(1867-05-18) Let Us Wait
Let Us Wait
Summary: Emilia lets her sister know that she has spoken to Lon as requested. A few requests are made, that give Raelyn pause.
Date: 1867-05-18
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Emilia  Raelyn  

Raelyn's Office - Roseguard- Ironhold - Rivana
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It would seem one task had not changed for Emilia, and that was to ensure the Viscount…er..Viscountess was properly interuppted during the day to ensure breaks from staring at endless piles of missives was taken. To that end, a knock came upon the office door before Emilia came waltzing on through in that ethereal movement of hers. A tray in hand which seemed ot bare a selection of snacks upon it. "I know it shall be of a grave injustice to be of interupting you from the most important of tasks." Pausing before giving the desk a look,"No doubt, more of silver words to seek some of influence. And other seeking of some favor."

"A severe, grave injustice. Of the most deplorable kind," Raelyn agrees, sagely, and sounding droll, and mind-worn as she says this. Certainly, Stephen made things far easier, and took most of the paperwork. But there were other matters to see to a well. Notwithstanding the constant reports she recieves, and pours over political reports, reports on the Huntresses activities and those criminals they capture, and other Viscountess-y things. She raises her head from the desk, smiles, wryly. "Were it anyone else, it may be considered treasonous. But this once, I shall forgive."

"It is of good then that I have brought offerings of peace to of sooth any of anger wrought for causing such of an injustice, and to be so of favored." The tray being offered most gracefully…well the move would put any practiced servent to shame. No doubt Emilia helped where she could yet, even if only to use her experience in assisting Jaren to adjusting the form and format to something more efficient to the Viscountess. Bowing her head ever so humbly,"You honor of me so with such of a boon, my beloved of Viscountess." A flickering smile risking an apperance upon her lips as she straightened. Though the tray was left for Raelyn to look over and enjoy as she might wish. "If your mind is not to over over taken by the words that dance upon of the papers, there were a couple of thigns I wished to speak to you of about. One a matter of a trip I am looking to of take soon. The other…something that is both of personal and could be of political in of the end as of well."

The tray peeks Raelyn's interest, and she plucks from it a treat to nosh, while Emilia makes her humbling and proficient apology for her interruption. And this? This clearly amuses her sister, who in turn to the smile, quirks one of her own. But it's the latter request that has her sitting up, and growing more somber. "Politics? That avenue to which you so greatly abhore, sister-mine? It must be of curious import, then. Speak of what you will," she invites, "And join me. We shall enjoy that which you've brought, and converse thus." Another quirk of a smile. Just a shade.

"I of suppose both matters may have of politcal implications in of truth," admits Emilia. Taking to one of the seats about the desk after plucking a treat form the tray herself. "Just because I am not of fond of it and how I am of cast within of it, does not me I am of blind to of such things. To of the first matter, a trip to be of taken. When I last of traveled to Lonnaire," the only time really,"I had of agreed to help of Lord of Lucas with some of his skills. For I had of a way of showing of up expectedly." Meaning she got the drop on him. "And after of Jaren's wedding Lady of Alina extended of an offer to pay of visit of again…While within of Normont, the mater of came up of again between Lord of Lucas and myself, so I have of thought to accept of the invitation and make of good upon mine of agreement with Lord of Lucas." Those dark eyes do quietly watch her sister a bit. "I am of knowing they are not exactly of a favorite of yours. Nor that many would of notice such of a small of visit, yet of the same it may be of a small of way to show that peace is of being of worked upon."

There's the rub. It is no secret, not even to the most blind and inept of servants, Raelyn's dislike for the House of Wraiths. "There are enough who would notice," comments Raelyn, dryly. "You are, afterall, now, the Mistress of the Hunt." She, perhaps, suddenly, has lost all of her appetite as she takes nothing further from the tray. "And you cannot move about so quietly as you have prior to taking that mantle up," she reminds. And, only after a moment's hesitation, "There are a few, particularly, whom I think would notice, and it would give them more fuel to toss upon the fire they're already stoking." Her mouth sets. But, Emilia would recognize that Raelyn at least, has not said 'no', yet, as Raelyn likely would have if she were still in her former position and did not have the present burden of politics she now herself bears. "And what is this visit to consist of, praytell?"

"Of aye, I know of enough would of notice." Emilia twitch just a little,"And of aye, I am of aware of that." When it comes to the mantle she know wheres." A nod comes to acknowledge that it would add fuel to the fire of some of her…detractors. "But I know of well that our Queen and King wish for peace, that of peace that was of offered by King Jean-Paul…I do not of imagine any of doubt that we support of such and effort, but of such a move will be of proof. I do not of expect minds or of feelings to of change in of a night, or even of a year. And to not be taking this as if I am of having some of particular like for the of House, but mine-sister, it was of you that first of told me that Lord of Lucas was of ok." A faint look given to her sister on that. A faint nod comes at the question,"I would of imagine there will be some of dinners for which I will attend, the typical of matters when guests are of had, like of here. But not so…ah…public would be of helping of Lucas with his of perception of shadows. As I am of knowing he would not be of keen for such to be of widely of known. If there is of news to of share concerning our mutual interest of things that hide within of the Shadows, I imagine there will be discussions upon of that."

"And do you think," wonders Raelyn, quietly, "That you will get something out of this, beyond this measure of peace?" Still, Raelyn hasn't said no. Certainly the features upon her expression do not bother to hide the distaste that some, at least, of which Emilia says is true and thus bears some measure of honest consideration. That does not mean she has to like it. "News, as it were, of the Shadows, or the things within them?" And she conceeds, just a shade, "Lucas is, from my limited experience, well balanced, and does not have the mind bent towards savagery like the Wraiths. Cunning? Yes. Resourceful? Certainly. But also, honorable." She adds again, "From my limited experience with the young man." She shrugs again, leans back in her chair and sighs, "You should have brought me wine, Emilia."

"Of perhaps, but there is of chance for of you to of get something in of the end as of well…After of all, I do not of imagine spending of a week within of their of House hold I will not come of away with some of insight. Of perhaps no great of secrets, but we do of lack insight into the Courviere Court." Emilia nods a little,"He showed of me kindness in of my last of visit, and shared of some of information I was of after. We have gotten on of well enough. He seems to share our of love of politics and of Court in of truth. " A small wine skin is produced and offered over,"You say of that like I am not of knowing mine-sister."

Raelyn takes the wine skin, exhales, and nods, which of course means she does not have an arguement against it. "Are you going to do your little - plot and plan before, or after your return, then?" She takes a sip of wine from the skin, thankful for it.

"Of after, it will of give them of time to consider of their of plan, and for of Adrienne to be of helping to of direct it by of planting certain of information for of them. And I have of spoken to of Lonar….I of believe his of response to your of request was something of wanting to of know what made you of think he was not already of looking after of me when he was of able." There is just a fiant tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips,"Which is to be of saying, there was not of much need to be of persuading him as you requested." She hesitates a little bit,"But that brings of up the other of matter..the one that was being of more personal. Of this of matter, I am not expecting of an of answer of soon, since it could have many of impacts in truth….But.. What would you of think to of me taking of Lonar as of mine-Consort?" Maybe it's a good thing she's on the other side of the desk.

Raelyn takes all of this in, nodding to the former part, and even the middle. She is unsurprised at Lon's response, and it even caused, briefly, a smile to touch her lips in measured humor against the more somber, and dislike of the other topic. Wraiths and Huntresses did not get along well, and Raelyn had been made and honed as a Huntress in the heat of that discord. It was -hard- to let such things go. But as her sister draws close to the next topic of conversation, she coughs, slightly, and stares at Emilia, shaking her head some. "Emilia. Are you -trying- to give me a heart attack so you must take over my duties?" She inquires. More wine is thus required. "By the One. What other surprises have you to bring up?"

At least Wraiths and Huntresses got on better than Thorns and Huntresses? Marginally. To her credit, a bit of concern does flicker up into that ever stoic mien of hers when there is that coughing. "The duties would fall to of Devlin of next, not of me," oh how smoothly she points /that/ out. She after all is the last of the brood. Devlin is the heir until Raelyn pops out a kid. "There is of nothing of more to be of surprising of with. And it is not of like there would ever be of a good of time to raise of that matter. But it was of an idea that Adrienne of raised some of time of ago, and Lonar says he has heard of others speak of it as of well. I am just of knowing such could also cause of…complications. And would of certianly be of considered by of the Court as of well." All of that sudden of interest that had come to the King's 'touched' little sister.

"Let us wait, to discuss the matter further, after your venture to Lonnaire, and after we have routed the treasonous little bitches that I thought loyal to my House," Raelyn says, quietly. "Though, I am not entirely opposed to it. I wish you contentment, Emilia. You deserve much of it. But as you say, and know, there are more ramifications to that now with our brother as King. And I must consider these things with due weight." She does not look happy about this, either - moreso, now, for those intricate Courtly mechanics which she finds so borish. She shakes her head, "I do not know how they all can do it, Emilia. Play their game of Court and intrigue. I've little paitence for it. One praise Stephen. He's a mind to it." She exhales, then, and leans over to squeeze her sister's arm, gently, affectionately. "Good. I am not certain my heart could withstand more shock," she teases.

Emilia nods,"I did not of think you would be of opposed to the idea. But I am of knowing there would be of consequences as of well to make such an official of thing between of he and I, and that is needing of consideration. I know there have been of offers since Jaren's of betrothal." Who probably would not be keen to have been turned down and then Emilia to be consorted. "It was not of something I had thought to of consider in of truth, but with others of speaking of it, I did of think it should be of raised to be of considered." She sighs a little bit,"I do not of know ohw they do of it, or why they wish to be of doing it. But our dear of brother is neck of deep in of that world of now and no longer has of the ability to be of escaping even as little as you of can. " There is a faint tugging to the corner of her lips. "But of aye, we can discuss of further after the other of matters are of dealt of with. And you have had of time to of consider it." And no doubt talk it over with Stephen too. "I shall try to ensure there are no more of shocks for of awhile of then. I do not of think Devlin would like of me much if he had to learn how to deal with so much of paperwork."

"Less than I, no doubt. He has enough to be concerned with to in the Tourney's, and honing his skills," Raelyn ventures. She then moves to rise, giving the desk, and the work upon it a rejected hand gesture, shaking her head. "I think I am going to go tend to Zeus. I need to relax, and think. And Zeus, I think, would like to hunt. You are welcome to join me, if you wish the fresh air."

"Of true." And worrying about just who Raelyn is going to saddle him with in a match! Emilia slips to her feet when her sister rises. "I would be of happy to of join you and get some of air. And perhaps of find you more of wine later." Giving a bit of a weak smile.

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