(1867-05-14) Normont Tourney: Awards Ball
Normont Tourney: Awards Ball
Summary: The Awards Ball for the Normont Tournament of 1867
Date: 1867-05-14
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Falconhome Castle - Normont - Rivana
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The prizes have been handed out… many to Sir Evelyn. A female knight winning a tournament in Normont. Symon is thrilled.

His vassals are largely not.

So the air is somewhat tense for a gathering such as this. Food and drink may flow freely but many of the Normont natives are tight lipped and distinctly displeased.

At least some of the prizes had gone to Rivianias with Emilia having collected the prize for Art, and her sister those shiny handcannons for the archery. Even if the knightly events did usually end up with most of the focus..and well a HUntress winning the archeyr wasn't news, but Raelyn had made the shot of the century with the double arrow split! Emilia did give her sister a side long look,"Are you of really going to be of learning how to use of your new of shinies?"

Settled back with the few unnoble sorts that had come along, Odilia did look well dressed. And someone had to see Philippe collect his prize. As well as make some sort of report to Talia about the shindig.

Evelyn is quite pleased. And if she notices the tension in the celebration, she doesn't show it in the least. Her prizes have been allocated to one of her servants that accompanied her on the trip here, and Blaze had been treated to people food off the table — to be eaten outside of course. Evelyn's mood is merry enough, and no reason it shouldn't be. And, she's engaged almost anyone whose approached her about the Tourney, or anything else, welcoming and open in her demeanor. The prizes she'd won safely secured away, the Lady, Knight, and Falcon seems to be most fond of the ale for her drink, the mug of which hasn't really left her hand all evening.

Raelyn, for her part, seems pleased a female Knight won, even if it wasn't a Rivanian. And the fact she'd been constantly looking over the shiney hand cannons she'd won clearly hasn't been lost on Emilia. "Of course," she says with a measured, humored smile. "Who knows. It might be fun." Still she seems serious enough. "I'll have to find a teacher, though. For me, and Stephen. You as well, if you're interested."

And the bard did indeed collect his prize. It was really the reason why Philippe had bothered to come to Normont in the first place. Well…that, and it was a perfectly valid excuse, err reason to leave Talia for a while. After all, Philippe had a reputation to uphold! And murderous mood swings to avoid. He was, of course, perfectly gracious as he accepted his prize…and, perhaps to the surprise of no one, immediately begun to play upon the lyre, adding to the musical entertainment of the festivities.

That the Rivanian knights have made a better showing this time around was something Emilia had least been glad to see. "Do they not of come with a teacher, I was recalling some of the other of tournaments who gave such of prizes saw that a teacher for of a year was of had with them." A mild half rise of one shoulder comes,"It is probably of best to learn as of well. They do seem to be of becoming more of popular, and given that even during the hand cannon of contest in Venderos a few lost of fingers…the one perhaps of his hand of even, they do not seem of a thing to be triffled of with."

"No," agrees Raelyn, nodding slowly, "They do not. Still, they also seem quite useful, in certain situations I can see them being quite effective. And, if the One chooses to, perhaps, give us a sign? I should not ignore it," she ventures, a bit somberly, and a bit whimsically as well. "Don't worry. I'll be careful. Still, they could be - fun," she says, admitting what her sister suspected.

Evelyn disengages herself from a few interested parties, and moves over to Phillipe, where the bard plays on his new lyre, commenting, "A fine win, young bard. And well deserved. You play exceedingly well. It's too bad some here let mood sour them, and I doubt even your playing could exorcise the stormcloud over their heads. But I thank you for the lovely music, just the same. Some here, at least, are enjoying it."

Mingling about within the crowd is a certain Tracano princess. Clara doesn't seem to care much about the local nobility being all stiff and such. Then again, it could be because they aren't being all that stuffy to her. But, Clara is no fool. She knows that the old guard around the banquet hall is far too conservative for their own good…and that seems to amuse her, for some reason. Though, wisely, she keeps her commentary to herself. At least for now.

One of those Rivanan knights that did fairly well for himself can be seen through the crowd, too. Sir Leander Giraldi has actually decided to make an appearance to the feast. Not that he won any sort of prize…at least not one that was handed out tonight. No…but he did have the best showing of his as of yet short circuit career. And that warranted celebrating. And…all the better when the celebrating can be done freely.

A respectful bow is given to the overall winner of the tournament, as Philippe pauses his playing. "I am best with my lute…but it is always good to expand one's horizons. It may do some of the others here some good to do so." Seems the bard has not missed the dour mood either. "I will attempt to dispel the gloom as best I can. Though…if they continue to keep this up much longer, I might engage in a more bawdry selection, just to get a reaction. Thank you, Sir l'Faust, for your kind words and congratulations on your triumph here, as well."

Yes, there had been that added plus of being able to escape from Talia's mood swings with that pending birth. Dealing with a few disgruntled Normont-ians was a walk in the part in comparision. When Philippe had taken up playing, Odilia had taken up an unobstrusive place to ahng out and listen. Maybe internally fan girl a bit. The approach of Evelyn had the bastard watching the knight a few moments. "You did rather well for youself on the field. " Csating a look over the room and back to Philippe,"I am not sure you want /that/ kind of reaction."

"Of aye, I do of agree. They seem of usual in of some of situations. And cause of a certian impact even when not of striking the of intended of target," notes Emilia. The whole loud noise and psycological impact. "Perhaps it is of a sign, but I am of glad that you will be of careful. After all I would not of wish to return from Lonnaire and of find you had been losing of fingers and ont logner to of draw your of bow either." Oh, just how casually she dropped that…right there.

Amara was settled at one of the tables. Looking a little wided eyed in sensing all of the tension. This was not how going to the few other tournaments she had so far attened had turned out. It was a confounding matter to her in truth. It kept her to her table with a few of the companions that had also come to put in an apperance.

Raelyn merely forks a bit of meat off her sister's plate for that remark, telling Emilia, confidently, "I am aware of the potential hazards, and danger, Emilia. I'm also aware of the potential benefits. Such should not be overlooked," she points out, in return. She has not, despite her sister's dropping hints, lost her bit of cheer. "That may very well be the last archery contest I compete in. I can't very well top that performance, now, can I?"

Evelyn nods to Phillipe, "Thank you," she notes, kindly to Phillipe. "I've had a lot of inspriation. And a lot of - reason to focus, and continue to push myself. It has not been easy. But, it's been worth it." She smiles, then. "Perhap on the road back, you would like to accompany me, until we need part ways? I would enjoy a bard's entertainment, and silvered tongue."

A brow rises slightly when Raelyn steals that bit of meat from her plate,"Are you becoming of Naois now? First of the shinies, now theifing of meat from mine-plate…WIll you be of taking over mine-bed of next?" That dead pan turn coming with Emilia's words. "Of true, that was quite of the performance. But you have also of said that of other of contests, that they would be of your last. I of imagine that you may sit many of out now, but given the right of prize or of mood, take of the field of again."

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