(1867-05-11) A Little Practice and Planning
A Little Practice and Planning
Summary: Before the archery contest begins, Lucas and Emilia take a few practices shots while catching up and making brief plans for an invitation to taken up.
Date: 1867-05-11
Related: Occurs prior to Normont Tourney : Archery Competition and relates to previous Emilia/Lucas encounters.
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Tourney Grounds - Normont - Rivana

The tournament field of Normont is a wide, sprawling field with three tiers of stands for the viewing audience to partake in. A wide field of gravel with straw and mud packed atop it serves as the primary tournament grounds, with embankments that can be used for a separation bar for jousting and barriers set up for melee. A track leading up to the main streets serves as a lead in for the traditional parade for the participants, and when the tournament is being held as a readiness zone for combatants and their assistants coming to and fro to the tournament grounds that is sheltered.

The viewing stands are backed by a large herald of a Falcon, the ducal crest of House Gerrell, made out of laid stone and carved in blocks to be carefully assembled as high as the main stands, marked underneath with a carved map of Rivana and with emblems of the One Faith about it.

The stands are divided up into three main sections. They are wooden stands, braced against stone and metal, with a long overhang to provide the crowd with protection from the elements. A grandstands area is at the center, where the ruling families of Normont sit with their honored guests and those conducting the tournament, with surrounding areas for nobility. The grandstands, of course, have the best view and the most comfortable chairs, and servants go to and fro attending to the nobility. A large flag rests about the grandstands of the heraldry of House Gerrell, the red and black banner displaying the falcon sigil. The next layer of stands are for the richer merchants or those who have managed to pay for better tickets, and are comfortable and have easy access to comforts and sellers taking up food and concessions, and good drink. The lowest stands are for Commoners, and those 'stuck in the mud' - and occasionally they might even get some flung up at them from the combatants. Often sections of the stands will be unofficially divided up to those from specific cities amongst the kingdoms of those participating in the great tournaments, making cheering sections.


The archery is due to start in a few hours time and while people begin to filter into the tourney grounds to find their seats Lucas l'Saigner practices his skills at a set of nearby targets. The son of the Duke of Lonnaire draws his bow back to his ear, then after a heartbeat lets the arrow fly sailing into the outer ring of the target. Lucas looks at his work and tuts at himself. He could do better. He bends over to pull a new arrow from the ground ready to put it to his string.

It is when Lucas is starting to bend over that the voice comes from not fair behond him,"A fair of shot. But I expect to see of better than of that in a few of hours." Even if the tone was not familiar to his ears, the odd cadence of the words would surely give way to the identity of the voice. Emilia Cassomir, sister to a Viscountess and a King. Dressed in the usual Huntress style with her bow in hand. A corner tugging smile is offered when he might look around to her.

Lucas does turn around, arrow clutched in one hand, his bow in the other. He bows. "Lady Emilia, it is good to see you again," he greets warmly and with a smile. "And yes, I was just thinking that about my shot, especially if you and your sister huntresses are competing." The Wraith is dressed casually, though a lordly sort of casual with a doublet of hunter green lambs wool, black leather breeches and tall boots.

"As it is good to see you of again, Lord of Lucas," Emilia greeting warmly in return. "And of aye, I shalll be of competing along with some other of Huntresses. Raelyn might as of well, she keeps of saying she is leaving the contests behind, but I of think she enjoys them more than she is of saying." Giving a glance towards the target and the shot taken,"Shall we be seeing Master of Corvin as of well today to have you both give us a run of it?"

Lucas turns and smoothly fires an arrow. Which does not fly so smoothly once it leaves his bow string, burrying itself on the edge of the target. Lucas frowns. "I hope so, he may need to carry Couviere through the contest if this is how I am going to be shooting," he says before turning back to Emilia and setting down his bow. "As to if he plans to, I cannot say, I never really know what my brother is planning. As for Raelyn, I keep expecting Sir Gabriel to be bitten by the same urge and return to the joust despite protesting that he has put it behind him." A smile. "So, how have you been since our last talk?"

A brow rises just a little as that arrow…well it at least hits the target. "He just of might. Though of hopefully you are getting the poor of shots out of yur system of now." Emilia gives a slight nod concernign Corvin. "Sir of Gabriel may be of glad to have it of behind of him. I of know Jaren was pleased of enough to give up competing of regular like. They do take more of a chance in of the joust then we do in of the archery." There is a mild tug at the corners of her lips,"I have been of well, trying to settle into all of the changes. And I am of sure you have heard of our new ArchDuchess, so quickly of appointed. Hopefully you have been of well?"

"That's my hope, but then my luck has not been fantastic this tournament. I spent the first few days getting myself free of obligations to take part in the fisticuffs only to have it be rained out," Lucas explains. "I would not be surprised to see my shots worsen for the contests no matter how badly I shoot now," he says. While the words are pessimistic they're delivered in a self-mocking tone and without real bite. "True, the risk is greater in the joust and I can see why your brother the king would avoid taking part, especially with no prince or princess yet born to secure the throne." One knows Rivana didn't need another succession dispute! "I did hear about the Archduchess, the Greycen won if I heard right. Good to hear it was managed quickly, we've had ours for so long I don't even recall if I was born yet when he was elected." The question that follows causes Lucas to frown thoughtfully. "I am bored for the most part. Things are calm back home and at court so there is little call for me to take on even the pleasureable duties of my role. So, I practice, I study and I wait."

"The rain has made of things quite of…interesting this of tournament. But perhaps my of luck that it did get rained of out, as I had gotten of a notion to try my own hand at of it. I doubt I would have faired to of well in of truth." Emilia gives a slight glance back towards the target,"Anything is of possible, but of truly shots of taken in of such a contest do not matter, it is if they hit of when it of counts." A slight nod comes,"Of true, but that will be of changed of soon enough. The Queen is quite with of child." Making that note mildly, as no doubt that news has traveled as well. "It was quite of quick, one vote and it was of decided. She will be of the second of voted of in during my of life of time." Those dark eyes studying Lucas when that frown comes. "It is sounding a bit of the opposite of how things have been of for me. But of practice and study? Does this of mean you have found of way to listen to of the shadows?"

"Yes, I suspect it is all these mountains that trap the rain, but such is life," Lucas says before his brows raise. "Ah, she is? That is good news, please give my congratulations to your brother and the Queen when you see them next," he says somewhat formally. Did he know that? He didn't recall but then he was no real student of gossip. The mention of things being the opposite brings him back to the discussion at hand though, "Nothing troublesome I hope?" he asks with legitimate concern before he breaks into a smile. "No, not yet. I will need some further instruction I think, before I can even think of practicing."

Emilia nods,"Of aye, she is. And I shall be of certain to pass such of along to them when I am of seeing them next. I am of certain they will be be pleased to receive of it." A flicker of formalness touching her response in turn. She shakes her head,"No, nothing to of troublesome. Just of busy, with of hosting the Alhazred contingent at of Roseguard for of a time, then of course being needed at of court for Prince of Tristan's of wedding and then the ArchDucal of elections. It is just of one thing after of another mostly." A slight brow rises,"We have never of gotten proper of time to see to of lessons on of that. And…..I am not thinking the tournament of time is good." To many eyes! "It does always seem to be keeping both of us busy, perhaps I am needing to take up of your sister's of invitation to come and visit?"

"My thanks," Lucas says in a final bit of formality before moving on to other matters. "I see, the Alhazred. Interesting. I've only met their traders before, ones who've docked at Lonnaire and could speak the common tongue. How have their nobles been? I've always wondered what their homeland must be like." The mention of the visit and the busy nature of tourneys gets an emphatic nod. "I am sure that could be arranged. When would you like to come, I can send a letter to my father and sister, though I am sure if Alina made the offer there will be no objections."

"They have been of interesting to have of around. I know they ahve not cared as much for of the cooler weather," to say the least. "But they have been of curious as well to learn of us. Though I have of perhaps spent the most time with of the Prophet Hashim. It has been interesting of speaking with him and seeing of some of the difference that are of existing, though I am not of sure our of Bishop cared of to much for me speaking over of long with the Prophet." Emilia does give the question some thought considering a little. "There are a few of matters I should of see to in Roseguard once tournament is of done. But that should not take of long, perhaps something at of the beginning of the next of month?"

Lucas smiles at the mention of the religious differences, he had not even thought of that part. Not surprising given how little thought his family gave such things. "Ah yes, I suppose your Bishop was less than happy about a Prophet being there. Do they truly believe they speak to the One? The Prophets?" he asks. So perhaps he did have some curiosity in these matters. There is a nod about the timing. "Next month should give me ample time to alert my family and for arrangements to be made. I'll send word tonight and should hear back before the tournament is complete if that meets with their approval."

"I of admit, I have not asked him of such a question. But it does seem to be of their belief." Emilia pauses briefly,"He and the ArchBishop Sirrah are well of aquainted, old of friends. It is of interesting to see of them together. Least when they of are." The ArchBishop did travel about oft, it seemed. Emilia nods,"Then it is of a plan, should they not of mind such a visit. I of suppose it shall become more of common to have visits between Rivana and Courvier outside of tournaments of soon enough."

Lucas nods. He supposed asking that sort of question wasn't exactly polite. "So he is friends with the Archbishop?" he asks. That seemed to be a vote in the man's favor. "And how is she?" he asks. He's full of questions this afternoon it seems. At the mention of more visits. "Yes, most likely when the treaty is signed visits will be far more common. Which is good, it's much more fun facing you Huntresses on the tourney field than it would be on the battlefield I think."

Emilia nods,"Of aye, he is. It was seeming they had known of each other for quite some of time. Though I have not quite bene able to ply any of stories from Prophet of Hashim about of teh Archbishop. Of yet." It was hard to think of Sirrah as having been young once! "She is doing of well, but yet of seeming to only of stop in for quick of moments. Though I am of expecting to speak with her over some of matters in the future. Least when she is of having some of time for it." Being a bit busy with the upheaval in the Church and that 'little' side job dealing with things out of children's tales. "Quite of true, it is of good. And certainly more of fun and muchless of painful to be meeting of upon of the tourney field then of teh battle of field. "

"Interesting," Lucas says of the Prophet and Archbishop being long-time acquaintances. "I wonder if he shares similar interests," he says after a glance to see that no one is close enough to overhear even that cryptic remark. Someone must slay monsters in the south after all. He smiles. "True indeed, much less painful. Speaking of that," he glances towards the sky taking note of the sun's position. "The competition will be starting soon enough, shall we practice some before then?" he offers.

Emilia gives a nod,"They do seem to share of interests. And seem to often of consult with one of another." A slight but meaningful look given by those dark eyes. Her eyes flicker to the sky as well as the stands, which have gathered some seeking to get those better seats. "That seems like a fine of idea. Perhaps you can get of those poor of shots done of with now." A mild bit of teasing coming from the rather stoic Cassomir.

The message seems to be received and Lucas nods. "Interesting. You will have to tell me what else there is to know about that another time," he says before he smirks. "Yes, best to get rid of them," he says with a shake of his head. "I do have to make you huntresses work for your victory after all."

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