(1867-06-18) Babies and Birthday Barges
Babies and Birthday Barges
Summary: Thaddeus finds Clara in a rare moment outside the palace and asks for help in party planning. A daring young Raul ventures to meet both Thaddeus and Clara in the process.
Date: 6-18-1867
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Gold Dragon Inn - Sunsreach - Rivana

The Golden Dragon Inn is a sprawling and airy establishment with shutters instead of a wall facing the street to let cool air in during Sunsreach's scorching summers. Inside the common room it is shady and cool, with a scattering of circular tables about the center of the room, a heavy wooden bar to one side, and the scintillating smells of the kitchen wafting through a door to the right. The back of the establishments are given over to private tables, most often used by the 'quality', those with fat purses or noble names. Past these tables are the doors to private dining rooms where one can entertain in privacy.

The true focus of the common room however is the stage where bards, singers, storytellers and even actors can be found preforming most nights to the amusement of the patrons.

Past the stage is the wooden steps to the upper level sleeping chambers, which vary from closet sized rooms with a straw pallet and a chamber pot to more lavish bedrooms befitting guests of quality.\

18th of Juin, 1867

The evening is still rather young in Sunsreach. The sun is just starting to set, the red rays poking over the horizon. The red tint plays through the windows of the Gold Dragon, which seems to be more attentive than usual, despite the early hour. It might help that the pair of Royal Lancers in the common room are anything but subtle. And the reason for the Lancers is clearly evident, as a member of royalty is seated in the common room, listening to the musical entertainment. The princess Clara Tracano is seated by herself, much to her own chagrin…but she seems to be enjoying the music. She's gotten used to the armored guard…but it doesn't mean that she sees it as necessary.

And into the Inn comes Raul Moreno. The young man enters in then, taking off his somewhat oversized hat for the season then and glances over about the room then. Dressed in finery more fitting to a merchant's family than a noble, he glances about the room, taking in things then as his eyes flit about then as he slowly starts to grin then. The evening will be enjoyable, quite. And so he goes on in then and dips his head then in a bow over at the Princess and her escorts, taking note of her first then.

Thad enters the inn. He only has one guard with him, as he is not exactly making his name and position too well known. He sees his kinswoman is present and makes his way over to Clara's table. "Your highness," he says politely and continues, "I see that I am not the only one taking a break from court life. Mind if I join you?"

The younger lord (who is still older than the princess) is given a nod…but only a slight one. However….Thaddeus is given a smile, as Clara indicates an open chair. "Please, Thaddeus, feel free." Clara chuckles softly, as she nods over to the solidary guard for Thaddeus, then glances back to the pair of Lancers for her own. "You will have to tell me how you are able to get away with just one. No matter what I say, it seems my minimum is two."

Raul glances over then as he sees the lord talking to Clara, and inwardly he debates.. Ah well. He goes to approach the pair then, and if the Lancers permit him then as he goes up to them to give a bow to the Princess and the Lord, "Highness, Lord, might I have the honor of joining you then?" Waiting for permision to approach to then identify himself.

Clara shifts her brown eyes to regard the lord. The Lancers themselves tense up…but the uplifted hand from the Princess calms them down. Barely. "Before I allow you the honor, might I inquire who you are?" It is a reasonable request…one that Clara manages to make sound pleasant, even if it is a barely concealed order. "You have me at a disadvantage, as you know who I am. We should at least be on equal footing before sharing a table."

Thad grins and says, "The trick is to be a new father. There is enough chaos at hte manse to allow me time to escape for a little bit. The boy is doing fine, in good health." Raul gets a look, but lets the princess handle the formalities.

Raul goes to hold his hands together oer for a formal bow then, "Raul Moreno Highness. A pleasure and an honor to make your acquaintance." He gives a formal bow over to her, and then to Thaddeus. "Lord. It twould be an honor if you would permit me to join you two this evening for the company."

Raul is ignored for a moment as Clara turns to regard Thaddeus. "Oh, of course! I keep meaning to come over to meet the new arrival. Things just keep getting in the way." But then….attention turns towards Raul. "Moreno. So…Lord Moreno, then." Yes, Clara is at least aware of the house. "Are you commonly in a habit to ask the Lord Marshal and a princess of the realm the honor to sit at their table? Because, truly, you are a rarity. Most would be too afraid to even ask."

"You are always welcome. He's getting old enough now that he seems to stay awake long enough to talk to." Thad smiles and takes a drink from a cup brought by his guard. "I have been giving some thought to throwing a party for him, now that things are calmed down a bit." Clara's remarks to Raul get a nod, and a raised brow. No doubt the response should be interesting.

Raul dips his head over at Clara and then the Lord Marshall,and can'thelp but chuckle softly, "A thing in mind that my sister told me to do then. Nothing ventured,nothing gained. Nothing without a bit of risk in it. And what could possibly outweigh the privilege of an interesting evening's discussion of such a unique opportunity then, to meet the Highness and the Lord Marshall then?" Nodding his head at each in turn politely. "And a worthy risk if I might so humbly state to take indeed no matter how it ends."

The brazen lord is given another look over by the princess. Then…with a slight chuckle, she indicates an empty chair, across from her. Thaddeus got one next to her, so it is clear that Clara is being sensible as well as a little daring. "Hear that, cousin? We are a 'worthy risk'. It makes me wonder what one would consider unworthy." The attention returns to Raul. "Sit then, Lord Moreno. It would be a shame to send you back without rewarding such audaciousness."

Thad shrugs as Clara remarks and then laughs, "Interesting enough comment. Could be worse, and not a complete fool, so you have that going for you. Cannot say you lack stones, though you are lucky neither of us is having a bad day."

Raul laughs quietly and then bows once more, "Thank you Lord." He goes to sit aside the pair then and smiles at Clara, "And if I had misjudged I would be the one paying hte price then for such foolishness." Otherwise jovial while taking his seat.

With the young lord taking his seat, Clara turns to regard Thaddeus. "So…a party for the new arrival? Sounds like you have been considering something for some time now, dear Thaddeus. And, in all honesty, any reason to get out of the palace walls is a welcomed reason for a party. Did you have an idea as to what you wanted and, more importantly, how can I help?" For now, Raul is forgotten. After all, he won his way to the Tracano's table. He should be happy with that, for the moment.

Thad grins as the party is mentioned, "I actually do have a couple of ideas in mind, which is also why the party had to wait. I have a barge that has been brought over from my family's docks. I wish for the festivities to be held aboard it. So not only will it not be in the palace, it technically will not even be in Sunsreach. I am wondering if you would be willing to help in the organizing for it. I can handle logistics for an army, but when ti comes to making things look nice… that is another task all together."

Something ventured, something gained. He is now having a quiet dinner over with the Lord Marshall and the Princess. Now, moderation takes over then as Raul Moreno remains quiet then as befits his station then, quietly going to wait and listen then unless spoken to otherwise then. And he is quite happy with that and what he has gained, quietly folding his hands together.

A laugh, an honest laugh, escapes from Clara. "I would be happy to. I have a little experience in planning social events." A modest understatement….and an amused one, at that. "Though, I never held an event on a ship. It would be a first for me." A pause…then a nod. "I would be happy to help, Thaddeus. You just let me know when and I will make sure that it happens." Clara is not exagerating when she says that. She will make it happen. A glance is given towards Raul, just to see if he is following along, then a slight grin…and back to Thaddeus.

"Excellent. I will have the budget and some of my rough ideas sent to the palace. Nothing horribly difficult, mainly seafood based fare, if possible. Though I doubt they will come by any measure, I will likely send invitations to the King and Queen in Rovilon, even if they decline to attend, as a formality." He leans back in his seat and takes a drink, "But we will see."

Raul is definitely paying attention, and at Clara's look he gives a quick and light nod of affirmation then, listening quietly then over and otherwise mulling things over. This sounds like a most stupendous event to look forwards to, even as he dips his head in a polite nod over to the discussion.

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