(1867-06-02) Tension in the Air
Tension in the Air
Summary: Adrienne and Emilia discuss the next steps in trying to put end to the discord and current plot amongst the Huntresses, more personal matters come up as well.
Date: 1867-06-02
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Huntress Office - Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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Life had settled into routine at Roseguard once again, even if the routines had become slightly adjusted over the past year with a new Viscountess and Count, and a new Mistress of the Hunt. Of which the later had caused a level of tension and division amongst the Huntresses. Time and the measures already being taken had some slowly warming to the idea of the new Mistress, others….well…they were still problematic. Even if there had been not active mutiny or action taken, the tension amongst the Huntresses continued to simmer. It was a tension that could be felt amongst the others in Roseguard to varying degrees, even if they could not quite pinpoint the reason and source of it.

The first step had been put into place as Adrienne would have been aware, the schedule had been set for the next rounds of the team training. Amongst most of the Huntresses it had not caused any additional attention, some interest was given simply because those who had partaken of earlier rounds had found it interesting and useful, and some were also now taking to placing friendly wagers on just which ‘team’ would come out ahead and in some cases which individual Huntresses would end up taken ‘out’ first.

Adrienne was one of several that Emilia did regularly meet with to discuss current Huntress matters. Like her sister before her, Emilia did have her own ‘inner circle’ that she counted on and went to, even if it was not obvious on who all might be amongst it…some certainly more obvious than others. “I am having no of doubt that by of now Nia is of aware of the teams of set,” noted Emilia. “I have of some basics that can be of leaked of along, as we discussed. But I would think to perhaps give it of a few more of days. “ There is a slight sigh as Emilia setback in her chair. “It may be of help that I will be of away for a week or of so, they may think it of easier to meet and of plan with of out me being about.”


Adrienne had seemed a little ambiguous about their return. It was not easy to pinpoint, even so, her smiles had become more scarce, and shifted into an almost permanent stoic cast. And so, she was overseeing the extra training units with efficient routine, noting perhaps the slight tension here and there without really remarking upon it. That is, as long as it didn't threaten to disturb the preparations for this special sort of Hunt. So, the freckled Cassomir's disposition had become something close to Emilia's own, feelings hid carefully away behind the mask of duty. It was not unlikely that what she knew about what would ensue at the hunt, the subtle trap that still had to be laid out completely to snare the culprits, and the risk that would go with it wore heavy on her mind.

It was something she was not willing to show.

When Emilia addresses her now, in the seclusion of a room where none of the Huntress traitors might spy on them, Adrienne lifts her gaze, where she sits, fingers laced loosely before her, a flicker there, when Nia is mentioned. Not that she wouldn't have expected the conversation to circle about that particular subject. The freckled Cassomir inclines her head in a nod. "So… I shall 'leaK' those details unintentionally, while you are away? This sounds like a good plan," Adrienne says. Green eyes lift to find the touched Cassomir's dark gaze. "Where will you be going?"

A nod comes,”Of aye. I of know that Fiona, Helen and Joy are all of part of Nia’s conspiring, so there are some of options depending on what of opportunity presents of itself to help see such of information leaked.” It was hard to tell just what weighed upon Emilia’s mind. Though no doubt this was at the forefront of her worries these days.

Emilia sets up some in the chair, enough to move a map around on the table so that Adrienne can see it with ease. It was a map of the forests surrounding Roseguard. “The main of point of use for of them, will be where our of base shall of be.” Her hand flutters through the air til a finger settles to a spot on the map,”Here.” A small meadow that was near the falls once frequented by her family for picnics and daily outings. “It will of offer many of places to provide of cover and positions to of watch of from. We will be of able to have a few of inplace outside of our of team,” given the nature of what is expected to happen…not exactly cheating. “As mine of sister wished, we will be of able to have Lonar to of help once we have further idea of their final of plans.” There is a faint turn of Emilia’s fingers as they withdraw from the map and settle back to her lap. “But let them of think I will of be there of frequent and of alone in of that, to of coordinate you and the others of our team. “

Addressing the question of where she is going finally,”I will be of going to Lonnairre.” Home of the Wraiths. There is a faint twitch at the corners of her lips,”I am of sure that shall stir some of tall of amongst them as of well.”


Adrienne leans forward, when Emilia presents the map to her, her brows lifting when she recognizes the place, putting images from her knowledge of the area to the meadow as depicted on the geographical outline before her. "A good place," she comments, acknowledging her cousin's assessment with a nod."Hmm, yes, there are trees there, yes. And bushes…", the freckled one drawls, her brows knitting slightly as she continues to look a the map. A curious glance she shoots towards Emilia at the mention of Lonar, but decides to leave it at that. "So…", Adrienne begins then, "As you are to 'coordinate', what will my supposed moves be? Running back and forth to keep you informed about the progress?" She leans a bit more forward, green eyes flashing with cold determination. "If only you would allow me…" But they had already spoken of that. She sighs, reclining slowly. "I shall… wait for an opportunity to discuss matters with another of the senior Huntresses when one of them is eavesdropping. Making them catch that detail 'by accident'" Irony laces her tone where she stresses those words.

"You are… going where?", she asks then, brows jumping upwards in astonishment. "Lonnaire? What for?" Adrienne looks positively surprised at the news. "Just to stir their gossip?"


“And a few of ledges as of well that give of fine vantage of points,” Emilia’s fingers lightly fluttering to indicate to the places on the map, further out from the meadow. But fine places to watching comings and goings of the area itself. The curious glance is not missed, but nothing further is offered up on why Raelyn wished for the man to be included. He had proven to be a skilled huntsman and tracker during his time with the Cassomirs, even if it had become clear enough his connection to Emilia. “For of this purpose, that can be of your role, or to be leading of one of the smaller of groups in of the hunting. Whichever you think will embolden them within of their own of plans.” Afterall, other than the location.. little else will be their true plans. Her dark eyes looking up to Adrienne,”Your actual of place, as well as the of others, we can settle of on once we know once we know of how they will approach of the location. “

The response is not unexpected. “Of aye, Lonnaire. “ Emilia shakes her head a touch,”That is but of a bit of bonus to of it. But I am of going as Lady of Alina extended of an invitation back during Jaren's wedding of tournament, and I had also of received invitation from Lord of Lucas when Clara and mine’s trip of there was cut of short.” Something about a silly gate mishap. “It will be something of a political of showing, even if ever of small, on of the path to of peace that is wished by of their of King and our of Queen.” There is a faint quirk of her lips before she adds,”Especially of given the Wraiths are of loved little of more than Thorns.” Only because the Thorns wounds had truly struck at the heart of Ironhold, and were fresher.


Green eyes follow the areas Emilia points out on the map, Adrienne tilting her head a little, and then inclining it in a nod. "Hmm, yes." Another glance towards her touched cousin, as her lips quirk into a faint smile. "Officially he won't be part of the 'hunt', so I suppose, Lonar will be more an ace to be kept hidden in the sleeve until his needed…?" Maybe it would not come to that, even… Another nod then. "Okay, I can lead one of the smaller groups officially, as I would think they'd feel more at ease to do as they like, when they think I'm most probably far from this place, and not really likely to show up and interfere." Even if she would eventually.

The smile dims again, as the freckled Cassomir digests the information about Emilia's invitation to Lonnaire. "Lady Alina invited you…?" This a fact that brings about a suspicious flicker in her green eyes. "Damn. What for?" Her gaze narrowing slightly. "And even Lucas l'Saigner? One above, a WRAITH?" She can't help it, but she sounds astonished, somewhat angry and suspicious at once! Adrienne shakes her head, eyes flickering darkly, even if they shift to meet Emilia's gaze when she mentions Thorns. "So… you are considering to become a means to support that path of peace…?" Her lips are pressed together in slight distaste, she just can't help it.


A faint nod comes,"Of aye, it will not be of known that he will be of about. Externally the of 'hunt' will appear to be no of different then of the other of training that has occurred. So it would of appear of odd if we were to of include of one who is neither of Huntress nor of Huntress in of training." There is a slight pause by Emilia,"But he will be of about the woods of that day, now that he is of aware of the….situation, I am of doubting that he would be of kept of away when the time of comes. He can be of….protective." There was not need to go into just what Lonar had said on the matter. Or more, what he could not promise. "Of likely so, the less of chance they think there will be of witnesses the more of certain they are of likely to be about seeing to of an 'accident' of occurring." Emilia's lips tightened slightly,"After of all, it cannot of be an accident if there are of people about seeing that it is not of one."

A nod occurs,"Of aye, the Lady Alina invited of me. And I do not of know all of the reasoning behind of her invitation. " An eyebrow rises slightly,"And of aye, Lord of Lucas is being of a Wraith and of the Duke's son." Her eyes were there to meet Adrienne's when her cousin's gaze came her way. Thorns were hated far more in Ironhold then Wraiths, as it was more the Huntresses that had issue with their l'Saigner counterparts in the North. A minor twitch of an upwards tug came to the corners of her lips, there was some amusement in watching her cousin's reaction; considering her cousin's choice of dalliances. "Not of directly, but as mine-brother is of King, and House Cassomir has always been of supporting House Tracano, it is of my duty to show that support is of given. If to accept of an invitation and visit helps to that of end, then I will do of so. And after of all, if there is to be of hope for peace within of Rivana, for people to heal and move past of the wrongs done during of the past years and during the Succession of War, issues even of older must be put of aside to achieve the wanted of peace with Couviere." Emilia gives a faint shrug,"Be of sides, perhaps I may learn of something of useful when of there." She was a Huntress yet, and intel was still always good to have, even if she doubted anything critical or overly important would truly be able to be gleaned.


Adrienne glances towards Emilia, perhaps picking up on the way her touched cousin stresses the word 'protective' when speaking of Lonar. The freckled Huntress's brows wrinkle slightly. "Well. Neither of us really likes the idea of you getting yourself into this potentially perilous situation, Emilia." Air leaves her nose in a low snort, when Adrienne continues. "Aye… They will seek to get you, while you’re alone and unprotected. That's what we shall make them believe." Her hand lifts, smoothing a stray strand of dark brown hair back into place.

"They might seek to get you matched to this Duke's son, hmmm?", Adrienne muses thoughtfully then, her tone not completely neutral. "At least he is not Corvin Fremont, but…" Green eyes focus on the touched cousin's features. "Lucas l'Saigner…? You are willing to play along, travel there out of duty to our Queen and King, to present yourself there, all on your own? What would you say, if this would lead to a match being arranged… What would become of you and Lonar then?" A slightly stubborn flicker there in her gaze, when Adrienne takes this matter perhaps a bit too seriously, considering this is about Emilia's life rather than hers - but then, aren't there some parallels? "You know this Lucas, and find him to be agreeable?", the Huntress asks, lifting a brow. The last remark receives a nod. There is little wrong in getting more intel, so Adrienne cannot help but agree.

“Nor does of Raelyn much of care for it. And while I do of agree there are quicker of ways to be dealing with of Nia, most do not of help solve of the root of problem and some would even make it of worse.” Especially those where Raelyn stepped in and handled everything! Emilia nods,”Of exactly. And before of they have of chance to realize neither is of being true, it will be of too late.” Her eyes drifting back towards the map as she went over several scenarios in her head. There were still several missing pieces and unknowns to it all, but pieces were slowly being added to make that final plan.

Adrienne’s musing however puts a dead stop to those thoughts and dark eyes blink. And blink again. There is yet an other blink before those dark eyes just simply stare at her cousin for many a long minute. Emilia perhaps now knowing just how Raelyn might have been feeling the other night. “Adrienne Cassomir are you trying to of kill me with such of a thought?!?!” There is a bit of a twitch of her lips,”And to even mention Corvin of Freemont! Mine-sister does not hate me of to marry me off to of a bastard let of alone that bastard.” As the political and social impacts alone would rather sink Emilia and then some. “I cannot of imagine she would even allow a consorting,” more the standard practice with those recognized bastards,”even if it were such I thing I wanted.” But with the way her nose wrinkles up, definitely something she doesn’t wish for. Clara can have that Wraith!

It is still a mind boggling perspective for Emilia to consider. “Of aye. I am of willing to of travel out of duty. Do I not already of do so when of going to Tournament or of presenting mine-self at Court? This is being of little different then from of that.” She shakes her head,”I cannot see it of leading to of a match, there is not yet even of a serious of offer from a House of Rivana.” Oh sure, they were serious in their attempts. But only after Jaren had been betrothed and married. A sigh does slip,”Yet, I cannot of deny the politics of it could look of good. Though as of Mistress of the Hunt, I would have some say in any of match to be of made….” Until politics trumped tradition. “I…am…not of sure if such came to of be, that I were of matched to any of one….what would become of Lonar and of me. “ A faint sigh slips,”He has of said it would perhaps be of better if I was of with…someone else.” Not exactly, but close enough. Would he push more for that if a serious offer came? Her lips twitched downwards slightly into a mild frown, and the corners about her eyes tightened.

That particular train of thought is brushed aside with a shake of her head, bring her focus back to the other question at hand. “I have met and spoken with Lord of Lucas, of aye. He is agreeable of enough to have a conversation of with. And Raelyn found him of agreeable of enough to of work with when she went of North to of help. But for of a match?” Emilia just shakes her head,”I cannot of fathom such of happening…Not with an of l'Saigner, an of Wraith.”


Dark eyes blinking? Was the question really that far fetched? Adrienne's arms cross before her as she meets the gaze of her touched cousin. "No?", she counters to Emilia's question. "Okay… Corvin Freemont… I shouldn't have brought his name up after all, he is just a nuisance, and a bastard." Not that he has managed to offend her, truth be told, apart from being heavy competition in recent archery contests. "I was referring to…" She sighs, her shoulders lifting in a shrug. "Lucas L'Saigner, mostly. And don't tell me the implications are so far-fetched…!"

A nod then. "So he's not that disagreeable?" And a frown. "Sure. A Wraith. That's what I said. You think it perhaps as unlikely as me being matched to a former Thorn?" A hint of irritation there in her tone, as their conversation takes a rather unexpected turn. "Perhaps I should bury my hopes then, of the slight possibility, that…" She exhales. "The dalliance of Aidric and I could become more, over time…? It is not that Raelyn ruled it out, in fact she asked me… And what if I told her, I could in fact picture me and Aidric being matched… She would definitely take it into consideration!" The words came out with more momentum than intended. And green eyes flit downwards at once, as Adrienne bites her lip. "I am sorry. It is not even an option at the moment, I shouldn't have spoken of it in the first place." Her lips twitch into a forced smile. "At the moment there are indeed more relevant matters to consider.", the freckled Cassomir says in a slightly apologetic tone.

Maybe not far-fetched on the grand scheme. But given all the requests that had been for a match with Emilia to date, the idea of something serious…did throw her off. “Are you of sure a out of that?” Emilia finding some balance again as that is bantered back. Adrienne /had/ mentioned Corvin and implied….Ug! “He is of a smug nuisance and of bastard,” Emilia notes. Not that she had many direct dealings with the man herself. A breathe slips out in a sigh,”And of no…I cannot of say the implications are that far of fetched. Of outwardly, to all other of Houses, it would be of a viable of consideration and be of making for of political of sense. We…I…can only be of hoping that is not of being in of their thoughts. Can you even of imagine Raelyn’s reaction to receiving such of an inquiry?” Adding after a moment,”She is about as of liking me going on of this visit as much as of you.” Emilia trying to expound on that reaction to picture just how Raelyn might react…and just shaking her head. It was unfathomable.

The turn in conversation does have those dark eyes studying her cousin. Emilia catching that tone of irritation and perhaps a hint of setting more with the particular line. “I am of seeing….so it has become more than of a bit of experiment, a simple of dalliance between of you two. Is he of sharing in this changing of feelings?” Fingers flutter briefly as she considers for a moment. “You are of right…there are perhaps more of relevant of matters at of hand, but your of heart and of hopes are of a relevant of matter. I would not say it is of impossible…just there are of difficulties as you are of knowing. The of politics may of work in such of a match, his of family did not side of with the Thorn, just of him. But if it is of a thing you wished, a case could be of made to of Raelyn and she could at least of inquire to his of House to see if they would even have of interest in such of a match.” Which knowing that House, would be purely considered on the merits of the politics. “You can only know if it would be of possible if you of ask.” There is a slight breath and a faint tugging to the corners of her lips,”Just as I have asked her if it would be of possible to have of Lonar as of my consort. “ She settles back into her chair again,”All of matters in of time, even if some do take of more precedence, as duty of requires. But it does not of mean we must neglect of matters yet upon of our mind.”


"Well… what do I know…", Adrienne retorts with another shrug of her shoulders. "I didn’t mean to offend, and really, when I speak of Wraiths it is almost always that Wraith that comes to mind first. As for what the plans of House l'Saigner… It was nothing but a wild guess. Just, to know they invited you, both Lady Alina, and Lord Lucas, well, that struck me as a little odd, as not to suspect anything…" Whatever would come of it. A light shake of her head then, followed by a downward flit of her eyes, even if there is a faint smile curving her lips. "It wouldn't surprise me, if Raelyn were suspecting something similar, after all we are Huntresses, trained to perceive on more than the most obvious level. But yes. In that regard you are probably safe, as… she would have to agree to it all." Her approval of another hypothetical match would be required as well.

Then Adrienne becomes the topic, and no wonder, as she put herself and Aidric foolishly as she was into focus. Her brows knit, and a frown forms on her freckled face, the Cassomir Huntress clearly less at ease, when Emilia pokes a little about the matter. "Aidric and I…", Adrienne begins, "it may be that we are enjoying each other's company, and increasingly so… But then… It was Raelyn who asked me about how I felt about him. If I wished her to consider him as a match for me. Regardless of what I said back then… It still means she would respect my wish, should it indeed be to… marry him, of all." Her hands join before her, fingers entwining as if to emphasize the complicated nature of it all. "I spoke with him, some time before the tourney in Normont. We are not sure yet. But most of all, even if we were…" She sighs and rolls her green eyes ever so slightly. "It will never be an option for him to… have such a match negotiated as member of his family." Her eyes lift, to meet Emilia's gaze. "Aidric has ambitious plans, and they all aim to establish him on his own merit. He wishes to earn a lordship, to become independent of his family. To… cleanse his own name of past mistakes by serving Queen Alisande, and acting for her benefit. And I believe, if such should happen, we could consider…" her features soften and she bites her lip. "We would think about it. If Raelyn would still agree to it then, I cannot tell." Her hands unjoin, and fingers move to toy with her braid. "All I need is a bit of time, and I can only hope Raelyn will not aim to marry me off too soon." There, she said it, and with that, this Cassomir straightens. "So. There are other matters indeed that we need to deal with. And I assure you, my abilities or focus on our task at hand, of quashing this Huntress rebellion, won't be hampered.", this added with a sharpness to her tone, that emanates likewise determination and a slightly defensive attitude.


“It is perhaps with of reason, he is the Wraith that usually gives of us the most of competition within of the archery.” Even if the Huntresses don’t allow him to many victories when it comes down to it. Emilia’s hand gives a faint flutter to push the matter of offense to the side,”It was not so much of offending as being of shocking.” Cause….just…Corvin!?!? “I of admit, I did not of expect Lady of Alina’s invitation, but it was being given at of the Queen and Jaren’s of wedding of celebration.” Shaking her head a little bit, for she rather doubts Raelyn is thinking of those lines. “She would have to of approve of it, as would of the Queen,” cause cross Kingdom match,”but all of considering sound of politics or of not, such an inquiry is surely being of a remote possibility at of the most.”

Emilia does watch her cousin with the topic turned so, and by her no less. Only having prodded about it with it having been laid out there for inspection. And it had seemed an area that was upon Adrienne’s mind. “It does not of surprise me that she would respect of your wishes, and I of suspect she will of try that with most. It may be more of a matter if she can in all of matters.” Politics over feelings, as it were. There is a nod of understanding, it was a complicated situation. “I do of agree, his House would not seek a match simply of because he liked of the person and wished of it. The politics of it would have to be of solid for of them.” Her brows rise to hear of the Lord's ambitions. “That is most of ambitious. And would take much of work, not to of say he has not already been of working to such an end with of his service under Sir of Thaddeus. Convincing the of Queen is of one thing, but to also convince of the Court?” It was quite the mountain to scale. “Perhaps greater of possibility then for some of reason, less of so for others. But would you want of such a thing, Adrienne? To be of a Great Lady and helping to run of a House?” It would be a rather drastic change from her life now…and knowing how her cousin feels about Court and politics, Emilia is curious.

“I am not thinking Raelyn is in of a hurry to marry anyone of off just of now. While matches must be of considered in of time, I do not of think she is actively seeking of them for any of one.” Even if someone is likely poking at Raelyn about those things. “And I am thinking there will be of some of effort to marry of others in.” There was a need for more Cassomirs after the recent conflicts, and with losing Jaren as well. The need wasn’t as bad as some Houses, but it was a thing that needed to be considered. Emilia nods,”I have no of worry about your of focus and being able to keep it to the matter of quashing this of dissent. I have faith and trust in of you, Adrienne.” There is an honest sincerity to her tone, even if her mien is stoic, as it so often is.


"Oh… Well, I didn't say the plan would go through," Adrienne clarifies with a dismissive gesture, "but really, I suspect there may be that intention behind it all…" A vague comment, given in regards to the matter of a cross-kingdom match of a touched sister to a king to a Duke's son. After all, it seems to be the other topic, that receives more of Adrienne's attention, given it pertains to her, personally. "I am aware," the freckled Cassomir admits with a sigh. "And yes… this too might stay a sand castle after all. A faint… very faint possibility." Her lips are pressed together, and her green eyes flit to study her hands before her. "If it happens… it may only happen in the way that Aidric succeeds… and who knows what will happen next. It weren't as complicated, with the Carling family being more united, and Aidric feeling part of them, really. His father should be eager to get such a prestigious match arranged. But as it is, this would not be a victory Aidric would like to see Willard win."

There is a slight roll of her eyes there, Adrienne looking up then, when Emilia asks her straight out, whether this would be a thing the freckled Cassomir would want. Judging from the pause that follows, she may not even have considered that option yet. A hand moves to brush over her dark brown hair, the flicker in those green eyes definitely thoughtful. "An interesting question to pose… Given it may be a position I might end up as well in, either way. All I know is, that Aidric becoming a Cassomir isn't going to happen - why, it would stir quite a bit of protest! Just think about it. A Thorn amongst Huntresses." Her brows lift and so do her shoulders, before she lets them fall in a shrug. "I think, the motivation to learn to adapt to such a new role would be there, definitely. And truth be told, Emilia, there are so many 'if's and 'maybe's in that equation that it won't most likely come to pass anyway. I should content myself with what I have. Instead of aiming for something as a marriage where I may feel in fact something for the man in question…" A low snort there, her nose wrinkling. "I shouldn't have brought it up. But yes. That's where Aidric and I stand at the moment." The corners of Adrienne's mouth lift in a faint smile, her green eyes glinting. "But now, I'll focus on our Huntress problem… I'll make sure to lay out the bait as planned.", she remarks, obviously most happy to shift to a less touchy subject.


It seems a topic Emilia is happy enough to leave behind, her cousin’s thoughts on the reasoning behind the invitations. And focusing the to matter of Adrienne and Aidric. “Many of ifs for of certain, and with such of ambition, I think you are of right, Sir of Aidric would not be of…content to be of a Cassomir. And the Huntresses would of make life of difficult for him and of you for some of time if such a thing ever came to be.” The risk there yet even without a match. “ With such of ambition, I suppose he may seek of a match that would help achieve of such goals.”

A slight nod comes,”It is of possible that such a position could of come to be in how you do end up of matched. Or you may of yet remain here and as a Huntress. “ A faint tugging comes to the corner of Emilia’s lips,”It was upon your of mind, so it needed to be brought of up. Sometimes it is of helping to be able to voice of such thoughts to see of possibilities and of angles not of considered before. Even if perhaps nothing of further is to be decided or resolved in of the moment. And…sometimes we are needing of our sand castles, even if we know they will not of last and we cannot of keep them.” Leaving it there easily enough, a nod coming as the topic shifts back to the matter at hand. “As shall of I. Once you have done of so, and the bait has been of taken up, we’ll finalize our own true of plans. But of til then, we should make of sure we are not to of late to of dinner.” A mild tugging at the corner of her lips in way of a smile before Emilia shifts to rise and move to that end.


A pair of green eyes is bound to take on a pensive cast, when it meets the darker gaze of Emilia Cassomir. "We can't be sure what the future brings for either of us," Adrienne remarks finally. "Still… I am glad I could voice my thoughts and find someone who listened." A gaze shared, conveying her gratitude more than any words could. And with the matter of the next steps in regards to the Huntress problem also settled, Adrienne grins at Emilia's remark, and follows along when her cousin leads the way.

After all, no plans should be made on an empty stomach.

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