(1867-06-12) A Quiet Visit
A Quiet Visit
Summary: A quiet visit between Alina and Emilia while the Cassomir is visiting Lonnaire.
Date: 1867-06-12
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Family Tower - Highwater Castle - Couviere
The small dining and sitting area in the family tower of Highwater Castle is quite well-furnished. The mid-sized room on the second floor hosts a carved oaken table that can seat eight comfortably, twelve if pushed; a pair of butler tables to hold whatever has come up from the kitchens on, and a large carved hutch that matches the table and chairs elegantly that holds a variety of dishes to make serving and eating food a quicker process when needed, on the half of the room nearest the heavy doubled doors.
The back half of the room held a large stone fireplace with a large stone mantle, a set of fainting couches, three comfortable chairs, and a smattering of small side tables for ease of setting a wineglass down. A small table with a well-worn chess board is flanked by two chairs like the ones at the dining table, the chessboard set for a new game, one side's pieces lapis lazuli with gold and silver sunbursts, the other side onyx with golden wyverns.
Outside the main sitting area, there are stairs leading up to the family suites and bedrooms.

It had been a few days since the current guest to HighWater Castle had arrived. The usual pleasantries had been exchanged with the family the night prior, Lucas having ensured that Emilia had a chance to give greeting to the Duke and Duchess with her being perhaps not the most usual of guests to Lonnaire outside of a grand affair. She was currently seated at one of the side tables in the room, a small plate with a few snackes upon it set out. Though her attention was not upon it but upon the feline that had just taken up residence in her lap. "I am of beginning to think you are of my appointed of guide and watcher on of this visit."

A second feline slinks by the girl and the first, reaching up and swatting his sister's tail. "Mrrrrewl." Wraith argues.

The heir to Lonnaire opens the door and comes in, a nurse and two small toddling blonde haired boys behind her, herself holding a dark haired baby. "Hello, Lady Emilia," Alina greets her, before taking a seat on one of the chairs.

There is a flicker of bemusement in Emilia's eyes as that second Cat Lord does that slink and swat driveby. "Am I sensing a bit of a challenge to of that?" Her fingers lightly scritching behind Rogue's ears, her tail flicking lazily at Wraith.

The opening of the door does have Emilia's eyes shifting up. The sight does have her rising, Rogue getting scooped up in her arms for the moment. "Lady of Alina, a good of day to you. And to you young of Lords," lightly inclining her head to the toddling boys and the young babe. retaking her seat as Alina sits. "I hope the day goes of well for you?"

"It does," Alina replies as she settles down. Wraith slinks over to her feet and begins grooming himself. "How is your day going? Are you enjoying Lonnaire?" She watches the nurse out of the corner of her eyes as the other woman gets the twins settled with some toys.

Rogue circles around before settling once more into Emilia's lap, draping lazily upon her newest 'bed'. "It has been going of well. And of aye, I am of enjoying mine-time here. It is more peaceful than when I last was of here. Lord of Lucas is giving me a tour of some of the lands tomorrow, I did not have a chance to take in much of last time, so I am looking foreward to of that." Emilia's dark eyes drifting to where the twins are getting settled,"I of suppose it is not quite as peaceful for of you. They are growing of fast."

"They are," Alina replies fondly. "Soon they'll be big enough to be terrorizing Gabriel on the practice field." She smiles down at the baby in her arms. "And eventually this one too." She looks over at Emilia. "Just the lands around the city, or will you be ranging afield a couple of days?"%

"I of bet he is looking forward to of that, being able to of teach them," Emilia's eyes shifting towards the baby,"Even if his own hands will end up quite of full once that little one joins in for of the leasons." Having once seen how her pack of brothers were…hands full indeed! "Just those of beyond of the city, I of believe. A day of trip, to show some of the forest and a few things he thinks might be of interest to of me."

"That should be lovely. And Lucas will be an excellent guide for it; he knows the lands around the city like the back of his hand." Alina picks up her youngest and cuddles him. "Did you have any other things you wished to do during your visit?"

"Of aye, I of expect him to be a good of guide. He seems ot partial to the woods, even when not of at home. But I would of expect him to know of the lands, much like I know of those back of home." Emilia watches as the youngest is cuddled, noting,"He seems to be good of natured. " The question does have her drawing her eyes up from the babe, that hand giving Rogue some idle scritches. "Of admittedly, given how of short mine visit was last of year, I am of enjoying being able to actually see some of things this of time. Even if it is not of possible to experience everything that was of missed of last time." Maybe not a bad thing, that. "Is there anything you would of suggest I should of see in of the time I am here?"

"The ruins are always interesting. Lucas and I used to play in them as children." Alina knows they should be safe now after the incident cleaned out the ruins, so she doesn't think much of it. "And Lucas is partial. He's a ranger, and that's who he is to the bone."

Emilia nods,"Of aye, he has spoken of them. I believe we will be stopping of by them in of our outting on of the morrow. I of admit, they did sound like they would be of interesting to of see." Even if Emilia's interest is partially because of the incident itself. "I have of noticed of that. But then of perhaps because I am of similiar in of ways, having been of raised to be of simliar."


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