(1867-07-06) Executive Decisions
Executive Decisions
Summary: Raelyn gives Stephen a read into just what has been going on with the Huntresses and Emilia, and the plan to come.
Date: Log 07-06-1867 IA
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Living Quarters - Roseguard Castle - Ironhold

Up the stairs from the Great Hall lies a large sitting area laden with comfortable furniture, a large fireplace, and usually plenty of refreshments on-hand. Judging from the game boards, playing cards, and other such items of leisure that are arranged on shelves to the sides of the room, this appears to be a common area for the family to relax within, or to entertain small parties of guests in a more intimate environment than the Great Hall. Alhazred rugs decorate the floor, with paintings hanging on the walls celebrating acts of great valor and glory (many of which involved members of the Cassomir family). A large sidebar often holds various fruits and finger-foods, as well as decanters of wine, or fruit juice. Tea is also available, and for less "refined" palates a keg of ale is usually available as well.

This room can however, serve another purpose. With the work of but a few minutes and a team of servants well-trained in the task, the room can be converted into a more formal "council chamber" for the head of the family and their trusted friends and advisors to confer on matters of warfare and state. Most of the time, though, it remains in its' far less formal configuration. Usually at least 2-4 Iron Guard members are on duty here, guarding the hallway that leads to the Cassomir family's living quarters, whereas another hallway leads to guest rooms.

Juilliet 6, 1867 IA

Count Stephen Cassomir (nee Greycen) has spent the better part of the day in the Great Hall of Roseguard Castle, dealing with various and sundry matters brought to the Cassomirs by their vassals and smallfolk. Nothing deeply pressing or overly serious…for the time being things seem to be running smoothly in Ironhold. Or at least, there was nothing to handle today that Stephen didn't feel required Raelyn's particular attention beyond the report he always writes after such matters are concluded, awaiting her in the evening when she returns from her own duties. It's that particular summary of today's business that he's presently putting the finishing touches on, neatly jotting it down in a precise script, while occasionally sipping from a cup of wine. A few crumbs lie on a plate on the sidetable near him, indicating he's at least eaten a bit of something. Being the height of summer, there's little need for a fire in the hearth, and the room is a bit warm, which is probably why Stephen's removed his doublet and untucked his shirt, to cool off a bit.

"There you are," Raelyn calls with a smile on her lips as she moves into the room. She handwaves off any servants to excuse them out of the room before descending to her husband to place a fond kiss upon his cheek, "Your dedication to the drudgery of these duties is boundless, and but one reason why I love you so," she declares in half-amusement. She moves to sit, then, pausing to look over what it is the Viscount has been working on. Patience was never one of Raelyn's virtues, afterall. Then, she confides, "The quiet is about to end, that we've enjoyed these past months."

"Oh?" Stephen dots a couple last i's and crosses a last t or two before he sprinkles some fine sand on the paper to dry the excess ink, turning his attention fully to his wife after that cheek-kiss, and reaching up to pull her into a more intimate variety for a few moments before he releases her, watching her intently, "Does this have something to do with the Huntresses?" He doesn't know the details, but… "I've noticed a certain…disquiet from you when they come up lately. And that you and Emilia seem to be having a lot of conversations that I presume concern them." He doesn't deal with the Huntresses unless asked, though thus far they have always been helpful when he's needed it. "What do you need of me?"

"Quite so. I'm sorry if I haven't been —," Raelyn pauses, "Forthcoming." Her lips purse, then, "Adrienne first brought the matter to our attention - that is, Emilia's and my own, a few months back. There was disquiet, displeasure, as we'd expected with Emilia's appointment." Raelyn pours herself a small goblet full of wine, then. "At first it was little more than mutterings and whispers. But," she presses a hand to her heart, "It seems to have festered. A small group of Huntresses, young ones, seek to arrange for Emilia's demise in the form of an accident, in the upcoming trials and challenges." She waits, then, watches, Stephen's reaction.

As is Stephen's way, he tends to be rather impassive as he takes in the information imparted. There's a flicker of a frown when the mention of an impending attempt on Emilia's life, but it's not Stephen's way to get heated, at least not under these sorts of circumstances. Still, that frown remains in place as Raelyn concludes, "Given that we know this is occurring…I assume there is a plan in place to foil this attempt?" He pauses a moment, and adds, "I don't begrudge you your discretion. The Huntresses were yours long before I was part of the picture."

"Thank you." Raelyn smiles in vauge relief of that, then gives a slow nod. "Yes. We're aware of who. And, where the strike - the proposed 'accident' will take place. I do not like it, but, Emilia is determined and it is a good plan to ferret them out completely." She takes, needfully, a sip of wine, and stares into the goblet. "There are parties that are directly, and indirectly involved. Cathrynn's contract with Graham will be eliminated. She has helped, unwittingly and unknowing of the parties true intent. Among others." She exhales, slowly. She frowns, "It will be all I can do to refrain from shooting Nia through the skull when she is brought before me in anger, Stephen. She is trying to kill my sister."

Stephen nods, his expression going serious as the matter of Cathrynn is brought up, but he nods, "That seems the appropriate course, and truthfully…is likely for the best. Graham is a skilled knight and among your closest surviving relatives. He's a good marriage prospect." Stephen waves a hand, "But that's not important right now. As for Nia…since I assume this is the ringleader, her fate is your discretion, but if you want my opinion, it would be best if she were executed publicly by hanging, as is the usual fashion for commoners found guilty of capital crimes. Likely along with any surviving conspirators. It shows the people that the Huntresses are subject to the law as any other. Not that to my knowledge this is in doubt…but it is a worthwhile statement nonetheless."

Raelyn gives a slow nod, the sort of acknowledgement of one who knows that such is the right action, even if they don't necessarily wish to hear it. She is silent for a long moment, "Thank you." She leans close, to take Stephen's hand then, squeeze it hard, before slipping it back to the wine glass and taking a last drink of the remnants of the liquid within. "It is not what I wanted to hear, but it is what I needed to hear."

Stephen chuckles softly, twisting his wrist to give her own hand a squeeze in turn. "Well, I'm glad I can occasionally be useful." He grins just a touch, reaching to pick up his own winecup and finishing off its' contents. He picks up the paper he'd been writing and blows off the excess sand, setting the report aside where Raelyn can peruse it at her leisure. He keeps it all short and to the point, just as she tends to enjoy such mundane matters. "Do we have any idea how large the group is that we're looking at in terms of these conspirators?"

"A handful. Four, perhaps, or five. No more. But that is four or five more than ever has happened before. It will be stain on our - the Huntresses reputation, Stephen." And that hurts her nearly as much as the fact that they're plotting against her sister. She frowns, deeply. "It will take a long time for us to heal from that wound." She clenches her fist, tightly, and finally looks back at the man in the room with her, the report all but forgotten. "You should be there, with us. I may need your strength to find a measure of restraint."

"I'll be wherever you ask me to be, Raelyn. If you don't wish to pass sentence on your sisters, I can do so in your name." He adds, "Though I suspect the opposite is likely more true." That indeed she would demand to be the one to pass sentence, "Your Huntresses are strong. They will survive this, and emerge stronger for it. But yes…there will be pain, and awkwardness, and it may be some time before the sisterhood is whole again. But it will be, eventually."

Raelyn nods some, "It will," she agrees, to all of the above. Then she rises, slowly and again takes Stephen's hand, pulling on it gently as if to take him with her. "I am going to bed," she announces, then. Her hand slips, slowly from his, and she walks towards the door that leads towards the bed chambers, turning briefly to look at him with a quiet expression on her features, and then move on down the hall.


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