(1867-07-11) Undecided Fates
Undecided Fates
Summary: There is still some decisions to be made, fates to be decided because of recent events, a trio of Cassomirs speak on some of it and the families impacted by recent executions.
Date: 1867-07-11
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Raelyn's Study - Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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The day after the events and the executions, Raelyn had asked Stephen to watch over things and handle inquiries. She had gone hunting with Zeus, alone. The first time she had done such since Emilia had gifted Stephen with his own falcon that he might learn the art and the skill to spend more time with his new wife. She'd needed the personal time and even when she returned at the sun set, she had been grim-faced, quiet. Much unlike her normal self. She'd quieted herself away to read older journals of the history of the once-Barony and the history of the Huntresses, but found no answers, and that only gave way to further clouded emotions.
The following day finds Raelyn in little better mood, but at least conversing to some degree with the servants. And, knowing she cannot turn visitors and those seeking her time away for long, has done so for this other day as well with the news of the other Huntresses fates had not yet been determined. And she's succored herself away in her own study, along with a wine bottle, a glass, and yet more journals.

It would not have been unexpected if Emilia had kept to her own room after the events and the executions that followed, but whatever desire that might have existed to do just that had not shown with Emilia keeping a pressence amongst the Huntresses. Especially as what had come to pass would begin to sink in for them all. An added grimness to that stoic mien. For all that had happened, some matters yet needed to be settled. Fates that were undecided. It amongst other things had a knock occuring upon that study door,"Of Raelyn?" Emilia poking her head through the door.

Raelyn pauses, something she usually does not do where her sister is concerned, but she relents, and does so gently, "Come in, Emilia," she invites. "I am merely reading." She closes the leatherbound journal written by one of her ancestors before her Aunt's own time that she had been perusing and sets it off to the side. "I will be back to attending my duties tomorrow, most likely," she admits. "Time is something those in our positions cannot afford to linger long on." She smiles, then, dryly.

The pause was profound for coming, but Emilia did not press further into the room until Raelyn invited her to. The younger Cassomir in her usual tunic and leggings, even if was not the usual to have that arm in a simple sling to help take the weight off her shoulder while it healed. A slight nod coming when Raelyn speaks of reading,"I of know, duty of always calls. But we also have of those that support of us allowing time to be taken when it is of needed." Moving to where her sister sits to give a slight hug. "How are of you?" A slight nod to the journal set aside,"Were you finding any of words to of help?"

Stephen moves in from the Great Hall. Truth be told the petitioners have been thin these past couple of days. As though the people could sense that well…it might not be a good time. Executions aren't unheard of in Ironhold…both Huntresses and Iron Guard are not known for being overly merciful with lawbreakers…but this was certainly different. In any case, he pauses as he steps within, inclining his head to Emilia and Raelyn, "Am I interrupting?" He queries, the touch of a smile painting his features.

There comes a sincere smile from Raelyn, however thin. She shakes her head, "You are interrupting nothing, love," she tells Stephen quietly. "I was reading. Searching for answers that are unlikely to ever be found." She sounds tired, weary, but there is not an air of hopelessness about her. Merely grim reservation, and reluctance to embrace it, while knowing she must, to move on and past it. "Close the door, though, if you would on your way to join me. I've little wish to be disturbed by the servants, today."

The apperance of Stephen does have Emilia stepping back from Raelyn and ghosting a touch to the side as Raelyn's focus does go to him. She does faintly incline her head to him in greeting. Though Raelyn's words have Emilia taking a few steps in something of a faint retreat as if anticipating the response to her next question, especially with the initial pause that had come when she showed up,"Shall I be of leaving you to be?"

"I think you were here first." Stephen notes towards Emilia, a glimmer of humor flits across his face before he looks to Raelyn, "What are the questions you're asking?"

Raelyn, who might normally be humored, suggests simply, "Both of you wish to speak to me, so both of you shall stay. And that is that," as the ghost of a smile materalizes over her features. She, too, then, looks to Emilia, quiet expectation in her eyes as she waits for the reason that her sister came to visit.

Emilia nods slightly to Stephen,"I of know. It was just not of meaning that she wished for us of both to be remaining." What reasoning by exist behind that remains unsaid as Raelyn does tell them both to say. Looking back over to her sister,"I had wished to see how of you were of mostly. But also to of see if you had reached of a thought about waht to do with the others, and of with Cathrynn."

"Is that what you're looking for in those journals? Precedent?" Stephen queries of Raelyn, moving to pull up a chair and seat himself near her. He keeps himself within arm's reach of a side-table, pouring himself a cup of water, and lifting the bottle and a brow in silent query towards Emilia.

"I don't know what I was looking for," admits Raelyn, quietly, some of her frustration showing in the pressing of her lips and the way she runs a hand through her hair. Her mouth twists, "Cathrynn will lose her contract. I have already sent a missive to Graham, and he has instructions to not speak of it to her yet." She looks to Emilia, "Whether she remains a Huntress, that is your decision. It is not mine to make." Her fingers reach out, to toy, lightly, with the edge of her goblet. Something to do with her hands. "As to the others? I need consider a term of imprisonment. I had thought, perhaps, to simply banish them from Ironhold altogether. But that would risk them finding refuge with undesirables, and become a problem for another land."

The silent offer of water is accepted with a slight incline of her head, moving to accept the glass before moving to settle into a chair as well. "Anwers for of questions that are not even of formed." The statement made simply, softly. A slight nod coming concerning Cathrynn, the ending of the contract not coming as any surprise. "You will of tell her of then? Or do you wish of me to do so when I speak to of her about the matter of remaining of a Huntress, or of not?" A sip of her water taken before giving a slight turn of agreement,"Or yet for of us, should they seek recourse in of the future."

After pouring the water, Stephen leans back in his chair, mostly silent for the moment, but that's hardly unusual for him. He sips from his own water, clearly listening and thinking, but not yet offering what insight those thoughts may or may not provide.

"I will speak to Cathrynn." Raelyn is certain of that. She frowns, looking then to Stephen, "What I am uncertain of is what to do about their families. As Emilia has stated, revenge, hate, anger. These are all things that may sprout. I have killed their sisters, their daughters, their cousins. Where does the disease these," she frowns, "Bitches," she says with some venom, "Have spread end." Her gaze shifts towards Emilia, then Stephen, certainly seeking advice. Opinions.

Emilia nods to the matter on who will talk to Cathrynn. Various thoughts roll around in her head on the matter. Several of which are best left unvoiced. "There is of risk, especially if nothing is of done. The of families cannot be left to think they are also of held accoutable for of the actions of the few, even if of family. They should be of talked to." Her gaze shifting to Stephen to hear what he may have to offer on the matter.

"It depends on which image you wish to portray. Their kin were traitors. The fact that you are already not even considering executing or banishing their immediate kin already makes you more generous than many." Stephen adds, "Not that I am advocating such action…merely stating a fact." He considers, "You could offer them some degree of compensation, but that should only be considered with caution. It can give the impression that we are guilty over the execution, which might…confuse the matter in the minds of the people." He adds, "If it is simply to be a conversation, then I would suggest a proper time for mourning before summoning them, unless they approach you of their own volition."

There is thought, silent consideration, and Raelyn seems to find some peace with this, at the very least. Though whether it is peace in the fact of satisfaction to at least a partial answer, or relief there is further time yet for which to delay having to make such a hard decision, "I believe, then, I will choose a course the cautious path, and summon them in two weeks time. I would like both of you to be with me, when I do," she decides. "And together, we can fathom their intentions, their grief, going forwards."

Raelyn turns slightly to Stephen, "There will not be compensation." One of the few things she is absolutely certain of. "I am not setting that precedent. Nor shall further Huntresses come from their family line. But that need not be spoken or disclosed to any outside this room." She frowns, deeply. "I do not like being forced to suspect a shadow around every corner," she laments, bitterly.

Emilia listens to her good brother's thoughts on the maters with some interest. It was Raelyn's decisoin on matters of compensation in the end. And her own opinion remains unspoken on that front when Raelyn does declare none will be given. Emilia dips her head,"I will be where you you wish of me to be." A simple nod given on the matter of no futher HUntresses coming from the family lines. The matters of shadows and corners does cause a mild twitch at the one corner of Emilia's lips, but she keeps her silence.

"All things in Creation cast shadows, but shadows aren't an ill in and of themselves. It is the ends to which those shadows are used that give them ill repute." Stephen shrugs, taking another drink of water, "And that's enough philosophy from me today. For whatever it's worth, I don't have a sense of any real discontent with your rule, or with Emilia's shepherding of the Huntresses. I think there is cause to believe this was an isolated group." Stephen adds, "I…have been working with Devlin and the Iron Guard to see what information I might uncover on the matter, and think it best we consider the matter closed for now, and not worry about shadows again until they give us cause. Not that we don't keep an eye on them…but our attention and resources are likely best served elsewhere." He smiles, rising from his chair, and leaning down to kiss Raelyn gently, before looking to Emilia, "Come on…we should eat. Together. And send for Devlin, too. I think it would do us all some good."

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