(1867-05-10) Normont Tourney: Artistic Competition
Normont Tourney: Artistic Competition
Summary: The Artistic Competition for the Normont Tournament.
Date: 1867-05-10
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Falconhome Castle - Normont - Rivana
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One of the few tournament events not held down at the tournament grounds, the artistic event. The Grand Hall within Falconhome Castle is the chosen location for the arts to be put on display this evening. An area has been setup to display the items created and entered into the competition. Entries on display for the craftsmanship division include a pair of hand cannons by Jasper Callis, a masterful tournament suit of armor by a Marwyn master, a pair of wooden trunks with various compartments (obvious and hidden) by a Charwin master, a pair of gilded daggers, a silver etched tea serving set, and several sets of jewelry by local master craftsmen.

Several tables help to display the poems and books that have been entered into the composition division. Some of the pieces a work of art before getting to the written word with the illustrations that have been added to them. There is a tome with short stories of popular tales and legends of Rivana with illustrations, a series of poems giving blessings to the One and several Saints.

With the winners of the craftsmanship and composition already announced, the judges are currently moving through the area where the paintings and sculptures have been put on display. The judges are all masters of the local guilds, as is expected in Normont there is a noticeable absence of any Courtesan Guild representative amongst the judges. Several landscapes and portraits can be found, including a piece by Lady Emilia. The absence of any work from the local favorite, Lady Tiadora, has cause some disappointed whispering. A variety of small and medium sculptures are also on display, a few with that leaning towards the One.

A string quartet provides some ambient music while people wander through the various displays taking in the works, and in some cases seeking to place a bid with the artist or see about commissioning a work from them. Several servants can be found through those gathered, seeing that guests do not want for drinks or food. Though there is also a table off to one side of the room with a variety of finger foods for people to select from and serve themselves.

Found amongst those who have come out for the evening is Emilia Cassomir. The young woman wears a dress of a golden brown color with varying shades of brown that provide the coloring for the trim and hightlights for the garmet. A pair of gold combs hold her hair back from her face before it otherwise falls in waves down her back. As has been seen the past few tournaments, she wears a length of finely craft leather with an odd sort of symbol at one end about her left arm, a token. Though with the color of her dress, it almost seems a part of it. As was often the case in grand social events, the younger Cassomir was more along the fringes of the gathering. Dark eyes faintly drifting over the entries and master craftmanship on display.

Still nursing his bruises from his participation in the tournament, Clarke t'Cauthone is wandering around, a goblet of wine over in his hand then as he made his way through then looking at the works of art that had been created. Something he never had a talen for then as he went to walk along and look over at, glancing at the pieces by Lady Emilia and Lady Tiadora.

Tiadora didn't enter this time, but has decided to loan her art technique and knowledge to the local Guildmasters as a sort of consolation. The Gerrell is dressed in very traditional fashion today, dark wools and simple adornments. But she does seem a bit more animated when discussing the techniques and answering questions as the art is surveyed.

Dressed in a green gown with golden trim, the princess Clara Tracano can be seen walking amongst the entries. She seems alone this time…well, as alone as the Lancers will let her be. All appearances show that Clara is playing her part as princess rather well, offering greetings and casual conversations with the various nobles about. The social field is more Clara's expertise than the tournament field…and it shows.

Thaddeus has made a rare appearance at the artistic contest. He has already put in inquiries with a few of hte jewelers present, though they have been relatively brief. The Greycen wears dark blue court attire as he wanders, though now the knight stands in front of the hand cannons, showing some interest in them.

Upon the edge of the gathering, himself dressed rather fine for a commoner, the Couviere minstrel Philippe Giscard can be seen, tuning a lute by ear. With the quartet playing, the single note being plucked, one for each string, is barely heard, if heard at all. It seems that the bard is, unwittingly or not, choosing to not disturb the flow of music. Knowing the musician, it is definitely intended to not break the flow.

Standing amongst the crowd then, in his beast outfit, Gastogne is waiting for his.. Associate? Friend? To go up and perform. Gastogne is otherwise staying quiet and watching throughout the room, politely observing and doing his best to stay out of the way. He hasn't had a chance to see his confederate perform at one of the formal tournaments,and he intends to get the best show of it he can.

Tiadora ends up by Thaddeus as she goes to study the hand-cannons. She eyes them with a bit of purpose but then starts to laugh at some unspoken joke. She smiles shyly up at him and mutters an apology. "Sorry. Just a funny thought, Sir Thaddeus."

Lord Raimond Giraldi tends to stand out in his spotless white and blue, but then again the Giraldis aren't exactly known for keeping a low profile. The heir to Watch Hill makes his way through the crowd not altogether differently from Princess Clara, though not nearly so in-demand. He too pauses to study several of the pieces, though for the moment he doesn't seem inclined to place any bids or commissions just yet. It does, perhaps not surprisingly, seem that of those nobles that do go out of their way to speak to the Giraldi knight…the majority of them are of the female persuasion.

Wandering through the crafted items, Odilia stops to love over a piece now and again. Having paused to chat with one of the jewlers, who doesn't seem as interested in the conversation with the well dressed commoner. But the bastard is given polite enough attention before she moves on. An idle-half interested glance going way of the bard. The real reason she even came to the shiny shindig. How could she miss a performance of the best bard in all the lands?

Thaddeus was in relatively deep thought when he hears Tiadora's laugh. He looks over and says, "Oh, and what was that thought? I am sure that it must be humorous enough to share?" Thad's tone bears no hostility, only a mild curiosity at what could have the Duke's sister laughing.

It would seem that Emilia is not quite allowed to simply reside upon the fringes as she usually can manage to get away with. Not at an artisitc event. Some of the other artists seem to find her and inquire about her work, and techniques. Eventually managing to extract herself and find way over towards Tiadora and Thaddeus, maybe that will help 'scare' away some folks. Right? Giving a bow of her head to each in turn,"Sir of Thaddeus, Lady of Tiadora. "

Gastogne gives a light dip of his head over at Odilia as she came on, gesturing at her lightly if she wished to join him over where he had gotten a position to view the music when it started playing then, otherwise remaining mostly quiet.

Tiadora bites her lip as she grins. The girl's dimples are quite pronounced when she does that. "My brother obsesses over hand cannons. It's his new favorite weapon. I was thinking about bidding on these for a wedding gift for him, but I would be buying it with his money." She laughs and adds, "and there's a strong chance Jasper will make finer ones as a gift himself."

Thaddeus smiles, "Understandable, I am shopping for some gifts as well, specifically for my wife and our unborn child. We believe it will be born by the end of the month." He shakes his head, "But I still am…" Emilia's arrival is given a nod, "Lady Emilia, good to see you. I hope that you are enjoying yourself thus far?"

After completing their walk through and inspection of the various art entries, the judges convene to the side to compare notes and reach a consensus. A discussion that has a hand occasionally appearing out of the huddle to wave vaguely in the direction of one of the pieces. But eventually a consensus is reached and they move to a place just before the ambient quartet, who give a slightly louder flourish to the end of the current piece to help start to draw the attention of those gathered.

"It is good to be of seeing as of well," Emilia offering a corner tugging smile to both. "I have been of so far. It has been of interesting to see of the different pieces on of display. And of course, the of other events have proven quite of interesting so of far. " Her gaze faintly going in the direction of the clowder of judges.

Eventually Odilia does make her way over towards Gastogne. "Fine seat choice. Don't imagine we'll be getting any of the fine tavern songs this go around. " She actually looks a bit disappointed about that.

Tiadora whispers to Emilia, "I love the way the light plays in the wheat. And the light touch of wind on her hair? So pretty." She asks a bit more softly, "Can I bid on it?"

Who doesn't love to be surrounded by beautiful things? Certainly not another beautiful thing. Fashionably late as always, the Giraldi matriarch waltzes in with her usual flourish and clad in her usual splendor. Pale colors don't match her complexion well, so she typically avoids them; instead, she's in a cobalt blue gown with lighter accents, almost matching her son, but different enough to attract her own attention. It seems like that's a common family trait, and while Miranda notices heads turn as she enters the room and finds a piece she'd like to look at, she doesn't really acknowledge them. That'd be tacky. Instead, she greets anyone who makes eye contact and heads for the first viewing.

Gastogne quietly laughs and dips his head over at Odilia, "Nay, I don't quite think so in these surroundings. Perhaps at some of the after events. Master Philippe has been known to play at some of them or so I've heard."

Clarke's head turns over as the Giraldi matriarch enters then. Head following. Then realization sets in as to who she is. And, for Clarke, a light bubble of very, very quiet laughter slowly comes over his lips then as he raises his goblet of wine to her in a half quiet, perhaps unnoticed salute.

It has been some time since Philippe has played a competition. His last one was not his finest showing and the thought has never sat well with him. As such, he is being a little less social than he is wont to be. The songs run through his brain, all of them threatening to come out…but which one to use? That is the question that remains unanswered, for now. At least, until it is time for it to be answered.

As expected…or perhaps not as expected…Clara drifts over to view the offering that Emilia presented for the competition. Those brown eyes take in the piece, as the Tracano truly studies the piece, to the point where she actually holds up a finger to an enterprising noble trying to get her attention, which silences her shortly. Poor dear.

Tiadora's whispers has Emilia giving a slow blink before she nods a touch,"Of aye, of course you may." There is a bit of hesitation as if about to say something else, but in the end opting not to. Not here.

Odilia gives Gastogne,"Seriously? Have you not paid mind to just where we are? Ain't likely to be getting to many of them in the after events either. But maybe we can talk Philippe inta one, if he's in the mood for it after this…and ain't swarmed."

Gastogne laughs quietly over at Odilia, giving a nod over at Philippe then if he can get a view of him or not through the crowds, "Aye, I'm aware. That also means perhaps that there will be some playing over in some of the inns over the next few days. Possibly. I also suppose how well Master Philippe feels he has played and performed tonight shall impact over how he goes for the next fe days as well." He nods over at the rest of Odilia's words quietly then.

Raimond espies his mother making her grand entrance, grinning a bit, though not immediately finishing his conversation with some noblewoman or another of Normont. But after just a few more moments, he does excuse himself, and move to stand beside Miranda as she regards the piece, "Good evening, Mother. Finding anything to your liking?"

The spokesman of the judges, Glenn, steps forward clearing his throat before working to further get everyone's attention. "Lord and Ladies, Masters and Mistresses…." Allowing his baritone to carry about the room and people to quieten down. "We have reached a decision upon the winner for our art division," at least one of the judges scowls just briefly before being elbowed by another. Who then earns a glare before his face smooths over again. Glenn is quite oblivious to the exchange behind him and continues on with a grin,"It is my pleasure to announce Lady Emilia Cassomir as the winner for her piece Amber Waves. " The man finds Emilia amongst the crowd and extends a hand in her direction to call attention to her as a round of applause comes.

Once the applause has died back down, Glenn speaks up once more. "And in a few moments we'll be bringing up our performers to entertain and delight us." The signal for those in the performance department to make their way towards the area as those of the quartet begin to disburse to yield the small stage area.

Clarke goes to glance and crane his neck if he can as the winner of the artistry competition is announced, trying to look through the crowds to spot her then as he moves to applaud then as he skims around then as he's able to catch sight of her and gives a nod of congratulations to her.

By the time Raimond has made his way over, Miranda's decided just what she likes and doesn't like about the painting. No doubt the goblet of something delightful and spirited in-hand is helping her make her decision. "I do enjoy the brushstrokes here, my dear," she both indicates by way of waving her hand and saying hello. Canting her head to the side, she grins at her son before turning back to the painting…only to turn around again and watch as the spokesman for the judges begins to speak. After the explanation, her cup is raised in Emilia's general direction in a salute of praise. "What about you, then, love?" came her next question, softer than usual given the din of applause.

Is that a smile upon Clara's face? Of course Emilia won. Clara had no doubt in that…as she frequently has told her friend countless times. This time, however, Clara doesn't crowd. Not with the cloud of people that swirls about her. But…she does give Emilia a gentle nod and a smile….proof enough that Clara is happy for her friend.

Tiadora grins at Emilia but claps politely as they are center of attention at the moment. "Wonderful! Dora bought my falcon from the last games. I'll be happy to offer on it then, award-winning as it is." But then Phillipe is going to sing so she finds a place to be able to listen.

Thad raises a brow at the private conversation between the two ladies, but his continued speaking is cut off by the judges' announcement. Thad smiles at Emilia and applauds with the others. "Well done, my lady. You certainly deserve it."

"There are several fine pieces. Though nothing that's leaping out at me as a must-have. The new Manse isn't fully renovated yet and Azure Lake still isn't open for bids at the moment, so space for new art is at a premium. Unless we wanted to replace some of the pieces we already have up in one of our homes." Raimond notes to Miranda, taking up a goblet of wine from a passing server and sipping it. "Leander did very well in the Duels. Made it to the final round."

No more time left idling out on the fringes of the gathering anymore. With a quick sigh, Philippe strides slowly up towards the stage area. Doing so brings him into view of others…others that have obviously seen him perform before. There are assorted whispers…some good…some not-so-good. It seems that there are a few here that remember him losing at Sunsreach to a bar song.

As he sees Philippe come out, Gastogne gives him a quiet thumbs up and then a general salute, falling quiet as the players seem to be going towards the stage as he takes a breath then and nods softly to Odilia, "Let us enjoy the show then?"

While Clara may have no doubt, it is always something that seems to surprise Emilia. Though the only indication is the slight blink of her eyes. A bow of her head is offered to the group of judges first before she is giving a turn of a curtsy to acknowledge the applause. The odd ethereal grace of hers well on display in the moment. Catching sight of Clara, Emilia does incline her head to her friend. Another given to Clarke before returning her attention to Tiadora and Thaddues,"Of thanking. I am not sure of the deserving, there are many other fine of entries."

Tiadora curtsies for Miranda before smiling at Thaddeus, "Oh yes! After the baby is born, I would love the honor of doing a family portrait for you as a celebration gift. And a miniature of your wife and the baby to keep with you. As… A way of saying thank you." For a variety of things Tia need not say aloud. "And our congratulations."

After the stage is cleared, several acts do make their way across the stage to perform for the crowd in hopes of taking that performance prize. The judges paying attention to each of the acts as well as the crowds reactions to them. Glenn doing well to announce each act. Including a fine duet of what seems a brother and sister pair, he playing the lute to accompany their singing. A pair of fiddlers with a bit of dueling within the song, a performance that seems to appeal more to the commoners in the crowd. And a poet that gives a rendition of a local tale in new verse. And Glenn is back to announce the next act,"Well done..well done….And now for our next performer, Master Philippe Giscard!"

As Master Philippe Giscard goes up to the stage, Gastogne rises up as much as his station and position allows himself to applaud then over as he goes to then sit back then and leans to enjoy the performance and look up at the stage.

<FS3> Philippe rolls String Instruments: Good Success. (1 6 5 6 6 6 2 7 4 3 6 4 8 1 6 4)
<FS3> Philippe rolls String Instruments: Good Success. (2 8 6 6 7 2 5 3 1 3 2 6 3 6 4 1)
<FS3> Philippe rolls Singing: Good Success. (6 8 7 2 2 1 8 5 2 6 1 2 3 2 5 5)

Odilia gives Gastogne a grin,"Always." The blonde settling in to watch the performers that come. Yawning at the poet. But when Philippe is announced, she is setting up and clapping for him. The urge to whistle as well is somehow held in check.

As Philippe takes the stage, there isn't a whole lot of banter. In fact, there is none at all. Oh, there is that bright smile and stage presence that Philippe has refined to a fine art. But…it is the performance that is the key. And…he starts off with a rolling melody, strumming four notes before he adds his voice, in a soft hum, before the lute builds, providing a solid two bars of introduction before the humming gives way to words, soft and light, yet filling the room.

Underneath the harvest moon
Where the ancient shadows will play and hide…
With a ghostly tune and the devil's pride…

"Stranger" whispered all the town
Has he come to save us from evil's hand?
Leading them away to a foreign land

Play for me, minstrel, play
And take away our sorrows…
Play for me, minstrel, play
And we'll follow…

Hear, listen, can you hear,
The haunting melody surrounding you,
Weaving a magic spell all around you…

Gastogne quietly dips his head over at Odilia, "Aye. When he's on the stage.." Then he goes quiet as Philippe goes up to perform,and Gastogne is quiet then, craning his neck to get in a good view as the bard is in his element - performing in front of a crowd.

With the performances beginning, Emilia does find her way to a position to observe. Fielding a few questions and inquiries between acts. Giving a round of clapping for each of the acts. Perhaps a bit more attention being given towards the northern bard, having heard him a time or two before. And gaining a bit more of her attention with the song that does come.

Tiadora enjoys the local song and even hums along. But Phillippe's performance holds her attention more securely, the girl sighing at the sweetness of it. "He's so very talented," she says softly.

Odilia leans forward as Philippe begins to sing. Almost transfixed by the bard and his song. Her lips quirking into an odd little smile. And there was a sigh. A wistful little sigh.

The lute strums while the words, highly melodic, carry the song. It is quite a contrast, with the somewhat basic background of the lute combined with the quick and precise delivery of the lyrics. When Philippe reaches the refrain, the lute picks up, to almost match the quickness of the words, blending together into a flowing rhythm. Once the last word of the refrain is sung, the lute picks up once more, with a reprisal of the melody of the last line….then back to the beginning, the lute picking up the melody as the humming once again provides counterpoint. The same two bars as before are offered, then the lute fades to the paced strumming once more, as the lyrics pick up anew.

Danger hidden in his eyes,
We should have seen it from far away,
Wearing such a thin disguise in the light of day

He held the answer to our prayers,
Yet it was too good to be…
Proof before our eyes, yet we could not see

Play for me, minstrel, play
And take away our sorrows…
Play for me, minstrel, play
And we'll follow

Hear, listen, can you hear,
The haunting melody surrounding you,
Weaving a magic spell all around you.

Clarke gently taps his foot along in tune with the song, one of his arms wrapped around his shoulder, his other holding his goblet of wine, his head darting along then from side to side in rhythm with the beat.

Meanwhile Philippe gets a glance of approval up from Gastogne up at the stage, quietly enjoying a vivid performance, casually tapping along.

Emilia's fingers take to an odd little fluttery dance in the air as the minstrel does play on. The song perhaps finding some connection with her, or just finding a liking to the beat. And that lute solo!

A foot takes to tapping for Odilia as the song continues on. Quite caught up in the performance.

The bard does know how to weave his own spell, it seems. As the words fade, the lute once again echoes the melody of the last line sung, the last note held for a prolonged moment. There is a moment of silence…and then the lute suddenly picks up, launching into a quick and lively jig. It is a variation of the exact same melody sung, but played far faster and more articulate than before. The fingers flutter upon the neck, picking out notes as light as a flute…and as fast as one, too. The minstrel riffs on the melody, the notes falling from his strings almost like rain. All the while, there is a rolling build until the song hits a crescendo, the hands almost a blur. Then…once more with the melody, fast and light, before Philippe finishes with a flourish, his right hand extending up and over his head. Quite a spirited little number.

Gastogne quietly turns over to Odilia and grins, "And I hope that he'll be pleased with himself from this.. And quite willing to afterwords do a few of those private performances then. Good luck over in being able to get to one of them or get one from him for yourself."

As if under a spell, when the singing begins, Miranda only nods in acknowledgement of Raimond and says nothing. She cradles her goblet in her hands, taking a deep breath and allowing her eyelids to flutter closed. One of her hands leaves the goblet for a moment to clap a hand on her son's shoulder before she returns to repose, all the while taking in the cultural spectacle for all its grandeur.

That hand drops down as Philippe bows low, offering his respect to the crowd. Then…as silently as he took the stage, he departs, all with that smile and demeanor intact. One would be hard-pressed to see that, while pleased with the performance, the bard knows he can do better. All part of the life of the stage. Never let them see what you are thinking.

That whistle does come from Odilia after that grand flourish in the ending by Philippe, along with some clapping that blends into the applause that comes from those gathered. She nods to Gastogne,"He had ever right to be pleased by that. " The mention of private performance causes her to smirk. "Oh, I am sure a few will be seeking private performances. Without a doubt."

Gastogne nods quietly over at Odilia, "Aye he did. And I'm sure he will be getting some. Hopefully some that you can attend otherwise." He goes to rise up and otherwise applaud just a little more strongly as Philippe leaves the stage.

Emilia is amongst those who clap for the bard's performance. Her hands fluttering briefly in the air before coming together in that clapping motion. "He is quite of good. I was rather liking of that of song."

After Philippe vacates the stage, Glenn appears once more to announce the final competitors. As a couple more performers come and go to complete the evening. A harpist that plays a slow ballad, well executed but it does not quite seem to rouse the crowd. And there is another bard that tries a little to hard, and gets more sympathy applause in the end, especially when a string on his lute ends up snapping. After he departs, the judges share a few words before Glenn is back…again. "Fine performances from them all, wouldn't you say?" He pauses allowing for a brief round of applause for the collective lot before continuing. "But our winner this tournament is Master Philippe Giscard!" Extending his arm in the direction of the bard, wherever he's gone off to.

And one the applause dies down,"Please continue to enjoy the fine pieces that have been presented today and the refreshments." Before he is stepping off and into the crowd.

Clarke applauds over as the winner of the musical competition is announced then, and crosses his arms then and looks about, a somewhat bemused grin on his face at the bard that tried..Just a little too hard.

"A fine performance." Raimond comments after it winds down and Phillippe is announced as the winner. He leans over and gives his mother a brief peck on the cheek, "I'm going to go mingle some more. Enjoy the party, Mother." Raimond smiles, and then moves off to do exactly as he said he would, again moving into the crowd to start hobnobbing once more.

Grinning broadly, Miranda nods once to Raimond. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," she warns before turning back to the art and tipping back her glass.

With the performances finished and all the winners announced, Emilia drifts back within the crowds. Mingling a little, if only to answer a few more questions and inquiries about her work. And also going to look at a few pieces herself. A thing many others do, or simply take to hobnobbing and mingling as the Giraldis do. It was a gathering of nobles, there was much hobnobbing.

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