(1867-06-02) What have -you- brought me?
What have -you- brought me?
Summary: With the birth of the t’Corbeau heir, several members of the House seek to get a glimpse of it as well as check up on their Viscountess.
Date: 1867-06-02
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Three Rivers - Couviere
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Those about the castle in Three Rivers had been making themselves scarce for most of the past month, some going so far as finding just reason to have lingered in Normont after the tournament there. For good reason with the approaching due date of the Viscountess. A day that had come and passed, quite eventfully. A new heir of t'Corbeau had been brought into the world, the line secured. And with it, some curiosity to catch a glimpse of the little lump as well to see if having spawned had imporved the Viscountesses mood any….yet.

Odilia sends Philippe a look,"You didn't bring your good lute, right? Incase we have to use it as an escape vector?" With the bright smile, she just might be joking. Maybe. Poking her head along into the sitting room where it was Talia was supposedly to be found.

Gastogne has been coming along with his erstwhile partner to properly pay his respects to the new Lord, and otherwise Gastogne has managed, for once, to be presentably neutral as well then as he comes along to wait outside the room if indicated or go on in along with the other pair to greet the new heir.

"I have my usual lute…not the lyre from the tournament. If I need to, I can buy a new lute." It is a joke, given with Philippe's usual demeanor. However, it is apparent that he wouldn't want to have to sacrifice the instrument. But….one thing he has learned is that everything can be expendable. Including musical instruments.

And so it is next to Odilia…not before or after, that Philippe makes his appearance into the sitting room. Though….it is noticed that Philippe is rather alert. Maybe it is just old habits…or just that caution that the bard always seems to have.

The mood of the house servants are a good indication of the Viscountess' own mood. The fact that, perhaps, half the house servants (at least those that one might encounter this day) that had been there are now strangers and not familiar faces is one indication that those who could leave and did may have been intelligent to do so.

The fact that those familiar servants who are here this day seem to be far less nervous, even almost their own selves suggests, perhaps, the bulk of the storm had passed. And it should be no surprise that Sophia stands waiting to recieve the small trio. The fact she, too, seems to be her normal self, unworried, and almost pleased speaks volumes in among itself. She gestures, "The Viscountess will see youth," she ventures, "Do go in." She does not, however, give further clue to Talia's mood.

Talia is settled in a extremely comfortable chair. The newborn is not with her. Instead, there is a new face among the servants. The woman pretty, bronze-skinned, and dark-haired. She is holding the swathed infant and sitting somewhere socially acceptable for a servant in distance away from the Viscountess. The child appears to be awake, but content and quiet at the moment.

Talia's stomach has significantly dwindled in size, but there is still form to flatten and fit to what she once was, prior to the birth.

"There's my bard," she says, quietly, "And others, of my flock. Odilia, my dear. You look as ravishing as ever." Her eyes are somewhat glazed, suggestive she might be slowly sobering - likely from a long opium high, considering she was denied some pleasures during the pregnancy. "My husband is on errand. He - shall not be back for some time." Talia smiles at this, broadly so. Very pleased about some secret, or some subtle joke only she gets. "I'm afraid he won't be joining our little renuion." She does not yet even introduce her child, or the woman who is most likely the wetnurse.

Sophia is given Odilia's ever bright and cheery smile. While the Viscountess's cousin does not outwardly show what she may or may not gleam…much is certainly picked up on. And likely why the venture is even being made, instead of remaining scarce herself. The details of the room are taken in, but Odilia does easily drop into a curtsey to Tali after a few steps into the room. The formal protocol and respect ever given to the Viscountess. "Your Excellency, you are exceptionally stunning this day. " A rounded belly would not vanish in the few days that had passed. But Odilia knew her cousin enough to know Talia would be in fit shape quickly. "You flatter me as always, but I do try not to disappoint and keep my looks to your standards. " Her smile widens at the news about the Count,"Oh, that is a disappointment. "

Gastogne heads on end then over as he goes to give a light and a stiff and as formal bow over as he can manage then over to Talia, and then to the t'Corbeau heir then as he rises up formally then, nodding quietly and watching quietly, taking a moment then to nod over at Odilia's words. "Aye your Excellency, you are radiant as always." His words are careful, and he makes note to speak in a formal tone. "And a shame." About Dominic, and remembering his own prior investigations of events some time before, he circumspectally keeps his mouth shut, head bowed lightly then to Talia and moving to the side behind Odilia and likely Philippe.

That caution, coupled with that keen perception of Philippe's, serves him well. The brief interlude with Sophia was enough to give the bard the clue that the mistress of the house is in relatively good spirits. And…as the threesome step in and is greeted by Talia, the quick glance is enough to know how to play his entrance.

Which is with grace and charm…and a little showmanship slipped in. Philippe offers a grand bow to Talia, almost sweeping the floor then arises slowly, a pleasant expression upon his features. "Indeed, Mistress Talia. Here I am…pleased to find you doing rather well." The mention of Count t'Corbeau's task, unmentioned as to the specifics thereof, does not seem to give Philippe any pause in the matter. Which would be of no surprise to the Viscountess. She and Philippe have had their discussions before…and if Dominic is out on leave, then it is because Talia has deemed it such. Each has a role to play…and Philippe knows his role well. "I apologize for not returning sooner, Mistress. I had celebration in order, for winning the artistic competition, and the matter of stowing away the prize of the lyre away at Pacitta before returning to you. However, I am here now and at your service, as always."

Of course, the clever bard doesn't mention that the detour to Pacitta was planned. Much as he doesn't have to guess that Talia knew exactly that in the first place.

It is almost as if neither the swathed infant, or the woman holding him did not exist in Talia's realm of perception. She still makes no mention of them, "Ah, yes. Pactitta. I heard you'd won. I suppose that is fitting for having left and abandoned me in my time of need." Afterall, Talia does gain some measure of boasting, some measure of acclaim for her position for having arguably the best bard in either Rivana or Couviere in her employ. She sniffs, as if that were all Philippe were to hear on the matter.

Her eyes leverage then towards Gastogne, "And what of you? What have -you- brought me?" A particularly expectant, if not patient, gaze settles unneringly on Gastogne, then. Waiting her due. Which can only give Odilia time to surmise Talia will likely demand the same of her.

The infant was but a moment of curiosity, it seemed fit and whole. The woman? Was a servant, and served the purpose at hand - holder of infant, nothing further was needed. Odilia did after all know when to raise questions and when to hold her tongue. And when to have an answer readied while also enjoying what discomfort might be wrought upon another. And it was the later that was to come first.

Gastogne takes a breath then as he is addressed then, and he goes to give another bow then over to Talia as he is directly addressed. His voice wavers then, but does not crack as it would have in the past then as he stands formally then. "I have otherwise nothing additional to bring you, Viscountess, other than what bits of infromation and business I have accomplished for you already. I shall remedy this and my failure to have a proper tribute in the shortest order to have an appropriate gift for you." His posture is straight then, his head bowed low.

"Philippe." Talia's mind jumps, and she turns to face the bard, as if she'd just remembered something important. "You are to remain this evening in my house." Indicitive that the woman has business, or duty, for Philippe to attend to, but she doesn't further clarify or expound. Not yet.

She shifts her gaze back to Gastogne. She frowns, then, at him. But she says nothing. She just -stares- at him for a cold few moments, then her eyes move to Odilia. She smiles, brightening. "It has been too long, my dear Odilia. Have you brought me and little Andrew anything lovely?" Ah. There is the child's name. An honorific to her father, his grandfather, without calling upon it directly.

Oh, should Philippe have warned Gastogne to have something ready? It must have slipped his mind. Of course, it certainly doesn't show on the musician's countenance, which remains a perfect mask of pleasantness. "Yes…regretable at the timing. Though, when pressed with requests for patronage, I made it perfectly clear that you are and shall be my only patron." Yes…Philippe knows that reputation is almost as important as material gifts…and the fact that the best bard is in the employ of the t'Corbeau can only benefit Talia. There is a pause…as Talia addresses him directly once more, giving him the order to stay. He responds to this as he would any other request from his patron. With a solid afirmative nod. "Of course. As you wish."

Then, Philippe falls silent as the attention is turned to Odilia. Though, the lute has found its way into Phil's hands. Magic, perhaps, as is the song that starts from it. Just on a whim.

Ah there it is, that cold stare to Gastogne, Odilia knew it. And thankfully, rarely was upon the receiving end of it. When Talia's gaze did return to her once more. "It has been to long, my beloved Viscountess. But our dear Thomas does require such minding in Pacitta. " Bowing her head with that warm smile upon her lips,"Most certainly, I would be bereift to not return home and have nothing for you, and now little Andrew as well. Thomas has seen fit to also ensure I brought along a few things," beyond the usual reports and matters of business,"several trunks with fine leathers and silks. I have seen to a box or two that you might enjoy looking through when you have a few moments to yourself." For while the woman is given no mind, she is not ignored. Or more that she has ears is not ignored. And thus meaning, likely vials and plants that cater towards Talia's hobby of substances..both for pleasure and poison. "And I thought little Andrew might enjoy something a bit shiny." A small leather sheathe is produced, a 'tiny' blade within it, well crafted and with fine scrollwork in the hilt. Just what every infant needs! Least a t'Corbeau one. "I have faith that you shall have him using it properly soon enough."

Gastogne mentally reprimands himself for not showing up wtih something then, as the other two had prepared then. Reminding himself then as he keeps his head held low and moves over to the side then as Talia speaks to Philippe and to Odilia in turn then that he should remedy this as shortly as possible. And as soon then as he can put a proper scheme together and figure out how to carry it out then that would not risk interference with other business then. He is quite content to stand still, even as he shivers from his receiving end of that gaze from the Viscountess.

Okay…there might be a *slight* smirk on Philippe's lips as he catches the shiver from Gast in response to the gaze. Just a little enjoyment from watching the squirming. Still, the smirk fades into that neutral pleasantness as the lute fills the room with its light tones. It is the same song that he played at the competition…just without lyrics….and without that rush at the end. Just a light, calming melody.

"You are always so kind, Odilia. We should speak of the goings-on of Pacitta as well," Talia says, with a casual almost dismissal. But, Odilia would know her cousin better than that. Talia wants intel on a certain Syndicate House, if there is any information to be had. She positively beams as the tiny blade is produced, "So very thoughtful. He shall be taught the blade, and the tongue, the hidden fist, and the secret of plants. Many things." She looks far more eager to -teach- the child than she did in having the child. Or, for that matter, that Andrew is even in the same room as she is. Afterall, she can't teach him -yet-.

Talia examines the small gift for her newborn son, and then levels a look back to Gastogne, "Marie has not had much sleep these last few nights. You shall see my son to sleep. And make certain he is kept sated through the evening. I shall expect to not be woken in the night with his displeasure." She blinks once, twice, in a matter-of-fact mannerism. Waiting Gastogne's acknowledgement. Afterall, -he- has as much experience with infants as Talia. No reason she should be put out.

Gastogne dips his head over at Talia, "But of course Viscountess, it would be my honor." He goes over to give a low bow over to Talia then as he sweeps low then and rises up then over to look at the young one. "And it shall be an honor to serve you as well, My Lord." Something goes to pass by on his face then that, noticable perhaps to Philippe is very un-Gastogne'like then. Not a shiver, not a croon, but a look of.. Quiet awe then and acknowledgement, and of softness on his face then at being trusted with such a thing.

"Yes, we should." SImply leaving it there with the casual dismisal given, knowing well that they would talk soon enoguh about business. She did know her cousin. Odilia bows her head again, that smile bright. "I am certain he shall excell at each of them, though I did have to leave options for others to provide him fine gifts." No, she did not give a flick of her eyes towards Gastogne at that before a look to Phillipe. Smoothly steping back as Talia does look over the blade before the Viscountess is again turning her attention to Gastogne. And smoothly fading back as unobstrusive as the music the bard has begun to provide.

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