(1867-05-17) Keep An Eye On Her
Keep An Eye on Her
Summary: As her sister requested, Emilia talks to Lon about watching over her. A few other matters get touched upon as well.
Date: 1867-05-17
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Emilia  Lonar  

Forests of Ironhold - Ironhold - Rivana
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With a return to Roseguard by the Cassomirs and those others who had accompanied them to Normont, routines were once again being settled into. And perhaps a few new ones to come with the hand cannons that Raelyn had won, and seemed highly interested in learning to use. It mean seeing to matters that required personal attention and a general return to duties. And also a return to those 'tracking’ lessons.

The depths of the forest had been taken to as they oft were for the lessons. But after hours of working through the current set of exercises, a break had come. After taking a drink from the water skin, Emilia looked down at Lon from the branch she had taken to perching on. A quiet study was made before she spoke,” Do you like living in of Roseguard? Amongst of so many again?” It was perhaps not the most important thing upon her mind, but it was what came out first. A curiosity of sorts, he had been Lonar and at Roseguard for some months now…even if by his standards barely a blink of an eye. And as was often the case when they were alone (and not likely to be overheard), her words came out in the language of the Sidhe.


“Not so easy to answer that.” Lon replies readily enough, seated on a fallen log a short distance away, “I often remember people more so than places, unless I spend a very long time there.” He shrugs a shoulder, “The people here are mostly good. Far from the worst I’ve lived among.” He sets back to sharpening the knife he’d been honing but a moment ago, “You are here, so I find it pleasing.” He concludes simply.

He glances up though, tilting a brow, “There is something in the air now, though. Among your pack. They are wary of something. Sometimes each other. That is not so pleasing.”


There is a mild rise of her brow to hear they were far from the worst, perhaps meaning they weren’t near the best either. Something she seems to find interesting more than anything, knowing he had lived so long and seen more than she could fathom. Though the simple conclusion does cause a faint smile, it was something that did please her on some level.

The next though does cause Emilia to frown slightly and her gaze drops to the branch and ground beneath. She is quiet for a time, perhaps picking her words… But eventually she does look back to him,”I am being of the reason they are of so. I am of the something they are being wary of…because I have become Mistress of the Hunt…leader of that pack.” There is another pause, almost a sigh within her next breath. “ Raelyn has asked that I of speak to you about of it….to ask of you to watch after of me.”


“Heh. Sometimes there is more wolf in the humans than I remember. The second challenges the first, the third the second…always a struggle with wolves.” Lon seems a touch amused at the thought. “For wolves, only strength need be shown to cow the challengers. But I suspect it is not so simple with humans.” Lon cants his head slightly, “What makes her think I do not do so already, when I am able?” A slight, wolfish grin at that, “Or is there some plan I am to be part of to deal with the challengers?”


There is small cant of Emilia’s head as she watches the turn of amusement in Lon. “ You are of correct, it is not of so simple. And if it were of strength alone…physical of strength, “ adding the mild clarifier,” I would not of win.” She knew she had a strength…but also she was certainly not the strongest when it came to physical feats. “ But it is of mine mind they are of questioning. And perhaps in of having of some skills it makes them more of wary. But also of wary of the decisions I of make, simple because they come from of me.”

Those dark eyes do quietly study Lon at that response and the wolfish grin,”Perhaps she has not given it thought to that of level. She and I do not of exactly speak of much about of the relationship between you and of I. “ There is an odd look that touches,”Though mine cousin has asked if I will seek to make of you mine-consort.” Emilia shakes her head before dropping down off the branch, perhaps pushing aside the thought.

“It was not for having a part, but I had to agree to of ask….no.. her of word was to persuade of you to keep of watch over of me….before she would of agree to of my plan.” Taking a few steps to settle upon another fallen log,”I had not of included you in such of a plan to deal with those of challenge…is not of a direct of challenge but of plot within of the shadows to see of me killed. “


Lon tilts a brow at the mention of consorting though he doesn’t seem particularly alarmed by it, “I have heard others speaking of such a thing. Some of your Huntresses as well. Many seem to think it a fine idea.” He tilts his head, “It might make some things easier. Even if it offers other difficulties.”

As Emilia expounds upon her situation, Lon frowns deeply, “Ah…perhaps not Wolves then. The Challenge is more open with them. But if you and your sister wish me to remain near, I can do so and likely remain hidden unless needed.” He looks towards Emilia then, “What is your plan?”


Both brows rise to hear that news, with many other things to give her attention towards, gossip about her…well..her love life…had not been high on the list. “Of truly?” There is a moment's pause before Emilia asks,”And what are you thinking of the idea? Is it being of something you would of wish? For of aye….some things would be of easier, yet other of difficulties could of arise in of taking such of a path.”

She nods slightly,”I was not of thinking wolves were of ones to dance within of the shadows and play at such things. More likely to be taking of direct of path, and of perhaps not with the wish for of death.” There is another nod from Emilia,”Mine-sister wishes for it to be so. And is there really of question of whether I have wish for you to be near of more?” Then again, perhaps he was about more than she was aware as well.

“My plan…is of why mine-sister wishes for you to be of near.” Not that Emilia blames Raelyn any for wishing for the added safeguard. “As I am meaning to allow them to make of their attempt upon of me.” A matter she does state rather casually. “But their of plan will not be as much of their own as they are thinking. Knowing what they wish and their of goal, it is being of directed in subtle of ways, so when the time of comes….it will be of mine-choosing. They mean to of ambush me within one of the training of exercises, when it is of they who will be caught un-of-aware. Turning of their plan around upon of them, though without of the intent to be of killing.” Though no saying what her sister might do with them afterwards. “For I must of show not just of strength, but that I am not of blind and stupid. Not just to of them, but of the others as of well.”


“Truly. Though they may not know I can hear them when they speak of it.” Lon notes with a touch of humor to his grin. At her question, he shrugs a shoulder, “My people have never had ceremonies and papers and the like. But I know they are important for yours. If you and your family wish this thing and think it wise, I would not object.” He adds, “If the benefit outweighs the complication, then it should be considered.”

Lon falls silent then, listening as Emilia explains her situation, and her plan. “Turning the ambush against them.” He doesn’t seem disapproving of the notion. “And no bloodshed. More difficult, but far from impossible. Though if you come to serious harm or worse , I make no promise that they will survive to face your family’s justice.” He concludes, “But otherwise simply tell me of when and where this shall transpire and I will be there to bear witness and intervene if I must. But I hope it will not be so.”


A slight twitch of amusement comes to Emilia’s lips when Lon speaks of others likely not knowing that he hears them. A slight tilt of her head comes,”You have of Dancing and it is of a way a ceremony, even if not of formal. Or…” There is a mild study of Lon as a thought seems to occur,”is of Dancing being the way of the Sidhe and of amongst of Changelings choosing of a mate was of done differently?” A flicker of curiosity touching those dark brown eyes again. “In of the moment…I find more of benefits then of complications to come from of it. As it would of allow you to be of near more easily in of here and when I must of travel. And rooms could be of shared, if so of wished. But I will of speak with of Raelyn and see what she of says. Since she would have to be agreeing and creating of such papers.” There be some turn of amusement at the thoughts of that particular negotiation.

There is a nod of agreement,”It will be of difficult to avoid of bloodshed, but that does not keep me from the wish of trying for of it. “ Emilia nods, even if a bit more solemnly this time,”I do not ask for such of a promise. For in of truth, even if they survive of me…I do not if know that they will of survive the justice mine-sister may of wish to serve upon of them in the of end.” Emilia knew her sister was more than a touch displeased. “When of the final of location is of known, I will inform of you. As while there is such of a plan, such of details are not yet of settled. But now that I can of assure mine sister you have been of properly persuaded,” there may just be a hint of amusement in her tone at that stretch of words,” I will of proceed to get such settled. I do of hope as of well and intervention is not of needed.”

There is a slight pause,”I am of guessing if you are to keep more of watch over me,” Officially. “Then you should be of knowing there of some plans for me to of travel of North for of a week or so. “


“With the Sidhe there was rarely permanent matings. Though by the lives of humans it would seem so…a few hundred winters would seem long to you, but to them would be…” Lon considers, “How is it called…a “fling?” If a somewhat lengthy one.” He considers, “There were…partnerships, though. Kings and Queens of the Courts. But they were not tied to only each other in whom they chose to seek their pleasures with.”

The ancient changeling shrugs a shoulder, “But yes, among the Changelings the dance was the courtship and mating all rolled into one.” He chuckles, “So if you see it from the mind of a Changeling, we are already joined.” He seems to find a bit of humor in that as well, though he grows more serious at the remainder of the words.

“Oh? To the Northern Kingdom or back to Normont? Or further beyond still?” Lon notes, a curious expression painting his features, “I suppose it will be for your sister to decide if I am able to accompany you. I may travel faster and further than men over land, but I doubt I would catch up before you returned.”


"Of aye, you have spoken of such of before. Because of lives with so many of years, such of matches were not of permanent. But," there is a faint flicker of a smile,"to the lives of one such as of I, it would seem of so for how long it might be of lasting." Emilia nods slightly,"Of aye, such is of the word…fling." A faint cant to her head, as that was something she did not recall. The partnerships…but seeking pleasures elsewhere. It certainly was not entirely unheard of within the matches and marriages of humans.

Emilia nods slightly,"I recall of you speaking of that of once of before, the Dance was of something the Sidhe had done to chose of a mate." Those dark eyes study him a little after that chuckle,"Since we have been of Dancing, is that how you of see of me, as of mate, even if I am not of being of Sidhe or of Changeling?" She had known the purpose of the Dance, and had perhaps wondered after the topic coming up around her sister…but she had never quite ventured so far as to of ask his actual…view of what they were…before.

"To of the Northern Kingdom, a place of within that we are of calling Lonnaire in of the southern end of the Kingdom." Knowing the names have likely changed several times over during his lifetime. "Mine sister might of yet disallow me to of go, for she is not of…fond…" Small understatement "of those I would be of visiting. I would be of going for just over of a week," to account for gatesickness.


“I have not been with any other, nor have you, so yes, I would claim you my mate. But I also know that the way of humans is not the way of Changelings, and that our differences complicate matters, so far as others are concerned. You may yet be called upon to mate for your family, as is the way of nobles. I would not bar you from this. I would not be…pleased…but I would not be angry. In many ways, it might be best if you were mated with a human.” Lon’s tone isn’t deeply admonishing or grumbly at that. While he may think it might be best, it is clearly not to an extent that he considers of great concern, because he hasn’t shown any sign of ending the relationship.

“Ah, further north then. I suppose it unlikely I could travel with, so I will await you here. But if your pack is angry with theirs…why then do you travel to them?”


There is a nod from Emilia, it was not a matter that could be contested, the difference in ways of their people did not make things easy. “Of aye, it does of have of complications where others are being of concerned.” All the same, it does seem to please her on some level that he would claim her as mate. “It is of true, it could be of required of yet. But perhaps more than of most, because of the traditions of mine family, I would have some of say in what mine future would be in of this. Though in of the end..if duty of requires of it, I know it must be of done. Though it would not be of a duty that would please of me. Nor would I come to bare if a human of mate any of children. They would not of understand of this or of many of things. Perhaps of better for many reasons, yet of complicated for of others.” It did not mean she liked the idea any better. Something he said does have Emilia studying him a moment,”You would not bar of me….would you of…..share of me…or would it be of the end of our of…mating?”

Another bit of a nod comes when he says he will wait here. The question though is a valid one. “There is of anger between of us, but our of Queen, their of King wish for of peace between of the Kingdoms. Anger at of hurts caused in of generations of past must be moved of beyond, just as in of time those of recent of years must be found to move of forward of from. Such must be shown possible.” Emilia pauses slightly,”I was also of making a promise to one of their pack to be of teaching of something. It will be easier for me to do of such there, then if they were to come of here or at of tournament.”


“The Sidhe were free with their attentions and we could not, or would not always refuse them. If I begrudged one I had mated being with another, there would never have been peace in my tribe or any other.” Lon notes, that glimmer of wistful amusement appearing. “If you wished to continue, then we continue. If you do not, we do not. I know humans make these things complicated, though.” A bit of “silly humans” tone lacing his voice at that one.

“Yes. Tribes cannot war forever. Eventually the territories settle.” Lon nods, seeming to find the wisdom in Emilia’s journey now. “And it is also good to keep promises.” He cants his head slightly, quirking a brow, and while he doesn’t quite lift his head and sniff the air, she’s learned well enough to read him to know it’s what he’s doing.

“Bear nearby, with cubs. Had best probably move.” Not that they can’t handle a bear (and likely easily at that), but why disturb what does not need be disturbed?


In the end there is but a faint nod from Emilia as nothing further was added about either topic. Her dark eyed watching him in the moment his head cants slightly. There is no argument from her on the matter, Emilia simply moving back to her feet and turning to move on. Picking up the lesson again soon enough before the eventual return to Roseguard.


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