(1867-06-11) Cats are Cats
Cats are Cats
Summary: After Emilia arrives to Lonnaire, she gets a visit by Rogue and Lucas.
Date: 1867-06-11
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Outer Towers - Highwater Castle - Lonnaire - Couviere
The four outer towers host a myriad of things. There is an overwalk above the courtyard from the North, West, and East towers to the main keep.
The North Tower is given over to the Wraiths, the lowest floor a combination of mess hall and practice room, the upper floors an armory and barracks.
The West Tower holds the stables.
The South Tower holds the alchemical labs and the truefrost chiller on the lowest floors.
The East Tower holds servant's quarters.

Emilia's visit to Lonnaire was met without overmuch ceremony but was still greeted with all the hospitality one might expect to be granted the sister of a king, including transport to the keep from the gate and a dim and comfortable chamber to recover from gate travel. The next day finds Lucas l'Sainger paying a visit to that chamber, having taken a tray of tea, bread and honey from a servant opting to deliver it himself, propriety be damned. However, he was not the first visitor, the eve before Rogue appeared in the chamber. The grey cat emerging from wherever it was she'd hidden away to demand attention from the l'Saigner's new guest.

There was admittedly some relief to have the lack of fanfare in her arrival, and with the fact she popped out of the gate on time and as expected after stepping into it this time. Emilia might have had a little worry on that matter. And as might be expected, there were the handful of escorts that accompanied the king's siter. All the courtsey expected after gatetravel and been delivered, with perhaps an edge more grace than many manage, even if that ever present stoicism was there. The early visitor had been most welcome by the 'recovering' Emilia, and Rogue had been given quite a bit of attention. A corner tugging smiles was offered to Lucas as Emilia answered the door,"Lord of Lucas, it is good to be of seeing you. Please, come of in." A hand lightly motioning the tray bearing Lord in. "You did not need to bring refreshement yourself, of thanking. How have you of been? Hopefully as well as of Rogue seems to of be." Another bit of a tug coming to the corners of her lips, she was amused by the Cat Lord.

Lucas smiles in greeting as he is welcomed in. "It's no bother," he says of the tray as he sets it down on a nearby table. "I figured you'd want to discuss matters," he says before mention of Rogue has him turning towards the lazing catlord and snorting. "So that's where she got to, should have known. She does seem to like you." He moves away from the table then, unsure if he should sit or stand but asks all the same, "How have you been?"

"Of aye, she appeared last of night and saw to making herself quite at of home." Emilia gives another faint smile in her way,"She made for fine of company. And I do have to agree, we have seemed to hit if of off. I hve met one other of catlord, and they seem to have taken to me as well, even if not quite so insistently as Rogue." A hand gently motions to one of the other chairs at the table,"Please of join me. I have been doing of well, and settling well enough into all of the changes at of home. The break of away is admittedly somewhat of welcome." Whow doesn't enjoy a mild escape from duty onc ein awhile? "But you are of correct, it woul dbe good to discuss of matters. I of figure you would yet of prefer time away from eyes to go over the matters, to of how best to accomplish that…well it is of your home, had you had of thought of wherer might be of best?"

Lucas takes the offered chair and leans back, nodding. "She does do that, and yes she takes to you more than anyone else I've seen. I wonder if Wraith will visit as well, or if you're specifically Rogue's pet?" he muses about his sister's catlord with a smirk playing on his lips. Only time would tell he supposed. He leans forward then to pour the tea. "Glad we could provide the break then. I know how it is to need to get away for awhile. As to where to go to discuss matters, the castle is secure and most of my family is at least aware of what we do, but, it could be more fun to go exploring. There's the old keep and of course the woods. Of the two the old keep is probably the more interesting for you, I am sure you have similar woods back home."

Emilia's head cants just a little,"I am not sure I have quite met Wraith of yet. But of perhaps Rogue has laid of claim to me and does not wish to be of sharing?" Not familiar with what dynamic might exist between the pair of catlords, though Rogue is given a small ear scritching, best not to neglect the furry one! And giving a small nod of thanks as Lucas see's to pouring the tea. A slice of bread is moved ot her plate to see a bit of honey drizzled on it. "Though as you may of suspect, not everyone at of home was entirely of understanding on why I might even wish to pay of a visit here." A mild twitch of her lips. Something about Wraiths. "Some exploring would be of fun, I of agree. The keep does sound of interesting, if it would be allowed." She knew that some areas were always unofficially offlimits at any given desination. "And of likely of true about of the woods, yet I have of found that each of woods seems to have…" her hand flutters in the air a little,"…its own of personality in of a way."

Rogue purrs with the scritches, before suddenly deciding it is time she bathe and attends to that presently. "Oh I am sure Wraith will appear sooner or later, even if Rogue doesn't want to share." He smiles and nods at the mentions of questions about the visit. "Yes, it's been a matter of some discussion here too, letting a huntress into the keep," he says then shakes his head. "For what it's worth, they need to let go of the past, all of our fighting happened ages ago." The discussion of exploration sites receives a thoughtful nod. "The keep is allowed. It can be dangerous, but not as dangerous as when your brother visited, thank the One."

There is a shake of the head as Rogue decides to bath just then, some sense of amuse appearing in Emilia's dark eyes even if it does not make its way to her stoic features. "Then I shall look of foreward to meeting of Wraith properly." Emilia gives a nod of her head, agreeing,"It is what I of said. And for us it is two of fold in truth, we must find of way to be at of peace with the distant of past, and of the rescent of past in order to make a path to of peace. Which, even if mine visit is for of different of reasons, I have some of hope that it will help show some rifts are taking a step to be of mended in support of our lieges of wishes." A sip is taken of the tea as she listens to the matter about sites to go. A slight nod coming on the matter,"That is much of thankful…they did not sound like pleasant of creatures, but then of most in that vien never do seem to be of pleasant. I do of admit, I am curious to see of the place in part because of…that."

Lucas is much more plain in his amusement, chuckling and shaking his head at his catlord. "Lord or common, cats are cats," he remarks before they turn to other subjects. "Agreed, the past is best left the past. I hope in some ways there will always be a rivalry between Huntress and Wraith if only to drive us on, but a friendlier one than the one at present." He nods. "Yes, the beast was something," he agrees as a frown takes command of his features. "One of the worst fights of my life, well, until that temple in the north. Anyhow, it is a strange place, the old keep, but I can show you where the battle took place if you're curious."

"Quite of true," Emilia agrees upon the nature of cats. "I would of suspect a rivalary would always exist, but I to of hope it can move to more of friendly of ground. Like we do of have amongst the Huntresses, much in the way some of siblings or of friends of do." It is something that does seem to take a bit more of Emilia's attention the particular beast face, or perhaps simply the supernatural nature in general. "Of aye, mine-sister spoke some of that fight. She has face a few other of things, but that one has unsettled her of the most as of well. And I would, if you would not mind. " A moment of consideration before she poses a question,"In what of way is it of strange?"

Lucas nods at Emilia's words about cats and rivalries before he answers about the keep. "Besides being a burnt out ruin that once contained monsters?" he asks with a bit of a smile. "I think part of it is that it did contain monsters but at the same time, it used to be a playground for my sister and I. The rest of it, is the weight of history. A lot happened there, most of it very dark."

There is a faint cant to Emilia's head as she listens, a small twitch of her lips. Her childhood home was something of a burnt out ruin and currently home to a monster, so she did understand more than Lucas knew. "A place of mixed of memories then as of well, for of you. I of suppose many of ruins carry of such history within of them, even if not of all have such of darkness within of it." Her fingers flutter slightly, musing softly,"I wonder of then…if the shadows of there speak of more, to carry such of darkness with what of the walls have of witnessed."

"You could say that," Lucas agrees of the mixed memories. He pauses then to consider Emilia's other words, the idea of the darkness of the past events seeping into the very stones of the keep. He nods. "If you'd suggested it to me before I'd seen what I've seen, I'd say that was a mad notion, but, now, I'd believe it. The creatures chose to live there for a reason after all."

"I do not of think you are of the only one who believes and considers of things now that you would not have before having seen such a creature." A slight pause occuring before Emilia adds,"Seeing is of believing as some of say." She hesitates a little before speaking again,"It could be that they were of bound in of a way to the place, perhaps having been…well of born there." Going on to give some explanation,"When the Prophet of Hashim spoke of killing the one of banshee, he mentioned of how there were between five and of six of these banshee of spawn that came to of the area in the few of weeks after the of death, as if they were of called or drawn."

What Emilia says makes sense, though, it's not entirely comforting. Lucas tilts his head and gives it though. "I wouldn't put it past my family to build a castle on such a spot." Or to have killed a banshee at some point and not make mention of it. "So these banshee spawn come to places where a true banshee has been killed?"

Emilia nods,"Some of things are not of written of down in the the histories for all to know." That is a question Emilia does consider a moment,"In of truth, I am not of sure how they are of being bond, if it is simply of being to the banshee of itself. Of perhaps, it was of the death that drew of them, or the ruins where they of killed it were of being it's home and of thus where the banshee of spawn were of created. Perhaps they would have been of returning in of time any of way because of such a bond. I do not of imagine there is of exactly much of study on this of particular of area." A small twitch of her lips occuring.

Lucas nods once more and then leans back in his chair. "Which is a shame. The lack of histories I mean. Even we," meaning the Vigilant. "Don't know near enough about these things to fight them effectively. I feel if anything we've been more lucky than good." He glances over to Emilia to see if she's following. "We really do need more information so we can plan a proper strategy other than reacting." Spoken like a true Wraith.

Emilia's lips turn into a faint frown,"I am not of sure that is of true, least not of entirely. As I am of remembering that when Sirrah was speaking of the creatures faced in your of ruins here, she had recalled some bit in a book and had to go research of it again to learn about of them. So there was of knowledge about them, but because such of things had not been seen in so of long, it was not something well of known now. I am of wondering if this might be of true of others, and it is only being of the more..well…of common creatures that are come of across that are of considered, so when something long of forgotten is of crossed, there is surprise and of luck more than of knowledge being of used." Quite seeming to have followed as she adds that thought of her own. "I know Sirrah has of access to books with such things, but they are held within Sanctum as far as I am of knowing, but of perhaps we could inquire to her on what resources we might be able to access to give study to?"

Lucas listens. "Ah, so there is more lore to be had," he says. "I suppose that makes sense, though it doesn't excuse leaving their agents in the dark," he says. The notion of petitioning for more information gets a nod. "We should do that, but I'd also like to include my uncle Artos in that request as well. He is a natural scholar and a Knight-Lieutenant, he would be a good one to trust with such lore."

Emilia nods,"Of aye, there is." Even if Emilia is uncertain of just how much lore that might exist, but given Sirrah's recent research…there is stuff. "I do not of imagine there is of exactly much of time to give of proper of training and study, especially in of these days. Our of Kingdoms may be of pursuing of peace, but the Church is yet of having many of problems upon of their hands." Emilia gives a slight nod,"It can only certainly of help to have more within of the Order having such of information, especially one who is of a natural scholar and may of help to spread such knowledge amongst those in need of it."

"True enough I suppose. The church does have other things on its mind." Stupid things by Lucas' estimation. After all if you know there are monsters what does it matter if the High Priest dresses in silk and swims in riches. Then, Lucas had never been one for the subtleties of politics. "And he can keep a secret too, no man loves the rules more than Artos," he says that last accompanied by a smile. "You seem to know the Archbishop better than I," he only met her once. "Perhaps you could write her on our behalf, or if you don't want to shoulder that alone, we could write her together."

"Quite of true, they do." Also something about a recent Cardinal trying to take over the world….or destroy it, which ever way one looks at it. There is that tug at the corners of Emilia's lips,"I would be thinking he can keep of a secret, else he would not of be of the Order, of aye?" Secret keeping was something of a requirement in a way. But then who would believe them if they did talk about the monsters they knew to be real. Emilia inclines her head slightly,"After my of…ordeal, she personally looked of after me and checks in at of times still. I would not of mind to of write of her and inquire after access to such resources."

Yes, there was something about that, but one man was hardly the church's fault was it? "True enough," he says of Artos keeping secret. "Did she?" he asks. He saw very little of the Archbishop when he was inducted and so lacked the idea of who Her Excellency was on a personal level. "Thank you," he says with a smile. "In the meantime, when would you like to visit the old keep?"

That…all depended upon who one asked. The one man was high up in the church after all. Emilia nods a touch,"Of aye, she of did. My of recovery took of some time, and given of the nature of the…incident, a standard of healer was not of entirely of qualified." And something about needing to make sure Emilia wasn't going to need putting down. "Much of welcome." There is a brief moment of thought to that question,"Perhaps of tomorrow or of the day after, if that would of work? AS I am of assuming the usual of meal or two are expected, of aye?" The standard visitor pleasantries and the like, such formalities that are always observed.

Lucas nods. All of that made sense, Sirrah being best to heal Emilia after her incident. "There will be the usual pleasantries," he agrees. "Though most likely it will be in a more private setting than the great hall," the l'Saigners were a private family after all. "Likely just a dinner with the family to welcome you, that sort of thing." He gives her an apologetic smile. "So, yes, a day or two would be about right. For now though, once you've eaten I could show you around this castle," as much as was allowed. "And introduce you to the Duke and Duchess."

"That sounds of lovely," Emilia not being one entirely for the great halls and grand balls. The Cassomirs usually taking meals in a smaller setting themselves, except when there were those guests requiring more fanfare. "It is to be of expected," offering a touch of understanding at that apologetic look. "That would be of great, as it would be good to have a chance to properly of greet the Duke and of Duchess." Even if Emilia certianly does not expect much of their time outside of the standard pleasantries. Moving to take a few bites out of that bread.

"Good," Lucas says with a smile. "I am sure my mother or Alina will have more details about what's been planned," he says before settling back to let his guest eat before their tour.

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