(1867-06-17) A Brief Spar
A Brief Spar
Summary: Within the week of Alexandra's wedding to Jonathan t'Maren, Clarke calls in on a debt.
Date: 6.17.1867
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Alexandra  Clarke  

Bloodfield - Couviere
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He's arrived some time early then for the wedding. Because he has little else to do. And so, Lord Clarke t'Cauthone, remembering the recommendation of the cousin of the husband, comes bearing plenty of wine. So, itis somewhat as twilight approaches, otherwise loosely attired then that he makes his way along then, an idle swagger in his step then of a relaxed motion then, otherwise watching about where he goes thoughtfully through the open spaces of the realm.

It's uncustomarily late for Alexandra to still be outside, especially considering she's in an as yet unfamiliar place. But there she is, avoiding one responsibility or another, in the yard of the stables at Bloodfield. The castle in the distance rises as a deep shadow against the darkening horizon, and the lanterns fight for their right to illuminate a small patch of earth. She's working something with her hands, generally unaware of what's around her.

Clarke comes upon Alexandra, and moves to give her a salute then over as he comes upon her, "My Lady." He offers, and then gives a low bow, "I hope the evening finds you well otherwise." He offers then as he glances out about the horizon, a jug of unopened wine i his offhand then as he glances along out after it. His tone diplomatic.

Oh, a person. Looking up from the leather in her lap, Alexandra blinks, moving fast. He startles her a little, but not much; you can't be jumpy in this line of work. "Well enough, thank you. Sir Clarke?" It's dark, and he looks sort of familiar, but she can't be certain. What she can discern, though, is the jug of wine. Her nose wrinkles.

Otherwise the jug is unopened then, and Clarke otherwise goes to give a salute, "Congratulations on your coming Nuptials and the union of your families, My Lady." He dips his head, "I needed to walk some to clear my head and think." He offers as an explanation.

Oh yes, that. Nodding once in acknowledgement, Alexandra tries to smile. "Air is good for that, generally." Thinking, that is. Good thing there's much of it outdoors, where she prefers to be. "You're in Bloodfield all week, then, like many of the others?" Seems a safe question to ask.

Clarke can read body language that much, he dips his head, "Yes Lady. A good time to familiarize myself with the place." He went on idly, "And, I had to wonder M'lady if I might ask a favor, which might do both of us some good then if I might?"

Hm? Quirking a brow at him, Alexandra sat farther back still, her hands unmoving in her lap. "Go on then." Curious.

Clarke dips his head, "I believe that I am owed a spar from the last time we met, M'Lady. I would love to collect on it then if you do not mind conducting another of your.. Lessons then?"

It takes a moment, but realization finally dawns on her then and she nods. Right, she does remember agreeing to that, now that he mentions it. But— "In the dark, Sir Clarke? Won't that put us at a disadvantage?" She rises anyway, putting her leatherwork down on the stump she'd been sitting on.

Clarke grins lightly then, "Well, that merely means that I will have to take another sort of lesson then when it comes to keeping myself focused." He offers to her and gives a bow, going to quickly get into some combat leathers as well. "Do you have a practice blade I might borrow?"

Looking into the barn, Alex frowns and shakes her head. "Might have better luck in the yard," she wonders aloud, moving over closer to where she's seen Jonathan practice and warm up in the mornings. She manages to find two wooden swords easily enough, feeling rather foolish that she's just bumbling about in the near-dark, but she's a woman of integrity after all, so she hands one to him.

Clarke goes over to give a quick bow and chuckles, and lets out a sigh, "Gods it's been a long time since I've had a fight at night." A reminder to himself as well then as he goes to take a breath. "And thank you." Something he definitely needs to practice then as he goes to grab at some fixings and makes sure his armor is properly fastened.

Nodding, Alex pulls away to center herself more in the yard. She'd been dressed in plain clothes with a leather vest, and the swords were only wood, so what harm could it do? Surely massive bruising days before the wedding was a grand idea.

Clarke has otherwise taken it upon himself to get ready, still over in the dimly lit yard then, going to give a salute over to Alexandra, "Lady, thank you for the lesson." Then, going into a ready combat stance.

"Lesson?" Scoffing, Alexandra mirrors his stance, some stray strands of hair blowing into her face with the breeze that comes there, briefly. "Here I thought it would be more like an examination." She's ready, takes aim, and lunges.

Laughing, Clarke stumbles a bit backwards as you lunge, "That would require me to be ready for such a thing!" Your strike hits the front of his chest then, him unable to retreat in time effectively then as he chuckles. "And I doubt I ever shall." He counters, trying to lightly slash back, but doing so defensively - well aware of your greater speed and finesse.

"You didn't have any of that wine ahead of time, did you?" It doesn't take long for Alex to focus and find the weaknesses she'll need to exploit to win. It sounds brash, but it wouldn't be her style otherwise. She manages to dodge most of his blows, but he does land a nice one on her upper arm.

Clarke is more focused on his defensive strokes then, even as he falls back then as much room as the ground gives to maneuver, slashing defensively then about the darkness. Chuckling. "Not a drop I'm afraid. I wish I had. It would have given me an excuse to use." He then tries to counter, going on a quick offensive after having retreated for several moments. However, she's able to readily find plenty of flaws in his technique to exploit. He's good. But not /great/.

She nods, pleased, as she manages to land a few more hits. "Good. I'd be disappointed in you if you'd hone and inhibited yourself." Alexandra was fond of challenges, as seen in how she lunges forward again there, poking him squarely in the middle.

Clarke takes the strike to his chest, grunting as he goes backwards, "That would require me to have had an idea of what I was going ahead of time." now fully defensive, he's focused as she strikes him again and again just on playing full defense.

The force of the strike as the wooden swords meet vibrates down through the weapon and into her hands. Alex's fingers move, loose then tight then loose again, on the blade to lessen the impact of her own blows. "You've seen me at tourneys!" There's some incredulity in her tone.

He's on full retreat now, even as he parries, blocks, weaves, ad she goes through his defenses like butter, and he grins, "Aye, but not to this degree. Enough to be impressed. Now?" Now he's awed. Even as her blade swings around, and strikes at his arm, and then fully disarms him as the wooden blade drops.

Satisfied, Alexandra drops her sword in the dirt with a smug huff. "Now, yes, I'm rather pleased. Sir Clarke," she bids him a good night, clapping him on the shoulder and nodding with a grin before heading back for the leather she was working on en route back to the castle.

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