(1867-06-27) By The Law
By The Law
Summary: Upon Emilia's return, she and Raelyn discuss her recent trip and the pending training and some unfortunate truths related to Huntress matters.
Date: 1867-06-27
Related: Emilia's recent trip to Lonnaire, but mostly the Huntress Discord plot.
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Raelyn's Room - Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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It had been roughly two weeks since Emilia had departed from Roseguard to visit Lonnaire, having returned via Sunsreach, Emilia had been well recovered by the time she had returned home. With a Naois perched on her shoulder, Emilia moved through the family area towards her sister's room. Receiving a scolding yet from her pet about her absence, only to be interrupted when Emilia offers up a bit of meat to the little rodent. "Be of sides, you wouldn't have gotten on to of well with Rogue." Making this comment just as she pops her head into the room. "Still of buried within mounds of paper of work, or have you of managed to catch of up? OR perhaps of delegated to of Stephen?"

"Just who is Rogue?" Inquires Raelyn, with a small measure of curousity. She is not, for once, drowning in paperwork, or in need of 'saving' from such horrors as tithes and taxes, or ledgers and approvals. Instead, of all things, the Viscountess is reading a book with an unmarked title, so as to look like a journal, perhaps. She closes it and sets it aside, rising to give her sister a warm hug, careful of any rodents that might be carried with the other Cassomir. "Stephen is wonderful," she answers, with a amiable grin.

"Rogue is Lord of Lucas' Catlord, who rather seems fond of me." Given the rather aloof nature of the creatures and their habit of bonding with a single person, it was not horridly common for them to take to other people easily. The unmarked book was given a mild look from Emilia,"Actually of reading for of pleasure?" She knew her sister was not exceedingly fond of books. The hug was warmly returned, Naois of course giving a mild chir and slipping more under Emilia's braid to settle in. "That is of good to hear, everyone of else is yet of well? Nothing to of exciting of happening while I was of away?"

"Nothing of exciting. Rather, of the boring and quiet, I fear, sister-mine." Raelyn tips her head, then, curious. "Tell me, have you brought something interesting back with you? Stories of ne'er do wells from Lonnaire? I trust your trip was pleasant enough? You seem none the worse for wear," she points out. Then, she smiles, just a little. "If Naois is so eager to meet new animals, then he can always meet Zeus," she teases in form of joke that seems to persist in one way or another in good-hearted nature.

There was a slight cant to Emilia's as Raelyn does that reflecting turn upon Emilia's odd speach. In truth, one of the rare few that could get away with doing so. "I ear not to many of stories, I did of meet of the children of Lady of Alina. Their family is of….interesting. There is a closeness of there…but is swathed in of coldness, not of warmth. " There is a mild upwards tugging at the corners of her lips,"And of course, I was getting many of looks from teh Wraiths when they were of tinking I would not be of noticing. " A hand reaches up to scritch Naois behind the ears,"I do not of think he would of care so much for that. Meeting Fritti….Sir of Leanders CatLord…was more than of enough for of him."

"Well, we shan't wish ill upon the tiny little rapscallion, then," agrees Raelyn gently, smiling towards the tiny ferret with a measure of fondness. That fondness is turned back to Emilia, "And did you learn aught else, that perhaps which inspired you to travel there?" She seems earnestly curious of this fact.

"Least not until he next of steals off with your of earrings onces again," Emilia counters with minor jest. Naois did have his habits! There is a slight pause at the question,"There is a shared of sentiment amongst of many of there, as with amongst of our people. Perhaps not being quite so of…hmmm…emotional as of our Huntresses might be of upon the matter, but of a wariness, cautiousness of the new path of before us all in of this peace." Canting her head a little bit,"Lord of Lucas is also not so of dismissing of me when I speak of things, like of the shadows. He actually tried to of listen and hear of them, though not with any of luck." Unsurprising on that really. "Though with being of there the short of time, there was not of much way to be gathering any true of secrets. But I am hoping the show, even if not to be much of noticed, helps to of show our of support in of true to this of path of peace." There no real indication that Emilia plans to try and make a repeat trip any time soon. "It should have happened by of now, but Sir of Jonathan was to be of wed soon." Heir to the t'Maren Barony.

There was a faint breath made before Emilia drifts into another topic,"The next team of training is soon of approaching. I will be handling of Nia in of it. I know what she of plots for of it, she will not be of successful." Least Emilia hopes! "The other of Huntresses of gather to see of who is sent of back soon, sometimes of taking of friendly of bets on such of tihngs. I figure it will not be out of place for you to show of interest of yourself and be amongst of them when we are returned." Likely leaving it up to Raelyn should she actually inform and include Stephen upon what has been brewing and is about to come to a head. "But there is something of else you should be of aware."

Raelyn nods a little bit, perhaps finding comfort that the other side, too, feels the same way that she does. Mistrust is not a thing lightly discarded - and done too easily and so quickly would be reason for strong, strong suspicion. "It is a start," agrees she then, quietly. "Perhaps not even in my lifetime shall full trust be gleaned. But, perhaps it shall come to pass as the wounds lessen with time." She shrugs, uncertain, but at least she was willing to let Emilia go in the first place. And that says much for her. But as the matter of the Huntresses come up?

"Oh," assures Raelyn, in a friendly, but meaningfull tone in the same measure that she would oft speak of ending Thorns, "I will most certainly be there, Emilia." There is a nod, firm, as Emilia speaks so confidentally. "I have complete faith in you, Emilia." And, of course, in Lon. "But, I will be there to congratulate you. And the other Huntresses. Perhaps I shall even place my own bets," she says, slyly.

It was a good sign that others were cautious as well. Hope that missteps would be fewer. "It is of a start, and one wasof needed. Even if just a small of one." Not that Thaddeus' marriage to a particular Princess didn't play a much bigger step in it all. "Perhaps of not, but we must give it of a chance so that some of day it might of be. With of the Thorns as much as with the of Wraiths, neither will be of easy. Wounds always take of time to be of healed." It had been a big step for Raelyn to allow the trip. It was progress, which was something.

"Of aye, I would not be of surprised if you got about to placing a bet or of two your of self." Giving one of those corner tugging smiles. And did not the Mistress of the Hunt need to show confidence? Emilia's twitched slightly. "I think you should be of reconsidering Cathryn's place within our of….House. I know of in time that Graham may be needed to of marry, and things have been of tense between of them for of awhile now." No doubt, Emilia was a factor in that. The reason for the suggestion is soon enough to come. "Cathrynn….was caught of up within of Nia's of planning. Before you of act to of harshly with of her, I have confronted her upon of the matter. And she was not of knowing to the fullness of Nia's of plans, and was much of appalled when I told her of them. Perhaps in of such, she was being of naive. The matter is of handled in of that, but I do not of think she deserves to continue to keep of her contract as of it is, even if she may yet be of use as of a Huntress."

"She still did plot against you. Her contract with our cousin was negated as soon as her loyalty swayed, even in the slightest. As to whither she will stay a Huntress or not? That, we will discuss when this is final. Regardless of her use as a Huntress, we must consider, too, how those of Ironhold would view her remaining thus, once her part in this comes out." Raelyn's lips twist downwards, and she shakes her head, "And it -will- come out," she says, knowledgably. "It always does. Tongues prattle. For they have little else to do."

Emilia nods,"I know she had long of doubted in of me, I had of hoped it would not go so of far. And in of truth, I doubt she would have acted upon of her own, if not of asked to play of a part. Even if not knowing to the fullness of what was being of planned." There is a faint sigh but Emilia nodsd,"Of true, it will com eout in of the end. But I do not think she should be dealt with as harshly as the others. If we do not give of chances to those who stray of briefly, what of hope is there ever to be for the wounds caused by of the Thorns to be of healed?" Oh the things that must be weighed now that Raelyn had to consider all levels of justice and sides. "BUt as you of say, it can be of decided of later."

"Very well. Your request shall be considered, Emilia." And she's not just saying that, but Raelyn's sense of justice has been prickled. Her lips flatten, as her eyes scan the room, briefly. "As for the others, once this gambit is played out? There will be a public trial. This measure of treason cannot be dealt with behind the doors. And, as painful as it is, the Huntresses present, and future, need to know they are not beyond the law, themselves." She then curses, shaking her head, "It will lessen us some, in the eyes of the people." Us. Still speaking as if she were a Huntress. It's ingrained. "And that trust will have to be earned anew. Damnation."

A nod is given on the matter concernign Cathrynn. "I of expect nothing of less for of them. It is in of my plan, once I have of finished with them to of formally ahdn them over to of you. I am Mistress of the Hunt, it is of my duty to flush of out of criminals and traitors, not to also of dispense of justice upon of them. " Emilia frowns slightly, which is saying something for her. "I of agree, it of will. It will have of an impact. But I think it will also of strengthen of your of place amongst the of people, in seeing that none are beyond of justice and facing of consequences for of their actions. And the of training will help to strengthen of us in the long of run. Some of times a cleansing and renewal is of needed. We will be of stronger for of this in the long of run. Just like we found of our strength out of devestration when the Huntresses were first of formed. "

"So it shall be, we will hope." Raelyn exhales, shaking her head. And, admits - something perhaps she might not ever admit to Stephen, "Since you have been gone I have thought overmuch over Nia's fate, Emilia. It would be sweet, indeed, to hunt her down myself. End her, with an arrow. I have been sorely tempted to judge her thus. If she can escape me, she can be free. If not, her life forefit." She shakes her head, then, sighs, heavily. "I envy you, my sister." A bittersweet smile comes, then. "It shall be by the law."

The admission does have Emilia giving her sister a quiet study. "It does not of surprise me for you to wish of such a thing, it is of your way. The way of a Huntress, for you will always be of one, especially in of your heart. But you of know she has no of chance to escape. " Giving a nod,"It must be by the law, even if you might have of wish for of the other. We are both stewards of our people and lands, even if our positions are now of different in how we watch over and tend to of them."

"Tomorrow, we shall go riding after breakfast, and before overmuch duty takes me. I would hear more of Lonnaire, and it's people. But for now, Emilia, I'm afraid I must return to my poor husband, whom I've left with the dull duty of ledgers and finances." There is a dry smile, "I am glad you are home. And safe." She kisses Emilia's cheek, lightly, "And there is someone now to keep an eye on that little furry rascal of yours," she adds in, humored. "Good night."

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