows lift. "But the twist to the Sandoval story…" Her words trail off as she rolls her green eyes ever so slightly. "Cleverly done." Her lips curl just so as her gaze cuts back to Aidric. "So you strive to become a twister of words, of a skill to match the authors of those legends, with similar impact…?", she asks then, her tone tinged with slightly challenging curiosity.

"We try not to make too big of a deal of it," Aidric replies. "Especially the original version." He meets her gaze for a moment, then chuckling says, "Something like that. It's best to be the one writing history after all, it's all that remains when all of those who bore witness to the events have passed and then who’s to say what is written, no matter how strange, isn’t what truly happened?”

"I'd never thought of that," the freckled Cassomir says, holding his gaze. "And I'm not sure whether I should be astonished by such a statement - and prompted to distrust what the books of history tell us of the past. But it makes sense… There is always an element of personal interpretation to it. I just… didn't think it could become such a powerful tool." There is a pensiveness to her expression, as she lets her gaze drift towards the cathedral.

“It does open up a lot of questions doesn’t it?” Aidric asks. “Was Travian Tracano the man we know in the tales or did he just have a clever man like me at his side penning his story with an eye to his future? Most like it is somewhere in between the two but we will never know for sure.” He nods of the power of it. “It is powerful, though sadly seldom within one’s own lifetime.” He lifts a shoulder in a shrug. “Anyhow, I did promise a tour and here we stand in the middle of the cathedral square,” his gaze follows hers to the Cathedral. “Shall I show you around the inside?”

"It does," Adrienne Cassomir replies, one corner of her mouth lifting into a half-smile that softens the thoughtful cast of her features, that will brighten up at Aidric's offer. "Oh. Please do. I suspect this cathedral may have an even more impressive interior than its outer appearance might suggest.", she says. "Who knows? We may be in for a surprise…" Green eyes flick from the edifice to the Carling and she lifts a brow, in an expression somewhere between challenge and encouragement.

Scarecrow, returning from the market quietly rejoins the group. Aidric gives the man a brief glance before his eyes return to Adrienne. “I am not sure about surprises but I’d be a poor guide if I only showed you the outside of the place,” he remarks with a smile. “Come on,” he says putting a hand on the one she’s rested on his arm and leading her on towards the towering double doors where their little group is swallowed by the tide of supplicants and pilgrims passing within.

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