(1867-06-23) Of No Consequence
Of No Consequence
Summary: Just a visit between two girls of no consequence, with a bit of planning for a future visit.
Date: 1867-06-23
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Clara  Emilia  

Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Upon returning from Lonnaire, rather than heading straight to Roseguard, Emilia had taken to Sunsreach with a plan to ride towards Roseguard, there were several reasons behind it. One had been to spend time with Casella and see to some of the art lessons (or color play time as was really the case most times). Certainly a lesser known focus of Emilia’s. But another reason, was to see a particular friend, if they had the time.

To that end, a note and open invitation had been set on to Clara shortly after Emilia had been settled into the Cassomir Manse for that required rest period to ‘recover’ from gatesickness. It had given least some chance for Clara to have an opening in her schedule before Emilia would have to head to Roseguard.

To whatever day and time had worked, Clara had been greeted easily enough upon reaching the Cassomir Manse. With the more familiar visit, the fanfare and protocol seemed to be kept to a minimum as Clara was led to Emilia’s rooms. The windows of her sitting room were open to allow the days breezes to help keep the summer heat and humidity down, least as much as it could be. The Cassomir herself, wore a light green tunic with tan leggings of a lighter material than when attending to Huntress duties. A hint of embroidery upon the edges to give the outfit a more finished edge. Having been seated near the window, but the arrival of Clara would have her quickly upon her feet and moving to greet her friend with a easy hug.


Emilia would not have to wait long at all for the visit, for it only takes one day for the Tracano to clear her schedule for a visitation. Truly, Clara would have gone the instant she received the note, but there were appearances to maintain…for both herself and Emilia. It wouldn’t do to rush out to visit a dear friend the very first day of faegate sickness…not if one expected to have the visit be enjoyable at all. And, despite Clara’s knowledge of just how ‘sick’ Emilia gets from faegate travel, it isn’t a fact everyone knows. Therefore, Clara waits a day, ensuring that there are no constraints on her time in the process.

And when the morning arrives, it is very clear that Clara meant to have the full day free. Courtiers and would-be hanger-ons are turned away, politely but firmly, by servants as Clara herself escapes the castle via the Lancer hall, with Sir Alaina Cassomir in tow. How Clara managed to get away with just one Lancer guard isn’t a terrible secret. Alaina was going to go to the Cassomir Manse anyways and, being the head of Clara’s security detail, was personally seeing to Clara’s safety, such as it is. Therefore, it is with a glad heart and a casual place that the two women make their way to the manse, Alaina in her usual Lancer attire while Clara is in a lighter dress, though still very much a dress fit for royalty, in the usual green and gold of Tracano. The silken fabric is airy, allowing for as much comfort as can be managed with the hot summer day. The auburn locks of hair are pulled into a rather typical Huntress braid, falling down the middle of her back, to keep it tidy without too much hassle.

Which is how Clara is greeted at the Cassomir manse…tidy without too much hassle. After all, with Emilia in town, the servants knew it was only a matter of time before the princess would arrive. And so, it is a simple walk to Emilia’s quarters with the servant for Clara, while Alaina tends to her business at home, with Clara chatting away with the servant and the servant not quite as reserved as one would normally be with royalty. A smile and a curtsey is given to the servant as she opens the door to Emilia’s room, with Clara passing through the door, only to be greeted halfway by Emilia herself with a warm embrace. “Emilia!” The hug is returned, willingly, as the servant closes the door. Then, releasing her hold on the Cassomir, Clara steps back with a bright smile upon her face. “So good of you to give me an excuse to get out of the palace!” With that, a wink is tipped as she giggles softly. “I would have came sooner, but you know how Court life is. Always appearances to keep. Even outside of the Palace walls.”

Appearances did need to be maintained, it was a thing Emilia knew all to well. She had spent much of her recent life dealing with them, even if in different ways and not quite upon the level that Clara had to deal with. Likely why the invitation was sent early, so those preparations could be made and appearances managed to the expected levels. And of course, ever that factor of gatesickness, even if Clara was the…well only one to really know the truths of that when it came to Emilia.

The corners of Emilia's lips tug upwards as that embrace is shared. "Come of now, we both of know that if I had not been of providing of such of an excuse, I would be hearing of it endless once you found of out I had been of in the city." A mild teasing given to Clara. Certainly a thing that would horrify the Court, teasing a Princess! "I am most of aware of that, but I of hope things have settled of some with the weddings of past and the ArchDuchess of named? Of aye? Or are they of in a new of churn with a heir to be of had at of last?" Surely the Queen's pregnancy was a focus for many at Court. "But do of tell me, how you have of been? Have you found any other of escapes from of Court, or am I ever the only one to find you paths of freedom?"


“True. I would have been positively besides myself in mild disappointment had you not told me.” That slight little curl of a smile upon Clara’s lips cannot possibly hold back the torrent of laughter that wells within the princess. It rushes forth, as Clara’s countenance brightens. “Oh, but you wouldn’t have gotten away too far. I would have found out, at some point or another.” The laughter gives way to a light giggle before Clara presents an exaggerated Courtly demeanor, completed with the effeminate wrist flip and the twiddling of her fingers. “Oh, of course. Everyone is back to all sorts of pleasantness when faced directly and all sorts of gossip mongering when not.” She completes the impression with a flip of her auburn hair, as that smile of hers gains a barely perceptible sardonic twist…one that Emilia would pick up on. “It seems that after the big splash with Archduchess Greycen’s appointment, the waves are dying down somewhat and the nobles are once again clamboring for whatever favor they can get. Which, for some far-sighted individuals, includes little future Crown Prince or Princess Tracano in their plans.”

There is a bit of a sigh, as Clara continues. “Of course, that also means that escapes from Court are still few and far between for me. Why, I had managed to escape the confines of the castle a couple of times…the most recent being a visit to the Gold Dragon to listen to some bardic offerings, and I was still found and approached. Oh, Thaddeus came and sat with me…but then this other lord approached both of us…and asked to join my table. It was…highly unusual. Rather bold of this lord, considering there were four knights with me, counting Thaddeus. Still…I let him sit, and then all he did was listen while Thaddeus and I discussed his little Richard. He wants to throw a party for him, Emilia, and asked me to help him arraign it. He even wants to host it on one of his family’s ships in the harbor. That brings up all sorts of ideas, like a tour of the harbor while everyone socializes. Wouldn’t that be fun?” It seems that Clara has already put some thought into the affair and has moved on from the peculiar lord. “Thaddeus isn’t the first one to ask for assistance…but he is most likely the one I would help first. Short of Alysande herself asking…or any Cassomir.” The extra addition is punctuated with a wink to her friend.

“So, now that you are here, where were you coming from that you had to fake the gatesickness again? It wasn’t from Ironhold, for you would have just rode your horse here….so it had to be a great distance. Is it a great and terrible secret, or just a terrible one?”


The corners of Emilia's lips tug upwards slightly as that laughter spills out from Clara. "Of aye, but of course, you would have found of out and seen to of chasing me of down before I could have gotten too of far. " Delivering the tease in true Cassomir dead pan fashion with that ever stoic look upon her face. A turn of amusement touching to those dark eyes as that wrist flip comes with the true emergence of Courtly demeanor. Emilia's stature straightening and becoming down right prime as a hand flutters just so in the air. "Oh, so they have toned of down their gossip of mongering back to normal of levels?" That hand rising and giving a rather prime turn towards the chair in that invitation to sit, before moving that way herself. In what could only be called a Courtly prance, just with more grace than most of those at Court could ever muster. "I do of imagine most are managing little of headway with the Archduchess directly." The woman was shrewd and then some. "I would of wonder if any of them could ever of fathom to actually earn of favor rather than of beg and slander to of gain what scraps are so oft being fought over."

Canting her head a little as this story of mild adventure in escaping the palace. "That does sound rather of bold, no of doubt this of lord was trying to find some of way earn of favor, or make others of think he had of such, in order to gain of status in of their eyes." In Sunsreach, all public interactions did have a way of having some political edge to them…cause Court. Emilia's brows rise a touch at the mention of the party,"That is sounding like a fine idea and perhaps of a bit of different in way of a gathering." Certainly not the standard dinner festivities. "I would of think the harbour to be of a bit of cooler as well to make it of a fine venue. It does not of surprise me that he would be of asking you, you have quite of proven yourself with such events."

Those brows rise a touch again with that wink given her way,"Don't even be thinking about me ever of asking to be throwing of any sort of party. As of if." The very idea is outlandish…She's just ghost out of it anyways! "And Roseguard of events have of a different of…feeling to of them then those of Sunsreach." The Cassomirs for all their stoic stick-in-the-mud reputation, did have that odd reputation for throwing fine shindigs.

"It is sort of a thing required when using any of gate, but you are being of correct, I did not come from Ironhold and am actually on of my way back to of there. I figured to stop and see of you before riding of back." A shoulder rises in a half shrug,"It is no terrible secret, I had taken of a short visit to Lonnaire is of all, so of aye, a bit of a distance of away."


Clara does manage to keep herself together as the two of them make a mockery of the Court, making a grandiose gesture in accepting the chair, though that smile of hers teases some of the humour she finds in the situation. She continues on with a bit of the Courtly nonsense…in particular her encounter at the Inn. “Yes, well…boldness certainly has its place. Though, if the lord had an agenda, he did miss his opportunity. For I believe there will not be another opportunity so available any time soon.” That grin of hers gains a slightly more devilish tone, as it is now the princess’ turn to tease the Cassomir. “Oh come now, Emilia. Of course you are going to throw a party. Why, I even have a game for it. We can play Hide and Seek. You, of course, will hide and I can seek to use all of Sunsreach’s resources to find you!” There is a slight giggle, but only slight, as Clara keeps her composure relatively intact.

For all of about 10 seconds.

The slight giggle gives away to a bright laugh, and an even brighter smile. “Oh silly, I didn’t mean you! I know you would never ask for a party. I meant Raelyn! Or even Adrienne! I plan on keeping you happy…and all to myself. At least, whenever Lon lets me.” The giggling does seize, a little, as Emilia confirms that it was indeed a long distance she had travelled. However, the origination of said travel catches her with a mild look of shock…and more than a mild look of curiosity. “Lonnaire? That….is a bit of a surprise. The Mistress of the Hunt venturing into the middle of Wraith country? I am sure that didn’t sit well with certain vocal members. Would it be too much to pry if I asked why the visit? I am sure you were probably invited to come. One just doesn’t plan a trip to Lonnaire on a whim…well, except for me, obviously.” And, for Clara, it may be more of a nostalgic visit than anything else. “A guest of the l’Saigners, I imagine? Or…or was this a more covert visit?”


The oh so prim and stately air remains about that stoic Cassomir for those moments, it might even be called one of the longer changes in 'expression' the Cassomir has displayed. "Oh of certain, it does have of its place. It is of a wonder then what of the lord’s actual of purpose was with such of boldness. Or perhaps it took all of his courage to be of asking to join that he had no more of left. Or perhaps he was just so of smitten with a certain of Princess?" That mild teasing occurring of her friend. Just in time for the tease to be bandied back at her in a different fashion. Emilia cants her head slightly with her brows rising a little. She has no doubt that Clara could do just that! And make her go dress shopping beforehand to boot! "You would not of dare!" Which the giggle that soon gives way to a laugh does give answer on.

Emilia shakes her head as Clara laughs,"Of course I would not, there is nothing for me to be having a party about. Hmmm, Raelyn perhaps might of ask, but she is not entirely of lacking with such of experience…Least for what works for us of in Roseguard." She does briefly ponder a little about Adrienne, "Adrienne is not caring for Court near as much as of I…so I am not of sure, perhaps she might wish for such of a thing at some of time." There is a bit of a blink when that little tease is tossed in concerning Lon,"I am of sure he is not of minding to share of time and of me with mine-spirit sister. He already endures of enough with me tending to duties." Not that he actually ever demanded her time or gave complaint he did not have more. But then time was different for him as well.

A nod comes,"Of aye, Lonnaire. And no it did of not, just how of poorly, I am sure I shall hear of in full when I of return. Not to say Raelyn was entirely of keen, or that I was not of getting many of looks from of Wraiths while of there." Emilia gives Clara a slight look, which to most people was just another stoic look…but Clara by now might get the 'as if' statement within it. Whenever was Emilia going to say Clara was prying too much? "Of aye, I was most properly of invited by of Lord of Lucas and Lady of Alina." A mild tugging at the corners of her lips,"You are of the one with of whims out of us, whenever do I do of anything upon a of whim? I am a stoic, stick in of the mud Cassomir, we have not of whims." Said with that complete straight face and deadpan tone. "It was not of a covert of visit, not in the way you are of thinking. Though there was of more to it than as I was even telling of Raelyn, since for all of the world it was of simply of accepting of such of invitations, to show of Cassomir support in of the wish of peace that our Queen and their of King have wish of for. A step upon of that of path. " Quite the good political front really. "Even if not likely to be noticed by of many at of all, where I am or am not of going." The King's sister having a level of denial on par with a certain Princess. "But in of truth, I pressed to allow Raelyn to let me accept the invitations because Lord of Lucas because when you and I were of going of last year, Lord of Lucas had been asking for of lessons. And it seemed of the best of way to manage of them, as at of tournament has not seemed of likely or of best to do." People might get the wrong notions!

The tease about Clara causing another person to be speechless is left unanswered, as Clara’s own riposte with her tease sparks a reaction from Emilia that just may have helped hasten that laugh from the Tracano onward. After which, Clara replies to Emilia’s observations. “Oh, I know Raelyn can handle it, should she wanted. It is just that she doesn’t have to, which was my point.” Another amused chuckle escapes from Clara’s throat when it comes to Adrienne. “I know Adri puts on a good show about disliking Court…but she also claims she doesn’t like dresses, and yet is more than willing to allow me to gift her with them. Everyone has secrets…and I think Adrienne’s is that she likes an excuse to dress up. So, I would be more than happy to provide that excuse.” Clara’s voice drops in a mock whisper. “After all, it is so much fun watching her make a big fuss. It entertains me so.”

Then the talk shifts to Lonnaire, and Clara listens intently. “Ah…so Lady Alina and Lord Lucas both extended the invitation? That is both unique and intriguing. It isn’t often that the Lady Alina extends an invitation to those outside of her social circle.” As well Clara should know, considering her past association with her ‘former’ liege-house. “And Lord Lucas…well….I can see that moreso. He is not one for the political games, either, and would prefer the woods to Court. A like-minded soul, so to speak. So, that invitation seems more sensible.” The lesser of two evils, perhaps, though Clara does not speak on it. She knows full well the reputation of the l’Saigner, considering the trouble she had gone through to shake such connotations from her own personal motives in Rivana. Clara listens…and almost seems to want to object to the point of denial…that no one would notice. But, the Princess recognizes self denial when she hears it, with Clara herself a seasoned practitioner of it, so the comments remain contained. At least, for now. The mention of lessons does twitch an eyebrow upward in curiousity. “Lessons? That’s interesting. I won’t ask as to what…but just the fact that a Wraith asked for lessons from a Huntress could be telling. It is practically admitting that the Huntresses are better. No small matter, when it comes to bragging rights. It is probably for the best you used the guise of furthering political relations. Otherwise, I do not believe you would have been allowed to leave Ironhold at all.”

Clara falls silent for a moment, as the concept of lessons spins in her mind. “Speaking of. I had been meaning to ask Alaina for some training in unarmed fighting. I….I know it is a most unusual turn of education, especially for a princess, as everyone keeps reminding me that I am.” With that, a sidelong glance is cast to Emilia, with a slight grin. “But Alaina already taught me how to use a sword…or at least a short sword, so I won’t manage to cut myself too much now. And I already have my bow and I am passable with the staff, which of course everyone tells me is far too unbecoming for royalty to use.” Clara rolls her eyes after that comment, giving her opinion rather clearly what she thinks of that. “But…it might be best to know how to at least fend off someone without any implements. Not that I think I would ever get the chance to use it, seeing how protective your knightly cousin is. But…it may be a good idea. Especially if we ever plan on doing a repeat performance with sneaking out as Slug and Cricket again. I really did enjoy that, despite of the danger.” Or…perhaps because of it. Who knows?


"Of true enough, she doesn't of have to. But do not of forget we do of host two of tournaments of every year." Even if they were not upon the same scale as a Circuit tournament, they did take some planning and effort. Especially given the fierce competition that showed up with the Ironhold tournaments with them being that spring board to Circuit Tournaments, least in Rivana. The talk about Adrienne does have Emilia considering, "I think it is of the politics of Court, the game that is of played that is not of straightforward that she is disliking. But the aspect that is of dresses, and being of able to cause of reaction within of a certain of Lord, she is not of minding to of much." The corners of Emilia's lips tug upwards at that mock whisper, "And we must ensure that you are most of entertained. And all of the better if it is her you are putting of in dresses and not of me." Even if Emilia did ask for it the last time.

The news that it was unique and intriguing does have Emilia's brows rising slightly, "Of truly? Is it really of so rare that she extends such of an invitation?" For Emilia was well and truly outside the l’Saigner Heir's social circle. Emilia does nod when it comes to Lucas, "Of aye, he is more of like-minded, and not much of a fan of Court." Emilia nods again, "Of aye, lessons. Quite of interesting, considering they did spawn from that first of visit and of the fact that I managed to sneak upon him without him of noticing, even if that is not what I was of trying to do at of the time." A telling thing as well, even if only to Emilia's abilities. "But of aye, no small of matter. Bragging of rights perhaps, but it was of agreed for the best not to speak of such things openly." Implied trust in even speaking of it with Clara, especially since she noted the lack of raising the matter with Raelyn. And Clara knew how close the sisters were. "I have no of doubt I would not have been of allowed of the trip, for even if Raelyn does not of think unwell of Lord of Lucas," which is saying something when it comes to a Wraith, "it took of much to get of her to agree as it of was. Though I do of think it would have been of impossible to get her to of agree to having him of visit." And the uproar that would have existed amongst the Huntresses! They were a far more emotional lot than the Wraiths.

There is a soft little 'hmm' as Clara takes a slight tangent upon the topic of lessons. "I am not thinking it of entirely of an unusual of turn. It is of good to have some of basis and knowledge to be of protecting yourself, especially when you might not of have your preferred of weapon at of hand. Even of the Queen has some of skills, even if most would not think it." Emilia cants her head a little, "A staff is perhaps not of seen as being a thing of royalty, but when all is on hand is a stick or you are out of arrows and have just a curved stick in of hand to be defending of yourself, I am doubting there will be of a lecture to come that it is not a thing for a princess to be of wielding. If there is such of a person who would, I do of think you should crack them soundly on the head to re-of-think their opinion upon of the matter." Fingers lightly tap at the table in between a brief and odd little flutter in the air. "I have been working on such skill in of the past of year myself, as it is a good one to have when there are no of sticks of about, curved or of straight. Tiadora has spoken of an interest to learn as of well. If you would wish, should I be of surviving my return of home, perhaps you and she could come and have of a few lessons in of Ironhold with of me, or of at least I could perhaps return to here and teach you and she of the basics. My ever protective knightly of cousin could over of see and ensure I do not bruise of her charge to muchly." Slightly teasing in there. Only slightly. As the training did bring that sort of risk with it.


A devilish little grin creeps out from Clara at mention of a ‘certain lord’ for the aforementioned Adrienne. “Oh, but don’t state that in front of Adri. She will deny it outright, with all of the famed Cassomir stoicness she can muster.” There is a bit of laughter as Emi states her opinion on dresses. “Well…she is more willing for dress-up. But she is only one of my favorite targets.” That impish smile, coupled with those words, can only mean that another of Clara’s ‘favorites’ is very near…as in the very same room. But, at least the Princess does have the tact to not speak it directly. More fun that way, of course.

The manner of self-defense earns a few more minutes of contemplation. “See? That’s what I thought. I mean, it is all good to know how to shoot a bow and all, but what happens when you run out of arrows? My false father must have thought me mad, but could not deny the sense in at least learning how to use the one object left when arrows run out and the string breaks. It…is just a little difficult finding anything not inanimate to practice with.” That pleasant expression shifts to a look of mild surprise…and perhaps a little amusement. “Tia wants to learn to fight? Why, that’s wonderful! We could learn together and really give those would-be suitors a scare, couldn’t we?” Clara leans back in her chair, chuckling softly to herself at her thought. “Why, they never would expect it from Tia. Me? Well…they might. Especially if they have seen any of the archery contests. People could assume I would know what I am doing for granted, just based on that. But Tia? That would be completely unexpected…and delightful to think about.” There is a moment or two of consideration, then an affirmative nod. “Yes. We should go to Ironhold and have those lessons. This makes perfect sense!” What goes unspoken is the fact that Clara said to go to Ironhold, not for Emilia to come to Sunsreach. Because, again, any excuse to go out and about is good enough for Clara.

Then, a shift back to Lonnaire, as Clara catches onto a detail Emilia stated. “Oh…you went to teach stealth skills to Lucas?” Clara is so shocked that she neglected to add the proper appellation to the l’Saigner’s name…which was something she always did before. “Oh, but that is so funny. I can see why it was not given more notice for your visit than it could have. That all but proves that the Wraiths are a little lacking in their training regimen. And, just saying that could be considered an insult not only to the Wraiths, but to the house that trains them. t’Corbeau, I think? The Viscountess there is….a little creepy, if I remember right. Not that there is anything outwardly to suggest that. It….it was just a feeling. An intangible that made her actions seem just a touch darker.” There is little discussion left in Clara on that, as she throws her hands in the air. “Oh, I don’t know. I was a silly little girl. It could have just been my imagination.”


A small bit of tugging occurs at the corners of Emilia's lips, "Oh, I am of knowing that quite of well. But I am also knowing some of times when having such of a discussion she is not able to muster much of that stoicness at of all." Perhaps a hint of amusement showing up in those dark eyes as Emilia recalls her most recent discussion with her cousin about the particular Lord. Oh but dresses….it has Emilia raising a brow slightly as she takes note of that rather impish smile, "She does seem to be more of willing. And I am not of needing any of new of dresses any time of soon, so vanish away any thoughts or of ideas from your head about playing dress-up with of me." Emilia stating that quite plainly, in knowing just who else Clara was including in that statement. Having quite sworn off making any sort of grand effort after that tournament in Venderos.

A nod comes on that matter of self-defense, "It is of a practical thing to consider. It is of why most of Huntresses have a secondary of weapon." Clara likely noticing the most carried knives, and there were even a few who favored swords over their bows. On the matter of Clara's false father, Emilia does not comment. Perhaps wisely so, having heard some about him from Clara previously. His goals may have been rather different in that end of not wanting Clara able to defend herself. "Of aye, she does wish to learn to be able to defend of herself." Giving a mild wave wave-fluttery maneuver with her fingers. "Would-be of suitors is not of something I need worry of about. After of all, we know their of interest is not having anything to do with of me." And..well..Emilia was Huntress, so some level of combat prowess was assumed. "but of ya, they might expect it from of you, but not of Tia. Which is of an advantage to be of having in of truth. As it would of make any of attacker under of estimate you of both." There is a mild nod, "Then I will of see of an invitation sent of along to Tiadora." Emilia unsurprised about the choice of Ironhold, she knew Clara enjoyed the chances to escape the palace and Sunsreach itself. And Clara had not gotten as long a visit as she would have liked the last time. "Perhaps in a few of weeks? If that will be sufficient of time for you to of arrange your schedule?" Knowing well enough that Clara had obligations for seeing people, and likely yet playing host to a certain delegation on some level. Or even get in a visit with her mother should she opt to ride to Roseguard.

There is a slight hesitation by Emilia,"Not stealth of exactly, but it is of something that can be of helping with it. If one is of able to learn, but there are of few..well in of truth, I am not of sure any of other can really be of doing it. Most think I am positively of mad to speak of such." Which is rather why she usually doesn't. "But even if the skill cannot be of mastered the process can be much of helpful in of stealth and other of things." Emilia nods a little,"Of perhaps so, though I am of doubting that the Wraiths as of a whole or even the t'Corbeau shall ever be of learning about these of lessons." Something about the people thinking her mad, they'd likely think similiar of Lucas. Canting her head a little as Clara speaks of the Viscountess,"It could have perhaps been of so, or as you of say, just of your imagination. I cannot of say I have ever really of bet her of acquaintance. " Emilia giving Clara a rather even look as she notes rather deadpanly,"Though you are still being of a most silly girl."


“Oh, you best be cautious then, dearest Emilia. I have heard that silliness can be contagious and some of the symptoms involves the desire to wear dresses. We shall not want that, now do we?” The light teasing resumes anew, though Clara is considerably less deadpan about it. Not like the princess could ever match the control the Cassomir demonstrates daily. However, there is a pause afterwards, as Clara assumes that far-seeing gaze…her tell that she is thinking. “I do think I can be out and about within a few weeks. With Archduchess Greycen in place, a lot of the day-to-day matters that Tristan and I were helping Alysande with has been taken over by her. And there isn’t any major event immediately on the horizon that would suffer from a few days in the wilderness with you and Tia. I think I would most certainly enjoy that.” There is a pause, as she returns her attention to Emilia. “We should see if Tia can come, though. I can’t speak to her schedule, though I could certainly use my influence and strongly suggest Lady Gerrell be freed at the behest of a Princess of the Realm.” The last few words shift in tone, gaining a certainly mock haughtiness as Clara plays at being the princess certain Court attendees believe she should be. “It shall be a most exclusive invitation, only for those Her Highness deems worthy. And it shall be mere coincidence that it just happens to be her friends.” That snootiness deflates slightly, as the mischievous tone creeps back into her words. “I even promise to not to meddle and leave your brother out of my evil plans.” Surely a reference to a certain birthday party surprise.

There is another thought…”Oh..that isn’t going to interfere with your Huntress exercises, is it? I seem to remember that you were doing team maneuvers, or something to that effect.” She shrugs lightly. “I don’t really recall exactly. I just do not wish to be a burden during one of those times. One knows that you have been having issues with a dissenter or two as of late. I wouldn’t want the distraction of a visit to add to such issues.” Clara must really do care for Emilia…to actually consider not escaping the palace to the woods just because it might inconvenience her.


The next round of teasing does have Emilia giving Clara a rather serious look, in that ever stoic Cassomir fashion. Not that most could tell the difference from her normal stoic looks. "I can most of assure you, that is not of a symptom that we are needing to ever worry appearing from me, my dearest Clara." Even if it was something that may have briefly seemed a chance with that request in Kentaire, or more with the reasoning behind said request. Just a hint of that deadpan nature showing in her tone, to give way to the teasing being batted back. "I dare of say, it is of Adrienne and Tiadora that are more of likely to be so of inflicted by such a contagion." Out of the lot, Tia was surely the one Clara gained the most success in the area of new dresses. A slight nod coming on the matter of plans to come to Ironhold,"And I of know Jaren is of taking upon many of tasks of himself, shifting some more of the Queen's of tasks from of her plate." Yes, even with Alysande now being her good-sister, Emilia has not moved from that formal way of referencing her….certainly a far cry from the rather familiar ways her siblings refer to the woman. "I will see an of invitation sent to Tiadora. And certainly if you add such of influence to the matter, she is bound to of come. Though I do of imagine with her of brother's ambitions, there will not be of need to ensure her schedule becomes of free." It was just happy chance that their friendship also made for good politics.

That reference to the birthday party surprise does have Emilia giving a mild look to Clara,"Of aye, do leave my dear of brother out of it all. I know you mean of well in such of meddling, but as mine-brother is every bit of being Cassomir, he will never tell you of no when you ask him to of a task. As it is being a rare of Cassomir who has the strength to be telling of a Tracano Princess no." A small tugging to the corners of her lips with the turn of tease added to it. "And Tiadora is not of open to any of flirtations or trysts that are not being of her brother's approved and arranged match for her. She has been most of staunch in of that position." Unsurprising really, given Tiadora's firm religious bent. This also being the closest Emilia's actually gotten to voicing her displeasure on that particular incident.

"No, it will not be of interfering with any of the exercises. The next of one will be of over by of then, and of the…dissenters will be of dealt with by of then or I will be of dead. Either of or." Oh yes, she just ever so casually put that in there. "So you will not be of a distraction in of the least. I have been of thinking to do similar of maneuvers with of prospective and some trainees, if such of interested you to work on your own of skills," and against not fully trained Huntresses,"I could of let you know when such was of scheduled."


There is a slight pause as Clara is on the receiving end of the solemn stare. It is enough to have Clara shift in her seat…and change tactics. She doesn’t mention dresses again, but does nod in agreement to the assessment of Tia and Adrienne being more apt to be ‘silly girls’ with Clara. “True, though I daresay that I will still be the most apt to be positively ridiculous. I really don’t see Adrienne being all that giddy, with her stoicness and Tiadora is much too pious to do much anything senseless. While I do not suffer from such calamities myself.” A nod is given at mention of Jaren picking up tasks as well, freeing up her cousin in a similar fashion as the Archduchess. There is a smile given…more of a reserved affair…as Emilia mentions inviting Tiadora. “I shall most certainly ply what little influence I have to see about Tia coming along.” Of course, she is being modest about her extent of influence…Clara knows exactly what control she has over others.

It is this knowledge that comes to mind as Emilia actually chastises Clara for the princess’s little matchmaking. A chastisement that actually earns her a blush and a (mildly) ashamed expression upon Clara’s countenance. “Really, I didn’t think that Devlin would actually come. I didn’t order him or anything like that. I just thought that it would have been a nice surprise for Tiadora to be able to, you know, actually talk to your brother, rather than to the floor.” So yes, Clara did it to try to get Tia out of her shell. “I mean, it was so painfully obvious that she fancies him. I just thought that…” Clara’s words trail off as she stalls, her mind latching onto how Tia has reacted to Devlin in the past…and suddenly drawing parallels to similar, albeit greatly more reserved, reactions from Devlin in response to Clara herself. “By the One above….I am so blind.” She turns, wide-eyed, to Emilia as the pieces fall into place. “He…he likes me, doesn’t he? It isn’t just because of the houses we belong to. He…he went not because a Tracano asked him to…but because I asked.” That blush flairs into a vibrant red, as Clara seeks to cover her surprise with both of her hands over her face. “Damn that Cassomir stoicness! Here I am so used to seeing it from you and Adrienne that I forgot to be looking out for it with the male side of the house. Oh, I am so sorry!” A laugh, more nervous than not, is released, breaking the tension. “Oh, I am so going to have to watch what I say now! Don’t worry, Emilia, I will not be meddling with your brother in the near future. Of this, I assure you!”

There is still a bit of red to Clara’s features, almost matching her hair, as she shifts topics once more, more to clear her mind. “I…I think I would like that. To test my skills, that is. Though…I….I don’t know if I should do it as my usual royal self. That…might be a bit unfair. If I was to try, I would have to do it without Lancers. But I doubt that we could really and truly make it completely fair. After all, I am no Huntress, even if I pretend to be from time to time.” Another consideration…then a nod. “Yes…don’t worry about including me. It is more important for those potential Huntresses to have the training, not for me to galavant about pretending I am a Huntress. I have my own lot in life…and regrettably, it is not as a Huntress.”


It certainly was not impossible to get Emilia to tag along for 'silly girl' time, just beyond rare that she'd actually partake fully and be a 'silly girl' with the others. "Of aye, I do of agree on of that. But you are of also the one most of likely to get of away with of being giddy, and doing of senseless of things like slipping of out for drinks." A half shrug comes,"Though Adrienne could perhaps in of the right moment end up of a bit giddy. Though I am of thinking, you have not been having quite of a proper crush to be all to of giddy. Even if I have seen a bit of pink yet flare up when you exchange of pleasantries with one Master of Corvin during of tournament." A nod simply coming on the matter of inviting Tiadora and Clara's influence. The matter settled for the moment, and well the both knew well enough what Clara's real influence was over people.

An eyebrow raises just a hint as that blush comes and excuses are thrown,"How could you think he would not of come? Since of when must of a Tracano order of a Cassomir to attend a party? An of invitation is of more than of enough. It came from of a Tracano, and you at of that. Of course he was going to of come." Emilia shakes her head slightly, it was not like the attempt to get them to talk had worked all to well before. "Of aye, it is most of painfully of obvious that she of fancies him. " Least he was also not one who would seek to take advantage of that either! The rather stoic Cassomir's head canting to the side as Clara's words trail off at that personal epiphany comes about. "He would have went if it was another Tracano who of asked," except many Tristan…cause well Tristan,"but of aye, he does of like you." Not that it was particularly something the brother and sister talked about. Cause well…Emilia wigs Devlin out. All that red and the damning of the Cassomir stoicness, it does have a rather Emilia like smile occurring. "Come of now, surely you have seen plenty of our stoicness in of Jaren." Clara likely seeing Jaren far more then Emilia has chance to these days. "And of truly, I of thought it was more of showing in the men then us of woman, except of Matias. Not that he was not having of his moments, but…" There is just a small flutter of her hand, letting the topic of her elder brother float off with the trailing off of the statement. "It is of good to know that he is least of safe for the near of future. But I know of you, Clara, you cannot of resist meddling with us Cassomirs." Mildly teasing her ever so blushing friend, and that 'hobby' of hers.

"Of aye, your of Lancers would not be of allowed to go of with, not even mine-cousin. They would be of an unbalance in of the teams, and in of truth be unfair of to you as they would hamper you more than of help in such of an exercise." Emilia fingers lightly trace the air for a moment,"Since it would be prospectives and of trainees, it would be more of even then you of think. As you would not be of against full of Huntresses, but you of safety could be of seen to of yet, so there would not be to great of fretting by the Lancers." Emilia gives her head a slight shake,"It is not of a worry, Clara. There is way to see of it done, even if you cannot become of a Huntress for life and duty pull you of otherwise, it does not mean you cannot see to such training and ways to improve of your skills. There is of purpose and reason to see to such ways of training, for you have seen of yourself that when such of skills are of needed in of life, the of situations are not like of the controlled ways of a practice of yard or training of ring." There were many reasons behind Emilia's training exercises for the Huntresses, beyond trying to lessen the discord.


“Well….I told you why, at least in response to Corvin.” There is a slight hint of pink again at the thought…but that was when Clara was truly being silly and maybe a little desperate. “But, you’re right. No real proper crush.” Clara doesn’t mention anything more about attractions and crushes. Nor does she mention anything more about meddling in the affairs of Cassomirs. She does, however, offers a comment about the King. “I…don’t know Jaren as well as I know you and Adrienne. Which is obviously true for your other brother, too. There is a sense of awe there….as if I shouldn’t intrude upon him. It’s odd, I know.” The thought is waved off with a fluttering of fingers. “Nevermind my prattling.” The flitter of fingers is enough for Clara to dismiss her rumination, at least for the time being.

Which leaves Clara open for other matters. “So, you really think I could participate then? Even when I am no one of major consequence?” There is a ghost of a wink given to Emilia. Clara may have missed some things during the conversation (such as the possibility of death) but she didn’t miss the underlying message during their discourse about Devlin…Clara is nothing special. And Clara couldn’t agree more. “I would imagine that I would be perfectly safe, of course. After all, I would have you watching…along with Adrienne and Raelyn and the rest of the Huntresses, I suppose.” The concept does seem to intrigue the princess, to the point that she is sitting up and no longer flushed with embarrassment, real or imagined. “Oh, that would be fun. Would almost be like back in Couviere. Only, you know, I won’t have to practice by myself.” Brown eyes flicker upward to Emilia. “That should prove exciting. And, while I am Roseguard, you simply must allow me to assist wherever I can. I simply wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t help out in some way.” Not that there is much that would be needed from Clara…but she does seem rather sincere in the offer.

“Speaking of…I fully expect you to ask me for anything, should you need it.” Clara’s expression grows serious, if it were possible, as she focuses on the young Cassomir. “I promise that it will be done…whatever it is…as well as it could ever possibly be.” An unusual statement, to be sure. However, coming from Clara, it is genuine. She is concerned for her friend and she is going to do what she can to be of service to her.


"Of aye, I of know. But I am of thinking there is still a little of crush had upon of him. Especially with that bit of pink showing in your cheeks even of now." Not that Emilia could really say much against the choice, given her own paramour wasn't even of the same species. Emilia cants her head just a little,"You seem to be in much of awe when it is coming to most of mine-siblings," after all Emilia saw firsthand just how Clara acted where it came to Raelyn,"glad to of know that there is awe-inspiring when it is coming to of me to keep of you from intruding." Finding it implied in turn that she was equally unremarkable. How much she may or may not know either brother is left alone. To dwell too much upon it did caused certain things to get stirred up that were best left alone.

Emilia shakes her head at that ghost of a wink. Silly Princess. "Of aye, I really think of so. I /am/ the Mistress of the Hunt, I do think I have some of say in who can or cannot of participate, and seeing that it is of possible." There is another head shake that comes,"Raelyn does not of participate in of the exercises, though of true, she may come to of watch if you were to be of participating. But as of Viscountess, she is not having of such time to partake of Huntress matters." And for other reasons that simply go unsaid. Emilia nods,"You would be of safe, there is always of chance of a scrape or of a bruise, which no of doubt would cause much of fretting by of your Lancers." Making the small joke on the matter. "I would of hope that of now, you only of practice of alone because you of wish to. But..I will see of it arranged, perhaps of in the fall as of the next of few have been of worked out."

"You will be of a guest, there is not of need for you to be of helping of out. You are supposed to be of getting of away from your of duties and responsibilities, not of escaping of them to find up some of others." The sincerity of the offer is not missed, and Emilia does add,"But should there be of anything you can of assist of with, I will be of sure to allow of your help." As the offer of help takes the more serious turn, Emilia does study Clara a little. The added focus that comes to her, sensing there is something deeper in the offer and not just about the upcoming plan for Clara to come to Ironhold. "I…will try and remember to ask when there is of a need, and something that might be done to of help." There were simply some things that Emilia had to do herself, least by her mind. True on some accounts, perhaps not on others. "There…are perhaps some of matters I could of use help to see more of clearly, but…to speak of them can be of waiting til you come to of Ironhold and we are having more of time." A faint little tug occurs at the corners of her lips,"I do not forget that mine spirit-sister is of there to of help, just as I am of there to help of her."


With a wry little grin, Clara nods her head affirmatively. “That’s right. I am here to help!” The regard in which she holds Emilia’s siblings, particularly the Viscountess, is not mentioned further. For Emilia knows all too well how awestruck Clara seems to get around Raelyn. Instead, in typical fashion, Clara forges on ahead. “And so, you simply must let me take you out riding….after you have ‘recovered’ from your gate sickness.” Clara places slight emphasis on the phrase, punctuating it with another of her winks. “At least enough to the edge of Ironhold. Then I can turn around and get back to clearing my schedule. And so I can pack properly. After all, I can’t simply go into Ironhold without my bow. And my leathers. And a dress or two.” The last bit was a tease, as blatantly apparent as the smirk that now curls her lips.

The possibility of maneuvers brings up one more comment. “If I were to join the practice, I would insist on being treated the same as the other participants. I understand if you would have to use the honorifics…but no favoritism. I want to do things on my own, which we both know I am capable of…but I also want the other participants to know, too. It will help both of us, you see. You for showing just how capable of a Mistress of the Hunt you can be by treating your friend the same way you would treat everyone else….and me by showing that I am not just another courtier.” A pause…then another comment. “Besides. People are going to talk anyways. We should give them something good to talk about.”

And, with that, Clara shifts to her feet, abounding with energy. “Now then! Let us get to tending to your wicked bout of gatesickness! I hear that cheese and wine does wonders for a queasy stomach. Shall I have some fetched for us?”


The way Clara forged on and just hopped over various topics were in of themselves mild points of interest. It did seem to reaffirm that Emilia really was the least of her siblings, and unnoteworthy at that. "Of aye, of course, I would be much of remiss to not let you be of riding of with me. " A mild tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips at the continued return to the gatesickness. "It would give you of a fine turn of air before having to of see to the arduous tasking of packing, even of dresses. For surely someone must wear of such things in of Ironhold." Lobbing back the tease in turn, even if wit that more deadpan Cassomir fashion.

A nod is forthcoming concerning the comments about Clara joining the exercises. "Of course, I would not be having it of any other of way. Though I am of thinking, I will not be of the problem in treating you like of the others. It will be more of the participants of themselves that could be of issue. But we will of see when the time of comes." If Emilia lived long enough to even see after Clara for her next visit, let alone this future planning. A brow rises slightly upon the matter of giving people something to talk about,"In of that case, perhaps we should find you of a knight amongst the Iron Guard to be of having a proper of crush upon." A mild little twitch of her lips occurring as the opening was taken to tease her friend.

"of aye, it is being of a most wicked bout this time." In truth, memories of gatesickness had becoming harder to dredge up. "Wine and of cheese you say? I do of think some should be of sent for. And of perhaps a bit of bread, of aye?"


When it comes to siblings, it is Emilia that Clara talks to the most and is most comfortable with. That alone would be proof enough that Emilia takes the top spot, at least within Clara’s mind. After all, she doesn’t go to Roseguard or to the manse to see Raelyn specifically. Though none of that is brought to mention as Clara bobs her head in agreement. “Of course! What good is wine and cheese without a little bread to go with it?” And, with that, she bounds for the door, to flag down a servant that is undoubtedly waiting outside for the order. Food and drink and a private room in which to gossip? Sounds like a recipe for wasting the day away…something both of the girls could probably use.

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